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Was COVID-19 born in the United States? (part 2)

Continued from: Was COVID-19 born in the United States? (part 1)

By Outsider

In late February 2020 financial manipulation had characterised stock market transactions worldwide.

The stock value of airlines companies collapsed overnight. Those who had ‘foreknowledge’ of President Trump’s 11 March decision to ban transatlantic flights from European Union countries made a bundle of money. It is called ‘short-selling’ in the derivative market among other speculative operations. Institutional speculators including hedge funds with ‘inside information’ had already placed their bets.

More generally, a massive transfer of money wealth had occurred, among the largest in world history, leading to countless bankruptcies, not to mention the loss of lifelong savings engineered through the collapse of financial markets.

This process is ongoing. It would be naive to believe that these occurrences are based on market forces. They are deliberate, part of a carefully designed plan involving powerful financial interests.

A new bombshell emerged: the Trump Administration unfounded accusation of China for spreading the ‘Wuhan virus’ worldwide. It did not matter that such infamy had been questioned by both Japanese and Chinese reports. A report from a Japanese TV station which suspected some of the 14,000 Americans died of influenza may have unknowingly contracted the COVID-19 went viral on Chinese social media, stoking fears and speculations in China that the new virus may have originated in the United States. The report, by TV Asahi Corporation of Japan, suggested that the United States government may have failed to grasp how rampant the virus had gone on the United States soil. (Japanese TV report sparks speculations in China that COVID-19 may have originated in US, Global Times, February 23, 2020).

Nor did the presence of suspected similar cases had occurred in Italy in late 2019 and elsewhere, as will be seen.

On 12 March 2020, in a statement to the House Oversight Committee of the United States Congress the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert R. Redfield candidly admitted that: yes, some cases diagnosed as seasonal flu could have been COVID-19.

As to exactly when that occurred, in October?, in November?, he could not be precise.

China’s Foreign Ministry reacted to Dr. Redfield’s statements intimating that the virus could have originated in the United States.

Zhao Lijian, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, asked: “When did “patient zero” begin in the United States?” ‘When’ is of course the fundamental question. “How many people are infected, what are the names of the hospitals, It might be U.S. Army that brought epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent, U.S. owe us an explanation.”



Clearly, the world had come to the crossroads of the most serious social and economic crisis in modern history. People worldwide were being misled. They were told: “It’s going to get worse.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel stated without a shred of evidence that “seventy per cent of the German population could contract coronavirus if more is not done to stop its spread.”

In several countries, the economy had closed down. Supermarkets, shopping malls, offices, factories, schools, universities were at a standstill. People were confined to their homes. Fear and intimidation prevailed.

In the meantime, coinciding with the coronavirus lockdown in Italy, 30,000 United States troops had been dispatched to the European Union, as part of the U.S.-N.A.T.O.’s “Defend Europe 2020” war games against Russia, in the largest military deployment since the second world war.

To be clear, the COVID-19 pandemic was not the ‘cause’ of this unfolding economic and social crisis; it is the ‘pretext’ for the implementation of a carefully designed ‘operation’ – supported by media disinformation – which would destabilise national economies, impoverish large sectors of the world population and literally undermine the lives of millions of people. It was similar to an ‘act of war’.

While COVID-19 appeared as an important public health concern, the freeze of economic activity coupled with the lockdown and an ongoing fear campaign did not constitute an effective means to combating the virus. What was required was a carefully designed and coordinated preventative and curative public health programme. (See also: M. Chossudovsky, COVID-19 Coronavirus “Fake” Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis, Orinoco Tribune, March 12, 2020).

Those who formulated the United States’ ‘yet undeclared economic war’ against China, failed to envisage the potential backlash on the American economy. It appeared more like as ‘harakiri’ than an economic plan.

In a matter of months, if normal U.S.-China trade relations and transportation were not resumed, the impacts on the national economies of western countries could be devastating.

A large share of goods displayed in America’s shopping malls, including major brands are ‘Made in China.’ ‘Made in China’ is the backbone of retail trade in the United States which indelibly sustains household consumption in virtually all major commodity categories from clothing, footwear, hardware, electronics, toys, jewellery, household fixtures, medical supplies, medicine and prescription drugs, TV sets, cell phones, et cetera.

‘Made in China’ also dominates the production of a wide range of industrial inputs, advanced technology, machinery, building materials, automotive, parts and accessories, et cetera not to mention the extensive sub-contracting of Chinese companies on behalf of United States conglomerates.

While the United States has a powerful and sophisticated financial apparatus – which has the ability to manipulate trade and stock markets worldwide – America’s ‘real economy’ is in a shambles.

Production no loge takes place in the United States. The producers have given up production.

The United States trade deficit with China is instrumental in fuelling the profit driven consumer economy which relies on ‘Made in China’ consumer goods. Meanwhile China holds a large part of the United States public debt; it can readily convert it into real assets – overnight.

At this juncture of the COVID-19 crisis, Beijing policy makers were fully aware that the United States economy is fragile and heavily dependent on ‘Made in China’. Moreover, China has overtaken the United States in several high-tech areas, including 5G.

And with an internal market of 1.4 billion people, coupled with a global export market under the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ the Chinese economy will have the upper hand.

Much of what precedes was discussed – and expanded – by professor Michel Chossudovsky, who is an award-winning author, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, the founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization at Montreal, and the editor of Global Research. In addition to his teaching as visiting professor in western Europe, Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Latin America, he has served as economic adviser to governments of developing countries and has acted as a consultant for several international organisations. He is the author of eleven books, published in more than twenty languages, and a contributor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

In mid-March 2020 professor Chossudovsky was interviewed by Ms. Bonnie Faulker of the Guns and butter radio programme, a project of Inquiring Systems, Inc.

The programme was introduced as follows: on 30 January 2020, the World Health Organization – W.H.O. declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern – P.H.E.I.C. in relation to China’s novel coronavirus, then named 2019-nCoV categorised as a viral pneumonia. The virus outbreak was centred in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China with a population in excess of 11 million.

In the week prior to the 30 January decision, the W.H.O. Emergency Committee “expressed divergent views”. There were visible divisions within the Committee. The 30 January far-reaching decision was taken without the support of expert opinion at a time when the coronavirus outbreak was limited to mainland China.

There were 150 confirmed cases outside China, when the decision was taken: 6 in the United States, 3 in Canada, 2 in the United Kingdom, et cetera.

The premise of the Chossudovsky interview was this: Out of 150 confirmed cases over a population of 6.4 billion, that is to say, world population of 7.8 billion minus China’s 1-4 billion, what might have been the risk of being infected? Virtually zero.

The W.H.O. Director-General, who had been in Davos, Switzerland just a few days earlier, determined that the so-called outbreak constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, and that decision was taken on the basis of 150 confirmed cases outside China.

Enter Chossudovsky: “Now, anybody who takes cognizance of that should not trust anything else that they say because at the beginning is a big lie, and it’s a big lie which is instrumented by very powerful people. It’s the combination of what I call Big Money and Big Pharma.”

Bonnie Faulkner: “Today on Guns and butter: Michel Chossudovsky. Today’s show: COVID-19 Coronavirus: The Crisis.

Michel Chossudovsky is an economist and the founder, Director and Editor of the Center for Research on Globalization, based in Montreal, Quebec.

Today we discuss the historical background and lead-up to the World Health Organization’s January 30th Declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern; Event 201: Simulation of a Coronavirus Pandemic; the World Economic Forum; financial warfare; and the economic and human toll of the declared pandemic. Michel Chossudovsky, welcome.”

Michel Chossudovsky: ”Good morning. Delighted to be on Guns and butter.”

B. F.: The United States government has now declared the COVID-19 virus a global pandemic. Your article, (COVID-19 Coronavirus “Fake” Pandemic: Timeline and Analysis (Timeline from September 2019 – April 2020, 11.0.2020, first published 08.04.2020) begins with the January 30th, 2020 World Health Organization declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in relation to China’s novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV, categorized as a viral pneumonia. Both the timing and the intent of the WHO’s declaration raise serious questions. Where is the best place to start and examine what is behind this now global disruption?

M.C.: First of all, I should mention – and this is where all the lies come in – is that on the 30th of January the global public health emergency was declared on the orders of the Director-General of the WHO. There have been recent statements that this public health emergency has been declared but, in fact, it was declared on the 30th of January, but nobody wants to talk about that for the simple reason that at that time there were only 150 confirmed cases outside of China.In other words, we’re talking about a population of 6.4 billion, (excluding China which is 1.4), out of a world population of 7.8 billion, and there they go ahead and declare a global health emergency. 150 cases does not justify it. But in fact, it did, but it was dictated by very powerful economic interests. So we’re starting with a lie.

But the thing is, we’re starting with a lie on January 30th. And then on January 31st what happens? Immediately the Trump administration calls for a ban on air travel to China. In other words, a declaration to the effect that both Chinese and foreign travelers (from China) will not be admitted to the United States. This has the effect of essentially intimidating people, closing down trade and trade transactions.

We’re talking about a very important volume of trade and transportation with China, affecting, of course, major airlines and shipping companies. So that happened on the 31st. We’re talking about the timeline. On the 31st of January, Trump already launches a hate campaign against China, and there was no health issue of concern, because 150 cases worldwide outside China is virtually nothing as far as risk is concerned.

Then we see the evolution of this crisis and what I’m saying, and we must be very clear on that, is that this is not a biological war against China or against of anybody else; it is the use of the coronavirus as a pretext to implement drastic changes which affect economic activity, trade, transportation, which ultimately has an impact on national economies. It sort of pushes national economies into a situation of crisis. At the outset, we were dealing with economic warfare supported by a media campaign, and this was coupled with the deliberate intent by the Trump administration to undermine the Chinese economy.

But I think we should be clear that the media disinformation campaign was fundamental, because first of all, they never mentioned that it was 150 cases to start with, and they’ve always distorted the figures with regard to the extension of this health threat throughout the world.

B.F.: What is the WHO Emergency Committee?

M.C.: The WHO Emergency Committee is a committee made up of specialists – and I should mention that they first met on the 22nd of January and there were divisions within the committee as to whether they had the justification to actually declare a global emergency [the pandemic was declared on March 11]. And then, when they met on the 30th, the meeting on the 30th took place shortly after the Davos World Economic Forum, which took place from the 21st to the 24th of January. And at that meeting there were important discussions between different partners including the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and various entities linked up to Big Pharma.

Those consultations at the World Economic Forum were essentially instrumental to the decision taken on the 30th. It happened just about a week later. It was essentially the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation, a body called CEPI, which is this Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations for the Development of Vaccines – already there were discussions with Big Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, which is also integrated into this group. There were discussions with the IMF and the World Bank, with the State Department, with US Intelligence. And one suspects that the decisions were taken a few days before, because when they met on January 30th in Geneva there was virtually no discussion. The WHO Director-General, who had been in Davos just a few days earlier, determined that the so-called outbreak constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, and, as I mentioned, that decision was taken on the basis of 150 confirmed cases outside China.

Now, anybody who takes cognizance of that should not trust anything else that they say because at the beginning is a big lie, and it’s a big lie which is instrumented by very powerful people. It’s the combination of what I call Big Money and Big Pharma. And essentially they initiated this process. They also have a vaccine program and, ironically, the vaccine program was – in a sense also announced at Davos before even having pandemic. It was announced at Davos and discussed, and it was only much later in February that the vaccination campaign was announced by the World Health Organization. In fact, it was February 28th. It was a month later. Dr. Tedros of WHO announces that a massive WHO vaccination campaign has been approved by the World Health Organization. And who is behind that campaign? GlaxoSmithKline in partnership with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which is a Gates/World Economic Forum partnership.

Another important thing is that back in October, on October the 18th, the Gates Foundation together with the World Economic Forum and in partnership with Johns Hopkins School of Public Health – but it was a very specific component of the School of Public Health – it was the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. You can see that Johns Hopkins School of Public Health is already linked to Wall Street.

But it was the Center for Health Security. So there you have a partnership between the Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and what do they do on October 16th? This was, of course, way before the public announcement of the coronavirus, which was at the beginning of January when the Chinese authorities discovered it and began testing it. They discovered it on January 1st and then on January 7th they actually came up with lab exams and so on.

But back on October 18th there was a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic. It was called Event 201. That simulation was integrated by a whole series of people from mainly private financial institutions, corporate execs, foundations, Big Pharma, CIA, there was a representative from the CDC but there were no health officials on behalf of national governments or the WHO. It was essentially a simulation which included quite a number of things, including the collapse of stock markets, the extension of the virus to something like 65 million people and so on and so forth.

Now, what I am suggesting, without necessarily drawing conclusions, is that the organizations involved in the simulation, which was a detailed simulation with videos and so on examining what would happen to financial markets, what would happen to the media, to the independent media and so on – essentially the people involved in the simulation were also involved in the actual management of the pandemic once it went live.

So the people who were simulating actually went live on January 30th, 2020, which was the day when that [global health emergency was launched] [Officially the pandemic was launched on March 11]. I should mention that the people who actually were behind the WHO meeting on the sidelines of Davos are the same people who organized and financed the [global health emergency]: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum and the Bloomberg School of Public Health.



So there you are. You simulate and then you go live. I’m not suggesting any kind of conspiratorial relationship, but I’m just saying there was a simulation and a couple of months later the whole thing goes live with the same actors involved in the simulation who are now involved in saving the world from the coronavirus. [Emphasis added]

To be continued…

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Fort Detrick, the USA laboratory system of pure evil and filth, closed in October 2019 and was not to reopen for c. six months after a “cleanup”. Who else, long ago, smelt the ratty odours suggested in this and other articles? Covid 19-USA?? Keep investigating and out the manipulators, if evidence can be found. China, USA collaboration in these areas of biological experimentation with war purposes as links and policies has existed for decades. Even if carelessness, overconfidence, deliberate sloppiness, whatever, is behind some or all of this, keep searching. There may be decades of disaster and agony to come out of this plague, but some always triumph and get rich out of someone else’s adversity.

  2. Karen Kyle

    The whole of the above article is rubbish of course.

    Cambridge University Virology Department tracked the Corona Virus as soon as it’s genome became public. They used the same techniques to track pre historic human migration around the world. And they thought they had better get in fast before the picture became too complex and muddied.

    To the best of their knowledge : and this might change as further information becomes available: the Corona virus emerged in Hubei Province on the thirteenth of September twenty nineteen about one hundred miles from Wuhan and travelled to Wuhan. That is why it showed up early in some places around the world. It had at least three months to quietly circulate before China belatedly informed the world when it could no longer be covered up.

    If it comes to a competition between Global Research and Cambridge University Virology Department I’ll take Cambridge anytime thank you.

    Global Research is well known conspiracy theory website. And the man who runs it Michel Chossudovsky is touted as being one of Canada’s nuttiest professors.

    Global research was always a hub dor Russian Disinfoormation. It has lately partnered with a couple of Chinese organisations and now is in the business of touting Chinese propaganda as well.

    Binoy Kampmark has had many articles published on Global Research, and now is writing for Asia Pacific Research sister website for Global Research. Right at the hub of Russian and Chinese disinformation. Global research has a whole stable of writers whose articles are spread far and wide though the net by means of often little known left websites, and facebook etc.

    This is all open source information available to anyone who cares to look. The US State Department has published a seventy seven page document on how misinformation is spread around the Net.
    And Global Research is right in the middle of it.

    Just Google Russian Disinformation US State Department. Now I know the US State Department is going to make hard core lefties streak towards the horizon as if your backsides are on fire.

    I don’t care. There is no contest between US Intelligence and Global Research.

  3. Michael Taylor

    The whole of the above comment is rubbish of course.

  4. Karen Kyle

    Lets hope they look Michael.

  5. Matters Not

    Always interesting to look at predictions made way back then in the light of current developments. Here’s a few:

    alarmist Fauci claims that there may be millions of US coronavirus cases and 100,000- 200,000 deaths. And, coincidentally, so does Bill Gates, using pretty much the same figures.

    … China has proven that COVID-19 could be brought under control at rather low-cost and with strict discipline and conventional medication. The same medicines and measures have been used for centuries to prevent and cure successfully all kinds of viral diseases.

    … one of the world’s top 5 scientists on communicable diseases, suggested the use of hydroxychloroquine (Chloroquine or Plaquenil), a well-known, simple, and inexpensive drug,

    … Another remedy that has been used for thousands of years by ancient Chinese, Romans and Egyptians, are Colloidal silver products

    Lists of predictions made re COVID-19 (and it’s almost endless) which totally missed the mark were all given a run at Global Research. Including it’s part of a New World Order. It’s the Globalists at work. The creation of transhumanists.

    No wonder we are in trouble. It’s why we need better, more reliable publications and why social media which will publish nonsense is such a worry.

  6. Joseph Carli

    “Karen Kyle” is a generic gravitar that is used by a number of posters as a medium to push pro-western proaganda and to create Sino-Asia distrust and suspicion with every article that tries to give some sort of balance to the picture…if you notice her changes of writing style and language usage it shows….
    Michael, I’d suggest you do a background check on the isp location “she” posts from.

  7. Michael Taylor

    I wouldn’t be surprised, Joe.

  8. Karen Kyle


  9. Michael Taylor

    There is one consistent theme though, Joe. Karen Kyle despises Dr Binoy with a passion. She’s even used this post as an excuse to have a go at him.

    PS: I’m having a really bad day. Really, really bad. One of those days where I’m 99% of the way to closing down The AIMN all together. Yes, it’s that bad. She would be wise not to test my patience.

  10. Michael Taylor

    That’s it. I’m outa here. Someone else can have this site. I’m packing it in.

  11. DrakeN

    Please don’t, Michael.
    Nil Illegitimii carborundum and all that.
    There are writers and commenters here who are well worth encouraging and, in the case of Karen, even mildly amusing in a wry sort of way. Her absolute certainty of the correctness of her malformed opinion is a wonder to behold; quite “Trumpian” in her assuredness.
    If she/he/it is causing you too much angst, just refuse access – it is your site after all.
    ‘Western cultural superiority’ has plenty of other other outlets through which to spout its one-eyed myopic garbage.
    On the other hand, if your health is being affected, drop it all immediately I’d suggest.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Drake. You’ve lifted my spirits.

    This site gets its inspiration from people like you. And as for Karen Kyle, in my opinion she’s nothing more than … nah, I won’t say it, as tempted as I am. Let me just say it ain’t high.

  13. Kaye Lee


    As you know, I have been dealing with personal stuff. A side-effect was a feeling of futility – what’s the point of writing about politics when nothing changes and we just get crap heaped on us and still have to deal with what life throws at us.

    I took a break and it helped.

    For many years now, you have provided a safe place for people to come and discuss world affairs. What you do is important, even if, at times, soul-destroying.

    Our squabbles are very wearing – I know. But your efforts are truly appreciated.

  14. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, Kaye. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: you’re a gem. ❤️

  15. Jack Cade

    And I am getting sick of the ABC pumping anti-China propaganda every day. We get long US speeches about democracy and the rule law and how the US is going to get back to being the light on the hill. The light was phosphorous bombs and some of the several million land mines Uncle Sam gifted Laos and Cambodia, just because he could.
    As a matter of interest, the Chinese province of Xinjiang has many thousands of mosques, all usually full, and the Uyghurs are not being persecuted. The Chinese ARE dealing with thousands of Uyghurs returning from US-conducted and/or sponsored wars in the Middle East, proselytising the Caliphate line. There are fewer Muslims in Chinese rehabilitation camps than there are ‘people of colour’ in US gaols. And the perpetrators of Abu Graibh and Guantanamao have a bloody cheek weeping crocodile tears over the Uyghurs.
    I spent 2 months in China 2 years ago, living and mixing with Chinese people exclusively, and I had a good look around XIan, which is full of Muslims. No sign of repression or even discontent.

  16. Karen Kyle

    Two years ago…….I suspect a lot has changed in two years.

    And as far as I know the ABC is a news and current affairs site. Not a propaganda site. And most MSM if it knows what is good for it does rely on facts and accuracy in reporting.

    With the notable exception of Fox TV nd Sky News,

  17. Roswell

    Jack, you mentioned the ‘C’ word: China. Remember what Joseph said…

    “Karen Kyle” is a generic gravitar that is used by a number of posters as a medium to push pro-western proaganda [sic] and to create Sino-Asia distrust and suspicion with every article that tries to give some sort of balance to the picture.

  18. Matters Not


    “Karen Kyle” is a generic gravitar that is used by a number of posters as a medium to push pro-western proaganda

    Really? That’s the best pejorative ‘shot’ in the magazine. Try a bit of ‘Googling’. It ain’t that hard. Here’s a sample.

    There will be a march and rally tomorrow afternoon to protest against the proposed workplace changes in the industrial relations (IR) legislation.

    Protesters will gather at Trades Hall later today and march to the Civic Gardens at town hall.

    The secretary of the Bendigo Trades Hall Council, Karen Kyle , says the legislation will lower wages, remove conditions and render workers helpless.

    “It has always been with conservative government whenever they are going to perpetrate some enormity on the electorate, they justify it by saying we’ll be better off,” he (sic) said.

    “They just call black white, they just lie and the Australian electorate ought to be wide awake to that by now and what we have to do with this Government is get rid of it.”

    Any other contributor with that proven track record?

  19. Marilyn Shepherd

    Investigations have found no such new virus or disease exists and it never did, Karen and others keep babbling that a genome was sequenced, it was all done on a computer, never isolated at all and even the tests being used in the hundreds of millions are not tests for anything in particular.
    The whole thing is nothing but a major con job, proven by the fact that a ”death” is someone with a set of symptoms which are nothing but cold symptoms, or a fake PCR test which was built around a theoretic genome on social media, – the fact is old people are dying of normal old age at a rate no different to any other and being called ”covid” deaths. It’s all there in the CDC data.

  20. Matters Not

    Marilyn Shepherd – your appearance was only a matter of time.

    Note well – Number of deaths reported in this table are the total number of deaths received and coded as of the date of analysis and do not represent all deaths that occurred in that period.

    And Ms Shepherd probably wrote her post on a computer.

  21. Marilyn Shepherd

    Actually the reason why the ABC and all other media peddle the same nonsense is found on the website of Australian Science Media Centre in Adelaide funded by the WEllcome trust (US eugenics), GAVI, Microsoft, and now Google to prevent any outside information being published in Australia. All our media have signed up and it’s down right sinister some of the crap they peddle. If 55,900 articles from the same site and same ”scientists’; being peddled in a year it’s hard to see how it’s anything but propaganda. I only found out this site existed when an American doctor sent me the link.

  22. Roswell

    Matters Not, surely you didn’t take me serious.

    Marilyn Shepherd, I can’t take you serious. Sorry, but I can’t.

  23. Andrew J. Smith

    Global Research has been described by Rationalwiki as:

    ‘Globalresearch is an “anti-Western” website that can’t distinguish between serious analysis and discreditable junk — and so publishes both. It’s basically the moonbat equivalent to Infowars or WND.’

    However, think many are barking up the wrong tree with Covid conspiracies when there are the same elements also promoting general, and especially climate, science denial to promote or allow libertarian ideology on behalf of big business, to flourish e.g. let it rip….

    Another source from Canada, but credible, is DeSmog blog who have linked Covid scepticism or outright denial with the same who promote climate science denial in article ‘How the UK’s Climate Science Deniers Turned Their Attention to COVID-19’;

    ‘For those who have watched the decades-long efforts to slow climate action, this was a familiar phenomenon. And the coronavirus pandemic seemed to give fresh ammunition to some familiar faces.

    A close look at commentary on both COVID-19 and climate change reveals significant crossover between unqualified voices casting doubt on experts recommending action.


    “There’s nothing mysterious about this,” says Stephan Lewandowsky, a professor of cognitive science, who studies the persistence of misinformation in society at the University of Bristol.

    “I think COVID is just climate change on steroids in a particle accelerator,” he says. “The same forces are happening: you have the inevitability of a virus which is the same as the inevitability of the physics. And opposing that you have politics which motivates some people to deny the inevitables and instead resort to bizarre claims.”

  24. Marilyn Shepherd

    Matters not, I know very well what I posted on this computer of mine, I have been using things like this since 1987. The CDC explain in plain English that 6% only of the so called covid deaths were people with no comorbidities. – And there are also all sorts of other lies told that debunk the whole con of a so called new virus and disease. If there was such a think they would not need a silly test to find it, they would know because it would have a distinct set of symptoms and there are none.

  25. Joseph Carli seem to flourish in the role of apologist / panergyricist for those you most favour in your “church” of idolatry…have you ever thought of “taking the cloth” ?

    Really, Roswell..a [sic] for a typo?….no-one’s THAT good!

  26. Kaye Lee

    Of course, It’s obvious, The entire world has colluded to trick us into thinking people are dying when they aren’t. It’s the White Helmets led by George Soros and Bill Gates. Just look at the photos. It’s the same person dying all the time.

    Those bastard doctors have been planning this for over a decade!!

  27. wam

    Global warming is deniable if you ignore the sight of changing landscapes and pandemics are ignorable when the figures of the sick in makeshift hospitals are not believed, Whatever, I love you michael for keeping me sane-ish. Indeed, despite bursts of hypertension, I love reading the opinions of this site with or without facts from anywhere.
    ps Shepherd is an unusual name for a sheep. Wonder if Global Cook is a denier?
    pps How terrific it is to be playing bridge worth 40 points rather than the 4 years of clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades contracts.
    Hahaha must look carefully at the pictures for signs of file footage or subliminal persuasion??

  28. Karen Kyle

    Andrew J Smith…… say Global Research publishes credible analysis and junk and that is true, but there is method in it. They want to establish credibility so that people will either be confused or more likely to swallow the junk. And that is what has been happening on this site.

    Global Research loves to use well qualified academics for credibility, especially the well qualified academics who are hell bent on writing disinformation. These people usually operate on the fringes of the academic world as Michel Chossudovsky has done. And this site has delivered some screaming lunacy……Eugenicists, Psychopaths ….whatever was one example……another was George Venturini and his trash re the monarchy…..the thin defence mounted in favour of nearly everything China has done in the last several years and Binoy’s analysis of what is happening in Venezuela stands out. I was accused of attacking authors…..I was attacking shoddy scholarship.

    Michel Chossudovsky has elevated shoddy scholarship to a primary place on Global Research….a mixture of shoddy scholarship and outright lies. The AIMN has been doing the same. Maybe people on this site should consider what this site is and why. Should it become a sort of clone of Global Research? Or should it be really independent?
    And should it do it’s utmost to discredit Western society and history as has been the case, to a level which is sometimes absurd. If that is the intended purpose then some on this site are no better than those who stormed the Capitol.For God’s sake have a sliver of respect for the society that nurtured and educated you. Working against it is wrong working to improve it is right.

  29. New England Cocky

    @Kaye Lee: Geez Kaye, you mean all those mass graves being dug and filled all over the world and reported with pics by credible international news agencies like DW News, BBC and our ABC are in reality table-top models? Such tricks can be played with photo-manipulation computer programs?

    Next you will be telling me that Uluru (Ayers Rock) is a soap bubble that will be burst when drop bears fall on it; climate change is obviously a fault in the building air-conditioning, plastic pollution is a figment of your imagination, the Nazional$ are always acting in the best interests of the whole regional community …..and pigs fly to the moon on water-wings every Tuesday at 0900 hours.

  30. Joseph Carli

    “Karen Kyle”..the length gone to in both research time and scribble time and effort just to “prove” a point that could just as well be concluded one way or another in so many issues raised on this site shows a “personality type” of obsessive-compulsive bordering on pathological….coupled with an “accusative / judgemental” conclusion on the authors you condemn gives more than clue to a damaged personality…You may have been “Union” once, but such a clerical position holds little kudos now when you seem to have crossed the line of trust and authenticity.

    Your attacks on everything “China” are pathetic..and I reiterate MY opinion that Mao did well to instigate the “Cultural Revolution”..and the result we see in China now proves it…John Howard did a cultural revolution AGAINST the working / indigenous class and the result we see now proves THAT ONE too!

  31. Michael Taylor

    Karen Kyle, you really don’t like this site, do you? Yet you keep coming back.

    Do you spend your day watching TV shows that you don’t like? Do you keep going into shops you don’t like?

    Your continued moaning about certain authors is about as monotonous as Trump’s claim that the election was rigged. I think it’s about time you were placed in moderation. Any comment that contains an attack about ANY author will not be published.

  32. Joseph Carli

    Unfortunately, with the “Howard Cultural Revolution”, the nation has sunk to such a low level of corruption and degeneracy and bottomed out on cultural racism, prejudice and downright cruelty….Where as China, for anything anyone wants to throw against it..has risen to great heights in almost every sphere of infuence and now holds its head proud with a vast majority of its people in those achievements…One can criticise the methodology (but please do the same with the West) but not the result…

  33. Karen Kyle

    Joseph Carli…….I am speechless. And you think I’m nuts.

  34. Kaye Lee


    I agree with some of what you say, but perhaps not how you say it. Rather than attacking authors, fact check what they write. I am also perturbed when commenters are personally attacked as I think has, at times, been done to you. Let’s all stick to discussing what is said rather than who is saying it (though I do always look at credibility of source as you and others have done with Global Research).

    PS I say this to myself as much as to you.

  35. Dale

    I have not been to this site all year and I must say I`m surprised by the change in tone of the comments-hysterical and bitter…. some people sound as if they are about to have some kind of breakdown.. settle down.

  36. Michael Taylor

    We have an unwritten policy at this site: giving writers a voice.

    We have published over 9,500 articles. Do I like them all? No. Do I agree with them all? No. But the point is we published all of them, regardless of what I think. To refuse publication of an article I don’t like or don’t agree with, then that would make us no better than the mainstream media.

    People publish articles on this site because they can. And on this site we don’t condemn them. They have a right to be heard, yet nobody has a right to abuse them.

    If you don’t like an article then that’s fine by me. If you don’t agree with it that is also fine, and we invite you to debate the message.

    And Kaye is right, that the same rule should apply to commenters. I admit I am guilty of breaking that rule. Now would be a good time for me to learn to be more tolerant and to set a better example.

  37. Michael Taylor

    Dale, you picked the wrong day. 😉 It’s not usually like this. I apologise for allowing the unsavoury tone to flourish.

  38. Dale


  39. wam

    Dale, you used the present perfect but some of us are in the pluperfect and working our way out, with a couple in future perfect and most in the imperfect. But we are all concerned for Australia and the world by the effects of 7 years of neglect by our government ‘ignoring greenhouse gas effects, ignoring the effects of their fear of unions, welfare, inequality and avoiding recommendations of expensive royal commissions. Plus a myriad of private and public rorts by the LNP and other parties, All affecting us in varying degrees of intensity and at odd times. Rarely is an outburst meant to hurt, mostly it relieves a hurt in the ‘outbreaker’.
    ps I am in all 4 and have offended the crow and kaye two of the best. I will try to read them without comment

  40. Joseph Carli

    KK..: ” Joseph Carli…….I am speechless. And you think I’m nuts.”……..So prove you are not!

    The most single proof of sanity is one’s capability….So I give you a challenge, Karen K…I have placed over 200 articles, stories, history pieces on this site…and I have argued their veracity / validity down to the wire even against a cabal of criothans when need be…YOU have scribbled many rants, foolishness, and complaints..BUT never ONE article or piece…
    So here is the challenge..: You write..on your own chosen subjects..five articles of no less that 1500 words each, over six months…and submit them to Michael for approval…if you cannot do that…less than one a month, then I would claim you are not capable of holding / supporting an arguement…ergo, I would say that you could be accused of being insane!

  41. Kaye Lee

    Oh geeze Joe. Stop prodding.

    wam, you don’t offend me. Many Labor supporters share your hatred of the Greens. I have grown to hate the whole party system because the tribal nature of it makes it impossible to find the way forward together.

  42. corvusboreus

    Wam (+other given or assumed nomenclatures)
    Couching commentary without toxicly loaded linguistic baiting means offence is less likely to be either taken or received.
    For example, a person can point out apparent evidence indicating perceived triumphs of political cynicism or ideological naivety over pragmatic wisdom without decrying enviromnental awareness as a form of mental illness.
    Disciplined accuracy of deployment of terminology keeps conversation effectively focussed.

  43. Nickos

    It seems that considering the sheer volume of cases in the US early on, it is highly probable that it was circulating there undetected prior to the Wuhan outbreak. I am no epidemiologist so i cant comment on genomes or tracking and such. Maybe the abject poverty in America and lack of univeral healthcare contributed to its phenomonal spread?
    People seem to forget that most of Australia’s early cases came from there, yet flights were still running untill (hillsong?) deathknock, yet chinese flights were cancelled almost immediately.

    Of course you’d expect the amoral corporate world to exploit the pandemic early on. Disappointingly, it goes without saying.

    The tribalism of modern ‘all or nothing’ identitiy politics is the oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer, get us arguing over team membership rather than discussing and planning together for the public good.
    The greens voting against the ETS was a great example, in full knowledge that in the current climate, it would gradually increase in scope, however they still voted it down.

    Peace all and thanks for the site and everybodys always interesting and humourous commentary.

  44. wam

    Kaye, I love and appreciate the greens and the tag loonies but do not like the pragmatic approach, of the last two men. (thus diludbransimkims) Their agenda is designed to fool the followers into believing the means is justified by the end but disguising the end. Such sharp practices did not begin with the weird decisions in supporting the rabbott (The CPRS bill was twice rejected in the Senate because the Greens voted against it both times.) but in the rational exemption of killing the bipartison scheme in 2009 that boobby let his dedicated believers spout for10years (people like me were oft lectured by ‘nice’ people as to the justification) before he admits his error in 2019. So now it is forgiven??? At the personal level the head of the greens came around for a meeting and I had prepared some tactics that I used to get kerry elected twice before. But he knew everything and after telling me how good he and his party was and how he was targeting kerry as the weak link to achieve his goal, I closed my notes. Despite his cash splash (his wife had money) he got done. The greens eventually won a seat but not with a green, but that is another sad story.

  45. wam

    wow your language is beyond me, or wam or billy or eli nes.
    Baiting with believed fact is unfair, continued baiting with perceived interpretations of the same fact not fair either. Can opinions be changed with facts? Not if they are thought of as lies? The life of a retired teacher is to pass on opinions formed from many years of observation. Although, today’s kids have a myriad of ways to think and instant access to a myriad of other people’s thoughts. All in a platform quicker than books and less involved that a teacher. ps The loss of google will be a loss of the opinions of the highest bidder. Thus, no loss at all

  46. Jack Cade

    One day, probably many years from now, it will be confirmed that cases occurred in and around Fort Detrick in the several months before the US sent a team of 300+ stunningly inept athletes from a training facility close to Fort Detrick to compete in the World Military Game in August 2019 in Wuhan.
    Two weeks after the games finished, and the medal- less team returned to the USA, a strange new illness began to appear in Wuhan.
    Some people say there is no such thing as coincidence.
    I wouldn’t know,

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