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Tony Abbott’s government was “remarkably underappreciated”, says Tony Abbott

That 1000 people would pay $130 each to attend a function to celebrate former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s 25 years in Australian politics astonished me.

To find out that they had to turn many others away amazed me even more. Then to find out that most of the speakers reckoned he was underappreciated left me in a cold rage.

That anyone could find anything decent to say about a man who frankly was the greatest liar ever to walk the hallowed halls of our parliament was dumbfounding.

Our country is becoming worse than the US in our capacity to celebrate mediocrity I thought.

And to hear that many who spoke at the function described him as “undervalued” had me searching for a packet of valium.

Then when I read that Tony Abbott himself said that:

“I used to think that the Abbott government was a remarkably underappreciated one.”

“The great thing tonight is that finally I think it might be seen for what it really was — a good-faith effort to help our country to be the very best it could be.”

Well, what can I say, that had me on the phone to my psychiatrist.

Good lord, hadn’t he admitted that it was a chronic failure. “Good government starts tomorrow,” he was alleged to have said after he was threatened with the sack.

And when I read that many who spoke at the event in Sydney told guests Mr. Abbott had been equally undervalued, I went to the kitchen to look for a sharp edge.

Is this the same bloke who repealed the ‘carbon tax’: probably the worst policy decision by any Prime Minister since federation?

He went on to say:

“I used to think that the Abbott government was a remarkably underappreciated one.”

The Master of Ceremonies was no other than Alan Jones, who said there was so much love for Mr. Abbott that even with 1,000 guests attending, “hundreds” more had to be turned away.

At this stage, I was beginning to feel that dreaded taste one feels just before one’s throat erupts with the vilest of memories in liquid form.

“They cannot be talking about the same bloke?” I thought. I recall writing this about the man when he was Opposition Leader:

“When looked at in isolation the lies and indiscretions of Tony Abbott, his problems with women and even his negativity could perhaps all be written off as just Tony being Tony?

Or that’s just politics. However, my focus here is on character and whether Mr. Abbott had enough of it to be the leader of our nation.”

My contention was that because we are looking at a litany of instances of lying, deception and bad behavior over a long period of time he simply didn’t have the essence of character which is one of the main ingredients in the recipe of leadership.”

On a daily basis the negativity of Abbott, when Opposition Leader, spread like rust through the community. He sought to confuse with the most outlandish statements. Hardly a day passed without referring to the then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard as a liar while at the same time telling the most outrageous ones himself. And with a straight face, I might add. He sought to hamper all legislation with a pre-determined NO. Often without even reading it.

Abbott has taken lying and the frequency of it to a level in political discourse we have never experienced.

But here was Alan Jones talking about a man who very nearly destroyed his own party and who was credited with trashing many of Australia’s democratic conventions and institutions.

Jones went on to say that:

“It was a contradiction for a politician who had been defeated in a nasty and bruising campaign for the seat of Warringal.”

“Tony Abbott … has a heart which beats like everybody else and he’s been brutally wounded by appalling condemnation and vilification which no person of his ability should ever have had to endure,” Mr. Jones told a Liberal Party who’s who.

Mr. Jones described the campaign that unseated Mr. Abbott at this year’s election as “one of the most disgraceful chapters in Australian political history”.

All this about a man who vilified our female Prime Minister with the most misogynistic language his limited intellect could muster. “Send her out to sea in a chaff bag…”

Jones continued:

“It wasn’t the defeat it was the extent to which the personal vilification and undermining of the character and decency of this man was not only embraced by the electorate but condoned by people who should have known better.”

Good lord, I was becoming dizzy with the capacity of these people to believe their own bullshit.

Peter Dutton followed up saying that Mr. Abbott had been largely misunderstood:

“I think in fact it’s his intelligence and depth of thought that wasn’t properly appreciated (really) by many of the modern-day journalists,” he said, adding that most people who meet Mr. Abbott says he is nothing like what he seems on television.

“In fact that is the great tragedy, not that he’s a different person publicly but that he is portrayed as such by his opponents.

“Nevertheless Australians sensed a decency in Tony and they were right.”

That reminded me of the 2014 budget of which even conservative commentators agreed that it was the unfairest budget ever.

Mr. Abbott was also praised for policy achievements such as abolishing the carbon tax and the mining tax, and putting Australia “on the path to surplus.”

And his many volunteering and fundraising efforts, including his annual support of the Pollie Pedal, were acknowledged. (And the taxpayer paid all of his expenses). (His fire fighting volunteering was nothing more than photo opportunities).

Scott Morrison was next praising Abbott for identifying Islamic State as a threat to Australia before many leaders in the Western world had thought to, and for his compassion and drive towards improving Indigenous lives.

Again, his interest in our First Nation Peoples was purely for photo opportunities.

Former Prime Minister Howard reckoned his greatest policy achievement was “restoring Australia’s border protection regime.”

And yet today we have asylum seekers coming up for 7 years in jail for not committing any crime. How shameful.

Joe Hockey’s contribution, in a video, was to say that Abbott was a man for others.

“Whatever you do or say in the future will most definitely be for others — you are genuinely a man for others.”

Just who the others are is debatable, but they certainly weren’t the underprivileged.

To conclude the night Mr. Abbott chose not to blame anyone other than himself for the loss of his seat.

“If anyone wants to know who is to blame for the Warringah result it was not the campaign — it was just the candidate.”

And that was one of the rare times the truth escaped its prison.

For me, it says much about the conservative party that a man so much an abject failure as a Prime Minister could attract a crowd 1000 people to celebrate it.

That they let historical facts so easily go through to the keeper never ceases to amaze me.

My thought for the day

In Tony Abbott did Australia ever elect a Prime Minister so ignorant of technology, the environment and science? So oblivious of the needs of women and so out of touch with a modern pluralist society.

Enough said.

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  1. whatever

    Being ‘A man for others….’, as Joe Hockey comments, is the solemn duty of the Jesuit warrior-priest.

  2. Regional Elder

    Tony Abbott’s government continues to be ‘ remarkably under-appreciated ‘ by the Australian community, as being the worst national government this country has had, since Federation.

    In so many ways, Abbott’s government was just simply appalling, and a national embarrassment. Yet, many Australians continue to view Abbott as a benign public spirited politician.

    The public’s generous view of Abbott is essentially a form of false consciousness that masks the sheer enormity of his attacks on Australia’s social infra-structure, not just during his two years as Prime Minister, but also from 2009 until 2013 when he was Opposition Leader, and, in the period since 2015.

    This nation still suffers a sickness, we might call ‘ Abbott-ism ‘ that combines the political narcissism of leadership with flagrant lying, and a dishonest and distorting reductionism of public debate.

    Yes, the weight of destructiveness of Abbott’s influence on the nation remains ‘remarkably under-appreciated’ .

  3. Lars Karlsson

    Auastralia’s IAREM ranking was 1st in the world when Abott’s coalition was installed; we had slipped to 9th by the time Abott was rolled, and Abbott had by then made Australia a laughing stock by having the dumbest P.M. in the world.

  4. New England Cocky

    For all the AIMN skeptics who will be choking on their cornflakes when they read this appreciation for the works of Toxic RAbbott, our former Prim Monster, let me start to list his wonderful record of “achievements”, that others may add complete at their leisure.

    1) Directed his successor then Minister for Communications, Muddles Turdball, to build a fourth (or lower) rate national Internet service rather than the high speed FTTP service required for all medical, commercial and personal uses, that as noted above will inhibit national economic growth for decades;

    2) Slashed 2013 Federal Budget funding to upgrade the killer Bolivia Hill about 35Km south of Tenterfield and the Tenterfield By-Pass and the Scone By-Pass BEFORE the 2013 election as payback against Tony Windsor INDEPENDENT who recognised that RAbbott would be a national disaster and sided with the Labor governments of Rudd and Gillard to delay RAbbott’s ascension to power;

    3) Did little or nothing about his portfolio in Aboriginal Affairs;

    4) Organised the “Pollie Pedal” as the biggest scam rorting the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme during recesses;

    Thankfully I have forgotten most of RAbbott’s many failings as we attempt to re-build Australia as an egalitarian society.

    For Shock Crock Alan “Meet me in the Dunny” Jones to laud RAbbott simply reflects his distorted values groomed during his troubled childhood in rural Queensland. In his own eyes, Jones is always white as driven snow and always the victim. But remember, Jones instigated the Cronulla Race Riots and the underwhelming protest Drive on Canberra leading to the disgusting Juliar television clip outside Parliament House.

    The worrying fact of this article is that 1,000 Australians believed RAbbott was correct.

  5. Keith

    Abbott’s first budget was probably the worst ever inflicted on Australians.
    The dismantling of the carbon price was breath takingly stupid.
    Abbott provided evidence that ideological views driving policy does not work, they need to be evidence based.
    Abbott’s promises were worthless.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Abbott’s promises….

    A rolled gold paid parental leave scheme….instead, women were labelled double dippers and got existing entitlements cut

    one million additional solar energy roofs on homes by 2020….dumped in their first budget

    plant 20 million trees…..but bulldoze more than that in just two years

    No unexpected adverse changes to superannuation….then he froze the Superannuation Guarantee

    All $100m-plus infrastructure projects to have cost-benefit analysis….thrown out the window as they hand over contracts without tender let alone any cost-benefit and refuse to release details under the guise of commercial in confidence.

    I could go on but the flashbacks aren’t worth it.

    As for Tony being a nice guy in person, I knew him pretty well when we were at uni. He was insufferably arrogant, would never consider he might be wrong about anything, and had a ridiculously unrealistic opinion of his own abilities. Any time he got in trouble. mummy and daddy were there to protect him…he never had to face the consequences of his actions. And he is a shocking hypocrite with his publicly expressed view about premarital sex and his daughters’ virginity.

  7. Barry Thompson.

    Mass delusion.
    Mr Abbott should seek psychiatric help instead of seeking relevance.
    He buggered this country up and has the gall to still be sticking his head into matters that require a much greater intellect and vision than he ever possessed.
    The man is a dangerous zealot.

  8. Ken

    The thought for the day sums up the mad monk perfectly

  9. Vikingduk

    A character reference from the parrot (jeez, that young fella in the toilet was good value). What a corrupt and rancid society we have become. $1000 bucks to praise the toxic turd phoneytony. Have we reached peak stupid yet? Nope, still a way to go as we continue our descent into hate and lies and deceit. The cognitive dissonant psychopaths rule. More cruelty is their creed, lies and hypocrisy their mantra. Welcome to Australia, the land of the braindead.

  10. Phil Pryor

    This Abbotty rubbish is a clear example of what occurred in the last century in Europe, a lay catholic raised pompous idiot misabsorbing what little good there was in the messages of superstition, supremacist triumphalism, hatred for the “others”, sheer masturbatory ignorant egotism. Abbott, Joyce, Turnbull, Abetz, Pyne, Andrews, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar, Peron, Pinochet, the Ustasha, Horthy, Pilsudski, so many in central and south America.., the FASCISTS, that political filth that knows no sense, decency, bounds. It is antidemocratic filth and no self enraptured catholic, or similar ratbags in pentecostalisms, should ever be in public life to serve others.

  11. Kaye Lee

    The truly hilarious part of all this is that it was his own parliamentary colleagues who threw him out of the leadership for being such a loon. And NOW they want to praise him? Why did you sack him then?

  12. Andy56

    now we know where 1001 stupid people can be found.

  13. johno

    Andy56, well said

  14. crypt0

    “1000 people paid $1000 dollars each … ”
    Hardly surprising … this is, after all Morrison’s quiet Australia in the year 2019.
    And to quote Vikingduk …
    Welcome to Australia, the land of the braindead.

  15. One Foot In The Grave

    Kaye Lee, Given the counterfeit christian we now have haunting the lodge ,maybe they’re getting sentimental.I think Morrison is far more dangerous than the Chimp,and we still have a lot of shit to play out.

  16. Wobbley

    Well with so-called political “parents” like the scummy little lying rodent and the former chopper maggot from McKellor, what the fck would you expect? The ilk is discusting, like the scum ya get when someone has polluted a small creek, it just lays on top looking dirty and toxic.

  17. Socrates.

    Whatever his myriad faults, you can not say he has been anything but a paragon of modesty.

  18. Kampbell

    I truly do appreciate how utterly awful his government was. Not to mention the disgusting treatment of Julia Gillard.

  19. Sam

    He won’t ever think so but the best thing for Abbott, was to get ousted as prime minister before facing the wrath of the public at another election.

    He was losing that election and by a large margin but now he and his deluded supporters can claim to his dying day, that ‘he totally would have won that election if not for leftie Turnbull unjustly kicking him out.’

    They’d be wrong but they get away with claiming this because we were robbed the opportunity of seeing that delightful electoral slaughter and thusly don’t have the final proof of this inevitability.

  20. Cool Pete

    Botty had the intellectual depth of an ant’s fart! And a man of Botty’s ability?! Botty only had a superior ability in one area, being a bloody dickhead!

  21. David Stakes

    And we all thought Billy Mcmahon was a hard act to follow, seems not the conservative side of politics has plenty.

  22. Roswell

    John, I think you’ll find they paid $130, not $1,000.

    I hope you don’t mind but I changed it for you.

  23. Zathras

    The Abbott government should indeed be appreciated.

    I should be recognised for setting a new lowest possible standard of governance, honesty, hypocrisy, accountability and Ministerial responsibility, although Morrison is well on the way to eclipsing that dismal record.

    It also significantly dropped Australia’s international economic ranking, a tradition that Morrison continues today. It was ranked 3rd best when Abbott took over and the last I read was in 2018 where we were hovering at around 18th with no clear direction in sight.

    He also managed to turn Australians against each other in the worst possible ways and split us into warring tribes, arguing over almost everything to distract from his own under-achievements.

    Perhaps the person most appreciative must be (now also Sir) Prince Philip who was awarded a knighthood to compensate him for just being himself.

  24. Matters Not

    Tony Abbott could’ve been a Labor hero but unfortunately he was cut down in his prime before he delivered a good, right and just outcome. No we have (roughly) the same political agenda but with more lipstick.

    He could have been a contender.

  25. Kathryn

    Proves that there is NO STOPPING STUPID!

    Abbott was a non-achieving, totally moronic, obsequious imperialist who detested egalitarianism. He rose to become an international laughing stock on a platform of reprehensible lies and broke EVERY single promise he made with his hand on his black heart! Abbott was a committed misogynist who had no policies that would benefit a SINGLE ordinary Australian, was a swaggering, inarticulate fool who found it impossible to debate any issue with any semblance of intelligence or logic.

    Abbott was a pathological serial LIAR who even bragged about lying – he couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended upon it and if he discovered he was telling the truth – by accident or misadventure – he would lie about THAT for the sheer hell of it! Abbott’s relentless corruption during his time in office was criminally errant. His non-stop acts of blatant NEPOTISM where he handed all three of his daughters high-paying government positions despite the fact they had no qualifications to undertake them, was absolutely disgraceful. Abbott abused countless billions of taxpayer funds by handing out HUGE tax benefits and privileges to his “mates” and causes, eg more than $900,000 in rebates to reward his Propaganda Minister, Rupert Murdoch as a financial reward for helping this miscreant get across the electoral line.

    Sally McManus so aptly and appropriately listed more than 478 separate shocking incidents of blatant corruption, gormless acts of ineptitude, blatant self-serving abuse of taxpayer funds and criminal acts of nepotism – the list was never really completed as Abbott, the WRECKING BALL of Australian politics, went on and on ruling by division, xenophobic racism, hatred and fear!

    Abbott’s crawling, cringe-worthy performance on the world stage was met with widespread international condemnation, derision and scorn. He was a CONSTANT embarrassment to Australia on the world stage; a breathtaking arrogant idiot without one iota of insight! The fact that this country could find 1000 of the nation’s most stupid, short-sighted idiots so willing to part with $1000 to feed the bottomless greed of this political parasite is an indication that the LNP are slowly succeeding in dumbing this nation down to a comatose idiocy never before seen in our political history.

    The fact that this unspeakably deluded sociopath has NEVER achieved a SINGLE thing of note in his useless, non-achieving life yet walked away with a net worth said to be more than $80 MILLION PLUS an increased superannuated pension of $300,000 per annum, beggars belief! No wonder the people of Australia are so, so nauseated by the never-ending criminal corruption and self-serving greed of the notorious climate-change-denying grim reapers in the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison fascist regime who have defunded and sold-off everything we love and value (to foreign investors), vandalised our environment, handed our resources, lands and waters over to rapacious foreign-owned business, dried up the Murray/Darling river system, QUADRUPLED our national debt and deficit and destroyed and annihilated everything they could get their grasping hands on!

    Not surprised the most depraved people in the country think that the bible-thumping hypocrite, Abbott, is like the Second Coming! Revolting creatures like Alan Jones, Andrew Bolt, the convicted paedophile George Pell and every plutocratic member of the malignant IPA have – at some time – cheered Abbott on. As for the rest of the world and the MASSIVE majority of Australians with an IQ reaching into double digits? Abbott will ALWAYS retain his title as the worst, most embarrassing, intellectual midget to have EVER clawed his way to the top of a woefully mad, bad and dangerously destructive and fascist government! Even Malcolm Fraser said that Abbott was, indeed, the most dangerous PM in our history!

    The following list from Sally McManus should be made COMPULSORY READING …


  26. Matters Not


    said to be more than $80 MILLION PLUS

    By whom? Perhaps you have the name of that ‘sayer’? Or maybe a link or two? What with $80 plus million, he has talents I am unaware of. LOTTO perhaps?

    As for the intellectual midget descriptor, perhaps you didn’t know Billy McMahon? Now he was an intellectual midget in any number of senses.

  27. Barry Thompson.

    Very much doubt the $80 million bit Kathryn, but love your post. Just wish you wouldn’t restrain yourself so much.


    No more about Tony Abbott. He was defeated at last election so why are we still giving credence to what he says. No more , please.

  29. wam

    I love your words, lord, they are so expressive of your mindset. “a good-faith effort to help our country to be the very best it could be” the rabbott believes this and ergoit is true his effort was in undeniably in faith
    Some of us old cynics think of the rabbott, as just an amoral, pommie, jesuit trained twit whose indoctrination gives him carte blanche for his actions.
    But he has the luck of the Irish.
    In 2009 defeating trumball by one vote(his own????),, then joining boobby to defeat rudd giving him the perfect start to the consummate opposition leader, who was allowed to become an inept prime minister easily the worst in my 8 decades.
    He is one of the men who typify the conservative australiam. who, without realising is ignorant, narrow minded, self centred and greedy. In his 25 years in canberra, the rabbott learnt nothing of value and contributed less.
    However there are millions of Australians who think Howard and the rabbott were excellent for Australia and were the saviours of the economy from labor and the greens.
    Wonder what you will write when little billy goes??? I’d need to read it because I wont be going to his dinner.

  30. yea right

    The only positive thing Abbott has done for Australia is make more of us wake up and realise how utterly corrupt our political system is, and how much contempt the liberal party has for most of Australia. Apart from that Tony Abbott and his ilk are simply consuming oxygen and destroying the planet.

    The up and comming generations cant reach voting age soon enough in my opinion.

  31. Kathy

    @yeah right so true.

    It was because of Tony Abbott winning government that caused me to become more involved in following politics and protesting.

  32. John Lord

    Thank’s Roswell.

  33. johno

    Didn’t you mean ” remarkably useless ” Tony ??

  34. Kathryn

    Abbott net worth $80 million has been published on quite a few sites …. here’s just one of them:


    Considering the depth of corruption and nepotism committed by Abbott during his notorious tenure as PM, it is not at all surprising!

  35. Roswell

    Kathryn, if you follow the bottom link in that article you’ll find that the author has taken the $80M net worth from the wrong Tony Abbott. They have used a Tony Abbott who is a North American writer of children’s books (who is worth $80M).

    That was a sloppy mistake from the author. Unforgivable.

  36. Matters Not

    Kathryn your link claims that Abbott’s wealth is $80 million (USD). Converting that to Australian dollars raises his wealth to (approx) $117 million. It may come as a surprise but some sites are more reliable than others. Accordingly, you will also note that your site lists his ethnicity as: UNKNOWN. In addition, it lists his current occupation as: WORLD LEADER.

    Don’t think there would be too many readers on this site who would take that link seriously. But a big yes to comedic relief.

    But as there are supposedly other sites – please provide a few others.

  37. Kaye Lee

    Here’s one of the “other sources”. It’s hilarious. Apparently Tony is worth $145 million. It won’t let me copy the paragraph, and with good reason. It is total crap.

    Tony Abbott Net Worth Updates

    According to the register of pecuniary interests, Tony doesn’t have any/many investments. And there was that story of him refinancing his home in 2008, taking out a mortgage of $710,000. You don’t do that on your family home unless you have to.

  38. Jack sprat

    Tony abbott ‘s greatest achievement was that he did not award a knighthood to Prince Andrew

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