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Western Sydney Airport: many residents not given the chance to say “no”

40% of Western Sydney residents have been denied a voice on Forum On Western Sydney Airport

On 10/4/17 the representatives of FOWSA (forum on Western Sydney Airport) announced, among other things, the proposed flight paths for Badgerys Creek Airport.

I note with great interest that Penrith, Liverpool, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains councils all have representation on this panel but none for Parramatta, The Hills Shire or Blacktown Council residents.

In addition no Federal members were meant to be on this board yet Anne Stanley and Mike Freelander are on it and noticeably absent is any representation for Blacktown, Parramatta or Hills Shires such as Julie Owen, Alex Hawke, Ed Husic or Michelle Rowland.

Camden is represented by their state member Chris Paterson yet Hugh McDermott, John Robertson, Geoff Lee and Mark Taylor who are state MPs in Blacktown, Parramatta and Hills Shire Council areas aren’t on it.

No residents from these council areas are on FOWSA.

Under the draft EIS the Hills Shire Council residents were affected by these flight paths at heights as low as 4500ft and Blacktown Council residents at 2500ft. Parramatta had flights st around 8,000 – 10,000ft. In addition all areas already have flights from Sydney Airport and could conceivably continue to do so when the airport opens. It defies logic that Blacktown Council, Parramatta Council or the Hills Shire Council residents have no representation on the board of FOWSA.

It is unacceptable that 800,000 western Sydney residents have no voice on FOWSA. They deserve a voice.

Andrea Grieve
No Badgerys Creek Airport Inc



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  1. Deb Emelhain

    FOWSA has been stacked with pro- airport opinion – if it was real debate and consultation they would have representatives from Blue Mountains council, Susan Templeman or Steven Bali Mayor of Blacktown or a greater pocket of residents- it’s a sham and another example of how they are pretending to listen or care about residents of Western Sydney.

  2. wally

    Thank you!

  3. Margaret Buckham

    It is the same as their so called community consultations on the EIS which were a complete travesty. They can claim in media releases that the community have had their say while ensuring only the section of community (read business) they want to hear from gets heard.

  4. Gwen Warren

    This forum should lhave been called “Friends of Western Sydney Airport” – the way it’s been stacked with pro airport people. No chance of getting a fair hearing. The people most affected are not represented on the forum. Politicians and residents who have spoken out about the airport have been left off. The EIS was a sham and so is this forum. Disgusted.

  5. Marilyn

    Sydney airport has representation from every northern or eastern MP within cooee distance of the airport, no matter which party. So where are our vocal western Sydney MPs on the forum? The areas to be most impacted are either unrepresented or under represented! Could it be that they have been too vocal in pointing out the idiocy of this proposal? Or could it be that they have the intelligence to see beneath the marketing spin that has been dished out to the dross below? Either way this FOWSA forum has been stacked with business people who hope to profit from the misery that noise and air pollution will inflict on Western Sydney Communities!

    Thousands of submissions opposing the airport came from the Blue Mountains. The resident representative is the head of the Blaxland Chamber of Commerce, a staunch Liberal supporter and very pro airport because of her business interests. She is a great friend of our former Liberal MP, Louise Markus, who was overwhelmingly voted out last election for failing to stand up for her constituents. Jo does NOT and NEVER will speak for the majority of people in the Blue Mountains. We have no confidence in this FOWSA!

    Are we to blindly believe the government when they state that there will be no impact on the World Heritage Blue Mountains, even though no assessment was carried out west of the Nepean River? The threats from bio security failure with freight and from contamination of water, air and vegetation from aircraft emissions are grave. The Blue Mountains National Park is only 7kms from the airport location. So where is a representative to look after the interests of this World Heritage Area? Why have The Wilderness Society and the Conservation Society gone unrepresented?

    Australia has one World Heritage Area currently dying because big business and government refuse to implement policies for climate change. The citizens of Australia are outraged at the destruction of The Great Barrier Reef. This Forum MUST have a representative to protect our World Heritage Blue Mountains and the protected, endangered species of flora and fauna that find shelter here. Otherwise we will see this wilderness go the same way as the Barrier Reef! Too late once it happens!

    I repeat, this FOWSA Forum is stacked with pro airport supporters. WE have no confidence in this FOWSA! We demand a balanced representation and we demand equity with Eastern Sydney. We are not second class citizens and will not accept this social injustice!

  6. Slapsy

    We have known for years that there would be an airport at Badgereys Creek,so what’s the problem. I am not a lieberal voter,but good on them for actually making a decision. Now,all that needs to happen is getting it built.

  7. Marilyn

    Slapsy, you are mistaken! The 1997 EIS revealed that the location was unsuitable for an airport because of grave environmental and health impacts. A search of Hansard reveals that under Simon Crean this land was to have been sold and investigated for other uses. Albanese headed the Joint State and Federal investigation into suitable locations. At the time he was under pressure from the Greens in his own seat and one of the greatest concerns in his electorate was – aircraft noise. Wilton was actually his preferred location but it would be more expensive to develop. So lo and behold, despite the fact that in the meantime because the location had been proven as unsuitable more development occurred in Western Sydney, Badgery’s Creek suddenly became the preferred option. There are many more residents who will be impacted now.

    Air pollution in Western Sydney is already at the top of WHO safety standards because of vehicle emissions. Limited as the EIS was in assessment it revealed that air pollution will exceed those standards before the airport begins operations. 600 people currently die prematurely each year in Sydney because of that air pollution. This government finds that acceptable! The costs to the Health Budget will sky rocket!

    There are many gaps and flaws in the EIS which the government ignores. The business case does not add up and even the Deutsche Bank has advised SAC that it would be a bad investment. They cannot build it yet because there is still a case to be heard in the High Court.

    There are many, many other reasons why this is a bad proposal. If you genuinely want to know why go to for the research.

  8. Diana

    What do you mean they weren’t given a chance. It has been in the news since I lived at Warragamba 35 years ago and before. It was on the board 60 years ago when my Dad was an air traffic controller and saw plans and info about rail routed via East Hills. Just because the dont ask each person individually doesnt mean they couldnt have written a letter, unless you are talking about babies born in the last 10 years or so. Had they built it before the Mascot extensions when it was first mooted it would have been in and running and would have cost them a damn site less. No one wants it in their back yard but it is needed and should be built ASAP. People bought into Badgerys Creek 30 years ago to be near for their business, others moved (at a loss for the same reason. There is never a right time. Just build the damn thing and let people move or get employment The transport will improve for you even if the planes fly overhead. Get double glazing. Marrickville people have.

  9. Marilyn

    Diana, do read the whole article. As stated they have no voice on the Forum. There is no representative for 800,000 residents who, according to the EIS, will most likely be the worst affected by noise impacts.

  10. Harquebus

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Even if the airport is built, the airline industry’s days are numbered.

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