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We must work, save, invest … work, save, invest …

Well that was interesting. Scott Morrison has unveiled his new three word slogan.


I can hear the 457 visa workers chanting it as they march off to the mines.

Scott has promised that all tax reform will have that goal in mind. Which suggests that those who cannot, work, save or invest will bear the brunt of any reform. A GST increase, for example, would hit them the hardest so that will get them off their elderly, disabled arses to go and get that multitude of jobs that will flow from rewarding those with the most.

Scott has smilingly promised that he will bring the Australian people along in understanding they must work, save and invest. He will explain why we need tax reform. But when asked anything specific, smiling Scott refused to be drawn by those pesky journalists.

Work, save, invest I tell you.

I won’t be answering your questions about those things that Labor wants to play scare tactics about.

He couldn’t even bring himself to say superannuation, capital gains and negative gearing. He will not be commenting on procedural matters.

Work, save, invest.

Having a Treasurer who flatly refuses to discuss specific measures is going to make for interesting times. I foolishly thought when he called a press conference he may have something to announce but I should have learned from his weekly Stop The Boats non-briefings that Scott revels in telling journalists that he won’t be saying anything which is exactly what he did today.

He and Matthias assured us they were very good friends.

Scott said we “don’t have a revenue problem we have a spending problem”. They will be further reducing government spending in pursuit of a small government ideal.

Telling us how famous he is for his unwavering focus on achieving a slogan, Scott left us with his parting advice to




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  1. Unhappy

    How about Work save invest for Australians who don’t have bloody jobs! Not the stinking refugees! Screw 457 Visa’s ! He can take his slogan and shove it!

  2. Matters Not

    Arbeit macht frei!

    Investition macht frei!

    Ersparnisse macht frei!

  3. MarkH

    The post-WW2 bargain being recycled so it can fit on a desiccating neo-liberal core. We’ll take care of those threats to your way of life you’ve built while we tax you more heavily as an incentive for you to attempt to attain the kind of riches that we tax less. Middle class workers cost so much to maintain so they pay the most taxes as we squeeze those on lower incomes to fund tax cuts to those who pay next to none of it themselves!!

    Yay!….errrm, nope. Not even means leaving behind those who already can’t participate properly. The cutting of services funding and targeting of social support income recipients is evidence of a government that clearly is interested in one thing…staying power.

  4. Bronte ALLAN


  5. Kaye Lee

    What a waste….all this work when all they needed was a slogan

    “In one of his first acts after becoming Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull last week secretly suspended all work on the Abbott government’s white paper on taxation, just weeks before it was due to deliver its first preliminary report.

    The biggest review of taxation ever undertaken in this country, is now dead in the water

    Stunned bureaucrats at the Federal Treasury, the Tax White Paper Taskforce and the Board of Taxation, were last week told work on the white paper – instigated by former treasurer Joe Hockey in 2014 – would come to a complete halt.

    “We were told to put everything on ice, and that a ‘reset’ on tax reform was taking place,” said one senior executive.

    “It came as a shock. We have invested tens of thousands of man hours. Over a thousand submissions have been received for the discussion paper. It looks like all that work, the biggest review of taxation ever undertaken in this country, is now dead in the water.” ”

  6. kerri

    Is anyone else sick of these right wing knobs telling us how to live our lives?
    Work, save, invest?? That’s not our job Scotty! That’s yours! Now stop speaking in tongues and get on with it!

  7. lefturnahead

    This bloke should not be put in charge of any Govt Department what so ever as he is incompetent.

  8. Vicki

    What he really means is, WORK, SLAVE, INVEST, WORK, SLAVE, INVEST. Morrison has agenda of the Old World Order and the New World Order down pat. Does it surprise you Kaye Lee that malcom put a freeze on the tax review given that he is ex Goldman Sachs?
    Are you ever really ex Goldman Sachs? Hang on people it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I have a terrible feeling we will be wishing for Tony in the end.

  9. Ned

    Where did Morrison get his slogan from? Off the back of a Mars bar? it used to be Work, Rest, Play. in the good old days Now under Abbott Coalition Rest and Play along with freedom and creativity are gone. So Here is my three word slogan to Scott Morrison and his wicked apostate Hill Song mega Church.. BURN, IN, HELL…

  10. diannaart

    Could someone wake me when our shiny new federal government get onto policies for environment, education, human welfare, public transport – stuff that actually relates to day-to-day living?

  11. Ned


  12. miriamenglish

    Vicki, you’re right, with the emphasis on slave. Banks and governments are not interested in people saving. They have been actively discouraging that for many decades. They need people to be in debt, not to be saving money. This is why the banks don’t give kids money boxes and encourage them to develop saving habits. It is why they impose charges on bank accounts. It is why they use every trick in the book to lure people into getting credit cards and discourage people from owning debit cards.

    I hope you’re wrong that we’ll be wishing for Abbott… but I have a horrible, sinking feeling that you may be right. Turnbull’s silver tongue may be able to sell things that idiotic, tongue-tied Abbott never could. All they need is for their other hateful half-wits to shut up. Looks like Morrison is doing just that.

  13. i have a nugget of pure green

    Saving is not going to help anything. Spending is the key to boosting the economy, doesn’t matter who does the spending, although government spending (sovereign issued currency) doesn’t involve people becoming debt slaves.

    People aren’t really saving or investing, they are paying down debt. Which with great irony actually further erodes GDP as paying off debt destroys the circulating i-0-u’s that we mistakenly think of as “money”

    They are working more though, for less purchasing power. And paying more for much less.

    Same horse, different Jockey. And now with Scott Morrison as treasurer, the man referred to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, no less.

  14. Kaye Lee

    They want to reward us for working harder by cutting Sunday penalty rates. Improving productivity means getting people to work for less apparently

    “Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the government will consider reducing Sunday penalty rates in a bold move that could set up a WorkChoices style-election fight between the Coalition and the Labor party and unions.”

  15. mars08

    “There’s class warfare, alright, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
    ~Warren Buffett, 2006

  16. babyjewels10

    As expected, more three word slogans from this government.

  17. Phil

    A classic example of a right wing authoritarian Christian fundamentalist – a sure character recipe for disaster and a lot of public pain. Morrison is a very bad apple and he’s going to get a lot worse before the people turf his Pentecostal arse out the back door.

  18. guest

    A Liberal ex on The Drum reminded us that Howard was able to bring in a GST which caused some pain, but is now part of the fabric of our society. She did not mention that the GST imposes a higher cost as a percentage of income on the poor than on the rich. I understood that the GST was to replace other taxes, but I am not sure about how true this is.

    Now there is talk of increasing the GST a la Mr Baird. More pain? And with the tax White Paper now shelved, what will be the basis of tax reform now? Put on the back-burner? Too hard? Protecting the rich, perhaps?

    There seem to be some rather moth-eaten conservative policies and slogans emerging early in this new government, We know that Turnbull has had to abandon some previous policy positions so far. And there are new ministers having to learn their portfolio coming out with statements without substance.

    As well, we have positions assigned to some individuals who carry some baggage. Think Ashbygate. Think NT Intervention. Think ICAC investigation. Think criticism of a Direct Action plan with small carbon remissions. Think ‘controversy’ over the refugee problem.

    There is much work to do for this new government. The mess inherited from the Abbott government is beyond daunting. It is not altogether clear that this collection of politicians is up to it, even with Turnbull as leader.

  19. Möbius Ecko

    This man is supposed to be the intelligent replacement to Hockey dunderhead, yet comes out with we don’t have a revenue problem we have a spending problem?

    Someone help us please, we’re f*cked.

  20. Lyndal Breen

    I’m all for saving the excess money I get from working – but there isn’t any money left over. You can only save what is left after you have met the costs of your basic needs, and many Australians are hardly making ends meet. Nothing left to save

  21. Kaye Lee

    I saw it and can I say, after two interviews with Morrison today I have heard the phrase work, save, invest so many times I am going mad. It’s very early to already be feeling the barking dog syndrome but if he says it one more time I am already wanting to throw things. It sounds remarkably like the robot on lost in space. Crush, kill, destroy. Warning Will Robinson, conservatives approaching.

    Scott doesn’t like being questioned.

  22. harshmind

    It’s all very delicious. Abbott hoist by his own peta..(credlin)..rd. The nemesis found to have feet of clay at the first inquisition. I know it shouldn’t be a sport but Murdoch made it so.

  23. Christine Farmer

    It’s only very early days, but I am very afraid all we now have is a more articulate salesman of the same unwanted policies. And that he may attract many who will be voting against their own better interests, who will vote for the Coalition because they “like that nice Mr Turnbull” instead of looking at what his government is proposing. I hope I’m wrong, but I very much fear I’m not.

    As for Scott Morrison……………

  24. jane

    Apparently 20% of Greens voters have seen Malvolio as the knight in shining armour. I wonder if they still think that, considering he has obviously been hamstrung by the nutters, or perhaps the last 5 years in Toxic Tony’s corrosive presence has sapped his shaky moral ground.

  25. Matters Not

    Scott doesn’t like being questioned

    Indeed, but s/he’s not alone. In fact s/he’s ‘typical’. But because Morrison is always ‘on message’ and the interviewers are easily cowered he gets away with it.

    Just watched the 7.30 Report. I am still shaking my head. Sales got creamed.

    When will an interviewer say something like: If you won’t engage, then I’ll terminate this interview. We are not in the business of insulting our viewers. The public obligates us to ‘inform’. That’s what we are on about. Do you realise that unexamined slogans are insulting? Have you learned nothing from the Abbott disaster? Why do you hate the voters?

    And so on.

    In short, why don’t interviewers do their job?

  26. silkworm

    Hockey’s “Get a good job” has just been reduced to “Get a job.”

  27. Ishe B

    Work, save, invest. Well I have another 3 word slogan for him too. Stop subsidizing mining.

  28. Phil

    Scott smells like another cunning plan to relieve the under $50,000.’s of there hard earned for the good of the nation , Malcolm because he caught a bus should be able to make us feel ok about it. How about ” Working”on getting some of Australias money Back from the Rio’s and the Billitons who ship it out of our Country quicker than they ship our Resources. “Save” By that I hope you mean curbing Politicians entitlements and bringing there Superannuation more in line with Community Standards. Maybe Cuts to some government Departments from the Top down. “invest” in our manufacturing industry and make a real effort to save Holden. Remember Holden mate you probably roll up to Parliament in one. What are you going to get driven in when there gone “GREAT WALL ” would be my guess. Think your slogan would be in all reality “WORK BRINGS FREEDOM” .. .Reckon the bully who pinched our lunch money is gone and replaced with the friendly speaking con man who convinces us some how we would be better off to let him have it.Malcolm turntable.

  29. Mary Mary Quite Contrary

    Yes I watched a total bully in flight on the 7.30 report last night that was Scott Morrison.What a disgrace.We know where you headed Scott. Demonize the unemployed, cut taxes of the rich,blame the poor. If the 7 Eleven debacle doesn’t educate us to what unfettered Capitalism using the THE GOVERNMENT RULES 457 etc is capable of achieving then we have lost the plot.The Conservatives are not interested in FAIR, They have an agenda. People! all it takes are Dumb Puppets in Parliament and yes even you; Malcolm. Powerful business lobbyist in pollies ears and you get this crap. Capitalism without egalitarianism is just the wild west. And its exactly what business and pigs in troughs politicians want .The time is right for anarchy

  30. Ella Miller

    Having squirmed through the 7.30 report, I feel ill, angry, disgusted !!!

    Lee tried to get answers but was bullied out of her questions.

    I hope The HON.S. Morrison feels proud of himself, because he has sickened the rest of us.

    He is either not over his portfolio ,hence, could not answer the questions with the reasurance required ,

    or look out the poor the unemployed , the old , the retired , the sick, the refugees.

    Bring out the champagne bottles the top end of town!

    SHAME ON THIS LNP GOVERNMENT if this is what they see as social justice!!!!

    Mr. Morrison, in one interview you have managed to destroy the positive message your PM was trying to spin !!!

  31. Carol Taylor

    Work, save, invest..for one moment there I thought that Tony Abbott had risen from the dead, a 3-word slogan to do him proud.

    Work, we look forward to the “jobs creation” programs.

    Save, we look forward to job security, adequate renumeration, paid overtime and affordable housing.

    Invest. I am assuming that Morrison means that with the money saved after you have acquired your high profile managerial position, saved for your first million dollar 3br fibro that you will have some “play money” to invest. Or (I had a dream), is the government planning to reinvest in skills, education and science?..probably not.

  32. Doug

    How about a 7 word slogan?: Abandon hope all ye who enter here

  33. Carol Taylor

    Ella and, “Mr. Morrison, in one interview you have managed to destroy the positive message your PM was trying to spin !!!” Spin being the operative word…

  34. stephengb2014

    There are some great one liners above but the one I like the best is from Ella Miller who said
    “Mr. Morrison, in one interview you have managed to destroy the positive message your PM was trying to spin !!!”

    But I digress – Morrison is right about us having a spending problem and not a revenue problem.
    We are spending money that goes òverseas – that is the spending problem
    Whereas we need to spend domestically, on projects that get people into work so they can pay down their private debt.
    It is private debt that is a problem for us and not public (government) debt.

    But as someone do elequantly pointed out, the banks want private debt because they know that its making them lots and lots of money, a damn sight more than they make from depositor savings.

    Morrison got his message across and that is all he wanted Lea Sales was outwitted, just as she was with Mal Brough. Never mind Lea you will be better prepared next time and there will be plenty of next times.

    Turnbull has told us all he is into communication, so Lea, get prepared with some questions of Turnbull and Morrison about:
    Where the government is working on the governments spending?
    Where the government is working on saving?
    And where the government is working on investing?

  35. Lee

    The god bothering boofhead has proved, once again, that the Liberal Party is out of touch with reality and not interested in anyone who isn’t a party donor with very deep pockets. The business sector has already criticised the government for their harsh first budget which hurt businesses because people stopped spending. Now with Morriscum’s mantra of work, save, invest and his obsession with getting the budget back into surplus, businesses had better get used to the rough ride.

  36. townsvilleblog

    MEANWHILE WE WORK FOR STARVATION WAGES unable to save because every cent is spent on trying to live, and of course therefore unable to invest. It is a tory pipe dream for most Australian workers.

  37. townsvilleblog

    Morrison and his cult – Hillsong are simply a money making exercise religion and politics do not mix.

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