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We’re with you, Helen: We need an Integrity Commission

After decades as a nurse and midwife, one of the reasons I entered politics was to bring the standards I saw in my professional life, upheld by everyday people, into politics.

On Tuesday, I stood beside 59 eminent Australians who wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister calling on him to immediately establish a strong, effective and independent integrity commission.

The letter was signed by some of Australia’s most formidable legal minds including former Justice of the High Court Mary Gaudron QC, Tony Fitzgerald AC of the famous Fitzgerald police corruption inquiry, as well as the former Member for Indi Cathy McGowan AO. When these people put their name to something, you’d be a fool to ignore it.

But that’s exactly what this government is doing.

The 8th of September 2021 will mark 1,000 days since the Prime Minister promised the Australian people that he would legislate an integrity commission. But still we’ve seen nothing.

I’ve had enough of the government’s stalling tactics, and I’ve been letting them know in Parliament House. While we’ve been waiting for them to deliver on their promise, scandal after scandal has been piling up.

Time’s up. Integrity can’t wait. Sign my petition to demand Scott Morrison establish a robust federal integrity commission now.

In Question Time yesterday, I asked the PM whether he would deliver an integrity commission before 8 September. In his answer, we saw the same obfuscation and delay he’s brought to getting this body established. A Government clearly not taking this issue seriously.

Tell our politicians that you expect better. Sign my petition to say time’s up and integrity can’t wait.

Last October I introduced the Australian Federal Integrity Commission Bill into Parliament, to establish an integrity commission that could hold politicians and public servants to account.

So the PM has two choices. Deliver a robust integrity commission now. Or let Parliament vote on my Australian Federal Integrity Commission Bill.

Yours faithfully

Helen Haines MP
Independent Federal Member for Indi


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  1. Carol Taylor

    It’s very worthwhile to get behind Helen’s initiative. You don’t mess with a midwife. Signed.

  2. Consume Less


  3. corvusboreus

    A commission to ‘maintain integrity’ in federal politics would be nice.
    A commission to expunge corruption would be better.

    Nonetheless, I signed the petition of the Indi from Indi.
    Wonder if Albo will.

  4. GL

    Saint Scotty of the Marketing is taking the issue very seriously, he knows that creating an independent integrity commission would cause huge problems for the LNP by opening up their behaviour to possible public scrutiny. That’s why he continually ignores and keeps trying to change the subject. His biggest fear is not so much an independent integrity commission but the creation of a federal ICAC, which could see all their (sigh, better put “alleged” here) white collar criminal activity exposed.

    Petition signed.

  5. Ken

    I have signed and I hope many more do to.

  6. Linda

    Signed and shared!

  7. Frank Smith

    Signed and forwarded to friends. Lies and rorting among politicians have got to be stopped. We desperately need this Federal Integrity Commission. Thank you Helen.

  8. Vikingduk

    Got my paw print as well, woof

  9. Keith


    I believe many of us have asked for a Integrity Commission with teeth many times in the past. Not allowing one allows for minds to shift towards looking out for what corruption is being hidden. The draft previously put forward by Porter was a joke which just adds to the question of what is being hidden.

  10. Harry Lime

    Im in,but absolutely nothing is going to change until these arseholes are given the bum’s rush.If we had a fair dinkum crime and corruption commission,the rats of the Lying Nasty Party would be stampeding for the exit.Wouldn’t they, Albo? As for Porter, Keith,he already looks like a barely animated cadaver.

  11. Brad Black

    Thank you Helen!! on behalf of all decent Australians. I hope your bill is wildly successful!!

  12. John OCallaghan

    Have dipped my quill into the inkwell and i hope the petition is taken noticed of and acted upon!…..

  13. wam

    pollies and the Public Service, whoopee helen, signed,

  14. DrakeN

    Thank you Helen; I’ve signed too.

    Now for a petition that all public “information” shall comprise only of “The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.”
    That would scupper most of the “news” media, the machinery of politics, and the advertising industry, amongst others.

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