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Busy, Busy, Busy !

It was another busy morning at the Trump White House. Morning tweets…


Is The Donald actually working for Hillary?

There’s been several versions of a conspiracy theory running the intertubes since early 2016, and it comes to this:

What if Trump is actually a plant for a Clinton Socialist takeover.

Think about it.

As recently as 2005 the Clintons and Trump were friendly; enough to receive invites to Trump’s celebrity wedding.  This at a time Hillary would have already started planning the 2008 election, and the possibility of 2016. The Washington Post even reported that in 2015 ex-President Bill Clinton had a conversation with Trump where he encouraged the serial philanderer to run… for the Republicans.

Until his announcement in 2015 The Donald had indulged in minor dalliances in political life, but had displayed a complete disinterest in actually running as a candidate.  Mostly, his pronouncements about the political sphere appeared to be configured to promote a latest business or reality TV venture, rather than any serious tilt at public office.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, in 2015 Trump decides to run for the Presidency of the Unites States of America.  At this stage the G.O.P. clown car was already packed with contenders, yet Trump figured that now was the time; and since his declaration has performed a text-book case study of Poe’s Law, that has delivered the most effective political takedown of the Republican Party since Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

Why is it so?

One key to a successful coup d’état is isolating, or removing, those who would oppose your plans. Traditionally this means rounding up academics, the wealthy bourgeoisie or poor socialists, generals unwilling to toe the line, and whatever racial or religious group your campaign has been vilifying.  In the case of a Clinton Socialist Takeover (CiST) the academics, the poor and bourgeoisie are part of the new deal. There are really no groups to vilify, and while the right-leaning police forces would be harder to convert (more on that later); most generals would probably be relieved to not have Cheeto Jesus as their Commander-in-Chief.

So, this leaves the potentially millions of gun-toting, militia-subscribing, right-wing, po’ cracker, religious nut-jobs; who are out in the wind, armed to the teeth, completely intoxicated from chugging the Kool-aid… and almost impossible to identify from standard census data.

Enter The Donald.  Trump has been hugely successful in getting those people to self-identify. In public, on social media, responding to traditional media, and even figures within the media have all made their position and loyalties perfectly clear.

Add to this the efforts and exhortations of certain elements within the Alt-Right, who are well and truly out of the closet, and Trump has done a fantastic job of revealing a potential fifth column within a traditionally Democratic base.

Given the intelligence gathering apparatus that Clinton has at her disposal, is it really a stretch to think that all these people have been tagged, and are ready to be bagged? Perhaps to the self-same black-site internment camps that Trump has been telling his loyal supporters he would ship off all those foreigners.

Absurd? Perhaps.  However, consider the exponential curve of either ill-informed, ignorant, or offensive remarks that Trump has released, and then defended over the past few months.  Is this really the work of someone who is aiming to be elected by the general population? Or is it all part of a diabolical design to identify enemies foreign… and domestic?

The list of celebrities speaking out against the Drumpf keeps getting longer.  Now anti-vax Robert De Niro has disavowed Trump in true pugilistic style, and even Dan Rather is getting in on the act.  Along the way a growing number of centrist and even right-wing Republicans have dropped their support for Trump.  Again, an act of self-identifying as people that Clinton could potentially work with when she institutes the New World Order… or at least save herself the trouble of disposing of them.

Then there is the miraculous pivot from Bernie Sanders. After stating he would not back down, a conversation with President Barak Obama appeared to mollify his stance and reorient his energy.  What other insight could have turned such an idealist, other than being let in on the inside track about Trump’s true nature? Given that President Obama appeared to be the messenger, one has to ask: how far and how high do the threads of this conspiracy run?

In the unlikely event that all does not go to plan and Trump does win the election, it will be by some obscure function of the U.S. electoral colleges.  Clinton is almost guaranteed to win the popular vote; which means she has the perfect context for a people’s revolution against the tyrannical system perpetrated by the corporate oligarchy; which Trump so perfectly embodies.  Even better, should Trump escape he can agitate from some Caribbean locale (paid for by Clinton of course) as President-in-exile.  The ensuing attempts at domestic terrorism or revolution in his name would simply continue the course of self-identification, and give the Clinton benevolent dictatorship all the excuses it needs to clamp down on gun owners and religious fringe-dwellers.  Which helps deal with those pesky right-leaning law enforcement folks; who, instead of disregarding the importance of #blackLives, will have to deal with the far more real and present danger of a poorly-regulated militia.

Remember that Trump is a businessman, with problematic businesses dealings and not a small amount of debt.  He is also a consummate performer who knows how to sell to his audience.  What if Trump has made one last big deal to sell his name and pitch the U.S. of A. into a socialist utopia?

Is that so out of character?

As the man himself has made clear, his name is his brand… but like Elvis in Las Vegas, he has run out of venues.  In the rarefied air among the upper echelons of Yankee society there is nowhere else to go; except politics. Sadly he’s unlikely to star in his own bio-pic and, unlike Bloomberg who has his own media outlet, The Donald doesn’t actually have sufficient media clout or charisma to truly win public office.

The question remains; is Trump actually running for office? Is he really such an egoist that he truly thinks he can win?

Or, has The Donald realised that he has reached the realistic peak of his ascent, and has decided to cash in his chips before the House can win.  By making a pact to deliver the U.S.A. into the waiting hands of Clinton rule, has Trump truly made an art of the deal?


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  1. Bob Parker

    It has been asked why the Republicans didn’t pick the least insane of all the contenders.
    Actually they did.

  2. mark delmege

    i stopped reading when I saw the word socialist – as in Clinton. Come on weasel dont be silly

  3. ozfenric

    Okay, since we’re going full paranoid-schizophrenic conspiracy theorist here, how about one that’s not actually satire. Michael Moore, fabulous and famous documentarian, “knows for a fact” that Donald Trump never intended or expected to win the Presidency. When he started becoming successful, Trump got a bit carried away with himself. But once he became the official nominee and it started looking scarily like Trump might win the big chair and actually have to do some work, Trump started sabotaging his own campaign in hopes of receiving his own “You’re fired!” prior to either winning – or worse, in Trump’s eyes, losing to Hillary. Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch. Yes, it entirely ignores “Hanlon’s Razor”. But it’s at least as credible as to think that Trump is a giant orange Fifth Column.

  4. Annie B

    First … I don’t believe Clinton is socialist in any way. “What if Trump is actually a plant for a Clinton Socialist takeover?” … She is somewhat right of centre – ( depending upon which way the wind blows on a particular day !! ) … *sounds* like a Democrat, but has way too many Republican type stands in her past, to be truly left wing ( liberal ).

    Second … Trump has changed his political allegiances over the years. … He was a happy little Democrat between 2001 and 2008. … There were a couple of other sojourns into other political realms, but they did not seem to fit – for him and his ego.

    Third …. I don’t believe for one second he wants to be POTUS. …. he would probably have a pink conniption if he made it … and then disappear off the scene with a grand and sad statement that he could no longer be President, for health issues ( or some other excuse ). … Subsequent searches would find him basking ( for a very short while ) in the sun somewhere, while he plans his next strategy to be the ‘ultra talking point’ in and on every media outlet imaginable.

    Finally – yes, indeed he could be a ‘plant’ … as his past allegiance to Democrats might demonstrate – but what would appeal to him, in particular, is a role whereby he alters the entire structure of the so-called democratic voting ( democracy left that country some time ago ) …. this guarantees what he most desires – a place in history – no matter what the place is … it earns him ongoing PUBLICITY kudos. … And I think we all know he is a publicity junkie. …. That would not disappear from public interest for a long time.

    I bellieve he has been making an ‘art of the deal’ for a very long time – in his every endeavour.

  5. paulwalter

    The Weasel reads this writer’s thoughts somewhat also. Either that or he is the clumsiest candidate in history.

    Yet he is still within striking distance. The reactive aggrieved rally to his dog whistling like bees round a honey pot for fear of more neoliberalist and unnecessary, pointless change from his opponent. In the end, it seems to have been rigged that the US public loses either way through yet another duopoly manipulated by vested interests.

    US politics has become a shambles, really that place is getting into real trouble.

  6. 2353

    Love it – wish I could write like that.

  7. bobrafto

    Is Trump working for Clinton?

    Simple answer, No.

    Ego is not a dirty word for Trump.

    If one casts there eyes on our parliament and just maybe to your folks amazement, Pauline Hanson, Abetz, Benardi, Christensen et al, prime fruit cakes have been elected.

    He can’t be written off just yet.

  8. Terry2

    Have you noticed that Trump never talks about the ‘Grand Old Party’ or his Republican credentials ?

    The Republicans have allowed a feral outsider to take over their party ; almost a script from the Manchurian Candidate.

  9. david1

    What a load load of codswallop!!

  10. Korstraw

    I think you’re right, he has never wanted to be president. Further confirmation from Michael Moore: I believe what Moore says.

  11. Kim Southwood

    If only… a fairytale sequel to the nightmare.

  12. Annie B

    During one of his many recent ravings, Trump ( reported on TV – Ch 9 this evening ) made a comment which I cannot quote verbatim …. but was something like ” ….. keeping Washington honest” … or “returning Washington to honesty “. … If anyone knows the exact words – would appreciate hearing them.

    If he was referring to Congress in that little outburst – he seems to have forgotten that the recent Congress was made up mostly of his own ? ( adopted ? ) party – the Republicans, who put every block they possibly could in the path of any of Obamas’ ideas, and propositions, during the current Presidents tenure.

    I heard the comment as meaning he’d somehow turn Congress around ?? … ” to be honest ” – which would mean from the current time – pulling the Republicans into line.

    Sounds ridiculous I know, but then he sounds ridiculous at the best of times – and it left me wondering why he would make a statement that denigrates the current Congress – which is made up mostly of the party he supposedly represents. hmmm……

    The only party Trump represents is himself. … Many Republican party members have woken up to this and are leaving him …. and many Americans would be doing the same.

    There is a limit to how much bullshit a person can stand and deliver, and still maintain his bearing and appeal as a dinkum candidate for the good.

  13. david1

    Annie your words ‘the only party he represents is himself’, are supported 100% by ‘his’ own words on twitter this morning

    Donald J. Trump Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump 10h10 hours ago
    It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.

  14. wam

    the bow is stretched as far shorten is a liberal mole.

    spot on bobby the other candidates made trump potable.

  15. economicreform

    Weasel’s absurd use of the word “socialist” in relation to Clinton reveals that this author has a very poor understanding of world affairs, and also has some sort of crazy ideological axe to grind. Which is a pity, because the issue of whether there is a conspiracy to get Clinton into office by hook or by crook, using an ignorant clown as a political “opponent” and fall guy deserves to be considered. If there is any truth in this story, and should the scheme backfire with the election of Trump to the presidency, can it be doubted that a contract would be taken out for the assassination of him and his running mate, leading to the his replacement by the republican speaker of the House of Representatives.

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