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Tony Abbott’s first significant act as Minister for Women

Tony Abbott’s first significant act as Minister for Women – let’s make everyone aware that we’re doing something about domestic violence!

“Federal and state governments will spend $30 million on a national awareness campaign to stop domestic violence as Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Parliament he will meet with Labor to discuss a bipartisan approach to the issue.”

The Sydney Morning Herald, March 5th


“Violence is violence. It’s a crime. Full stop.”

Michaela Cash. Minister Assisting the Minister For Women, While Assisting The Minister For Women Announce That He’s Spending $30 million on an awareness campaign.


“What are these blinkin’ bleeding heart Labor lawyers from hereonin, screaming bloody hypocrites they are… they ought to out there kicking her (Julie Gillard) to death.”

Graham Morris, Liberal Party Strategist, suggesting strategy for the Labor Party.

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

Yep, everyone. Even Gillian Triggs with her partisan report. Though we may not agree with we still think she has the right to resign on her own terms. In fact, we’re sure of it, because we had a good hard look at the ways in which her resignation could be forced.

But for those of you who thought that Abbott was being sexist in his attacks on Professor Triggs, I think that it’s only fair to point out that he attacks anyone who fails to acknowledge the god-given mandate that his government has been given.

Let’s not be distracted by a silly report, written by a silly person, who didn’t have the sense to take on a new job when it would have been offered, but certainly wasn’t offered because that could be considered breaking the law, so let’s be clear that there was no inducement, just the possibility of a job, had the person in question decided that she’d rather resign before her partisan report led to the entire country losing all confidence in her. Let’s move on to something more positive and exciting on IWD (that’s International Women’s Day, and not to be confused with IMDs which we all agree were very confusing in the days leading up to our invasion of Iraq.)

It’s really exciting that the Abbott Government is spending $30 million on making women – and, of course, one or two men – aware of domestic violence. Because, after all, a woman who’s being attacked by her partner may not have been aware that she was a victim of domestic violence unless there was a government advertising campaign. She can remember the ad she saw on TV and think that she seek help, if only most of the help hadn’t been closed down in the 2014 Budget.

Now, I notice a lot of bleeding hearts – it’s just an expression, people, I mean if Graham Morris can use it, so can I – are complaining about this very thing. I read a piece where a person argued that it was ridiculous that the government is spending money creating awareness of the problem, when they’ve also saved money by closing down many of the places where a victim of domestic violence could go to seek help.

This, of course, overlooks the excellent approach to economic management that the government has. I mean, the money for the campaign had to come from somewhere, didn’t it? And while a place in a refuge would only help one person, an awareness campaign helps everyone… from advertising executives to media companies to Prime Ministers wishing to show how much they care about women.

And, of course, it also helps the women. The trickle down effect of this spending means that everyone should eventually have more money, which means that the women can afford to build and pay for their own refuges without relying on men’s taxes to pay for them. Let’s not forget that men earn more than women, so they’re paying more income tax, so why should their taxes be spent on something that they’re never going to use?

It’s part of the whole user pays system that the current government has a mandate for. Sorry, should that be a persondate; I have no wish to use politically incorrect language on IWD. It’s just like Medicare and the whole refuguee problem. And let’s be clear people, a refuge is only an “e” away from being a refugee.

But perhaps, I’m misunderstanding the government’s approach. Perhaps, the domestic violence campaign won’t be about making victims aware. Perhaps it’ll be directed at the cost of domestic violence, and try to convince the perpetrators to stop because like intergenerational debt, it’s something we just can’t afford. An ad campaign that says that like Medicare and Old People, it’s something that we just can’t afford any longer, maybe that’s what they have in mind.

Whatever, I’m sure it’ll be much better spent than if Labor had wasted it on services and that the campaign will be thoroughly worth the money, because, well, Tony’s back on top of his game, when just a week ago, we all thought that he’d hit the wall. Metaphorically, I’m not refering to any incident from his uni days.



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  1. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    I loved the photo of the woman trying to breathe life into the seriously brain-dead Tony Abbott!

  2. Lyle Upson.

    it is quite possible the adverts will trigger violence

  3. Catherine Lynch

    Lyle Upson, How will they possibly trigger violence? Seeing something doesn’t make a non-violent man violent. As a society we have to stop looking outside of the issue and focus on why it is acceptable, why don’t these men have the emotional skills to use something other then violence or a they just social paths ? Though even the majority of social paths without alcohol or drugs are not violent. Many white collar jobs seem to desire a social path mentality to suceed.
    Education on alcohol/drugs and violence, more help for both men and women, community education programs.. get a call out for domestic violence both parties get sent to community education programs.

  4. stephentardrew

    This government is a good case for euthanasia with a good helping hand from Beezle Bub.

    Welcome home brothers and sisters.

    The Devil is our shepherd we shall desperately want.

  5. Lyle Upson.

    there is the potential for the proposed adverts to cause a violent person anger and then strike out

    dismiss the possibility if you wish to

  6. stephentardrew

    Lyle Upson

    I have actually seen it happen Lyle. There were cases where DV leaflets were posted out to families and when the male came home, on seeing them, attacked their partners blaming for getting the brochures which led to even more violence.

    This is an area for professional intervention not government chest beating and flag waving while def-funding refuges.

    This mob are immoral idiots.

  7. Lyle Upson.

    thanks for confirming the possibility as having happened already … my concern seems correct

    hopefully someone will inform the Minister for Women that the adverts might lead to further violence

  8. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    My analysis of Rabid’s “awareness” campaign on domestic violence is that he has mates, or wannabee mates, who are orchestrating the advertising of telling the bleeding obvious.

    Meanwhile, women and children are actually bleeding – outwardly and inwardly.

    But do they care? No way.

    Just as long as Rabid and his LNP Degenerate nutters look like they’re doing something, that will do.

    I wonder how these reprehensible morons sleep at night?

  9. Lyle Upson.

    we already know a woman is murdered each week by a partner … soon we will be spending $30mil to tell us a woman is murdered each week by a partner

  10. @RosemaryJ36

    Unless Margie was brain-washed by a catholic education to be a submissive all-accepting wife, I suspect she may have thoughts from time to time of seeking help for psychological abuse. If she sticks with him to the bitter end I think she deserves to be sainted.
    PPS I did try to submit an article but did not succeed.

  11. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I know what you mean @RosemaryJ36.

    But on the other hand, Margie seems to accept his reprehensible conduct before, during and now, so I wonder if she deserves any sympathy? Supporting such a reprehensible bastard, who abuses the rights of others, does not encourage me to show sympathy.

    On the other hand, their daughters perhaps could be given some slack in some circumstances, as long as it does not concern nepotism, such as the Whitehouse Institute of Design debacle concerning Francis Abbott that caused grief to young Freya Newman for reporting it..

  12. mars08

    eeeek…. my eyes… I have always found Lisa Newman’s displays of affection unattractive and disturbing. The photo at the top of this page is the stuff of nightmares.

  13. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    maybe the thing that’s missing in ole rabid Abbott’s life is a damn good, sloppy, drippy pash!

    Bring it on Lisa Newman!

  14. Katie08

    It is ironic that the ONLY time you EVER see Abbott cart out his wife and daughters is on politically motivated scenarios such as this, International Women’s Day – in fact, normally, Maggie is conspicuous by her absence unlike the politically active and highly respected Margaret Whitlam! At this stage of Abbott’s tragic 18 months reign as the worst PM in our history, I think most Australians see right through his incessant LIES and transparent nauseating hypocrisy.

    The Labor and Greens Parties have always had a fantastic array of intelligent, well educated and articulate women from various socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds throughout their cabinets. The Labor and Greens parties are proud to have these women on their team … these clever women give Labor/Greens credibility, balance and fit and proper representation of the more than 52% of Australia’s female population. The employment of many women has always been a “natural” process for Labor and the Greens where women have always had strong representation and powerful influence and their policies have benefited from the foresight and common sense that women can bring to the table.

    Compare this to the testosterone laden LNP where warmongering and ramped up terror campaigns rule the day! Where issues of war, brute force and aggression towards neighbouring countries and shocking savagery and callous inhumanity towards vulnerable asylum seekers and their children has been normalised and pushed through as vile policy! This is what happens when there is not enough women on the front cabinet to provide an “alternate” view … a more viable, sensible option! The male dominated cabinet of the LNP has proven to be an abysmal FAILURE where no thought is given to our children’s future education and employment opportunities, where our environment is laid bare to the rapacity of multinational corporations and unconscionable mining companies, where the ONLY thing that matters is power and profit at any cost … issues that concern many women and men throughout the country! Who can ever forget the disgraceful and relentless sexist attacks against Julia Gillard for months on end by the misogynistic, thoroughly vindictive Abbott who has a long, long history of reprehensible antagonism towards women on campus at Sydney University where he was a notorious thug and bully – just ask Barbara Ramjan or Helen Wilson what THEY think of Abbott’s infamous behaviour towards women!

    Compare the equitable balance of women employed by Labor and the Greens to the phony lip service that the misogynistic LNP pay to the employment of women in their party, the horrific disrespect and contempt Abbott displays towards women and the shocking selection of only one “token” woman on Abbott’s front cabinet! Time and time again, the LNP have proven that their condescending, patriachal attitudes towards women is deeply rooted in their conservative, ultra right wing psyche … misogyny is part of their DNA and they will never change! Their sexist stance against women and women’s issues isn’t something new … it can be traced back through the LNPs ignominious history on this issue. It seems apparent that current bogans on Team Austrayleeeya is only viable if the overwhelming majority are male!

    The most recent and thoroughly disgraceful act revealing just how persistently ingrained is the tiresome level of LNPs totally patronising attitude towards women, is, not surprisingly, Abbott’s choice of venue for International Women’s Day! The supremely offensive and arrogant charlatan, Abbott, the tongue-in-cheek “Minister for Housewives doing the Ironing”, staged International Women’s Day in Brisbane’s Tattersall’s Club, a notorious draconian Men’s Only Club. This selection shows a staggering lack of good judgement but then, again, just about EVERYTHING Abbott says and does shows an astonishing lack of good judgement – sadly, we are almost immune to his incredible lack of sensitivity and boorish displays of uncouth, loutish behaviour! This latest pathetic escapade clearly shows the sneering contempt in which he holds women (generally) – no doubt Abbott and his Boy’s Club would have thought this very amusing! No doubt the selection of this club tried, and abysmally failed, to hide Abbott’s vindictive underlying motive and that is to thumb his nose at women and women’s issues which, he believes, is beneath him! Abbott is a shameless bogan who drips hypocrisy like a leaking faucet!

    The Labor and Greens Parties are the ONLY parties that have initiated equal rights and equal pay for women … especially under the illustrious Gough Whitlam. The Labor and Greens Parties have always been the movers and shakers, the instigators of change, the progressive parties whose respect for women and women’s issues have always been at the forefront of their policies.

    Men and women of Australia, REMEMBER THIS at the next NSW State Election and, especially, at the next Federal Election! Vote for either Labor or The Greens and PUT THE LNP LAST … because this is where they will ALWAYS put women!

  15. CMMC

    ‘Ab – so – lutely’ This is the new 3-word slogan from Abbott, but its really just one word.

  16. helvityni

    When people like Graham Morris can say:…’ they ought to out there kicking her (Julie Gillard) to death’, and get away with it, it shows that there really is something very sick about this country, and no thirty million is going to fix it…

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Beautifully said, Katie08,

    I agree with every word. Come on NSW State election and NSW voters, do yourselves proud and get rid of the Baird-led LNP scumbags. Vote in a Greens/Labor/Progressives Alliance for the future of your State and an impetus to the Federal elections.

    Did you see the window dressing behind Abbott in Parliamentary QT of his menagerie of women LNP members all laughing hysterically at his bogan humour equating breaking the glass ceiling to allowing women into Brisbane Tattersalls Club on International Women’s Day for one token day?

    I don’t get Abbott (unless I accept that he is a narcissistic bogan spoilt by a privileged background, doting parents and cunning deceit to greedily grab every leg-up he could get his filthy hands on).

    But I sure as hell, don’t get Julie Bishop, the two blondes (NT and NSW) and Sarah Henderson, the Member for Corangamite. Don’t they realise he was insulting them too?

  18. Glenancer

    Yet another lie from Abbott “Obviously they’ve now broken down the last barrier and they’ve made the men only club admit women. Admit women!” The Tattersalls Club has been admitting women for years. They have regular functions & wedding receptions held there in their function rooms ( maybe they are men only weddings….ouch.) Yes it is a men only club & that’s fine….why not, women have exclusive clubs, gyms etc.. which is also fine. I hold nothing against the Tattersalls Club at all. The disgrace here is the governments snide insult to women by holding the International Womens Day of all functions at a mens only club. With so much disregard for women how can we take them seriously in this again insulting bid of advertising domestic violence when they have cut so much funding to womens refuges?

  19. stephentardrew

    Marilyn Munroe once said:

    “Women who want to be equal with men lack ambition.”

  20. Joanne Brooks

    That photo made me violently ill. Isn’t she the wife of the former premier of qld? Lisa something….

  21. Annie B

    Rossleigh …. kindly refrain from posting vile pornish pix on this site. … I do not enjoy revisiting my dinner too much. … That photo is utterly revolting. – – 😉

    On a more serious note … your comment :

    ” ……….to stop domestic violence as Prime Minister
    Tony Abbott told Parliament he will meet with Labor to
    discuss a bipartisan approach to the issue.”

    Seems to me he does a lot of ‘bi-partisan’ approaches….. which I think is his vile way of undermining the Labor Party. It is insidious manipulation – as only he can do – because when people who do NOT like Abbott ( and there are many ) … see the Labor party being drawn continually into bi-partisan arrangements and meetings, it puts Labor squarely in the same boat. It’s a political ploy to make Labor appear to be something that they are not. …

    But bi-partisan approaches are rarely, if ever ignored – and this manipulator knows that. The Opposition probably realises it too, but ends up being between a rock and a hard place, which is precisely where Scabbott would want them to be

    I am eagerly awaiting the day that Bill Shorten says ” Up yours for the rent, Abbie baby – we will do our OWN thing, thank you “.

    I would think Scabbotts’ daily prayer would be ” Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Other than that – your article is excellent, and opens the box on the issues involving domestic violence, extremely well.

  22. Annie B

    Lyle …. “hopefully someone will inform the Minister for Women that the adverts might lead to further violence”

    A true enough statement – could well make matters much worse.

    And if anyone did let him know, his retort would be ” but we have ‘stopped the boats’. …. He’s a moron.


    Katie08 …. you sure said more than a mouthful or two there. …. and bravo for that. Every word true in an excellent post.

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