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Turnbull To Call Election Tomorrow!

Like I said a few days ago, if you’re going to make a prediction, make it a really unlikely one. That way, if you happen to be correct, you look like a genius; if you’re wrong it looks like a joke.

Why do I say that Turnbull will call an election?

Well, quite simply, he probably fancies his chances of winning an election more than he fancies his chances of surviving Monday’s leadership spill.

And think of it this way, if he wins, he’s asserted his right to lead the party, and if he loses a general election, he can quickly resign as a backbencher, causing a by-election that nobody will care about. So calling an election is a simple way of either averting personal disaster or revenging himself on the disloyal bastards.

On the other hand, if he loses on Monday, he’s stuck in Parliament until the next election.

Unless, of course, he decides to pull the plug anyway. Or hang around and cross the floor occasionally, just to cause the new leader grief.

Moving on, the question is will Dutton actually be Prime Minister by Monday, or will it be Julie Bishop? Or will it be a surprise out of left field like Scott Morrison? Perhaps, Kevin Andrews will put his hand up, but surely even he couldn’t have that little grasp on reality.

And Tony Abbott? While there’s almost no chance that they’d go back to him, will he return to the ministry?

Interesting times.

The soap opera continues…

By the way, this is what Rupert tweeted in 2015. Bill seems to have stuck around longer than Mr Murdoch thought!


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  1. Keitha Granville


  2. Shevill Mathers

    Bring it on ASAP-please.

  3. Jamboree

    I am past caring, as after the Barnaby joke it cannot get worse.

  4. paul walter

    It can stay as bad though.

  5. Glenn Barry

    The lying rodent howard on 7:30 – he’s very obviously losing his mind and clearly cannot maintain a cogent narrative

  6. breesthevale

    And as if Leigh Sales and the ABC couldn’t sink any lower – a Howard hagiography of all things – why would the little war criminal deserve any air time?

  7. Cool Pete

    Malcolm, do it! The thought of the evil Dutton being in Kirribilli is too horrendous to contemplate. That abbott was bad enough, but Dutton is evil!

  8. Kaye Lee

    According to Channel 7 news, Malcolm has been informed by his moderate faction colleagues that he no longer has the majority support of the party room…..truly.


    I don’t mean he truly doesn’t have the support – how would I know? I just mean channel 7 said so.

  9. Glenn Barry

    Do we think Dutton is ready to make his move?
    He’ll shepherd them to electoral oblivion – bravo!!

  10. LOVO

    Ross, In the spirit of predictioning.. Porter will be PM by Tuesday next….or maybe the one after. 😆

  11. Rossleigh

    Ah, apparently Mr Dutton has pledged loyalty to the PM, so there’s no chance of a spill because Dutton is right behind Malcolm and thinks that we should just ignore the polls because he and Turnbull are two like-minded individuals…

    Either that, or he doesn’t have the numbers.

    if Dutton said something on Thursday, there’s no chance he’d change his mind by Monday…

  12. Henry Rodrigues

    The people have had enough of this gutless leader and his band of dysfunctional dickheads, so its not only appropriate but urgent that we have an election immediately. The final straw is the free marketeer ex banker pressurising an independent commercial company AGL to do something which it has already decided is not in its best interests and unviable. Has this idiot PM no shame ? Last desperate moves of a loser. Poll # 30 anyone ?

  13. Kaye Lee

    Why would AGL sell to a direct competitor? It makes no sense.

  14. Klaus Petrat

    Yes it does. If you want to harm your competitor. Without massive government cash injection, the plant is a money pit.

  15. Kaye Lee

    The whole thing smells. Six months ago, the CEO of Alinta, which is owned by Hong Kong-based Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, told the Australian Financial Review Energy Summit there existed better options to meet Australia’s energy shortfall than by extending Liddell’s lifespan.

    They also owned, and closed, the Playford B Power Station along with the related Northern Power Station and the Leigh Creek coal mine in South Australia.

    They must be expecting government incentives.

  16. wam

    Not much chance of the polls being right considering the pynenut’s observation that the economy is good and the cfmeu is still around shorten’s neck.
    Spot on, Glenn disliked him since he and the colt from kooyong were swapping places but had a twinge of sympathy when he looked so senile and rubbery figure reality, last night.

  17. Peter F

    The Circus is on in S E Qld, so anything is possible while we are looking the other way. ( well, some of us are, I believe.)

  18. Patagonian

    If Dutts was right behind me, I would feel a shiver run down my back.

  19. New England Cocky

    Uhm Rossleigh …. I think this proposal for an early election was made some months ago by a political skeptic. Remember, Turdball has no need to work, so leaving politics would allow him to pursue a career in the corporate directorship world again … just like Baird, Carr et all that pays more than all the Parliamentary Allowances.

    Dicko is getting behind Turdball to make sure the knife goes straight in to the heart … “et tu, Dicko”???

    The word on the streets of Armidale is that Barnyard Joke has proven to be a political liability so pre-selection is likely to pass to Holla Marshall, the NSW Minister for Good Times and sometime National$ representative in Northern Tablelands.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Ever since they’ve been in govt, the Libs have behaved like they’re still in opposition. If you didn’t know any better, you’d be mistaken for believing they were.

    Maybe Labor should call the election. After all, they’re still in govt, aren’t they?

    Just ask Scott. Or Malcolm. Or Tony. Or …

  21. Terry2


    When Dutton pledged allegiance to Turnbull the other day he qualified it by saying that he was loyal to the Prime Minister just as he had been to Tony Abbott as PM. So, really what he’s saying is that he will be loyal to whoever is or takes the leadership.

    I notice that Australia will be assisting PNG to encourage tourism on Manus Island . Sort of like day trips to Alcatraz from San Francisco but with the added benefit of being able to look at and photograph actual refugee detainees.

    This smacks of Dutton employing some reverse psychology on us. Just as he told us there were no children detained on Nauru now he is saying that there are no refugees stranded on Manus.

    I feel that headache coming back on !

  22. Vikingduk

    Erica betz PM, Andrews deputy, the dutton thing will takeover joolz’s job as minister for fashion, phoney Tony will take the blustering buffoon’s job, the screech who walks will be the official spokes thing, baarnaby to take on the cormanator’s role, with whatever is left also requisitioned by the dutton thing into his now gigantically humongous home affairs and soft furnishings dept.

    Trust me, straight from the horse’s arse or mouth whatever the case maybe.

  23. Glenn Barry

    Caption from facebook – I think he wins the internet for today – Christian Read

    How good is the movie ‘Jaws’, though?

    Image courtesy of Urban Wronski – https://urbanwronski.com/2016/09/

    Michael Taylor – could not agree more, every single time Labor makes a policy announcement the LNP begin squealing frantically about what Labor has done, as if it has actually happened as opposed to it actually being a proposal.

    They have nothing to offer or contribute and can only denigrate, besmirch and oppose all who make proposals

  24. jimhaz


    “It’s understood Alinta’s chosen banks pitched around three key themes. These included the Jeff Dimery-run company’s superior cashflow conversion compared to AGL, which enables the company to fund its strong growth pipeline and pay a 5.5 per cent to 6.5 per cent dividend; its lack of exposure to coal; and the fact almost half its earnings come from long-term contracted assets, while the rest comes from the stable Western Australian retail gas business.

    While AGL has the largest coal fired generation fleet in the country and will not exit coal until 2050, Alinta closed its only coal fired power station earlier this year.

  25. jimhaz

    “Do we think Dutton is ready to make his move?
    He’ll shepherd them to electoral oblivion – bravo!!”

    Be careful with such comments – people around the world seem to be turning to authoritarians in their confusion about the effects of technology and globalisation.

    It is now time for much lower immigration, so as to not give the authoritarians the power they get from the negative affects of both.

  26. Harry

    I think Bill Shorten should challenge Malcolm to call an election.

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