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Tony the Abbott and 300 A.D. – The Glory Days of Christianity!

Yep, well, most of you are probably aware Tony Abbott is staying in Parliament to help his electorate get better transport links to the rest of Sydney. This surely means he wants several freeways built, because I remember how as Prime Minister he told us that public transport wasn’t the domain of the Federal Government.

But several of the reports seem to take it as a given that he’s re-elected. While he holds the seat by a comfortable margin, the idea that the electorate is electing a Prime Minister usually gives the candidate a boost, while the idea of supporting a loser whose own party turned against him doesn’t give the candidate the same leg up. Yes, he should win, but stranger things have happened.

Anyway, he’s staying and, at great personal sacrifice. As Greg Sheridan wrote:

“It is extraordinarily difficult to be an attentive husband and father with weeks away in Canberra, and more weeks away interstate and overseas in the constant travel of political leadership.”

And yet, after all this sacrifice, we hear that he intends to travel overseas to address the ADF. No, not the Australian Defence Force. The Alliance Defending Freedom.

They launched in 1994 and they tell us:

“With that launch, the Christian community gained growing awareness that the threats to its freedom were multiplying. The legal system, which was built on a moral and Christian foundation, had been steadily moving against religious freedom, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family. And very few Christians were showing up in court to put up a fight.”

Now by religious freedom, it’s very clear from their website that doesn’t include the freedom to practise religions apart from the one they’ve picked. So, for example, if your religious beliefs allow homosexuals to practise until they’re perfect, then that’s just a sign that yours is not a real religion and you might as well be one of those Islamic people who want to impose Sharia law. (Of course, it’s always intrigued me why the extreme religious right is so against Sharia law. From what they tell us about it, they agree with most of it!)

Anyway, their basic idea is to help the poor, oppressed American Christians people use the law to protect their religious freedoms. Of course, when I say “poor”, I don’t mean in the financial sense because, as we all know, the Lord helps those who help themselves…

And as an introduction to their reading guide for anyone undertaking their 9-week course they tell us that it’s not compulsory to agree with everything on the reading list, concluding with:

“Rather, Alliance Defending Freedom seeks to recover the robust Christendomic theology of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th centuries.”

Well, during the third century, Christians were persecuted and executed by the Romans, so I can see why they saw the need to be pretty robust. However, during the fourth century it became the state sanctioned religion of the Romans, so these were better days when you could start to concentrate on what really mattered – building large, expensive churches and telling the poor that if they didn’t revolt against the Romans, then they’d be rewarded when they died.

But the ADF are best known for their fights against the way Obamacare was destroying their freedoms, trying to stop Planned Parenthood from eating children, ensuring that everyone has the religious freedom to stop anybody else doing anything else that doesn’t comply with what they say.

Anyway, Mr Abbott is off to address them and it seems the topic of his address is a secret, but I have it on good authority that our Tony is tossing up between the following:

  • “How sport enabled me to channel my energy and stop all those dark desires”
  • “How having a woman in charge wrecks a country.”
  • “How Satan uses a universal health scheme to spread evil.”
  • “Good marriages are made in heaven and good wives never speak to the media unless they’re told to say something nice about their husband.”

Of course, as Mr Abbott sets off, one of his cheer squad, Eric Abetz, tells us that he wasn’t going to be bound on the result of any plebiscite on same sex marriage. Of course, while Abetz’s only area of expertise for “Mastermind” may be “Opinions I have Held”, this does seem rather extraordinary if you trace the recent conservative stances on same sex marriage in Australia.

  1. “We promised we wouldn’t do it, so how can we break an election promise that we actually meant?”
  2. “We acknowledge there’s a push for same sex marriage, but we think that’s a noisy minority.”
  3. “We acknowledge that the minority are causing divisions within our party, so we think that any decision should be delayed until after the next election.”
  4. “We think that it’s an issue that’s too important to be decided by politicians, so we agree that a plebiscite is the only way to go because the people need to be part of the decision on this, so until then, forget it.”
  5. And now, Abetz, “We think that we should have a plebiscite, but if the people get it wrong, then we, the politicians, know best and I think we can still vote against it.”

Ok, just because it seems appropriate, I’m going leave you with this – you’ll need to watch to the end to see why:



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  1. diannaart


  2. Wendy Joy

    I’m not so worried about Abbott giving a talk to those crackpots. What does worry me is what they will be whispering in his ear.

  3. Glenn K

    don’t worry, the puff of air from whispering will simply come out the other ear.

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I wonder what they’re paying him? He better put it on the pecuniary interests register.

  5. tet02

    More to the point is this a taxpayer funded excursion?

  6. Sen Nearly Ile

    Being a stubborn self-righteous opinionated nose-cutting idiot, I (with one exception in a teacher known as the honourable GAP) continually, for 12 long years, fell foul of the traditional school teacher approach, it doesn’t matter how many times an ‘unchosen’ one is good, right, correct, attentive or helpful one step left and bang back to square one with the cane and ‘I knew you were not quite right’.
    What a great thought provoking read, Rossleigh. My mate has 5 race horses, a health card and a young brother who voted for the rabbott. I have been avoiding the subject of the election when I got warned that my criticism of his sitting member was too negative. Considering this was at the height of juliar/ditch the witch, bitch, hesson bag into the sea etc attacks, I was taken aback but shut up politically.
    but now, thanks to you, Rossleigh
    Wow Emo is 60 and the only American to fire me up since freeberg’s attack on TV and Tom Lehrer.
    I had a great sympathetic laugh at:
    You don’t appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle-aged woman: Stuff you pay good money for in later life.(especially in a habit???)


    Funny about sheradin(I cannot but think of mrs bucket at the name) that the people who say they work hard and sacrifice their family, invariably, make sure there is no evidence to support their assertions. How many days do politicians work in school holidays? How many Weekend or national holidays worked per year?

    Don’t worry, Wendy: The rabbott cannot learn because mistakes must be made from which to learn and, as opus dei, he will never be wrong.QED.
    Sharia has been in Australian law since 1961:
    Complying with both systems of laws(Australian and Sharia) is one approach that can and is being taken. In Australia, marriage is a good example where there can readily be dual compliance. The Marriage Act 1961 accommodates Islamic marriages by allowing marriages to be performed and registered by a Muslim marriage celebrant, usually an Imam, without the need for a separate registering event or ceremony.
    A husband is able to pronounce talaq and, if all the legal requirements are met, the marriage is terminated, although there is a three-month reconciliation period.

    However, compliance with both systems is more problematic for wives. A wife does not have the same extra-judicial divorce option.

    If her husband does not agree to pronounce talaq, she is left to FIND someone with authority to hear her case and hopefully to grant her an Islamic divorce.

  7. Peter F

    When you say ‘we have it on good authority that our Tony is tossing ‘, I believe you could not have chosen ore appropriate words.

  8. Paul G. Dellit

    Absolutely on the money!

  9. Adrianne Haddow

    As we are on a Christian theme, is it possible that Tones is the antichrist and this is the End of Days?
    He just won’t go away.

    After all three of the four horseman of the apocalypse have already turned up.
    Conquest aka Dutton, War aka Julie and Famine aka Scotty.

    Wonder who gets to be Death ? Possibly Hunt with all his wonderful decisions regarding our environment.

  10. Rossleigh

    @Adrianne. Eric Abetz? Cory Bernardi surely plans to be there at the end… Bronwyn Bishop in a reprise of the helicopter scene in “Apocalypse Now”?
    Ah… I know, surely it’s Phil Ruddock!

  11. Adrianne Haddow

    @ Rossleigh. I vote for Bronnie…. that helmet of lacquered hair and Dame Edna glasses suits the helicopter scene.

    Cory and Eric get to be the archangels, large wings and tilted halos, hovering on either side of Bronnie’s chopper.

    We’ll go out …… but we’ll go out laughing.

  12. Bronte ALLAN

    Dear old Tony Abscess will feel right at home among all the flat earth, tea party, right wing, conservative, red neck, quasi-religious idiots of the Republican party, can we keep him there?

  13. jim

    I would like to see him lose his seat or not come back ever.

  14. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Tony Abscess still hasn’t proven his non-dual citizenship of Britain and Australia. If we could quickly prove his ineligibility and thus fraudulent misconduct for having illegally become a bad Australian MP and then very bad PM, we could send the AFP over to America to escort him back to England where he shall remain for his natural life.

  15. paul walter

    He thought himself a mighty man when the Davos set applauded his neoliberalism, but in truth he is a tatty, deranged ratbag the system he worked so mindlessly for chewed up and spat out.

    His days were numbered when that other whited sepulchre, Pell, was sent to Rome in the wake of the kiddy-fiddling enquiries that so disgraced the cleric and by implication, Abbott legitimacy, no power to resist his own karmic overthrow.

  16. Trevr

    Abbott the glib. How under Australian law can abbott the glib be forced to provide documentation proving that he is not an illegal MP. Given that Herr Abetz was dual citizen up till early nineties( while a illegal sitting member of Parliament) the response fron Electoral law apparently was a wet lettuce leaf across the hand, and further in the mid eighties a NDP MP was barred from taking up his winning seat in Parliament on a Liberal complaint, how and who decides the penalties for dual citizen MP’s. Is there a possibility that a legal expert could be enticed to finesse a written piece here settling the process of dual national Aust MP’s. I fully realise that this writing may imperil the career prospects of the writer but someone out there must have a clue and be willing to educate the rest of the confused and somewhat jaded electorate. Any takers??? sack the Malcolm Abbott Led LNP MP’s masquerading as the Aust Govt.

  17. Lawrence Winder

    It’s funnily disturbing to see the ruling rabble who once saw themselves as “the-born-to-rule” and “proper-party”- who sucked up the “English-Huntin-Shootin- Fishin- Gentry” now chasing after the lowest common denominator of the electorate.

  18. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Spot on Lawrence Winder. Just shows what sort of brown-nosers they are.

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