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We stand with Coonana

I am hoping to raise funds to help Annette Paul, an Indigenous Australian living in Coonana; a remote community that the Western Australian government has cancelled all funding to.

Due to these funding cuts the community has no water and no power. The school has closed down, the community shop has closed down, and the health centre has also been forced to close down.

Slowly, the people of Coonana left their traditional home and moved to other communities such as Tjuntjuntjarra: a 7-8 hour drive north east of Coonana and 170ks west of Kalgoorlie.

5527336_1439385311_0789 Annette is now the only person living in Coonana. Rightly so, she refuses to leave because of her close connection to country. She has many relatives that have passed, including her mother, and they lay at rest in the Coonana cemetery. She is worried that if she did leave, what would happen to Coonana, her home and her country.

Annette survives by relying on her sister Delphine to deliver bottles of water, food and other basics she needs to see her through until the next fortnight. Some nights she goes without basic essentials.

The funds I hope to raise will go towards and include a solar power package to provide power in her home, a large rain water tank for fresh drinking water, and a reliable vehicle so Annette’s sister can continue to deliver fresh food.

If you are able, please donate to Annette via this link. Let’s also show the Western Australian government that it is not that easy to break a person’s spirit.



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  1. paul walter

    Yet more duplicity from Abbott and Barnett. These things are meant to go unnoticed, or people are distracted by some new gimmick involving the mid east, say.

    “Controlling the narrative” they call it. The slur came with the “lifestyle” crack, then after the insensitivity created media management problems, they seemed to back down.

    But these bastards never back down, like US Republicans they instead complete their dirty work under cover of darkness.

    As if a bit of financing would have been more than a pittance. This displacement will psychologically injure many good people, on the other hand

    Would Barnett and Abbott like it if they, their wives and daughters were kicked out of their comfortable homes and told to live down the local treatment works, because that is what they are doing here, for venal (likely) reasons and more sadistic race-baiting for the punters.

  2. aravis1

    I will send something in a few days – early next week. I hope many people will club together and help her.

  3. miriamenglish

    I would like to send a donation, but prefer to pay via PayPal. (I don’t like using my card on the net.) Any ideas on how to contact Annette or the organiser of the GoFundMe campaign?

  4. miriamenglish

    I found a link on the GoFundMe page and asked the campaign organiser directly… hopefully I’ll get a response soon.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Done. Good luck 🙂

  6. miriamenglish

    I’ve been talking with Murray, who has organised the GoFundMe campaign. He’s now set up a separate webpage at and has a PayPal button there for people like me who prefer to use PayPal. The site also links to the GoFundMe page.

    I’ve made a donation and will now publicise it through my contacts. Thanks, Roswell, for alerting us to this.

  7. SK

    Chris Graham at New Matilda might be able to help you publicise this as well

  8. Murray

    Thank you Roswell for getting Annette’s story out there very much appreciated and to every one who made donations we are still far off from our goal please share the link with friends to help raise more funds thanks

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  10. Bighead1883

    I spoke with Annette in Kalgoorlie on Monday 18th January and she purchased a small generator with funds she got from GoFundMe
    She`s thankful and battles on

  11. Roswell

    That’s great news. Thanks for letting us know.

  12. miriamenglish

    I’m glad to hear she’s standing her ground, difficult though that must be.

    A solar panel might be a longer-term solution, though battery technology is annoyingly deficient and expensive at the moment. There may be hope on the horizon in that Robert Murray Smith has begun construction of a small pilot production plant for extremely low-cost, high capacity, electrical storage devices that have some similarity to both batteries and supercapacitors. This could change the whole energy-production scene overnight.

  13. Bighead1883

    It`s all about money
    GoFundMe collection didn`t glean enough for a solar panel/inverter/battery storage
    Nor was there enough to purchase a water tank
    They came out there and built a big fence around the Communities water supply so Annette can`t get any water

  14. Random

    Bighead, I smell a rat. Annette is still a member (if the only) of the community but has been denied access to the community water? I doubt this has anything to do with $ or balancing the state budget but instead;

    1. Treating the indigenous communities like cattle and eventually they’ll all be herded into ‘reservations’ for better control
    2. Someone else (Mining/Exploration) wants the land where the community currently exists, hence the concerted efforts to drive people away

    Thank you for the PayPal link Miriam.

  15. Bighead1883

    With her permission I`ve passed her plight on to another publication to see if the reality can be aired more.
    As far as smelling a rat goes Random,it`s a number of nests that you can smell [well spotted]

  16. Murray jackamarra

    Hello everyone just an update on how Annette is doing atm she is is pretty much still without power and running water from time to time travellers stop by to see how she is and gives small donations and for that we are very greatful .
    We are still without help from government agencies and Probably years before they can help
    So if anyone out there kind enough to donate towards solar panel or water and pump for Annette would be great until then we continue to struggle

  17. Don

    What about all the money that has gone through her dealing daughters “Rochie’s” hands?
    Must be in the hundreds of thousands by now!
    Is SHE helping?

  18. Murray jackamarra

    don people have actually been out to see Annette and seen the situation she is in the only income she lives on is her pension , her family and peoples kind donations from her gofundme ,so please get your facts right before degrading our cause.have a nice day

  19. Delphine Paul

    Annette has never received any money from the proceeds of crime.
    Rochelle is a grown woman making her own mistakes in life.
    Not like it your business but Rochelle is receiving help.
    Are you Don are you connect to Twiggy Forrest uranimin mine
    Looking for reasons to bring Annette down on her own land
    That’s tragic

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