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We won’t be lectured to about anything – and we make no apology for screwing the country

Any pretence at transparent, accountable government has been abandoned. Evidence based policy making and expert advice are no longer necessary for the Coalition who seem to think they are there by God’s grace and are therefore beyond scrutiny let alone reproach.

Freedom of information has become a farce. The excuses for not providing information are ridiculous. The amount of time and money spent fighting court orders is contemptuous and wasteful. The length of time to comply when forced, and the material that is then redacted, makes the whole exercise futile.

The Coalition don’t need advice from anyone. Infrastructure Australia, Sports Australia, the Human Rights Commission, the panel who shortlists board appointments at the ABC, The Australia Council for the Arts – what would they know?

Surely they realise that infrastructure is most important where it might win you votes, sports grants are photo opps for aspiring or struggling candidates, the AHRC are soft on borders, the ABC is full of woke capital-city greenies, and what arts are there beside ballet and opera?

They got rid of the Australian National Preventive Health Agency and the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility. We don’t need forward planning when we have Special Envoys like Barnaby Joyce, Tony Abbott, Warren Entsch and Jim Molan on the ground telling it like it is to the boys in the bar.

Water management has morphed into a lucrative trade, as Angus Taylor can attest. Despite towns running out of water and farms turning into baked earth, we can always find plenty of water for mining and large cotton farms and plenty of money for non-existent flood water or land flow trapped by unnapproved earthworks.

Apparently we have something called the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR).

“AIDR is supported by its partners: the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, the Australian and New Zealand National Council for fire and emergency services (AFAC), the Australian Red Cross and the Bushfire & Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre.”

One would have thought they would be front and centre during this crisis…except they are part of Peter Dutton’s mega-portfolio and Poida don’t need no stinkin’ advice from alarmists. Sick refugees invading our shores is by far the greatest risk to our nation.

Everybody, including the RBA, the Business Council and ACOSS have pleaded with the government to raise Newstart – to stimulate the economy, to help people get job ready, and to lift people out of abject poverty.

But that’s not the way of the party who will give a go to those that have a go.

Who cares if property tax concessions have skewed investment away from more productive enterprises and made housing unaffordable. Who cares if excess franking credit refunds result in companies paying no tax. If they didn’t give it to their shareholders they would be hiding it offshore anyway. Who cares if wages are stagnant, workers are exploited and their rights eroded. The only reason they have a job is because the Coalition gives their employer a helping hand.

Religious freedom and freedom of speech are extremely important to a government who has no clue how to govern. Except religious freedom seems to mean that religious people have the right to discriminate against anyone they don’t like and they are to be protected from anyone calling them out on it. Likewise, freedom of speech will be afforded to bigots but not to protesters or journalists.

The government has great respect for our First People – look, they even finally gave the portfolio to an Aboriginal man. But don’t think that means constitutional recognition, a voice to Parliament, self-determination, a treaty, changing the date of Australia Day, the right to manage your own financial affairs, or even to receive utilities or services. Being disadvantaged is a lifestyle choice.

The Auditor-General has written countless scathing reports about grants without due process, contracts without tender, a lack of value-for-money assessment, poor record-keeping, no follow-up appraisal, and a myriad of other concerning issues – so the government even gagged him when he produced a report they didn’t like about their huge cash splurge on military equipment.

But make no mistake – they are taking a methodical approach to screwing this country and they will make no apology for it!

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  1. Kerri

    Well said.

  2. Sam

    A description of Fascism.

  3. Keith

    It was a tragedy for Australia when the LNP were re-elected. A combination of Labor and Greens actually received more votes, except they partially fell in the wrong places. The LNP are going for broke to create a mini USA. Most Australians are decent people, though led by a exceptionally poor ideologically driven “government”. Decent people have no concept, I believe, of how ruthless a government can be.

  4. Harry Lime

    Thanks for the reminder KL,doesn’t make me feel any better.I keep thinking and hoping that if one or two in the LNP develop a conscience and some guts along with some of the crossbench,they could force a vote of no confidence in these criminals and get us on the way to making an urgently needed change of direction.Faint hope?If Albanese and his team come out swinging when parliament resumes, we may have a chance.They’ll never get a better opportunity and we can’t afford another two and a half years of this bullshit.The Liar has a two seat majority,some fcking mandate.

  5. New England Cocky

    “But make no mistake – they are taking a methodical approach to screwing this country and they will make no apology for it!”

    Once again KL, you have said it all.

    Meanwhile Zali Steggell is upset by Bandit Muckenzie and her ruthless vote buying in marginal electorates with sports grants. Anybody would think that the best interests of the selected political hacks that control pre-selection in the air-conditioned metropolitan COALition offices are more important than the best interests of Australin voters.

    However, it will only be when two COALition MPs cross the floor that we will see an opportunity to recover Australia for Australian voters. Do NOT hold your breath!

    Oh dear, I just realised …. TWO pics of Barnyard as header pics!! I don’t know if I can stand the stress!!

  6. RomeoCharlie29

    What a steady, downhill erosion of the once inviolate concepts of Ministerial responsibility you catalogue Kaye Lee. Now we are governed by a clique of entitled clowns who have forgotten that they are elected public servants whose job is to advance the interests of all Australians. I think the rot began with the little rodent, Howard, and his sidekick Costello who squandered our fortunate inheritance on porkbarrelling the middle class while beginning the demonisation of refugees to our eternal shame..

    On one area only do I quibble, the so-called independent panel choosing the new Chair of the ABC. Ita may not be the best choice, but the idea of the journalist sacker Hywood or NewsCorps Kim Williams as short listed potentials for the post makes me shudder. No supposedly independent selection panel appointed by this government can be trusted to be above partisanship.

    Bruce Pascoe has an excellent article in The New Daily which I would link to if I knew how

  7. Kaye Lee


    If you right click on the address bar it highlights it and a drop down gives you the option to copy.

    Then go to where you want to paste it (may have to left click to get your cursor there), and right click and choose paste.

    Did you mean Michael Pascoe?

    PS NEC, I hadn’t noticed. I have changed it now to one of Bridget saying ner ner de ner ner I’ve got the keys to the Treasury and you haven’t, so there!

  8. Phil Pryor

    It’s been shit deep fried in more shit, coated and battered in shit flakes, since Jack Howard, my old idiot ambitious obsessive conservative, ratbag, ignorant classmate of old became the leader, one of the most ridiculous frauds and empty crapheaded craniums to get a go in politics, for he was an ordinary to useless suburban solicitor and a negative on intellect. The Australian conservative ambitious, do anything thieves and robbers inc. has made society here far worse than we all deserve, bending the ring to mates, donors, patrons, backers, many of them foreigners of no merit or interest in this nation. It STINKS and has gotten worse under the recent stream of diarrhoeic ditherers and dickheads. The Head Moron who failed at elementary business is typical; there are more brains in a can of dogfood than in the whole government of totally ignorant, antisocial crooks, crims, cranks, cruds and crapshooters.

  9. totaram

    Keith: people may be “decent” but they are brainwashed to be indecent, greedy and foolish. That is how they vote for coalition governments, time and time again. Now that the entire mass-media is firmly in the hands of the oligarchs, the chances that things will change for the better are NIL. Hence the arrogance of the coalition which has now realised their power to be reelected.

  10. Keitha Granville

    Sam – indeed it it is. Hitler and Goebbels would be so very proud.

    I am waiting for the govt to dismantle the Audit Office, unless they agree to only release information that is favourable.

  11. Baby Jewels

    The Truth. Thanks Kaye, well said, as always.

  12. Aortic

    Well said again Kaye. My problem with the Opposition is that the only public forum they have to attempt to take this infantile mob to task is the ridiculously named Questions Without Notice. What a total expensive and unnecessary farce. The very title is a joke. Questions have to be promulgated sufficiently in advance to allow the ” government” to either obfuscate, prevaricate and waffle, and don’t get me started on Dorothy Dixers. As you say Freedom of Information is a joke. I have written several letters enquiring about various matters, and when I received a reply it was nothing more than politspeak nonsense. Our wonderful land is slipping into fascism led mainly by that Hitler clone Dutton. It is beyond time for the good people to reclaim some of our so called democracy, hopefully peacefully but necessarily forcefully.

  13. crypt0

    “Everybody, including the RBA, the Business Council and ACOSS (even, would you believe it, John F Howard!) have pleaded with the government to raise Newstart – to stimulate the economy, to help people get job ready, and to lift people out of abject poverty.”
    Everybody … just not the Morriscum “government”.
    The only conclusion I can draw is that this Murdoch/Morriscum “government” has no interest in reviving the economy or getting people job ready. As for abject poverty, I believe they are doing all they can to increase those numbers with every thought and prayer and policy they put into operation.
    So … who are they working for that sees advantage in Australia having a crippled economy, a burnt out wilderness masquerading as an “environment” and streets lined with starving homeless people?
    And how many of them live in this country anyway ?

  14. paul walter

    The pic is definitional.
    More later.

  15. Keith


    That was my meaning, decent people can be hoodwinked as they believe what they are told by government and Murdoch media.

  16. Kaye Lee

    How often do you hear the phrase “better economic managers”?

    It seems to be based solely on the surpluses delivered by the mining boom and the fire sale of our assets by Howard and Costello. No heed paid to the wasting of a windfall and the trap laid for the future by embedding structural budget problems through their tax concessions and tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Gillard raised the tax free threshold from $6000 to $18,200. That delivered help to those who needed it most. This government gets rid of penalty rates which hurt those who could least afford it and then seeks to flatten the tax rate by getting rid of the second highest tax rate entirely – making the system much less progressive. They don’t like things that are progressive – even taxes. Why should they give up their not so hard earned money? They would rather give millions to accountants than pay taxes. That was another good Labor policy lost – limiting the amount you can claim as a deduction for handling your financial affairs.

  17. Kaye Lee

    Great article speaking about robodebt, the cashless welfare card, drug testing welfare recipients etc…..

    WHAT’S it called when a leader or group of leaders is trying to make a decision about policy and they receive recommendations from experts, then decide to ignore it and do what they want anyway?

    Leadership isn’t about knowing everything. Steve Jobs once famously said: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do – we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” And he’s right……

    ….Noam Chomsky famously said: “The more you can increase fear of drugs and crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all the people.” Add to that the control of protesters and the press and what we have is authoritarianism, not the liberal democracy we are told we live in.

    To answer the question I opened with, leaders who ignore expert advice and move ahead with damaging public policy are either self-serving or idiots. Neither option has a place at the national helm. As Barack Obama said: “If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists – to protect them and to promote their common welfare – all else is lost.”

  18. Lambchop Simnel

    “Better economic managers”.

    Turning spending cuts for firefighting and vege clearing into a hundred billion dollar disaster- that takes something near genius, you think?

    Re McKenzie, you can say she is a dupe for others further up the Great Chain of Being.

    Morrison, Bridget, Cash, Cormann: all sublime vulgarians.

  19. Lambchop Simnel

    Kaye Lee, how do I avoid collapsing in admiration?

  20. Lambchop Simnel

    It seems that none other than Tony Abbott himself is drawn into this after it is discovered that a $half a million of porkbarrel was assigned to his silvertails electorate of Warringah.

    Just noticed totaram’s little comment tucked away further up the column and commend it to all who may choose to look.

  21. Topenda

    @Harry Lime, I’m with you.

    I posted this a few days back on another thread because I couldn’t see a more appropriate one at the time; it’s much more relevant here.

    “…the following has occurred to me (as it must have to others, though as yet I’ve not seen anything substantial written about anything past the second point below):

    We all know this government is crap. We don’t want Morrison in charge. We fear the consequences for the whole country of waiting until the next election for a possible change of government.

    We also don’t want Morrison to go and Dutton to get in. (Shudder.)

    While there is a slim majority that may or may not be impacted by supposedly upcoming s42 matters, given the determination of the government to keep its claws firmly embedded in the driver’s seat, and the corruption of the checks and balances and any tendency to act with decency, it seems unlikely that anyone will fall on a sword or be made to step aside unless the issue is forced. This means the balance is unlikely to shift.

    Therefore, I wonder if our energies ought to be directed toward persuading likely sitting politicians to shift, with the aim of changing the balance of power.

    Which brings me to: who would those most likely politicians be?

    Just thinking. Pros? Cons? Unexpected consequences? Am I just barking up the wrong tree? I know the next government will not have a magic wand, but it seems far more likely they will at least have some drive to act and thoughtful policies to work with to start getting us back on track.

    If any of our informed authors can shed any light on it I’d love to hear it.”

  22. birabongse

    Great article except for one thing, both major parties do this all the time. Perhaps this is a more egregious example but Labor in power is just as guilty. Until there is a Federal ICAC, that has the power to prosecute these constant cases of buying votes they will both continue to do it. Oh, I forgot, the people who would have to agree to the necessary legislation are the people who may get caught, it’s not going to happen is it?

    Personally I think this government (I use the term govern in it’s loosest manner) is particularly blatant and really couldn’t give an aviating fornication about what anyone apart from their donors think, but Labor is definitely no better when in power.

  23. Matters Not


    both major parties do this all the time

    So it’s just both? Currently there is evidence that the Nationals do it, so which one of the other two doesn’t? Labor or Liberal? And when did this welcome transformation take place?

    Jokes aside, politicians of all persuasions are judged successful (or otherwise) because of their supposed ability to fight for services, facilities and the like when so many of such allocations ought to be the result of rational, arm’s length planning (or arms’ length if you want it to be more than doubled).

    While an ICAC is desirable and necessary, it won’t be a magic bullet.

  24. Kaye Lee

    Porter was supposed to release draft legislation for his Commonwealth Integrity Commission by the end of last year but it won’t cover politicians or their staff, which caused Llew O’Brien to threaten to cross the floor.

    “The attorney general used his national press club address on Wednesday to reaffirm the government’s commitment to a two-tier model, split between law enforcement and the public sector, but with no public hearings or findings against parliamentarians, their staff or public sector employees.”

    I’m not sure what it will actually do. Nothing by the sounds of it.

  25. Lambchop Simnel

    Anyway, they won’t sack any of these crooks because their majority is so thin.

    No wonder the man from Marketing has been so anxious to get the cops to drop it against Taylor.

  26. Kaye Lee

    The auditor-general Grant Hehir said it was not clear what legal basis McKenzie had for taking on an “approval role” in the program. “It is not evident to the [Australian National Audit Office] what the legal authority was,” his report said.

    Sport Australia had recognised in mid-2018 that the relevant law – the Australian Sports Commission Act – required it to authorise the grants, not the minister. The health department raised a similar issue and said that if the minister wanted to be the final decision-maker, her office would need to seek legal advice.

    No such legal advice was sought.

  27. Lambchop Simnel

    Surely there must come a point where legal process comes into play?

  28. Michael Taylor

    I’m still bewildered that renovations for her Wodonga office – previously a branch of the Commonwealth Bank – cost $500,000. You can buy a block of land and build a new 4-bedroom house in Wodonga for that amount of money.

  29. Lambchop Simnel

    MT, maaates rates?

  30. Harry Lime

    Topenda,maybe I’m just wishful thinking,but you would think that some of the sitting LNP members must be copping some grief in light of the latest events.That shithead Morrison and his happy clappy handlers must be manning all lifeboats to keep the shitshow afloat and it won’t take much for it to sink.With no discernible leadership and a total lack of talent this herd of numbnuts should have been given the bum’s rush years ago.Of course, the Opposition have been playing against a stacked deck thanks to Murdoch’s filth and various other self appointed oracles.We live in hope.
    By the way, how’s the rain going?Kicking snakes and crocs out of the living room?

  31. Max Gross

    Terrific article except for the surprising use of inane government jargon like “help people get job ready” (Copyright) which, as anybody caught in the clutches of one of those so-called Jobs Services Providers knows, means doing sweet bugger all.

  32. Kaye Lee

    “Job ready” is one of the reasons quoted by the Business Council but I think they mean having enough money for transport, clothes, a mobile phone and internet access – oh and food and somewhere to sleep are helpful too. I agree Job Service Providers are a waste of time.

  33. johnyperth

    Some more items that wont mentioned.

    Pensioners only got a $3:60 rise per week last September which doesn’t cover rising prices.

    The Morison government has promised 1 million jobs in his first term, but, we see over 1,000 jobs lost within the clothing industry!!

    The LNP government always say its pro business, but, if this the case why are so many in the clothing industry are closing up!!??

    It looks like the LNP is only pro big business!!

    All economics are asking for a very big stimulus, but Morison has said that wont happen!!


    If Morison changed his way of thinking, and, have a very good stimulus, just think how many more people would go off newstart, the extra taxes would be raised for the struggling economy, pensioners will get a better rise on they pension!!

    But, this go’s against the conservative polices!!

    What a shame!!

    Can’t wait to the next fedearal election!!

  34. Peter Walter

    Great opinion piece. Thanks.

  35. Florence howarth

    Never has there been a government that listens to no one as this one. A government that lectures the voter, Opposition, all that disagree with them everytime they open their mouths. A government that tell us what to think, that claims they, not us know what we think. A government that is always defensive, even paranoid.

  36. David Evans

    So surely any remaining members of all those departments “advisory panels” reports etc etc that have been prepared, presented and ignored over the last 7 years or so should be sacked? They obviously have little if anything to contribute to the well being of Australia, and the electorates there-in.These “ministers” know more than all the advisors and scientists combined. No matter which area of responsibility one looks at, this mob of corrupt clowns apparently answer only to murdochs molls and 2GB radio, their puppet masters and sponsors. It is way past time for nationwide action, has there ever been a more irresponsible, untrustworthy and inept rabble in power? It seems their only obligations are to the next photo op.and “exclusive” interview in MSM, in return for the next glowing “report” from selected media, and the next tax write off and free, unexplained gift to murdoch. . …..Hey porter, hey porter, how IS that Anti Corruption and “Integrity” Commission coming along?

  37. Terence Mills

    I see that this morning, they sent out Eric Abetz to muddy the waters and distribute red-herrings for the benefit of Bridget McKenzie.

    Erica’s big gotcha is : ‘ well I don’t see the Labor party demanding that the sports money they say was wrongly allocated, be paid back’.

    The man’s a barrister, and this is the best he can come up with. Don’t ever have him representing
    you in court !

  38. Topenda

    Harry Lime, whatever grief they may be copping seems not to be enough to shift them. Perhaps the consequences of shifting at this point outweigh the benefits. Perhaps a concerted public campaign could assist. Imagine if all the angst of the public was productively channeled toward persuading two politicians who might see reason (and hopefully have a conscience)! I wonder if Getup might be interested this angle.

    Not so much rain yet, but plenty of heat and humidity, which is killing me atm. The crocs and snakes reckon it’s too bloody hot in my living room, so they’re staying away.

  39. Kaye Lee

    Slater and Gordon is investigating a class action over the federal government’s $100 million community sports scandal because then sports minister, Deputy Nationals Leader Bridget McKenzie, applied her own decision-making criteria to overrule the merit-based assessments made by Sport Australia.

    “Every dollar that went to a club whose application should have been unsuccessful is a dollar that didn’t end up with a club that Sport Australia had identified and recommended for funding in the course of proper processes,” Mr Baker said in a statement on Sunday.
    “These community organisations, clubs and groups have lost out because it appears public funds were used for political gain.”

    He said a thorough investigation by the Australian National Audit Office has stated that there was no legal authority evident to it which allowed the minister to approve the grants, rather than Sport Australia.

    It will take some chutzpah to ride this one out. Is she worth it?

  40. Christian Burgess

    Just imagine if Dutton was in charge ((Shudders))

  41. Jexpat

    @Christian Burgess

    Nothing would change with Dutton, any more than it changed with Turnbull -who’s now whinging about climate change denial and “poor me” to anyone who will listen.

  42. Baby Jewels

    Tonight I read that the LNP is going to investigate itself over the sports grants rorts – as if we need any investigation. They must either think we’re idiots or they no longer care what anyone thinks of them. “Mr Porter declined to respond to questions from SBS News about a potential conflict of interest and did not provide a timeline for when his review would be completed.”

  43. Harry Lime

    Baby Jewels,investigating oneself is a time honored procedure in The Lying Nazi Party known to unfailingly produce verdicts of not guilty.They don’t just think we’re idiots, they have plenty of evidence to know it.Reviews and inquiries are just another euphemism for file it under “S” for shit.

  44. Arthur Tarry

    And now The Guardian is reporting that sports grants were allocated to other wealthy sports clubs for things like installing lifts and for upgrading facilities so they can better cope with fund raising weddings. I suspect there was a rush to allocate funds to ‘mates’ before the last election as they feared that their days of benevolence were coming to an end. Furthermore I suspect that this benevolence extended beyond sports grants as, for example, $2.5 million dollars was allocated to rebuilding the Sunshine Beach Surf Club, from other sources, just before the election too. A forensic analysis of all such pre-election grants would be illuminating !

  45. Robert Parkinson

    ‘a government who has no clue how to govern’

    They HAVE worked out how to make themselves stick:

    ‘shit deep fried in more shit, coated and battered in shit flakes’.

    I doubt Rupert himself could remove the blanket protecting this mob.


    I would repost except that I know (from previous negative experience) that there are people who would read this article and not understand the sardonic tone. They would take the phrase “the govt has great respect for our first nation people” as a fact. They would agree that “the ABC is full of woke capital-city greenies. Unfortunately, you are writing for the already aware – there’s a vast number of folk out there that don’t read anything much, don’t research anything much, and are very threatened by anything that disrupts their comfortable view that they are OK and so no worries mate. I’ve been threatened (online) and told to get my “arse out of my ivory tower”. I’ve been told that “keyboard warriors in air conditioned offices should **ck off” and “they can stick their opinions up their arse”. These people have fully absorbed the carefully coordinated approach of this govt that climate change is not real, that the fires are the fault of the greenies “who should be tied to trees that are burning”, that immigrants take their jobs, that Australia is at great risk from terrorists. I havefelt more at risk from some of the online threatening remarks than I ever have from terrorists operating in Australia. I have signed petitions. I have written to politicians. Now I just feel powerless and overwhelmed by ignorance.

  47. Kaye Lee


    I think we all know that feeling. But slowly slowly taskforce, we seem to be turning the tide….well actually, nature is doing it for us. Mother Nature is sending a warning far greater than we can. Keep talking to people but maybe not at certain online sites – it can get nasty. Speak to family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers. I concentrate on young people.

    Just know, you are not alone. Many people are trying to keep it real.

  48. Bruce White

    New England Cocky, sorry to say but on my calculations it will take 3 coalition MHRs to cross the floor for a successful no confidence vote to succeed.
    2019 election results indicate numbers as 77 Liberal,National and LNP,
    68 ALP, Greens 1, Katter AP 1, Centre Alliance 1, Independent 3
    Total 151 including speaker (Liberal) with a casting vote.
    Non coalition total 74.
    So you are right in that it is a mammoth task.
    Congratulations Kaye Lee on an extremely succinct summary of the problem we have.
    Dutton is a complete fckwit, amongst other negative attributes.
    Viva Bruce Pascoe. He is a hero.

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