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Was COVID-19 born in the United States? (part 3)

Continued from: Was COVID-19 born in the United States? (part 2)

By Outsider

Now, here’s another element, whether it is relevant or not. On October 18th Event 201, Baltimore, Coronavirus Simulation and Emergency Preparedness Task Force at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Security, they identified the virus under the acronym nCoV-2o19. I’ll repeat: nCoV-2019. [Emphasis added] Now, when the actual virus was discovered two months later – it was early January, two and a half months later. To be precise, it was on January the 7th that the Chinese authorities identified a new type of virus. They isolated it on 7 January and the coronavirus was named by the WHO as 2019-nCoV – exactly the same name as that adopted in the World Economic Forum/Gates/Johns Hopkins October 18th, 2019 simulation exercise. So it’s as if they took that name and they stuck it into – it became then, of course, a real pandemic. But bear in mind, at a later date they changed the name. They must have realized that that name was misleading because it was the name of a simulation. But it started up as 2019-nCoV and then after that they adopted the COVID-19. [Emphasis added] But I think that happened almost a month later, and these were names which were attributed to the virus by the World Health Organization.

B.F. (Bonnie Faulker of the Guns and butter radio programme): It seems to me that they had to change the name because it was too big of a giveaway as to what was going on.

M.C. (Michel Chossudovsky, Director and Editor of the Center for Research on Globalization): I don’t want to draw any kind of implications. I’m just saying it appears odd that they would choose the same name for the virus as the one which they had for the simulation, and in my view, thenCoVreflects what it is. N stands for novel and Co, Coronavirus. It was a novel coronavirus.

Now, I think to avoid any confusions they then adopted a different name to that of the simulation and exercise. Nobody denies that these simulations took place. There’s a video – I’m going to play that video for you, and I think it’s the video from the simulation. [Emphasis added] They had tons of videos – you can go through it, but let’s say this video is so incredible because it’s the first few minutes. Here it is:

“Woman: Okay. We will now advance three weeks to the fourth and final meeting of the Pandemic Emergency Board, on December 18th, 2019.

Man: Okay. Thank you for reconvening and let’s get an update from Dr. Rivers.

Dr. Rivers: In the last three weeks, case numbers have continued to grow exponentially. We now have an estimated 4.2 million cases, and 240,000 deaths. Almost every country is now reporting cases, and those who aren’t may simply not have the resources to conduct surveillance. We don’t see any change in the rate of rapid spread, and models estimate that we could have more than 12 million cases and close to a million deaths by mid-January. We’re not sure how big this could get, but there’s no end in sight. Financial markets are universally down by 15% or more on the year. [Emphasis added] Fear of a catastrophic pandemic and uncertainty about the capacity for governments to respond.”

When the organizers of the simulation were confronted, particularly at the height of the financial crash, end of February, they said, “Well, we’re not predicting anything. We’re not predicting what happened. We’re just simulating.” But it just so happens that in fact it was practically word by word, that they simulated an initial collapse of financial markets of “15% or more.” [Emphasis added] Now, I checked the financial press in late February. In late February I checked the financial press and Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, and that was exactly what happened, and they used the same words, 15% or more, was the collapse of money markets at that time. Now, since then, the situation has evolved.

But the thing is that this simulation was not taken by an independent body of scientists and researchers and economists. No, it wasn’t. It was taken by Big Money and Big Pharma. Big Money and Big Pharma were simulating. And then, meanwhile and before the pandemic was actually declared on January 30th – and there was no basis for declaring that pandemic – there were only 150 cases outside of China. About, what, six cases in the US, three in Canada, two in the UK. Well, we have the complete list; it’s provided by the World Health Organization. But before that historic venue, there was already a vaccination program, which was ongoing by different pharmaceutical companies.

B.F.: Michel, I’d like to go over some of this in greater detail. You write that, “The World Health Organization did not act to reassure and inform world public opinion. Quite the opposite. A fear pandemic rather than a genuine Public Health Emergency of International Concern was launched.” Would you describe this development as a media disinformation campaign?

M.C.: Absolutely. And I don’t think that the World Health Organization spearheaded the media disinformation campaign. The media disinformation campaign was already embedded with the organizations who were behind this initiative, in other words, the foundations, the World Economic Forum and so on. The media campaign, if it had been real news, first of all they should have said the decision of the WHO borders on ridicule; it’s in violation of its mandate; you don’t declare a global health emergency for 150 people. Punto. Six in America, two in Canada, three in the United Kingdom and so on. I think that should have been put forth, that this historic January 30thdecision was a big lie. And it was not only a big lie; it was the launchpad of a process of ultimately economic warfare. [Emphasis added]

I should clarify, because there’s a lot of confusion. This is not biological warfare, because the coronavirus is not a dangerous virus. It has certain similarities with other viruses. It triggers pneumonia, then there’s a recovery process. In fact, if we look at recent developments, the pandemic in China is more or less resolved. They’ve announced that more than 80% of confirmed cases have been resolved. Now, the media will not discuss that because once they say, “Oh, people are recovering, they’re getting well” and so on, that sort of undermines the panic. What they want to do is trigger panic, and that’s what people are doing right now. It’s fear and intimidation, it’s panic. People feel threatened, and the authorities are taking actions, which are not protecting people’s health but ultimately doing exactly the opposite.

Now, I’m not saying that coronavirus is not a health concern. It really is. But what is more of a concern are all the millions of people who lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus, not to mention those who lost their lifelong savings on the stock exchange. Think of all the smaller investors who put their money with their broker and so on, and what happens? They lose everything when the market collapses. Now, that, of course, is a concern, and that has also health implications. Some people commit suicide when they lose their savings. But that simply is considered as part of a market mechanism.

It’s not part of a market mechanism. It is part of a process of manipulation through sophisticated speculative instruments such as short selling. We know that. And if you have foreknowledge that President Trump is going to implement a ban on trans-Atlantic travel to the European Union, immediately those who have foreknowledge can speculate on the collapse of the airline stocks. It’s very easy. They place a bet and if it goes down, they make money, and they know it’s going to go down. So that is where, of course, these powerful corporate interests and financiers and hedge funds are making a tremendous amount of money.

And what we are witnessing now is a transfer of money wealth, a concentration of money wealth, which I think is unprecedented. It’s perhaps one of the largest transfers of money wealth in modern history. In other words, it’s characterized by bankruptcies of small and medium-sized firms, mounting debt, mounting personal debts, corporate debts, the takeover of competing companies. And in a sense, it’s characterized by conflict within the financial establishment. [Emphasis added]

It’s not only a war against China. At the beginning it appeared to be an economic war against China, which led to the closing down of trade and shipping and so on, where factories had to close down and so on, not to mention the tourist industry. But it is more than that, because it also affects the internal balance of power within the financial establishment. The fact that the airlines are the victims of this is significant, because the airlines – their stock may collapse and then, of course, they’ll be bought up, and that means that there’s been a redistribution not only of money wealth but also of real wealth. These are assets.

Without pointing to the fact that the existence of the coronavirus, which generates uncertainty, panic, is ultimately the ideal environment for people who want to speculate and make money at the expense of those who have savings, at the expense of small businesses and at the expense of perhaps competing corporations. That’s the situation we’re in, and I don’t recall any period in our recent history that is comparable to what we’re living now, where entire economies are in a standstill – I think of Western Europe, Italy, where people are ordered to stay at home and so on, and this ultimately has been achieved under the pretext – the pretext – of a virus, of a coronavirus. They said, “We must protect our population so let’s close down the economy.” Well, you don’t protect your population by closing down an economy. You can take certain public health actions which are selective and well thought out, but that’s not what’s happening.

B.F.: Getting back to the virus, you write, “Remember the unusual circumstances surrounding the April 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic.” What were these unusual circumstances? Was the data manipulated?

M.C.: This is not the first time that the WHO has declared a fake pandemic. I am talking about the decision taken on the 30th of January where we only had 150 people outside of China who were confirmed cases.

In 2009, April, there was another case, which was called the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic. The same atmosphere of fear and intimidation prevailed. The process was somewhat different but the statements made by the WHO Director-General at the time were far-reaching, because [Dr.] Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General in 2009, stated with authority that as many – I’m quoting, from the World Health Organization – “as many as two billion people could become infected over the next two years, nearly one-third of the world population.”

Now, what was Margaret Chan involved in, in making this statement? It was a multi-billion-dollar bonanza for Big Pharma, which was instructed by the WHO Director-General Margaret Chan to implement a massive vaccination program. She further states later on the following and, again, I’m quoting, “Vaccine makers could produce 4.9 billion pandemic flu shots per year in the best-case scenario.” Can you imagine 4.9 billion pandemic flu shots per year in the best-case scenario? In other words, this was a green light to the vaccine producers to produce billions of flu shots for the H1N1 and it was also a green light to national governments to actually purchase these billions of flu shots from the pharmaceutical companies.

Now, it turns out that this campaign in 2009, which was launched by the WHO, relied on fake news, fake statistics and lies at the highest levels of government. When it was debated under the Obama administration, Obama actually said, “Swine Flu could strike up to 40% of Americans over the next two years and as many as several hundred thousand could die if a vaccine campaign and other measures aren’t successful.” There were several statements – Associated Press: “The US expects to have 160 million doses of Swine Flu vaccine available sometime in October.” That statement was made in July of 2009. Business Week: “Wealthier countries such as the US and Britain will pay just under $10 per dose for the H1N1 flu; developing countries will pay a lower price.” And so on. This was a multi-billion-dollar fraud in favor of Big Pharma and, in fact, there was no pandemic. Millions of doses of Swine Flu vaccine had been ordered by national governments. Millions of vaccine doses were subsequently destroyed. There was a problem of collecting the data as to whether it was the seasonal flu Influenza Virus B, or whether it was the Swine Flu vaccine. The data was manipulated and there was ultimately no investigation into who was behind this multi-million-dollar fraud.

But I think we have to acknowledge, because things sometimes come much later, that in the wake of that fake pandemic there was a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which is a human rights watchdog, and they questioned the motivations of the WHO. They actually made the statement that the World Health Organization was involved in conflict of interest and that the pandemic was fake. That investigation is on record with the European Parliament. There we have an example of what happened. There were no economic and social implications as exist today, there were no actions to repeal air travel and so on but, let’s say from the point of view of the vaccination program – that vaccination program was launched and ultimately it was totally dysfunctional and the pharmaceutical companies cashed in on large amounts of money, which were largely funded by the taxpayers’ because it was the budget of the Ministries of Health.

And then, of course, the H1N1 mutated. So the vaccines were totally useless. It’s very similar to a seasonal flu pandemic; there’s a mutation of the virus. I recall in Canada, the Ministry of Health ordered millions of doses of the vaccine and then they acknowledged, they said, well, we can’t use them because you know the H1N1 virus has mutated. So what they did is they said we’re going to send that in the form of aid to developing countries, which was in effect also a fraud because the vaccine couldn’t be used from a health point of view, but then they decided simply to send it off to some country in Latin America or Sub-Saharan Africa, knowing that the virus in itself had mutated and that these vaccines were totally useless.

So there we have a situation where the Director-General of the WHO gives the green light to Big Pharma, making erroneous statements to the effect that billions of people across the world will be affected, as many as two billion, she said, and we must act, and Big Pharma comes to the rescue and in effect the vaccine makers made a bundle of money at the expense of the public purse.

B.F.: Now, in the current situation, coming up to 2020 – you’ve been talking about 2009 – you write that, “The campaign to develop vaccines was initiated prior to the decision of the WHO to launch a global public health emergency.” Is that right?

M.C.: That’s correct. There are several things. One, there was a decision taken at Davos where they actually stated that a vaccine campaign was necessary, and that decision precedes the pandemic by about a week. But there are indications that, in fact, for them to have made that statement the companies involved were already working on the vaccine. Now, I can’t say exactly when they started, but certainly well before the World Economic Forum and certainly well before the launching of the pandemic. Mind you, the number of cases were so small in late January of 2020 – it was 150 cases outside China; those are WHO statistics. Now, you’re not going to initiate a vaccine campaign internationally for 150 people, but I think that there must have been some kind of foreknowledge that eventually the pandemic would move forward with a fear campaign, the media disinformation and then ultimately the recipients would be the vaccine producers, Big Pharma. And they already had a working relationship with the foundations. They were involved in the consultations in Davos. They were also directly or indirectly involved in the simulation scenario back in October. So maybe the simulation back in October is what gave the green light to Big Pharma. I think that’s certainly feasible because they were already talking about vaccinations in the simulation. So the simulation was talking about the need to develop vaccines for their hypothetical nCoV virus, as it was called at the time, and there was also evidence that before the pandemic was actually officially launched on 30th of January that the vaccination program had been announced at Davos.

Now, there’s another important announcement that was made, but it came a month later. That was by the WHO saying – I think it was in mid- to late-February when the WHO confirmed categorically that there was the need for a vaccination campaign. But that statement was made after the industry took the decision to develop the vaccines. And there are quite a number of companies involved.

B.F.: What is CEPI? What does that stand for? Is this a vaccine organization?

M.C.: Yes. The CEPI is a very important body and also actor in this whole process. It is the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, and it is essentially part of the World Economic Forum/Gates partnership. They made an announcement quite early in the game to the effect that they would be funding several programs to develop vaccines against the so-called coronavirus. At that time it was called nCoV-2019. The CEPI works in consultation with the Gates Foundation and the WEF, and it also is tied into the pharmaceutical industry. Their major partner is GlaxoSmithKline.

B.F.: Now, at the same time as this simulation Event 201 in Baltimore on October 18th, from October 18th to the 27th of October 2019, the CISM Military World Games were taking place in Wuhan, China. What are Military World Games, and who were the participants?

M.C.: These games, it’s a sport event, which takes place I guess once a year in different countries. There are more than 100 countries which participate, and they send in members of the armed forces, but essentially for sport events. Some people call it the Military Olympics.



Now, what the Chinese authorities have raised, and this relates in a very direct way to the fact that the virus may not have originated in China but may have originated in a foreign country, including the United States, is that there were 200 American military personnel [actually the personnel was 369 units] participating in this 10-day event. Of course, they’re there and they visit the city and they go around, etc., etc. It has been intimated that the virus could have been either accidentally or deliberately dropped somewhere in the seafood market in Wuhan. [Emphasis added]

Now, we have absolutely no proof, but there are scientific assessments of the virus, and it’s a bit complex to explain, to the effect that what they call patient zero which – there’s patient zero and patient one – the thing is, where is that patient zero? Is the patient zero in the United States? In other words, assuming that it comes either from an animal or from a lab, etc., and then it’s transported to China.

Also, interestingly, the Chinese as well as Taiwanese and Japanese virologists have examined – looking at different strains of the virus in different locations – they have come to the conclusion that the virus was not made in China. At this very moment there’s a big debate in China on whether the virus is made in China or made in America. Increasingly, the scientific evidence points to the latter.

What is significant is that in recent developments we even have evidence that emanates – at least statements which emanate from the Director-General of the CDC – in other words, I’m talking about [Dr.] Robert Redfield, who made a statement just this week to the US Congress. It was during hearings of the so-called House Oversight Committee. He makes statements to the effect that some of the diagnoses of the common flu in the United States, the seasonal flu, Virus B, could have been coronavirus. This was in a committee context, and he answered the questions in a somewhat candid way and he said, “Yes, in some cases diagnosed as seasonal flu could have been coronavirus.”

Bonnie, there are two pieces of audio which I think you should broadcast. I’ll broadcast the first one now and you’ll hear it. That is the one by Redfield. It’s 30 seconds.

“Redfield: University of Washington has developed their own tests.

Congressman: Were those test kits available last Friday?

Redfield: Yes, sir.

Congressman: Thank you. And without test kits, is it possible that those who had been susceptible to influenza might have been mischaracterized as to what they actually had, it’s quite possible they actually had COVID-19?

Redfield: The standard practice is the first thing you do is tests for influenza. So if they had influenza they would be positive for…

Congressman: But only if they were tested. So if they weren’t tested, we don’t know what they had.

Redfield: Correct.

Congressman: Okay. And if somebody dies from influenza, are we doing post-mortem testing to see if it was influenza or it was COVID-19?

Redfield: There is a surveillance system to test for pneumonia that the CDC has. It’s not in every city, every state, every hospital.

Congressman: So we could have people in the United States dying for what appear to be influenza when in fact it could be the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Redfield: Some cases have been actually diagnosed that way in the United States today.

Congressman: Thank you.”

Now, that statement corroborates the studies conducted in China and Japan and Taiwan, but it also begs the question, when? Was it in October? Was it in November? Was it in December? In other words, Redfield’s statement doesn’t say when those influenza tests were conducted. Well, they’re conducted on a routine basis. Presumably if it’s seasonal it starts in November or October and it extends right through the winter.

But what happened is that this statement in effect provides legitimacy to studies conducted by Japanese, Chinese and Taiwan virologists to the effect that it is possible that the virus did not originate in the seafood market in Wuhan; it actually could have originated in the United States of America. And the Taiwan virologist stated, because he was following what was going on, that there were more than 200 pneumonia type cases which resulted in death in the United States, and it was triggered by the patient’s inability to breathe. Then he said he was in touch with US health authorities and he begged the question whether those deaths could have been the result of the coronavirus. He also said that the virus outbreak may have begun at an earlier period than what is assumed, suggesting that it could even go back to September. And I presume it goes back to September because that’s when the flu virus actually starts to develop.

But I think what’s important is that – one of our own authors, Larry Romanoff, who is based in Shanghai, has done extensive research on this issue and if we patch together the statements of Robert Redfield, the Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese studies, there is a good likelihood that the virus did not come from China but it could well have originated in the United States. [Emphasis added] It is a talking point in China at this very moment because the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – and the Chinese don’t actually improvise in the same way as Americans their foreign policy stance – but when they’re commenting on the CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield they say, well, you know, this kind of information has to be explained. If the US reported 34 million cases of influenza that’s – I think he’s exaggerating but that’s what he says – I’m talking about the representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I think it’s more like 15 million – but in any event, he then concludes and says, please tell us how many are related to COVID-19. That is a tweet – the Chinese also adopted tweets.

What the Director Robert Redfield has admitted is that seemingly some people who have died from influenza could have been tested positive for the coronavirus. So this has opened up Pandora’s Box, so to speak, because the consensus in China is that the virus was not made in China; it was made in America.

It remains to be fully assessed and so on, but it changes the rhetoric. It also changes China’s geopolitical position. China is now at the stage where the pandemic is almost over. I think in a matter of a couple of weeks they’re going to go back to normal life throughout the country, and then they also are now going to acknowledge that the possibility is that this virus did not originate in China.

B.F.: Michel Chossudovsky, thank you so much.

M.C.: Delighted to be on the program. This is a very important topic. Best wishes.

B.F.: I’ve been speaking with Michel Chossudovsky. Today’s show has been COVID-19 Coronavirus: The Crisis. Michel Chossudovsky is an economist and the Founder, Director and Editor of the Center for Research on Globalization, based in Montreal, Quebec. The Global Research website,, publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis. Since posting a series of very credible research articles on the novel coronavirus, Global Research’s readership has exploded, and they have added many tens of thousands of new readers in China.”

To be continued…

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  1. Kathryn

    Saying that America is responsible for a mysterious, never-before-seen dangerous pandemic, Covid-19, is appalling CHINESE PROPAGANDA. Covid-19 was NOT born in the USA – there is much scientific and documented PROOF that Covid-19 came out of a Virology Laboratory just outside Wuhan – either by a deliberate attempt to spread a terrifying, virulent pandemic or by accident. We will never know! The current Chinese regime are not exactly open about the huge part they played in this and will NEVER EVER admit fault!

  2. Jack Cade

    Kathryn – who- or what – ever you are l; I have not seen any ‘Chinese propaganda’ that the virus began in the USA.
    But I am absolutely convinced that it did.
    The fate of US whistleblowers, or Julian Assange, probably guarantees that nobody is going to blow the whistle on Fort Detrick. After all, it has taken 100 years for us to find that the Spanish Flu came from Kansas.

  3. Karen Kyle

    Jack Cade…….you are seeing Chinese propaganda right now in this article.

    The Wuhan high security Virology Lab was built by the French and it attracted funding for research from around the world including the USA. It was meant to be a preventative as well as an early warning system.

    World Health Authorities have been on tenterhooks for years waiting for a global pandemic. It was a question of when and not if.

    That Lab was built in China because new pandemics and diseases are more likely to come from China or Africa.

  4. Mark

    Jack Cade how or why are you ‘absolutely convinced’ that the virus began in the USA? Given that you say that ‘nobody is going to blow the whistle on Fort Derrick’. Were you there? Are you an insider? And now a ‘whistleblower’? What does it take for you to become ‘absolutely convinced’ about anything? A sign from above?

  5. Michael Taylor

    Karen Kyle, if you insist on calling me names then none of your comments will get past me.

    The other comment – as you can plainly see – went straight into the bin.

  6. ajogrady

    If one wants to see the rampant ideology driven propaganda by the Wests politically driven media and if it is producing the desired outcomes all a person has to do is read commemts sections of any metropolitan newspaper and you will see the idealogical driven propaganda regurgitated ad infinitum. China is hard pressed to match the onslaught of negative propagamda directed towards it.

  7. Karen Kyle

    China’s behaviour is the cause of all it’s international problems.

    Before Xi Jingping there was no particular angst or anxiety about China.

    Xi is China’s worst enemy.

  8. DrakeN

    “Before Xi Jingping there was no particular angst or anxiety about China.”

    Well, now, that really does add weight to the view that you really have no idea about this topic – or anything else for that matter.

  9. Matters Not

    Australia’s leading expert on these matters is John Dwyer Emeritus Professor of Medicine at UNSW and now a member of the WHO investigating team sent to China. Here’s his ‘expert’ view:

    We are certain that COVID-19 did not originate, nor escape, from the Wuhan corona virus laboratory. This universally regarded centre of viral research receives grants from numerous sources, including the US National Institutes for Health (NIH). It is frequently visited by America scientists.

    So it didn’t originate nor escape from the Wuhan virus laboratory, then where did it come from? But first he asserts:

    COVID-19’s mutations, allowing it to infect humans, cannot be generated in a laboratory.

    So in his (expert) view the mutations allowing it to infect humanscannot be generated in a laboratory. He proceeds:

    Mutations occur when the virus is challenged by an immune system. That struggle drives random viral experimentation for survival. In other words, a mutated virus is created within an animal.

    Dear oh dear – a mutated virus is created within an animal. Of course it’s only his (expert) opinion. LOL. And therefore can’t compete with conspiracy theory.

    JOHN DWYER. Trump, Xi and the WHO.

  10. Karen Kyle

    Well done IMN. Scientsts the world over say there is no evidence the virus was manufactured. And one of the leading scientists who goes by the title “The Bat Woman” is of high international repute and once worked at the high security Lab in Geelong. She was studing Corona Viruses but none of those she studied was the cause of the pandemic. It is difficult when there are no doubt many viruses and one Lab and one team of researchers.

  11. Kaye Lee

    “Event 201, Baltimore, Coronavirus Simulation and Emergency Preparedness Task Force at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Security, they identified the virus under the acronym nCoV-2o19.”

    Actually, I don’t think that is correct. They called the fictional virus in the simulation CAPS

    The actual virus is called SARS-CoV-2

    Based on established practice, the new virus was named SARS-CoV-2 by the Coronavirus Study Group of the International Committee for the Taxonomy of Viruses, and the disease it causes as COVID-19 by WHO

    Global Research is a known disseminator of misinformation with links to both Russia and China.

    pp 25-30

    Since SARS and MERS, many governments have done risk profiles for coronavirus pandemics including Australia. The one in October 2019 was the 4th done in the US.

    I’m sorry, I’m not buying it.

  12. Matters Not

    KL – your link gives the game away. But don’t be sorry.

    For Event 201, hosted in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ,

    Suspect George Soros was in the audience as well.

  13. New England Cocky

    @Jack Cade: I am with you, in 1969 Fort Detrick USA had accumulated sufficient Rice Blast Fungus(RBF) to wipe out the entire Asian rice crop between the Mediterranean and Kamchatka Peninsular ….. seven (7) times. While this batch of RBF may have been destroyed, doubtless the US strategy for world hegemony requires replacing that disease with another ore virulent pestilence.

    @MIchael Taylor: Would you be so kind as to censor the pestilence ”Karen Kyle” in all its numerous quises.

    @Matters Not: ”Ä mutant virus is created in ANY ANIIMAL” ….. INCLUDING MAN, Homo sapiens. This is known as the Lock & Key mechanism by plant pathologists and has been known for over 50 years. The medical people were very slow to recognise that all life forms presently known have the same genetic system.

    @Kaye Lee: Thank you for your erudite response.

  14. Michael Taylor

    I don’t know what or who to believe anymore. It’s at the point where it’s doing my head in.

    Meanwhile, for some bad news, a new Ebola strain has been identified in the Congo. ☹️

  15. Karen Kyle

    Exactly Kaye Lee…..exactly.

    I didn’t make clear in my last post “The Bat Woman” works for the Wuhan Virology Lab and has been studying bat corona viruses for years.

  16. Kaye Lee

    One reason they were studying them is that they had identified and isolated a few coronaviruses in Chinese horseshoe bats.

  17. Jack Cade

    New England Cocky Here is something else to ponder. In the 90s and early 2000s, Harvard University collected thousands of Chinese and Russian blood samples to study the DNA;- and, The Belt and Road Initiative is specifically intended to avoid surveillance and trade interference by the huge fleet of US submarines infesting the oceans. Uncle Sam’s sympathies for the Uyghurs – pesky Muslims though they are – is to attempt to interrupt the BRI. So, as in Afghanistan where they funded the Northern Alliance which morphed into the Taliban (and reportedly bought most of their poppy product), the Americans are practising ‘my enemies enemy is my friend’. As I posted earlier, the Chinese problem with the Uyghurs is entirely due to thousands of returning combatants from US-sponsored wars in the ME, proselytising the Caliphate. They are trying to de-louse them. The US would have launched air strikes. Of course, my opinions are entirely coloured by my ‘anti-US foreign ventures’ bias. I just can’t get past the view that a country which provoked insurrection and attempted coups in 80 countries post WW2 (including Australia) and beshat itself when some of its own people attempted to practise good ol’ US diplomacy at home a couple of weeks ago can be believed on any issue. Despite its own propaganda, the US has few friends and no admirers. AS the joke has it, ‘you judge people by the company they keep’ – Saudi Arabia, Israel, Brazil, UK, Australia…They are all that remain… Lots of pigs have got up and walked away lately… Furthermore, George Galloway said, the other day, that many of the military attending Sleepy Joe’s inauguration last week had no ammunition suppled with their weapons because their loyalty was suspect.
    Wow! Go Karen and Kathryn. Suck it and see!

    And Michael – take a break, mate. You deserve it.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Jack, the longer I’m away from Scotland… the shittier I get.

    Give me six months and I’ll be like a grizzly bear.

  19. Karen Kyle

    Jack Cade… produce no evidence for your tirade. And those are serious accusations and without credibility.

  20. Kronomex

    Michael TaylorJanuary 27, 2021 at 7:08 pm
    Give me six months and I’ll be like a grizzly bear.

    A grizzly bear? I thought the giant Bagpipe spider would have been more apt.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Ah, The Goodies. That cheered me up. 😀

  22. Kronomex

    Lies! All lies! It was a short documentary about Scottish wildlife and they just happened to be hosting the program. And it wasn’t real Bagpipe spider that got shot, it was a puppet because they are on the endangered list and are rarely seen. That one was recreated from Stanley Baxter’s memories from when he was visiting his grandparents house as child and saw one near the family pond (Loch Ness), while he was Haggis hunting.

  23. Pauline

    Karen K, you might learn something from this video – James Corbett on BitChute, ‘Banned from YouTube Pandemic! (2012)’
    Yep, 2012. For 9 years the video sat on YouTube but this is a post-fact world now. Who needs insights?
    What is Big Tech scared of? The average person waking up, that’s what. They need not be worried from what I see.

  24. Jack Cade

    Michael Taylor

    If you go to Scotland you had better get an “I AM NOT ENGLISH’ banner to wave…the borderlands are patrolled by ‘freedom fighters’.

  25. Kaye Lee

    “Corbett goes deep into the issue of the scams rolling out, as he dissects the latest attempt to leverage the climate scam on the back of the COVID-19 scam, and how both of these distractions are being used to indoctrinate the public into the death cult.

    “This is not just happenstance. This is part of an agenda,” says Corbett of the coronavirus scam. “It is the continuity of an agenda.” They want you to “give up all your rights.”

    “There is a death cult that right now is trying it’s best to suppress the human population and to twist the technologies that could be used to achieve such incredible and amazing things, for us as individuals using those technologies instead to limit us, to suppress us, to surveil, control, track, database and otherwise regulate our every move, our every transaction, interaction, on a daily basis. Everything you do controlled for the rest of your life. That is the sentiment that is being pumped through these purveyors of mainstream accepted ‘science is settled’ opinion. And it is up to us to not just say ‘no’, but ‘HELL NO!’

    What absolute balderdash!!!

    Pauline, of course they were looking at pandemics in 2012. SARS and MERS prompted such action.; Not some crazy death cult agenda. This is just getting weirder and weirder. And that is exactly what the purveyors of disinformation want.

  26. Pauline

    Kaye, I agree it is all getting “weirder and weirder”.
    In Dec 2020 in Madison, Milwaukee the head of the Department of Natural Resources told “employees to wear face masks on teleconferences — even when they’re not around others and at no risk of spreading the coronavirus.” And 3 days ago in France “French National Academy of Medicine has urged people to avoid talking and phone calls on subway, packed buses and trains”.
    The JC video, perhaps he was influenced by the inquiry by PACE, a 47 nation body which investigated whether a “falsified pandemic” was declared by WHO in June 2009 on the advice of medical advisors, many of whom have close financial ties to the very pharmaceutical giants – GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Novartis, – that produced the H1N1 vaccines.

  27. Matters Not

    Perhaps it comes with the name?

  28. Karen Kyle

    Pauline………toxic rubbish……where are you getting all this from.?

    It wouldn’t be part of the Qanon conspiracy yarn would it? According to reports from the BBC and AAP Russia has had hand in encouraging and supporting that as well.

  29. Kaye Lee

    Sorry Pauline, I won’t waste any more time fact checking you.

    I would, however, encourage you to check the credibility of your sources and to give some thought to whether you think it feasible that every government and every health worker in the entire world is colluding in a hoax perpetrated by the CEOs of pharmaceutical companies.

  30. Pauline

    Karen K, I never followed Qanon. I hear FBI also got a mention. Conspiracies are a dime a dozen, zzzzzzzzzzzzz To broaden your view, maybe try the work of ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the German public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. They recently filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies.
    I put more faith in such specialists than say Dr Norman Swan whose research team seems to copy/paste comments from The Corbett Report. How strange is that?
    Btw, what happened to 60 Minutes “best guess for this latest Coronavirus is a transmission from a bat to the pangolin” theory?
    How to get #1 rating: take 1 hour airtime, pick a tenuous theory, talk it through, add 18 mins of ads and hey presto, 60 Minutes.

    edit: Kaye if you want to believe Big Pharma that is up to you. I’m doing my own research.

  31. Matters Not

    Sadly – those who subscribe to particular conspiracy theories are not deterred by (rational) debunking. Indeed, the harder one tries, the greater is/are the counterproductive effects (and affects). Too much emotional investment at stake. Too much skin in the game.

    It’s a ‘truth’ that politicians should be aware of also.

  32. Kronomex

    Like religious fanatics conspiracy loonies just change their reality when something they can’t handle comes along. Thus allowing them to stay safe and utterly ignorant within their little bubble universes.

  33. Michael Taylor

    Jack, I’ve always said that England has only ever produced six good people: John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Jack Cade.

    Some would argue that William Wilberforce should be included in that elite group.

  34. Kronomex


    What about Spike Milligan?

  35. wam

    kronomex spike was indian but, no society and trickle down maggie could replace him in michael’s 5/6, she was a comedian?
    Michael Wilberforce, the lnp are examples of looking the other way and denying any knowledge over and over???

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