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What can we expect from a Dutton government

What can we expect from a Dutton government?

More deaths on Manus and Nauru.

The death of the ABC and SBS

Draconian surveillance laws

Vilification of Muslims and African Australians

The end of Aboriginal recognition

The expansion of the cashless welfare card

Longer waiting times and tougher rules for Newstart

Cuts to health and education

GP co-payments

The end of freedom of information

The end of the racial discrimination act

Changes to the school curriculum

Increased university fees

White South African farmers being given preferential treatment

Government funded coal mining and coal-fired power stations.

Withdrawal from the Paris Accord

The end of the renewable energy industry

Increasing tensions with China and Indonesia

Murdoch takeover of all media

Welcome to Australia, the country who just had its heart ripped out.


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  1. Ken

    This is really a sad day for Australia.
    Hopefully, Labor will win the next election and we will not have to put up with Dutton for long

  2. Kronomex

    The “new” Heinrich Dutton; a comment about polishing a turd springs to mind. Looking at that photo at the top, I wonder if he needed morphine injections to quell the pain from that rictus smile.

    Anyone else see a LNP massacre at the next election?

  3. Kaye Lee

    Sky News is reporting that the treasurer Scott Morrison will run as a surprise candidate in any leadership ballot.

  4. corvus boreus

    The coalition has not yet undertaken their leadership vote, and the hereto silent Morrison may yet emerge as PM.
    Pretty phuqqen sad to find myself hoping for a victory to the tongue-talking happy-clapper, but at least he is not so gleefully cruel and situationally stupid as to make derogatory jokes regarding the fate of other nations whilst standing under a boom-mic.

  5. diannaart

    The, um, man, who believes a smile will make him more appealing … probably smiled when he boycotted the Rudd apology to the Aboriginal nation …

    Am hearing more of Sco-mo’s possibility to contest Liberal leadership, am with corvus boreus, staggered I’d should be hoping for a victory, I guess anything other than Herr Dutton.

  6. Rossleigh

    Let me quote again what I wrote on Tuesday: “Anyway, I have it on good authority that Scott Morrison was more than a little smug last night because he was expecting that Dutton wasn’t going to challenge any time soon, so he’d have time to have his “friends” suggest that maybe it’d be a good idea if there was a compromise candidate and he’d slipstream into the job in the wind tunnel between the gap left by those who want Turnbull to be gone whatever the cost and those who don’t want Dutton to get the job because he doesn’t look like PM material… Although his looks may be his greatest asset.”

  7. Terence Mills

    The Dutton childcare centres are finally exposed as being a constitutional problem for him. A problem that the coalition have been dodging as only the government can refer him to the High Court and they have avoided doing this so far, as they have with those dual citizens in their midst.

    Its appears to be a re-run of the Bob Day (Family First Senator) case. In that case the High Court said that Section 44(v) prohibits not only direct but also indirect interests in agreements with the Commonwealth, the fact the Senator Day trust stood to receive the rent on a property from the Commonwealth, even via an indirect route, meant Day himself had an interest in the lease.

    In the same way it would seem that Dutton receives the benefit from his trust via an indirect route but he still benefits from the Commonwealth concessions. In Dutton’s case it is even more egregious as he would have been privy to government policy and largesse to childcare centres – that’s probably why he got into the business !

    Turnbull should now refer Dutton to the HC, that’s just how the game is played.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Nationals MP Darren Chester just tweeted

    ” Outside the Canberra bubble there’s 25 million Australians dealing with real issues today. I’m appalled and bitterly disappointed with the events in Parliament House. Can’t wait to get home to #lovegippsland and spend time with some normal people.”

  9. Mark Needham

    “who believes a smile will make him more appealing”

    Not smiling,
    Mark Needham

    I mean, it is easy to make a silly remark some times. Reeks of the school bully, Hey! ( Now, does the “scool bully” apply to me. Yes, methinks it does, difference is, I mean nor intend malice. Like saying to a child. “Please don’t pick your nose”.

  10. Diannaart


    I understand the incumbent PM needs the support of the HoR before he can refer Dutton to the HC, which is clearly lacking.

    Given how little “ticker” Turnbull has displayed on anything apart from self interest and given that his turn as PM is most definitely over, I doubt this step will be taken.

  11. Roger

    What about the msm narrative? Spare a thought for those working in the bowels of the neo-con propaganda units under Murdoch. If Dutton does have a win, then the remaking of his image so that the LNP has a chance of winning the next election isn’t going to be easy. Now, if he was in a different Ministry other than Homie Affairs the transition would be smoother. What’s funny is it only took the geniuses 5 years to drop the promise of tax cuts to corporations that pay little to no tax anyway.

  12. Kaye Lee

    Stephen Parnis:
    .@PeterDutton_MP was Federal Health Minister early in my time as AMA Vice President. If his record is repeated as Prime Minister, I shudder at the consequences for the vulnerable in our community

  13. Peter F

    I have just had a friend phone me to ask ‘who is Dutton?’…..SERIOUSLY !!!!!

  14. Oscar

    Yesterday Dutton talked about bringing down the immigration levels.Then equated the fact that gangs were running around terrorising people in Melbourne as to the reasons for doing this. Some woman have complained of the bullying in the LNP meanwhile little Tony would be sharpening all the knives in the bowels in basement cellar of Parliament House laughing and taking orders from 2GBs Fagin Jones.

  15. Matters Not

    So they did it! Crazy brave! What next? Fraser Anning for Home Affairs? Pauline Hanson for Foreign Affairs? Ray Hadley for …

  16. Kaye Lee

    They have just voted to suspend parliament and won’t be back for over two weeks. What cowards. Too scared to face question time.

  17. Diannaart

    Indeed Kaye Lee

    Not enough to have wasted the past 5 years on no governance, the power games won’t be played out till September – knives need further sharpening?

  18. Kaye Lee

    I’m just wondering how many signatures we need on a petition to show we have no confidence in the government. If they had any integrity they would go to an election and let the people tell them what they think of this debacle. When Gillard rolled Rudd, she went to an election less than two months later.

  19. Matters Not

    Will Bishop, the younger, throw her hat (one of her many) into the ring? Likely to be out of a job and therefore possibly out of the Parliament. Foreign Affairs seems very unlikely as does her many visits to fashion shows around the world. Will she now become a paying customer at the AFL finals? Will her boyfriend hold true?

    So many questions. Exciting times ahead.

    Early election most unlikely. Dutton will need lots and lots of time to build some notion of an acceptable profile.

  20. Vikingduk

    Will the sock puppet seek an erection? Will the shrivelled, blackened soul of the dutton thing survive another attempt at a smile? Will the mouth from the south bite his way into the mix? Is Joolz hoping beyond hope to be a surprise candidate? What of the phoney tony, home affairs?

    A flaccid lot of phuckers, beyond any stimulation, adrift in a sea of their own egos, legends in their own headspace deserving of, at the least, a good kick in the cods, could it get any worse? of course it could.

    We could find erica and andrews on the front bench. The poodle, of course, can’t be forgotten.

    Phuck them all, I say, phuck them rotten, phuck them cruelly, but phuck these phuckers off is a must do.

    Anyone interested in GetUp petition re bringing all 119 kids from Nauru

  21. Zathras

    Not only has the Government “walked out” on Parliament (a new precedent) but its members will be hitting up the taxpayers for another night of Travelling Allowance while they stay in Canberra to finalise the details of their collective political suicide note.

    Whatever happens, Abbott will be back on the front bench as well.

    Interesting times.

  22. Wun Farlung

    The front page of todays West unAustralian has morrscum on the front page as a contender. May your chosen deity help us.

  23. Kaye Lee

    Now channel 7 are saying Julie Bishop will run for leadership.

  24. Terence Mills


    Turnbull has asked the Solicitor General for urgent advise on Dutton’s constitutional situation : it is unlikely that the SG would be definitive or categorical on this and is more likely to recommend that the matter be referred to the HC.

    That would mean that Dutton would surely have to stand down pending the HC review and possibly there would then have to be a by-election in Dickson (possibly on the same Saturday as the by-election in Wentworth !!).

    I’m starting to enjoy this !

  25. diannaart


    I heard the news as well – maybe Turnbull doesn’t need the “team” after all – can’t say I am totally au fait with parliamentary etiquette.

    Hoping Turnbull (for once) uses that thing holding his ribs in alignment and has a good dummy spit.

  26. Matters Not

    Interesting ‘advice’ in the comments section of The Conversation:

    PD’s legal advice was based on last year’s child care payment arrangements which were effectively payments to parents.

    This year payments are made directly with the child care centers and his legal advice is not applicable.

    Importantly, Dutton is persona non gratia with the legal profession – judges in particular. They have long memories and jealously guard their powers re the Separation of Powers. Hope he is referred.

  27. Kaye Lee

    Linda Reynolds says she no longer recognises her own party. “I do not recognise the values, I do not recognise the bullying and intimidation that has gone on”.

  28. Kaye Lee


    Tudge, Sukkar and Hunt are Dutton supporters and they also got in trouble for bagging the courts. I wouldn’t like to be Dutton if they get to rule on him. Very interesting point about the change in payments which is no doubt why Labor held their advice until they were brought in. What a hoot.

  29. Coralie Naumann

    What can we expect from a Dutton government?
    Absolutely nothing.
    Dutton is incapable of thinking about others or what’s best for the people in this country.
    He will most likely install Abbott as his Minister for Border Security and Minister for Mineral & Water Resources. He’ll think he’s the best man for the job.
    Julie Bishop will have to step aside, as it wouldn’t be right to have a woman with more intelligence than he has, in his cabinet.

    Basically he’ll be running on empty, for the whole 6 mths he’ll be there.

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