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What is it with some people and longer cords?

Here’s a little gem (which I published years ago on another site) from the now defunct Originz podcast about a teacher in Western Queensland some time back.

The said teacher was in a very small community which consisted of a hotel (of course), a police station, a small school and a few houses. He was the school’s only teacher and the school had only a dozen students. Even in Queensland – his region at least – Winters can be cold. Some heating was needed so he wrote to the Education Department requesting that some kerosene heaters be supplied to the school.

They wrote back advising that electric heaters only would be provided, to which he responded that electric heaters would be unsuitable for the school’s generator.

Again he requested kerosene heaters, thinking that his reason for needing them was well spelled out. His argument, unfortunately, was unconvincing even though it was logical. The Education Department continued to insist that only electric heaters would be provided.

Our teacher conceded and agreed to be supplied the electric heaters. And they duly were.

Our teacher then wrote back to the bright folk at the Education Department requesting … a 700 kilometre power cord so he could plug the heaters in somewhere!

So why am I mentioning this now?

Well, because it reminds me of our illustrious prime minister.



What is it with some people and longer cords?


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  1. Matthew Richard Synnott

    Morriscum needs to have a power cord plugged into him.

  2. New England Cocky

    Long cords are excellent for winding around the neck of corrupt politicians to prevent them gifting away all of Australia’s natural resources to foreign owned multinational corporations.

  3. Kerri

    Morrison has been given way too much cord already. Time to tighten that MF up.

    New England Cocky


  4. GL

    The “massive change…” involves plans. Lots and lots of plans and ideas and plans from Twiggy and Gina and lots of other donors who see a tax payer rort and cash cow.

  5. wam

    Michael there are lies that are true through belief, accidental through ignorance or deliberate through immorality.
    For conservative christians only the latter is a lie.
    My closest friend, of over 60 years till his death, never told a lie.
    He repeated all menzies’, playford’s lies, and those of their successors, as if they were truths and repeated labor truths as if they were lies.
    He was not an exception just a normal intelligent indoctrinatee who is unable to see or hear anything not of the liberal party. Even trump’s first 15 months didn’t shake his acceptance of the GOP nor his reverence of the lying rodent.
    Anyone remember max ortmann and an ABC inquisitor in 2014???

  6. PeterF

    The moment the PM fixes his attention on Hydrogen, you know it will be created using fossil fuels.(‘Blue’ Hydrogen) Totally different from the renewables proposed by Forrest.(‘Green’ Hydrogen). Watch for the details amongst the waffle.

  7. Phil Pryor

    Morrison, a sicko, dicko, whacko, crappo, yappo degenerate, lies to his bones, cells, deepest core, because he lives a lie, of self deception, seduction, indoctrination, deviation, fixation. A self seducing fantasist is evil, needs treatment, must be outed, challenged, exposed, removed, for the health of the nation and planet. But the conservative corporate consumer system needs dummy fronts…

  8. David Anderson

    When the election becomes who can you trust. It then becomes a case of announcements being pork barrelling and even then delivery won’t happen in a suitable time. Image how the people in devastated bushfire areas feel to realise the Government were MIA during the fires, belatedly committed to Restoration and now years later no money has been spent but heaps in interest accrued.

  9. paul walter

    He is given a lot of rope by most of MSM. Be concerned!

  10. Florence Howarth

    Morrison & Taylor keep talking about hydrogen cars. Why? Are HV superior to EVs? If so, how? Is there anyone waiting for HV instead of EV?

  11. Terence Mills


    There is a subtlety in what they are saying : Morrison & Taylor talk about ‘clean’ hydrogen meaning that fossil fuels such as gas are used in the process of extracting the H2 from the O but this tends to be self defeating for a clean fuel.
    Others including Twiggy Forrest are talking about ‘Green’ Hydrogen where only renewables are used to extract the H2.

    I believe that the Hydrogen would be more applicable to use in large scale electricity generation and heavy vehicles – cars will almost certainly be EV in the future

    I have a family member who drives a Tesla EV which, whilst expensive to buy soon recoups the extra cost without the need to visit a service station and overnight home recharging doesn’t appear to increase electricity costs noticeably at off-peak rates.

    Anybody else have any experience with EV’s ?

  12. Michael Taylor

    Not me, Terry, though if I won Powerball I’d buy a Tesla or something similar.

    The money we’ve spent on solar panels and solar batteries could have bought us an EV, but I’m happy to get power bills of -$6.90 as was the last one.

  13. wam

    Michael, I was outraged at turnbull’s $14k plus upgrading solar to 14kwh and a 14kWh of LG Chem lithium-ion battery, and, being a cynic, wrote to our pollies asking if they took similar gifts. Adding did such largesse extend to their investment properties. No answer was forthcoming.
    So many things are done outside of parliament quietly, with no vote, that are beyond my search skills which are not good enough to find out who got batteries? Remember federal then state the retired is the usual trickle down.

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