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Vote One: The Politics of Envy

By Richard O’Brien

The politics of envy [and] just another smear“.

– Malcolm Turnbull’s response in October to criticism of his government’s decision to exempt large private companies from tax disclosure laws and questions about his investments in the Cayman Islands.

“Envy (noun)
1. a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.”- Oxford Dictionary

If the politics of envy means a being discontent and resentful of the qualities of the Turnbull government, then sign me up.

Because I am discontent and resentful of a prime minister who thinks it’s okay to circumvent the tax system which pays his very generous salary. I’m resentful of a parliament that doesn’t pursue him over this matter because many of them do it as well.

I’m discontent and resentful that while wage growth in Australia is now the lowest it has been since records began in 1960, the average MP’s salary has increased by over $50,000 in the last three years, making them some of the highest paid political representatives in world. I’m resentful that this pay increase was justified on the grounds that it would bring better quality people into parliament (hello Clive and Jacqui).

I’m discontent and resentful that this government’s majority is largely made up of useless, bigoted, backbenchers who are paid $200k a year to do little more than provide the occasional tweet or sound bite denigrating people who receive a fraction of what taxpayers give them. Find me one Australian worker earning less that the likes of George Christensen who doesn’t work harder than him.

I’m also pretty discontent and resentful that a third of Australia’s largest companies pay no tax, and that the government’s response is to call for more secrecy, lower corporate tax rates and a 50% hike in the GST. And I’m bloody discontent and resentful of the owners of many of these tax-dodging companies, and their overpaid political allies, calling people on welfare “bludgers”, “leaners” and “double-dippers”.

So if being discontent and resentful with the politics of self-interest, inequality, and economic and social neglect is the politics of envy, then that’s my kind of politics.

Richard_pp_pe Richard O’Brien – Richard has worked in a range of jobs from Politics to Rubbish Recycling to the Finance Industry. He has a BA majoring in History and Politics and (nearly) completed a post graduate Diploma in Journalism. Richard’s interests include local and international politics, social justice and generally not taking life too seriously. Mainly Richard loves to read, write and make people laugh whenever possible.



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  1. Philip Murphy

    Richard this very same statement could apply to the British Government equally just the same, they don’t want to run a Country so everyone Benefits only so they will

  2. stephen Bowler

    Like your style Richard – write some more!

  3. Jagger

    Good on ya Richard , stick it to the bastards. Overpaid pompous parasites haven’t got an ounce of common sense amongst them.

  4. Paul Murchie

    “Find me one Australia worker earning less that the likes of George Christensen who doesn’t work harder than him.”

    sure Richard O’Brien – HALF EASY !

    ‘ Sinodinos was paid $200,000 a year as a director for a total working commitment of between 25 and 45 hours per annum and stood to make $20 million if the company won a lucrative $1 billion contract with the state-owned Sydney Water. During his time as a director he managed a solitary visit to an AWH worksite.
    The senator complained that the calculation of his time commitment did not include his travel to and from AWH headquarters at Bella Vista – a trip of an hour and a half each way, “if we’re observing the speed limits”.’

    i’m not sure about Sinodinos being and Australian or another Political caste Dual National, nor whether he would know what “work” meant, but i’m pretty sure he doesn’t work harder than George ( :

  5. billshaw2013

    My respect to you Richard…….articulating so well and clearly what I think.

  6. Sen Nearly Ile

    Without pups Jacqui and Glenn, the coalition would have done a lot more damage than more ‘secrecy’ (and for that we can thank the loonies).
    For all gillard’s excellent work – the ‘independent’ tribunal was deceitful and the abrogation of voting for payrises was a shifty(itty??) deal, that will always taint her time in politics.

  7. Jaquix

    Good on you Richard, exactly so!

  8. Michael

    Welcome to democracy Straya style – a seesaw balanced on 1 vote, 1value for the 4 minutes it takes to vote at one end and 1 vote no value for us whilst the cronies harvest all the values the balance of 3-4 years between elections the other end – a systemic problem in need of correction.

  9. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Count me in also as a proponent of the politics of envy.

    Won’t it be sweet to see Malcolm’s smarmy smile wiped off his slippery face when he is deposed and the LNP are annilihated!

  10. Geoff Andrews

    I’ve always thought it was the politics of envy when those of the sharp elbows scream about a rise in the pension or the basic wage.

  11. Ruth L

    Hope we hear more from you.
    Like Jennifer Meyer -Smith I cannot wait to see the ‘crash and burn’ of the ruling morons.

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