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Well, that explains it all, Joe Hockey. I don’t see why people think you don’t have a clue!


CHRIS UHLMANN: Why is this government bewildered by the fact that the Labor Party is being negative in Opposition when you made that template and they saw how successful it was.

Why would they have a mature debate when you wouldn’t have one when you were in opposition?

JOE HOCKEY: Well I don’t accept that. There were a large number of measures that were unpopular – even within our own political base – when we were in government, that we, at the end of the day, supported.

Transcript from ABC’s AM 28/10/14


So, there you have it! They have supported a number of unpopular measures when they were in government, so why won’t the Labor Party support a mature debate, because now the Liberals are in government they’re supporting their own unpopular measures.

Ok, sure, it was just a slip of the tongue. Like Canadia. Or when Tony referred to Bill Shorten as the Prime Minister.

So let’s look at the substance of what Mr Hockey is saying:

CHRIS UHLMANN: Joe Hockey, do you agree with Rupert Murdoch’s assessment?

JOE HOCKEY: Well, uh, certainly, as he says, loose monetary policy has helped people who own a lot of assets to become richer, and that’s why loose monetary policy needs to be reversed over time, and we’ll get back to normal levels of monetary policy, normal levels of interest rates.

Governments, on the other hand, have also run out of money and can’t keep spending money – particularly on the credit card – to try and stimulate growth.

Transcript from ABC’s AM 28/10/14


I know that I keep making this point, but why on earth is Mr Hockey putting things on the credit card when he could borrow money at 3%?

Ok, it’s not really the credit card. He’s just making the point that borrowing money is always like putting it on the credit card, because, hey, doesn’t everyone save up and pay cash for their homes? And was there ever a chance that any question that had the words “agree” and “Rupert Murdoch” in it wasn’t a trap for Mr Hockey? Why didn’t he remind us about the trickle down effect and how a rising tide lifts all boats and how they have a stop the boats policy…

Typical ABC. I thought Joe handled himself well. Even if it may have distracted him from actually answering the questions properly.

Still, when you’re one a good thing stick to it. Like Team Australia. At first, it was only immigrants that he suggested may not be on Team Australia.

“So we do have to be vigilant against it, and my position is that everyone has got to be on Team Australia.”


Now, at the time I was a little confused about what the game was and whether I’d been picked. At my age, I don’t want to do a lot of running, so as long as it’s something like lawn bowls or cricket, I’m happy to be on Team Australia, but I got the impression from some of the letters to the paper that it was one of those blood sports that Mr Abbott seemed to like. Boxing or bringing down the first female Prime Minister. And trying to prevent the second one by sending Julie Bishop overseas as often as possible…

But given his latest comments (I’m quoting the ABC again, so this may be a complete fabrication because we all know how biased they are):

Mr Abbott also encouraged all sides of government to join together for a long-range plan for economic reform.

“I am inviting the Labor Party, the state governments, to join Team Australia and to think of our country and not just the next election,” he said.

ABC News 29/10/14


So not only do we all “have to be on it”, but he’s even “inviting” the Labor Party.

Now I’m confused. And not just about which game we’re playing.

If it’s compulsory, why do the Labor Party and the state governments need to be invited? Surely they have to be part of it, because as far as Tony is concerned, “everyone has got to be on Team Australia” Or are they just being negative? And how can they have a mature debate when the Labor party don’t have any of the adults that are now back in charge, and is being led by a “girlie man” who we can taunt with the name “Electricity Bill”?

But still you can’t complain about the increase in the excise on petrol. For a start, as the Liberals explained, it isn’t a new tax, it’s just an increase on an old one. And secondly, complaining, is forbidden in the new Team Australia that we’re all playing for.

P.S. I hope I get to bat soon. I couldn’t do any worse than the current team. And I’m not talking about cricket!



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  1. David

    I suspect its a new code from the other 1st lady, you know the one that’s actually seen in public with Abbott 98% of the time, its Credlin’s ‘govern by confusion’. Confuse the serfs with so much gobbledygook they will believe we are actually doing great things for them. So far seems to be working. Certainly has the Opposition stuffed.

  2. June M Bullivant OAM

    The more complicated and confused you get plays into the hands of Mr Hockey, they are throwing all at us and they do it day after day, hoping we will give up and go away, but the people that I am working with get all the more determined.

  3. bobrafto

    Uncle Tony wants You!

    Please refer to this graphic for the requirements to be on Team Australia

  4. M-R

    So difficult to read because of the nonsense being uttered by Hockey. When I can actually understand why any rational person would vote for these amazingly stupid people, proven liars and utterly unreliable, I’ll put my hand up to play. Not before.

  5. Ross.

    Nonsense indeed.
    Sovereign governments who issue their own currency cannot run out of money.
    Government debt is the issue of government bonds in the same sovereign currency.
    Government bonds are called diamond bonds because they will always be paid, i.e. sovereign governments who issue their own currency cannot run out of money.
    Government bonds are used to soak up excess currency in circulation.
    Joe Hockey is an idiot, he hasn’t got a clue and not fit to carry the drinks..

  6. stephentardrew


    And here is the problem. Modern money theory is, so to speak, modern which is the antithesis of everything conservative troglodytes believe in. Progress is anathema to the desires of conservatives who fearfully hide behind tradition in the hope of returning to a non-existent Arcadian past. A logical critique of economic rationalism and neo-conservatism is an attack upon the very psyches of those who consider they are born to rule and should not be held to the same standards of the scientists who they so readily dismiss and jobs they terminate.

    Repeating the same mistakes over and over is the standard behaviour of conservatives who are so fearful of change they cannot see the wood for the trees. It is telling that no matter how much wealth they accumulate it is never enough and the fact that you working class plebes and poor want your share is, to them, immoral. These guys can twist anything to suit their irrational greed-infested self-interest. A society is truly in trouble when the born to rule blame the downtrodden for being downtrodden. Hockey and his brethren are demonstrable fools of epic proportions. We should never temper our attack on those who are causing untold harm to our brothers, sisters and, as Gough would say with real conviction, “Comrades”.

    We are now told to be fearful of communitarian terms of justice like that evil “Socialism” or that brotherly embrace of our fellow citizens as “Comrades”.

  7. stephentardrew


    You make too much nonsense.
    Well maybe not if I was smart enough to understand what you are saying.
    But I have been cast in the mould of my unthinking forefathers who were so thoughtful they beat me up to prove they were right.
    So if you understand that they are just proud traditional gentlemen and ladies inflicting pain for your own good then all comes to light.
    Trouble is I don’t feel good and things are going to hell in an hand basket.
    But then they come to relieve my pain by pointing out it was Gillard’s fault.
    Funny the pain is getting worse but Julia was evil so they must be right.
    Now I didn’t choose to lose my job but its my fault.
    Fair enough I can live with that after all I am proud to be on Team Australia.
    Damn if it is all so good why am I feeling so much pain?
    Its those damn lefties you know cause Tony told me so.
    I will suffer in silence for you Great Leader as you trickle me down into poverty.
    You know I get the feeling none of this makes any sense.
    Oh well onward and downwards.

  8. Ross

    John Kelly who writes on this site knows how our Fiat economy works.
    It’s all out there on the internet, easy to find. If our ABC would run a few “Fiat economy 101 for dummies” on drive time or 7:30 for instance, the inane chattering of that cretin Hockey and his sidekick the conman would be howled down with gales of laughter and ridicule. It would certainly save you the trouble of having to lunge for the remote anytime those gong beaters get their melons on the idiot box.

  9. Trevr

    Abbott’s rabble and hisself as chief dickwad of Australia are only interested in the donors. The rest (us) are just an historical anomaly.

    That Abbott and his Liarbral rabble resort to Lies, more lies and even bigger Lies to explain the earlier Lies is all part of the regressive doctrine of Baffle Them With Bullshit..

    It is not all that dissimilar to the Historical Frenchies “Let them Eat Cake” doctrine of National Political discourse. Of course somewhere along the way the French took to the streets and annihilated the affluent effluent.

    But I fear the in OZland that course of events would be good fodder for selling media headlines and everyone would triple lock their doors and complain in the quintessential Australian way of destroying the tall poppy even when it benefits the masses.

    Never go against neighbourhood mores is the Aussie way of Wank.

    While the Treasury is ransacked by a Political class that lacks any class.

  10. O'Bleak

    So nice to know the nation’s finances are the hands of a babbling twit. I liked Hockey much better before I had ever heard of him. Now he’s like the dull ache of a broken toe. You can’t ignore it, it won’t go away and is it ever painful.

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