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If you want this choice position…

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that we will be governed either by the Labor Party or by the Liberal Party in coalition with several minor parties.

Whilst I know this is probably true, I feel a bit like Jane and Michael Banks from Mary Poppins.

Our father is fixated on money transactions and is completely at the mercy of the owners of the company. He has no time for us in his never-ending pursuit of profit for his employers.

Our mother is fixated on emancipation – a worthy cause where rhetoric is easy but results require determination, courage and sacrifice.

Cook is well-meaning but ignores aspects crucial to our growth and well-being.

And we are stuck in the middle, loved but ignored by all as they each pursue their own goals.

Jane and Michael took matters into their own hands by writing down what they required from the person who would be responsible for their care. This is an excerpt from their essential criteria.

If you want this choice position have a cheery disposition

You must be kind, you must be witty

Never be cross or cruel

If you won’t scold and dominate us we will never give you cause to hate us

I find myself in agreement with those requests and wondering where this country may find its Mary Poppins.

I want a leader who doesn’t seek to apportion blame but who suggests solutions.

I want a leader who acknowledges the value of our expertise, someone who recognises the worth of education, research and innovation.

I want a leader who protects us from corporate greed, acknowledging the value of our resources and labour and ensuring commensurate remuneration.

I want a leader who will look after those in our society who need our help be they children, elderly, unemployed, sick, disabled or refugees.

I want a leader who understands the urgent need to address global warming and climate change.

I want a leader who listens rather than dictates.

I want a leader who would rather give than claim entitlements.

I want a leader who demands honesty and integrity from our elected representatives.

I want a leader who works to make us safe rather than fearful.

I want a leader who, rather than feeding the birds, has the strength to lift us to the sky and the unselfishness to watch us fly.

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  1. Sad sack

    ‘I want’ is the clause that will permanently leave you wanting.
    I laughed at Abbutt when he said Gillard was not elected she was selected.
    Firstly, the clot confessed she was better than he at negotiating with intelligent and independent conservatives. Secondly he didn’t see the connection between his mouth and the pre-selection process of his branch. There is where the ‘leader’ is selected. This is where ‘I want’ begins.

  2. John Fraser


    You've got a bully !

    And police services across Australia are following the example he sets.

  3. mark delmege

    These days you get a brand with flashy toilet bowl white (maxilla) top teeth.

  4. Pudd'nhead

    Kaye, I love your analogy examining our situation with that of the Banks kids.Dad Banks was an angel when juxtaposed with the misanthropic ego maniac who now leads our family (‘Team Oz) and wants to sell the family’s assets and let the house fall into disrepair. We also let our lady with the brolly (read M/s Gillard) be disparaged and dismissed to allow room for el Tone and his piratical mates. Do we deserve a second go at choosing a better performing dad (and Co) who would come with the desire to see us happy? In Tone’s vocab – You bet we do.

  5. thevenerable1

    Unlike Pudd’nhead I’m not enamoured of your analogy: in fact I find it odd and confusing. Not like you at all, Kaye.
    However, leaving it aside, I concur heartily with the rest of your post.

  6. Douglas Evans

    Tanya Plibersek might go fairly close but she won’t get the gig as leader until the boys have stuffed it up. That’s the Labor way.

  7. lawrencesroberts

    Love it! Did you mention the spoonful of honey.

  8. Kaye Lee

    The spoonful of sugar will be coming in the next budget where we will rip money from somewhere to pay for rich people to employ their own Mary Poppins.

  9. John Kelly

    I want a leader who is smarter than me, who teaches me something, who broadens my horizons.

  10. Kaye Lee

    They don’t have to be smarter John but they do have to have good advisers to whom they will listen. They need to then communicate the collective wisdom to us in ways we can understand and with access to information that allows us to investigate further for ourselves. The best teachers aren’t necessarily those who know the most but those who instil a love of learning and provide the resources to facilitate it.

    Our leader tells us lies, keeps information from us, and thinks it is all about marketing. Anyone who strays off message will be sacrificed. Was Ruddock sacked because he insisted on a secret ballot? Was Triggs asked to resign so they could bury the report on children in detention?

    We do indeed have an ignorant bully occupying the position of PM.

  11. lawrencewinder

    Geez, Kay, wake up ! This is Orstraya! the Aspirational Bogan Paradise. Where mindless selfishness is applauded and anti-intellectualism celebrated, bully-boy behaviour practised and misogyny is humourous.
    In their finest embodiment, characteristics found in abundance in our holy owned office boy club, the Larbril Party.
    Leadership…. Pffffft! Rule, that is strength!

  12. stephentardrew

    John you do not have to be overly smart to lead. You do, though, have to know how to allocate responsibility, interpret scientific facts and have a good grasp of economic and moral theory. I would take your moral stance any day compared to the overrated Rhodes scholar in charge at the moment. A bunch of humourless uneducated swill.

    If one starts off with decency and a set of well formed moral imperatives then, with a strong team of equally aware advisers, it is possible to govern successfully for the people.

    Intelligence and wisdom is not intellect nor is it dogmatic irrationality based upon some magical mythical ideology of judgment, blame and retribution. Intelligence requires facts, flexibility and the capacity to learn. Wanting to broaden your horizons is one of the attributes of effective leadership.

    Wisdom is the capacity to separate right from wrong.

    We are not living in an intellectual backwater rather, it seems, we are in moral decline or at the least stagnation.

    Morality first and the rest will follow for any reasonably intelligent rational person.

  13. diannaart

    Thank you Kaye Lee, although not entirely in agreement with your analogy – “father” actually cared about his children.

    @stephentardrew good analysis on leadership.

  14. John.R.

    ( 1 ) If you WANT wanting is what we get.
    ( 2 ) A LEADER will only lead you to what he she WANTS /.DESIRES

    The whole system has to change to one where there is no party system( as it is a party that we are not invited to ) and one where EVERYTHING is formulated from the people by the people and those at the TOP ( for want of a better word ) do no more then administer our desires

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