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“War Pigs”

By Christian Marx

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor (‘War Pigs’, Black Sabbath).

Another day, another endless stream of propaganda against the new US bogeyman, North Korea. Commercial channels are awash with this drivel. Sadly, so to is the ABC. Today we get another scare campaign of Soviet Spy Bots on Facebook and the usual North Korea fear mongering.

Time to give it up, ABC! Where is the independent reporting? Never any expose on American Imperialism. Australian media has failed time and again in reporting the facts. Remember the weapons of mass destruction lie in Iraq? How about the shameless lies about Syria? Remember the fraud that was the White Helmets?

Not only are our two publicly owned television channels spewing pro US rhetoric, our so called “left-wing” party, Labor have once again bent over for Uncle Sam. Why do both parties constantly shill for US wars? The answer is that our rich and powerful elite need the US. This is all about money and both parties are very much protecting the parasitism and immorality of the very wealthy.

Former Labor politician Kim Beasley is now on the board of Lockheed Martin. Yes, the company that manufactures bombs and military hardware. Charming. These people are shameless. How can one hope to have a semblance of neutrality or impartiality, when these clowns are appointed to cushy jobs within the Military Industrial Complex? The answer is, they can`t be trusted when they have vested interests in the military/US establishment.

Beasley is just one example of the massive conflict of interest across both political parties when it comes to American Imperialism. Australia has become nothing more than a vassal state of the United States. Our media is completely corrupted, both private and public. The only news organizations one can get a balanced view from is non corporate, independent media, such as Democracy Now, Wikileaks, and The Young Turks. In Australia only independent news pages, such as The Australian Independent Media Network, Independent Australia and New Matilda will offer an in depth analysis of foreign affairs.

Unfortunately many still believe the lies, obfuscation and shameless propaganda of the mainstream media. To any thinking Australian these outlets have zero integrity or credibility. Sadly, a large percentage of the populace just don’t bother to check the facts and in many cases do not even care.

So long as they have their plasma TV, their jet ski and all the other useless trinkets, they are anesthetized by product.

Let’s face it, Australians don’t really have an opposition to corporate power in this country. We have a duopoly of Liberal and Labor. Both are fully owned and controlled by the wealthy 1%. On the important issues such as asylum seekers, raising Newstart/pensions, foreign affairs, American imperialism, big mining, and tackling unemployment, the two parties are identical. There is a slight illusion of choice on the surface, such as Labor’s support for gay marriage, but this is just a distraction to divert the attention of the majority away from the crippling scourge of Neoliberalism, globalization and the ever increasing inequality which is flourishing in Australia.

In EVERY American pretext for war, Labor have been in lockstep with the Liberals. They supported all the lies and rhetoric from Washington. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Israeli apartheid, and now North Korea. The same old cliched rubbish is pumped out ad nausea from both political parties and their pathetic media.

Both sides of politics benefit with their unwavering alliance to the US. There is an endless revolving door after politics into cushy ambassador jobs and sitting on the boards of big American companies. These so called leaders of both sides of government are shameless parasites. They suck huge money from the public coffers, only to represent the geopolitical interests of gas and oil companies and the United States Military machine.

Make no mistake, these wars are not about bringing freedom and peace to the world. These wars are solely bout securing America’s energy needs for the future and expanding their already bloated empire. Russia, North Korea and increasingly Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia are fighting back. North Korea is far from a perfect country, but it has a right to self defence if it is threatened. The United States bombed North Korea into oblivion in 1953, so naturally it is very defensive of any US threat. Imagine if North Korea had bases all around the world and had their military on the seas around America? Do you think America would just accept this? Look what happens to countries that don`t have sufficient miltary insurance. America will just rape and plunder any nation who has poor defence capabilities. Libya is a prime example.

North Korea has attacked no other country in over six decades, while the United States has been an out of control death machine since 1945. Plundering, destroying dozens of countries and killing tens of millions around the world for sheer greed.

Great leaders around the world have condemned this and have known the truth for decades. Mighty men such as Mandela, Martin Luther King, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have spoken of the evil of the United States. Increasingly many thinking people are now starting to realize the criminality and ruthlessness of the United states and their puppet Western lackeys. Australia is very complicit in this charade. Our media and both sides of politics are corrupt and complicit in these war crimes and attacks on sovereign nations. It is high time that the people of Australia united against these evil war pigs.

Christian Marx is a political and social activist interested in making the world a fairer place. He has a Bachelor of Social Science and has a keen interest in sociology, politics and history. He was one of the organizers of the March in March rallies in Melbourne and is the founder of the progressive news and information page, “Don`t Look At This Page”, and is also a co-founder of “The Global Revolution” website.


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  1. Freetasman

    Thank you Marx, I agree 100% on what you are saying and especially about the ALP because they are another “wolf” covered with a sheep skin.
    You mention the media, but in many forums I was categorised as anti-American because I categorised JFK as another bastard with blood in his hands.
    People only see two sides, USA or Russia which shows how ignorant are they. I do not blame the media, they are looking after their own interests and only those that are not prepared to think by themselves are following it as a source of information.
    Sadly also people well informed also see tow sides in our political landscaping, the Coalition or the ALP.
    The common excuse of those that are members of the ALP is that they have to be inside to make changes.
    I do not “buy”any more that people are not aware of what it is going on, there is a lot of pain and suffer out there easy to see to make their own conclusion.

  2. Glenn Barry

    Christian, wonderful analysis, and I couldn’t agree more.

    One question remains unanswered, not if, but when the inevitable US demise threatens the entire planet, will we have leaders with sufficient integrity to join a chorus of other nations in condemning the rogue US state – their criminal, worldwide terrorism has been unacceptable for decades, yet we’re first on board with each expedition…

  3. Freetasman

    Glenn I am pessimistic about the present leaders when even do not have the guts to condemn the crimes that South Arabia are committing now.
    When money is involved, human life become as “a regrettable collateral damage”

  4. Christian Marx

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I too am very pessimistic about the future.
    Our leaders don`t even have the spine to stand up to Murdoch, let alone the United States.

  5. Glenn Barry

    For me the death of Rupert Murdoch will be a time of celebration, awaiting his successor will be a time of trepidation, perhaps there is time and reason for hope in the midst of that transition

  6. Karlo

    Thank you for your analysis Mr. Marx. You have put into words that which I have been thinking for years. Although the ALP have proved gutless time and time again they probably think about what happened to Whitlam. Besides kow-towing to the Indonesia lobby he did show independence in other areas. And they see where that got him.

  7. diannaart

    Christian Marx

    Thank you for the words I am having difficulty in expressing. I wish, however, there was something I disagreed with, but there was nothing.

    Julian Burnside is no slouch with words either.

  8. Kronomex

    The ABC is fast becoming TLNPABCPC – The LNP Australian Broadcasting Commission Propaganda Channel.

  9. jim

    Good post and I agree on most but, unfortuately most Australians will back the ol’ USA all the way as they think it would be suicide not to, while in Europe the left is being blamed for the influx of millions of immigrants which are a product of the Right wing wars. and only the right can fix this mess (wink wink) that the big wanker G Bush etal created.
    USA 66 Nuclear bombs in the Marshell isles 9 nuclear bombs in maralinga aust…,USA has invaded 55 countries most were democracies ,this is a planet Not a USA Empire.

  10. helvityni

    Kronomex, I miss the old ABC, when their journalists were brave, honest and fearless…

  11. Kaye Lee

    Whilst I agree that the US has had an imperialistic agenda in many conflicts, I think it would be naive to sheet all the blame for all the world’s ills at their feet.

    Every man and his dog is selling arms into the Middle East – the US, the UK, Russia, China, France, Germany, Canada…even us.

    As for Libya, the UK and France led the initial “intervention” along with the US and quite a few other countries, before NATO took over.

    In Syria, atrocities have been committed by all sides – government forces, rebels and Coalition – though when we do it it’s called a regrettable mistake. Assad is not blameless for the strife in his country.

    I can understand North Korea being wary of the US but shooting missiles across other countries cannot be passed off as “defence”. Killing family members is hardly a trait to be admired. The man is mad.

    But my biggest objection is the idea that Russia are meekly sitting there minding their own business, being kind and good to all. Criticism of Putin gets you dead. When the state owns the press, they own the propaganda.

    Bill Clinton once said in private something along the lines of…Do you devote resources to staying top dog or do you use them to help shape the world you want to live in when you are not top dog.

    A lot of good things have come out of America too.

    I will also never understand the fixation with the White Helmets as some force of evil. You really lose me there.

  12. Freetasman

    That is part of the problem when people in Australia analyze the good and bad of the United States, only talk about what happens in East Europe, Middle East and the Asian region but forget about the USA evil intervention in the 14 independent countries in South America.
    It appears to me that the articles by Dr George Venturini about Kissinger need to be make more accessible to readers.
    That polices for USA still in place with the support of the Australian two big parties.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Yes the US have interfered in South America and not always in a good way, but they have also provided a great deal of foreign aid – $165 billion between 1946 and 2014.

  14. Freetasman

    Kaye, 165 billion which have a 10 times or more in return. Not a bad investment.
    That is counting the billions that went to private companies supporting both big political parties.
    From Eduardo Galeano,quote:

    “Latin America is the region of open veins. Everything from the discovery until our times, has always been transmuted into European–or later–United States– capital, and as such has accumulated on distant centers of power. Everything: the soil, its fruits nad its mineral-rich depths, the people and their capacity to work and to consume, natural resources and human resources.”

  15. Kaye Lee

    Unfortunately,that is what capitalism is producing all around the world Freetasman including here. We face an energy crisis and rising bills as we ship our resources off shore. Governments could protect us from rampant capitalism, companies could act ethically – there is some movement in that direction but not enough yet.

    I may be wrong but I think the days of military intervention purely for economic reasons are on the decline – it is harder to get away with ripping off other countries.

  16. Freetasman

    Yes, military intervention is only used when the resources of a country can affect the microeconomics of others. Oil is one of the reasons.
    Indirect Military coupe is not longer attractive for the armies in South America because they have done it and found out that they do not have the know how to run a country so they voted themselve good remunerations and conditions and left the running of the country to the politicians.
    Now coups and interventions are taken place in a different manner, case of Brasil now and possible Venezuela in the future.

  17. Roswell

    I’m not suggesting that the USA is an innocent player in the modern world, but where would we be without them?

    WW2 would have been lost without them.

  18. Freetasman

    Yes Roswell and how will be the world now if the other side won?
    Was going to be Germany or Japan running the show?
    We never know, but I have the feeling that the ones in charge in both sides were not in war for protecting the interest and way of living of those below them, they were at war to protect their interest.

  19. Phil

    Well put Christian. The ALP certainly long ago abandoned its true sense of purpose. The ALP is right wing and enamoured with power and the trappings of wealth like all the others are. But, I’d sooner have the ALP in power than the LNP. The only reason we have these two parties on the right is because the US allows us it thus.

    There will never be another Whitlam to threaten to close Pine Gap – we will never hear the leftist rhetoric of a Corbyn or a Sanders. The US would never allow the seeds of dissent to germinate in Australia. We are too important as America’s eyes and ears into Asia. We are, as the cringing and despicable Turnbull says “joined at the hip” with US empire.

    But, as you point out Christian, we have a fiercely independent media outside the craven MSM.

  20. Roswell

    We will never know, Freetasman. Germany and Japan certainly aren’t the countries they were 60 years ago.

    But let’s not forget that it was the USA that built the new Japan.

    Sadly though, the USA isn’t the same country it was 60 years ago.

    However, they helped win the war, and that is a good thing in my books.

  21. Jane Cally

    A great article Christian Marx the Media is in cahoots with the U.S. war machine. Australia are being the good little puppets they are told to be. Both major parties are voice pieces for Washington

  22. paul walter

    The frustration oozes out with this article. I feel his pain.

  23. Pappinbarra Fox

    Well he was known as Bomber Beazley when he was Minister of Defence.

    You state: They supported all the lies and rhetoric from Washington. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Israeli apartheid, and now North Korea.

    I was not in Australia when Howard invaded Iraq but I am sure there were large demonstrations against it and that Labor opposed the invasion reported in the news where I was working at the time. If you make errors like that you lose credibility and are making statements from a biased pont of view.

  24. Freetasman

    Obviously the news sources that you are reading Pappinbarra Fox are not the correct ones and you cannot say that other people are bias when you are not well informed or bias to select your sources.
    That it is the problem with many supporters of both political parties.
    Beazley told the Afghanistan ambassador that Australia’s actions in sending soldiers to join the US-led invasion in October 2001, “clearly fell under its ANZUS obligations to respond to the 9/11 attacks on the U.S”.
    To reinforce the position of the ALP regarding Iraq and USA, In April 2007, several months before Rudd’s election victory, a cable reported that Rudd’s Foreign Policy Adviser, Peter Khalil, had reassured the US that Rudd was a “strong supporter of the [US] alliance”.

    Do you research, I would not do it for you but giving you 2 references to start.
    September 2006 cable
    November 2, 2007 cable

  25. Kaye Lee


    Before you tell others to do their research perhaps you should do your own. Labor was opposed to any intervention in Iraq without UN approval.

    From Simon Crean’s speech on Labor’s position on Iraq to parliament, February 2003

    “We believe that Australian troops should not have been sent in advance of a UN mandate.

    We believe the weapons inspectors are still doing their job and should be given the chance to finish it.

    We believe in the authority of the United Nations Security Council to deal with issue of disarming Iraq.”

    You refer to cables released by Wikileaks but I fail to see the connection.

    “a September 2006 cable reported that Beazley told the US ambassador to Australia that, while he would withdraw the “combat” forces, “Labor would not commit an act of vandalism … Australian troops in Baghdad guarding Australian diplomats would remain, as would Australian naval forces protecting gulf oil terminals against terrorist attacks.”

    “A November 2, 2007 cable sent a few weeks before the election described Howard as “solidly behind the mission in Iraq” but went on to say that, “[t]he PM has made clear, however, that he wishes to have combat troops in the Overwatch Battle Group succeeded by military trainers as soon as possible”.

  26. Roswell

    Kim Beasley is on the board of the Australian operations of Lockheed Martin only. The prime purpose of the Australian operation is producing technology that focuses on Australia’s defence.

    Tell me, Christian, why this is “shameless”.

    By the way, I had to Google that myself. You really do need to provide links to back up statements.

    Your opinions – and I agree with 90% of them – are yours and you are entitled to express them. But until you can back up statements of “fact” with links to confirm then, your credibility will suffer.

    It shouldn’t be up to the reader to have to run off and find the evidence. It’s up to the author to do that for them.

  27. Roswell

    John Howard didn’t even go through Parliament when deciding to support the “Coalition of the Willing”. He alone made that decision.

    Labor took to the 2010 election a policy of bringing our troops home.

  28. paul walter

    Roswell you are right.

    Nonetheless, Labor was actually split on this when it should have been unanimously against. The ALP Right is always complicit with US policy, no questions ever asked.

  29. Kaye Lee

    You also refer to a cable regarding Peter Khalil….

    “In a lunch with poloffs on April 13, Australian Labor Party (ALP) leader Kevin Rudd’s foreign policy adviser Peter Khalil repeated the ALP’s policy on Iraq: if Kevin Rudd becomes prime minister after the federal elections later this year, he will withdraw Australian combat troops from Iraq.”

  30. nurses1968

    Christian Marx
    “In EVERY American pretext for war, Labor have been in lockstep with the Liberals”
    don’t be so generalist, and wrong
    Gough Whitlam in the 10 days while only a Ministry of 2 with Lance Barnard brought the troops home from Vietnam and ended the “lottery of death” Conscription.
    One of the biggest demonstrations in Australias history wasLabors Jim Cairns Melbourne anti Vietnam war Rally
    The blatant balls up with Simon Crean and his Iraq opposition as the link Kaye Lee provided, shows a little more research and a little less enthusiasm to bag Labor wouldn’t go astray
    As an organisor of March in March, and from what I would assume, a part owner of the “March in March” name does this lack of accuracy have anything to do with why March in March events are now fizzers.
    How many owners are there to the name “March in March” and what was the reason for taking it to private ownership.
    I saw this asked previously but it was ignored

  31. Roswell

    Nurses, I’d be the first to bag Labor if it was deserved, but I’m with you on this one … bagging Labor because I like to bag Labor because that’s all I want to do … is a bit of a yawn.

    I said that Christian is entitled to his opinions – and he is – but when it starts to sound like a broken record, well, …

  32. nurses1968

    paul walter “The ALP Right is always complicit with US policy, no questions ever asked.”
    Of course with any large Party there will be a diversity of opinion,however being “split” on an issue isn’t the preserve of Labor alone
    Haven’t you been keeping up with the Greens lately,particularly NSW ?

  33. diannaart

    The following does not prove if Labor was in “lock-step” with the USA in war-mongering – I don’t believe it always was, but, its record on defence spending does not indicate any great difference with the LNP.

    The Labor government came to power in the 2007-08 financial year, and left office at the beginning of 2013-14.

    The lowest defence spending in any of these years was in 2012-13, at 1.60 per cent of GDP.

    However, in 2002-03, spending under the Howard government reached 1.62 per cent of GDP, which is only 0.02 per cent higher.

    These two instances represent the lowest defence spending since it was 1.5 per cent of GDP in 1938-39.

    These years stand out as unusual — the lowest level that defence spending has fallen outside of these years was in 2013-14, when it was 1.68 per cent of a revised estimate for GDP.

    Furthermore, in making the claim, Mr Turnbull did not mention that defence spending also rose to 1.93 per cent of GDP under Labor in 2009-10, which was higher than at any time during the former Howard government and higher than it has been under the current Coalition Government.

    It is the highest figure since 1994-95, when Paul Keating was prime minister and defence spending as a share of GDP was 1.96 per cent.

    The last time Australia sent out troops for good moral reason was in WW2.

    Also, the last true Labor leader was Whitlam and he was far from perfect. Overall Labor maintains its “less worse” option of the LNP – yay 😉

  34. Freetasman

    Kaye, looks like that you are base your opinion by what the politicians said in the parliament, especially when political gains can be achieved.
    I am aware of the sources that you are mention but are not in line with the leaked cables between the two countries and other representatives.
    Yes, I have done my research and it is not bias
    The cables that I am referring are the ones that the ALP saying that will continuing to be in Iraq and support USA in line with the agreements between the two countries.
    Kaye, before your criticize my post you also do the home work.

  35. diannaart

    I also believe (but have no proof) that any newly aspiring Labor leader had the “facts of life/war” spelled out to them very clearly by USA political leaders, be they Democrat or Republican.

  36. Kaye Lee

    “are not in line with the leaked cables between the two countries ”

    The quotes I gave are FROM the leaked cables, not from other peoples’ reporting of them.

    “The cables that I am referring are the ones that the ALP saying that will continuing to be in Iraq and support USA”

    What they ACTUALLY say is….

    “While he would withdraw Australian combat troops from Iraq if he becomes prime minister, Rudd recognizes the importance to the Middle East of supporting the Iraq government and would be prepared to provide other assistance such as training for Iraq security forces.”

    Of course our alliance with the US is important and it would be a foolhardy leader to think otherwise.

    Again, from Simon Crean’s speech….

    “You say that the US alliance requires you to respond to all requests from the US.

    It does not.

    The very first clause of the ANZUS treaty makes it clear that all alliance decisions must be in conformity with the United Nations.

    This clause commits all presidents and prime ministers, but you haven’t fulfilled it.

    You said yesterday that you are going to Washington to inform George Bush of the views of the Australian people.

    Well let me tell you what those views are.

    The Australian people don’t want peace at any cost, but they don’t your war at any price.

    The majority want to see Iraq disarmed, but they want it done under the mandate of the United Nations and with the authority of international law.

    That’s the position that Labor has been consistently arguing since last April.

    You’re not going to the US to tell President Bush what the views of the Australian people are. You’re going to get your riding instructions. Everybody knows it.”

  37. helvityni

    I watched the sweetly-speaking Bishop to defend the indefensible Dutton on Insiders, and also say how important it was for a Foreign Minister to attend some major sporting events. Really ,to promote world peace…? And why at the taxpayers expense…?

    Then there was our ‘polite’ PM interrupting Waleed Ali when he tried to ask an important question, and then he went on to bad-mouth Labor in the most childish fashion..

    Add to that Dutton’s abusive language when speaking of asylum seekers..

    Then we have the lovely girls Michaelia, and the One Nation’s Pauline…what about Abbott, Abetz, Morrison and his helper….

    All of them far from perfect; I don’t see anything as bad as the above-mentioned amongst Labor and the Greens…

    No human beings are perfect, and they don’t need to be, but you will find better politicians/people amongst Labor and Greens.

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