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Tony Abbott’s media monitoring: we have a message for him

The recent headline in The Sydney Morning Herald  – Abbott government spends up big on media monitoring – went on to tell its readers that:

Federal government departments are spending eye-watering sums to know what the public is thinking and what the media is saying about them . . .

Social media – in particular Facebook – was saturated with the story and subsequent howls of derision over such a costly and questionable exercise.

I disagree.

I want this government to spend as much time and money as it takes to monitor ‘what the public is thinking and what the media is saying about them’. They seriously need to know. They need to take a good look at what’s happening on social media – a long, hard look – where there are refreshingly honest opinions about how utterly incompetent, heartless and disgraceful they are (whereas no such critique exists in the mainstream media). They need to to look, listen, and learn. Thousands of social media users will tell them that this government is considered the closest thing to fascism seen in the free world, while personal attacks on Tony Abbott continue; notably suggestions that the man is a sociopath. While there certainly is no proof, it is understandable that such opinions exist given the behaviour of this government and its leader.

But if they do want to know what people outside the fluffy Murdoch media think, they can always start with this site.

Hundreds of articles have been published on The AIMN echoing what the public think of the worst government in Australia’s history – the Abbott government – and I’d l really appreciate that one or some of their minions take a look at us. Actually, I would implore them to. This site represents the political and social views of a large number of disgruntled Australians. Given the recent opinion polls and the noticeable stench of this woeful government, it would be safe to say we now represent the views of most Australians: ordinary people appalled by this mess, ordinary people appalled at seeing their country – to put it bluntly – go to crap.

However, to save them from rummaging through The AIMN (and similar sites), Facebook and Twitter I have compiled a summary of what I have found of them. I will address it to Tony Abbott personally.

Dear Tony Abbott,

Do you really want to know what the public is thinking of you and your government? After being heavily involved in social media since your election win I’ve come up with the following (based on thousands of comments I have read). This is what people are saying about you (with my own comments in italics):

  • You are a prime minister who displays breathtaking incompetence. The role of prime minister is far beyond you.
  • You are a prime minister who regularly embarrasses both yourself and your country on national and international stages.
  • You are a prime minister who shows more loyalty to the elite few ahead of the wider electorate.
  • You are a prime minister who has no interest in the opportunities of the future.
  • You are a prime minister who is out of touch with the majority of Australians.
  • You are an extreme radical.
  • You are a person who can’t sustain media and public scrutiny without ‘cracking’.
  • You are a habitual liar and back-flipper.
  • You are a  person who is totally out of touch with reality.
  • You lack direction.
  • You are a prime minister who not only ignores that we belong in a global community, but also want to remain isolationist.
  • You are a complete idiot who cannot make a public appearance without being stage managed.
  • You have lied about everything that Australian people value: the ABC, pensions, Medicare, our security etc etc. You have lost the peoples’ trust.
  • The cruelty of your policies know no bounds, and the economic incompetence is breathtaking.
  • I agree with all of the above but I certainly don’t agree with this one: some people would like harm to come to you. I personally wish no harm of you and I deplore seeing such comments. I also deplored the calls from far right-wing radicals to have Julia Gillard shot, dumped out to sea in a chaff bag, or those – including yourself – standing under signs screaming ‘ditch the witch’. In what context does ‘ditch’ mean? Something sinister, I imagine. You didn’t appear too concerned about these particular threats which leads me to believe this is behaviour you tolerate. So it may come as no surprise that daily people are posting comments wishing you the same. They hate you that much, yet they chose to follow your lead in displaying hate. Again, I deplore those behaviors from any political persuasion.
  • For a couple of years now people have questioned the nuances of your relationship with Peta Credlin and the power she may wield as a result. Personally, I really don’t care about your private life, but the power she wields is questioned not only on social media but the mainstream media as well.
  • The question of your apparent non-renouncement of your British citizenship is gaining momentum. Quite a storm has developed. We may never find out the answer, but the consensus among thousands of people is that if you are not legally entitled to hold an office in the Australian Parliament, then you should be disqualified from receiving the parliamentary pension based on your years of service. Come clean!
  • This will surprise you: most Labor voters want you to stay on as prime minister until the election because you are considered Labor’s best weapon. Conversely, many disgruntled Liberal voters want you removed forthwith. No matter what people want, they do not expect you to be in the job by the end of June.

Have you heard enough? I could go on – there is so much more. And I haven’t even started on your ministers yet. But at this stage I won’t: people are saying many of the same things about them too.


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  1. Graham Houghton


  2. Möbius Ecko

    I believe that the eye-watering sums being spent by the government on social media are not just for monitoring it but also in attempting to shape it by using trolls and spreading false information. The gathering of information could also be used to suppress or attack in the lead up to an election, which is something I also believe will happen.

  3. Griceman

    Agreed – well put. Would love a response to specifics but I am not stupid . Tell them to ring me – I have voted Liberal all my life and never again. Will give them your article… Hang on.. I said I am not stupid.

  4. Michael Taylor

    I meant to publish this in my name. In a rush I pressed the wrong button.

    Such is the impetuosity of youth.

  5. philgorman2014

    A necessarily very small and limited sample which nevertheless represents the views of most Australians.

    It is clear that Mr Abbot and his ministers do not care about the opinions or situations of ordinary Australians. This government serves only the interests of media barons, mining moguls, the copocracy, the USA, and extreme right wing orgnisations such as the IPA.

  6. paul walter

    The usual junk you get involving the thinktanks, this sort of ritualised class warfare.

    From Climate Denialism it is only a step to unconditional denialism on anyeverything, which is classic reactionary modernist knee jerk derived by an unwillingness or inability to view events objectively, be it laziness, a sense of inferiority or just defeatism.
    Mobius Echo reminds me that a similar process has been occuring in places like the USA and it seems that reactionaries everywhere just arent capable of independent thinking without their scripting; psychological as well as ideological directed by those who are their worst enemies too, if they only knew it.

    The writer is correct in putting forward the normative proposition but does it with a sense of irony knowing that recent history is captured and dominated by spin and win at all any costs, whatever it takes..any thng toavoid thinking or feeling or being yourself from them.

  7. Carol Taylor

    Mobius, we certainly have seen plenty of examples of those. Wasn’t there a Young Liberals handbook which gave recommendations of how to infiltrate left-leaning blogs, with recommendations including using false personnas, apeing real people in attempts to stiffle debate, and with the main tactic being personal abuse?

    On Abbott lasting only until June, it will depend on his backers and threats to those who believe that they can challenge him to the leadership. At the moment we have all those fluffy pieces being written about J. Bishop, therefore I think that Tony is in deep poo. However if the tables are turned and we see ‘nasty’ articles written about certain Liberal politicians, then Tony is safe. I sincerely hope he is, as the meltdown following his defeat will be a spectacle to behold.

  8. Ammonia Cogg

    If there were any decency left in him, any courage at all, he would call an early election soonest.

  9. Möbius Ecko

    His trip to Iraq with no media is also a sign he’s in deep poo. The only time he’s ever got a small blip upwards in the polls was when pushing the security and war mongering line, thus the sudden trip to the M.E.

    You don’t need to wait for the official media polls to come out to see how badly Abbott is doing, just look at what stunts he’s engaging in.

  10. Kaye Lee

    I would encourage politicians to read this site because there have been some damn fine suggestions about a way forward. It isn’t all about Abbott bashing…he is self-flagellating. But while we have politicians whose entire focus is to win the next election we will continue to be disappointed.

    We need people with vision, with truth in their heart and fire in their bellies, who understand that they are elected to do a job. As things stand now, MPs who are not sitting on the government benches seem to only be there for the press conferences (as do the government come to think of it). They won’t “disclose their policies”. How about having a good idea and putting it forward? You weren’t elected just to wait.

  11. Anthony Shorter

    If he wants to retire gracefully, he has the excuse of his duel citizenship precluding his ability to sit in parliament.
    However he would have to repay all of his past salary, the money he has rorted from various charity appearances and his not insubstantial retirement pension.
    Maybe Rupert could give him a well paid journalistic gig on one of his journals. He has earned that.

  12. Kaye Lee

    I am coming to the conclusion that we should have fixed terms – 3 or 4 terms and that’s it. Perhaps if they realised that being in politics is a service you choose to make rather than a life-time free pass on the public teat we would attract people with the right skills and motivation rather than people who are “living the dream”. (for the media monitors that is directed at Julie who has decided that magazine covers ARE her style after all).

  13. stephentardrew

    Great one Michael. He is certainly looking pale and shell shocked that the plebes will not fall at the feet of the presumptive Pope.

    Even the fake tan and make up are starting to fade and look decidedly phony.

    He is befuddled and on the edge of panic.

    Too late to go back and too dangerous to go forwards so he is stalled in mid-flight.

    Soon the engines will cut out and it won’t be pretty.

    Neither do I want to inflict physical harm however a good dose of psychological distress, anxiety and panic won’t go astray.

  14. Kaye Lee

    Tony won’t feel any distress at all. He is firmly convinced of his right to be captain. I think anxiety and panic is being felt through the rest of the Liberal Party but Tony just has his script given to him each day. he turns up where he is told to and you cannot deny he puts in the hours – mainly posing for photos but nevertheless he turns up everywhere (except Q&A and world leader conferences on climate change). <<<<< we are noticing, media monitors

  15. mars08


    The blokey, sporty, anti-intellectual, honest man of the people … needs a battalion of media boffins to tell him what the plebes think!!!

  16. Carol Taylor

    Agreed, the trip to Iraq was a sign of desperation. What the hell happened there? Journalists already lined up, already in Dubai following the prefered procedure as instructed from the Prime Minister’s Office (aka Credlin), then suddenly it was no press permitted and the only photos allowed were to be provided via Abbott’s own staffer. No questions permitted by journos – Conspiracy Theory #4522 but I believe that it was a whoopsie. Trip organised to try to get some positive press, then it was suddenly realised that Australian journalists might spoil Tony’s party by asking him awkward questions about his decimation of Military pay and conditions.

    Also, what happened to Abbott’s supposed “extended leave”, 6 weeks wasn’t it, to spend quality time with the missus..hastily announced after the proverbial was about to hit the fan about Credlin. That seems to have lasted 6 days rather than 6 weeks. Actually where is it that Abbott lives these days? Those renovations to the Lodge seem to be taking not months but years…plus costing double the $1.34 or so million, now blown out to over $3 million dollars. What sort of renos are these!

  17. stephentardrew

    Kaye: Though I do, to a degree, accept your argument have a very good look at Abbot’s underlying lack of confidence and nervous demeanor. There has been a marked change in his behavior as the bully comes off the burn and the bumbling increases. He is just not naturally the submissive type but I can assure you, to the astute observer, he is not in a good space at the moment. He knows the knives of the round table are out to get him. Failure is never a good look. His ego is legion and the polls are destroying any pretense at mild disinterest. He is most certainly a worried little Vegemite. His single minded dogged strategy is falling apart and he knows it.

  18. jusme

    Good list. Can he stop wasting millions of our taxes now?

    And another thing. When he shakes hands with other world leaders can he stop pulling their arm all the way to him. I realise it’s an attempt at dominance or something but just looks rude to me.

  19. stephen

    I see from the odd flash of info from other western nations this Right wing tea party policy push is almost all major countries.
    Tony is just trying to catch up with USA, UK, New Zealand, and Canada.

    Meanwhile Tony needs an international incident to get his narcissist fix.
    He will not stand down he will have to be pushed

    Look up “narcissism” you’ll see that they have no idea about reality.

  20. stephentardrew

    Stephen narcissists have one huge vulnerability and that is when the mirror turns on them and the image begins to distort and that is what is happening to Abbot. In fact narcissistic react badly to failure especially if it is spreads into the public domain. The survive on pretense. Though a narcissistic is fully self focused they hate it when the veneer starts to crack. When they fall, they fall hard, and can do some down right nasty stuff.

  21. Erotic Moustache

    Why don’t we just add “Abbottism” to the DSM and ICD and be done with it. We can make up the criteria to suit ourselves.

  22. Michael Taylor

    We can make up the criteria to suit ourselves.

    Are you suggesting I made this up? If so, I take exception to that.

  23. stephentardrew

    Don’t wish for what may be something you would not like to hear. Deliberately harming other people is not what well adjusted people do so it says a lot about politicians left and right. I would not see it as an unnecessary burden if all members were required to be psyche tested. I think the results may be quite disturbing.

  24. Loz

    Very good article. Thanks.

  25. lawrencewinder

    A decent summation of an indecent person and incompetent rabble…… can we include the real power the Bloody IPA?

  26. Lyle Upson.

    midway through 2015, the successor to the Abbott will need to explain to the malingering population why the Abbott followed the US misinformation on the passenger jet shot down over Ukraine … all preliminary evidence points to the unlawful Ukraine coup as backed by the Abbott. There is no information to support the Abbott’s claims on who shot down the passenger jet

    it will be a complex problem explaining to the families that they have been treated with scorn due to the political imperative and the lies and dishonesty that accompanies the political imperative

    in my view, it will be very funny when the Abbott’s replacement speaks to the nation about the lies and support for an unlawful coup on the other side of the globe

    the cockpit of the passenger jet has bullet holes all through it

  27. Matthew Oborne

    If they are taking particular note and are reading these things I would add the far right vision you have for this country has failed and will be undone, all you will do is take two political parties with you. Liberals are convenient historians so I will make it clear the conservative party died off the Liberal party was born from its ashes, for years you all pretended you were not conservatives, the term you used was “liberal” or have you forgotten, Democracy needs more than one flavor but it doesnt need this far right wing government that has no respect for process, procedure or the people. Christine ferguson understood you getting in power might be their worst nightmare. She was amazed that many of us have figured out long before the election that the nationals should hope for another term in opposition. You risk destroying the party you are the leader of, the Liberals need to be……well liberal. You can never make promises again you have burned that bridge, you cant claim better economic managers, your only claim is you know no bounds to cruelty as even today you provide material support to war criminal governments denounced by civilised countries who with our resources are capturing people and even as we speak killing and torturing them with our help. You stopped the boats, but it will come out that you did it at a cost that is so terrible that you should be held to account. If you dont want to step down, be like gough, not the anti gough of the IPA, end poverty in Australia it can be done, and you would end up with a place in our history books.

  28. Lyle Upson.

    oh yes, that handshake is appalling … but I do like the ape walk

  29. mysay

    RE Abbott’s citizenship, why hasn’t the MSM reported this, they are a gutless lot being silenced by Murdoch,could the Queen answer our question,

  30. Florence nee Fedup

    Wonder how many public servants and the few left in NGO he hopes to snare.

  31. rangermike1

    I do not hate Tony Abbott, yet I wonder if he is not suffering from some mental disease. I am being honest, every day he makes a complete moron of himself. I do not hate him, I just despise him.

  32. Florence nee Fedup

    It looks like the SA Premier has a the job of protecting Abbott tomorrow. Yes, is finding his way to the fire area. They are touring together,

    Had to come out on this one I suppose as Burke as acting Opposition leader publicity told Abbott he would back the government in any extra assistance to the victims of the fires.

    First question will be on climate change. Second, GST. Journalists will be dying to get at him.

  33. Florence nee Fedup

    There is one thing I wish Abbott would do. Sack those who make his home videos for him.,. Especially the ones he uses in lieu of press statements or PC appearances.

  34. Florence nee Fedup

    The new one, when greeting, especially if the man is shorter, is grab him by the shoulder with one hand, shaking his hand with the other. The Iraq leader kept himself sideways to Abbott while this occurred. I do not know what he was doing. Either patting him, or maybe trying to turn the man to face him.

  35. Mike

    Kaye Lee re:

    This morning my 11y/o aspie noticed on tv Abbott saying all those pre election commitments on ABC24 and said to me “these politicians should sign off on, That if any pre election lies/commitments are broken, then they should be booted out”
    hmm could it be that simple considering the alternative we now have, & let alone what their teaching our kids.
    It seems pollies have gone from spin to blatantly lying and their no longer in their position on good old fashioned merit

  36. RichardU

    Would you really want them to heed and change just enough to convince enough of the poor deluded folk who voted for them last time that they deserve another term? It may be painful to suffer the consequences of their policies in the short term, but we want them gone in due course and for a long time.

  37. Erotic Moustache


    Are you suggesting I made this up? If so, I take exception to that.

    I was speaking to Stephen’s post which immediately preceded mine.

  38. corvus boreus

    Dear snooping minions of the Lizard Lord,

    I would suggest that in order that he appear to better fit in with the humans, you respectfully recommend your master to refrain from the following behaviors;

    *The constantly flicking of his tongue, it makes him look like a goanna questing for carrion.
    *The bullfrog mouth-bubble pop he proceeds his sentences with, it is makes a disconcerting smacking sound.
    *The cowboy-swagger, it makes him look like he is compensating for an inferiority complex or a bad case of thigh chafe.
    *The reel-em-in gorilla-grip handshakes in diplomatic situations, it alienates rather than intimidating or impressing.
    *The downward eye-flicks to cleavage/package, it creates moments of extreme awkwardness for those who feel ‘the eye’.

    If you could persuade him to dispense with these behaviors, it might help slightly lessen the common public perception and fear that we are currently being ruled by a malevolent,domineering, chimeric critter who wants to either eat us or use us to breed.

  39. Matters Not

    corvus boreus @ January 7, 2015 at 11:00 pm

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Bull’s eye, and so many levels.

    And I will not try to gild the lily with any further comment.


    I dips my lid.

  40. Michael

    Wow. So many sentiments l share so eloquently phrased. Thanks guys….just make sure to try to also speak to the unconverted….l’m worried about the number of ” sheeple” who still swallow the reptoids lies….no one admits…Surely someone secretly did/ does and needs convincing….l’m working on it…let’s all aussies speak up.

  41. Annie B

    Corvus ……

    I simply cannot help but reply …. on one item only, though.

    “The cowboy swagger” ……. and forgive me, but I am going to be quite awful !!

    I have seen men walk this way before, and it has always occurred to me that they are trying to advertise something they simply have NOT got or wish they had……..and that’s a fairly decent couple of ?? between their legs. The more exaggerated the swagger – legs wide apart each step, the less they think they have, and the more they have to emphasise that they do have ’em. !!!!

    However, it does come from an inferiority complex – a certain type of man who is totally unsure of himself, of his own masculinity, and of his own standing amid those around him. ….. and having known just a few ( and aghast that I see it daily on TV in the form of our alleged ‘leader’ ), I do know how they can compensate for this sense of being ‘less than a man’. …. and it is never pretty. …. Has an inherent cruelty to it all.


    Your post however, is classic.

  42. Pudd'nhead

    Is it California where a body of citizens can evoke a “recall” when pollies fail to honour their obligations (? promises)? Maybe we need that sort of circuit breaker to rid us of the trash that is presently pretending to govern for all in our Federal Parliament. Courage everybody, they will break sooner than later and the sorcerer’s apprentice will succumb to the flow of his own destructive nonsense.The Medicos have been disturbed, union memberships are rising, mums and dads are fearful and unsure of what the future may bring, the native Australians and concerned females know they have been dudded by their minister and all the goose stepping and false propoganda of his accolites will not fool the citizenry.

  43. Phi

    I share the sentiments of those commentators taking the piss out of Abbott – he deserves all and more of what he gets. But it’s the direction the LNP (and its tax exempt IPA administration arm) is heading that concerns me.

    Abbott could be removed, and he should be removed, but another IPA approved stooge will be installed and the IPA’s bizarre policy suite will continue to roll out – a policy suite that serves elite rather than national interests

    Australia is in the grip of thoroughly undemocratic forces aligned to increasing and securing (by force if necessary) wealth and power and the means to protect these for the collusive elites – and to subjugate the rest.

    I think the IPA and the LNP (its policy implementation arm) is fully cognisant of the extent and threat of unmitigated global warming. That recognition frightens it to its core because it knows that to keep global average temperature to below the politically nominated 2 degrees means the end of the current global power structure and a massive shift in the distribution of wealth.

    The IPA climate denial strategy is therefore about buying time to establish its goal of a two tiered Australia i.e a ‘fortress’ of accumulated power and wealth for the collusive elite, and a barely educated, fearful, passive and servile underclass to consume, produce and to confront the most serious fall out from climate change.

    Australia is at a cross road with the IPA governed LNP – either we take the passive acceptance path, or, we pursue the many forms of active resistance.

  44. Möbius Ecko

    corvus boreus @ 11:00 pm


    Add the awkward open mouth cheek kiss he attempts to impart on females and babies. I say attempts because he nearly always misses and the exercise not only becomes comedic and ludicrious but often makes him look like he’s going to eat the victim’s face off, and that includes his wife; http://images.dailylife.com.au/2012/12/03/3860175/wide-103527436-620×349.jpg.

  45. DanDark

    Thanks ME for the pics, Tones met his match with can’t do Cambells wife…ROFL
    Now I will go and hide in the corner as my embarrassment and cringe factor is in overdrive because of this fool pretending to be human that thinks he is gods gift to women pffft toooo funny 🙂

  46. Jexpat


    The recall, like the citizen initiative, is a two edged sword.

    In California for example, the most recent recall was fuelled by a corporate media frenzy against a bland centre right Democratic governor- Grey Davis, blaming him for (among other things) the so called “California energy crisis,” which was the result of foreseeable corruption arising from an ill considered deregulation scheme that he had nothing to do with.

    The result was Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger (which would be like elevating Angry Anderson to the premiership of New South Wales).

  47. Kerri

    Whew! What a great article Michael and so many comments. So many really good comments!
    jusme. I have pointed out Abbotts handshake to my mob on a regular basis. The body language is not only dominating and rude but designed to look good (he thinks) and powerful on the world stage. The smile as well.
    Florence nee Fedup. Julie Bishop? A lady? Read this http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/julie-bishops-time-as-a-solicitor-for-asbestos-miners-is-under-the-spotlight/story-e6frezz0-1226518743163
    J Bish is a robotic arrogant self opinionated loyal and incompetant politician. She is catty and hypocritical but the rusted on Lib voters are now talking themselves into her as they clearly can no longer defend Abbott. So let them put her at the helm and when she screws up see how long it is before she drags out the gender card?
    Corvus Boreus. I wish I’d written that? Good work. Spot on.
    Annie B. I suspect the swagger is to prove manliness after having said he is uncomfortable with gay men.
    Beware he who doth protest too loudly and chooses to sleep in the police barracks?
    The future of politics in Australia will see a huge shake up. At the very least we need to adopt one thing from the yanks. A limit to how many terms in office! Perhaps that could be extended to ALL positions in Parliament?
    Shame there ain’t a bushfire to clear the dead wood in Canberra!
    Their blatant attack on unions and the union movement will only serve to re radicalise the union movement.
    When the workers are being so heavily shafted they will fight back. Just when we had held a more moderate path in workplace relations Abbott and Abetz choose to take us backwards on all fronts. And speaking of Abetz, how is it that other politicians were forced to stand down and even fined for their dual citizenship?? Articles I have read state he denounced his dual citizenship in 2010 but entered the senate in 1994????
    He owes us 16 years of illegal pay.
    Oh and we need an independant speaker!
    And for Tony’s minions reading this? I hope you are being paid well because all the monitoring in the world will still mean you can’t roll a turd in glitter and make him a Prime Minister!

  48. Nuddy

    Don’t want the government to know what people are really thinking. Want them to relax and think all’s well and so come election time BANG
    they are gone hopefully forever.

  49. Fiona

    corvus boreus @ 11:00 pm

    I dips me lid. Superb.

  50. bilko

    Well done Michael

    The lodge renovations are being done by the same rorters (in mentality only) that built the school halls BER outrage but no one is condemming them as both they and media stay sturm. Whatever happened to transparency forget it, lets us just have an election asap.

    As for monitorring us all aka “Person of Interest” the input might give them extreme pain but self flagellation can be fun (just guessing) but as yet no change in outlook aka old Maggie “this man/entity is not for turning”,as human seem so inappropriate.

    One last point the monitorring must take a long time as our “fraudband” is getting slower even the USA consider Murdoch/Turdbulls offerings bottom of the range.

    And another thing Michael my lad had to renounce his British citizenship when he entered the Senate so the rule is in place.

  51. Pudd'nhead

    Jexpat – that was a midnight thought. Perhaps one of desperation. Am personally prepared to wait for a denouement at election time – hope Abbott is still around to witness the derision that will accompany his, the LNP’s and the IPA’s loss of control and face. And by the way are you inferring that Angry can’t sing? He seems to have fooled a lot of people with his noise.

  52. Roswell

    Bilko, you raise an amusing point. How can you monitor the Internet goings-on with pathetically slow internet.

    Oh the irony.

  53. wayne johnson

    i believe everything that is said here tony abbot is first of all a liar he knows nothing of the poor people who are struggling to keep their heads above water and he or hockey dosnt care one bid of the damage he is doing to our country he is a laughing stock of the world does anyone know that tony abbot was in the un trying to get the rule overturned on the building of settlements on palistenian land this is the joke of a prime minister we have running our country today

  54. Möbius Ecko

    Well Abbott everywhere turned up at the ABC cricket commentary. The polls must be really bad for him to rush to Iraq and when back in country to immediately insert himself into an international sporting event.

    I listened for a very long painful minute before I muted my car radio not being able to take anymore. In the minute I heard Abbott:

    – Mumbling and fumbling throughout.
    – Attempting to be humorous but being flat and droll.
    – Sounding forced and stilted.
    – Speaking over the top of commentary and commentator several times.
    – Talk about Abbott, Abbott, Abbott and Abbott.

    On turning the sound back on I heard one commentator say to the other he was never going to get a word in edgewise with the PM.

  55. Harquebus

    It’s not enough for politicians to know what we are thinking. They must implement the will of the people and not try to convince us otherwise just because we disagree.
    In my opinion, the government will look at this and realize that, they must try even harder to convince us that the wealthy pissing on our backs is good for us.

  56. Lorraine Clark

    What a fantastic article, read all the comments and found myself nodding my head in agreement, especially corvus boreus@ comment. I often wonder if he has botox as there are hardly any wrinkles or worry lines!!. Not only Abbott but nearly all the cabinet are unbelievably incompetent, I did hold out hope for Turnbull, , but after his destruction of any decent NBN, he has gone down the proverbial..

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