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Tony Abbott still makes me feel sick in the pit of my stomach

1 Sir Robert Menzies and Tony Abbott remain the only two Prime Ministers who one could argue were more British than the British.

Menzies adoration of The Queen was so over the top as to be an embarrassment. Abbott’s love for the Monarchy showed up when he championed its side during the 2019 referendum.

Now we find that Abbott, who was so despised as Australian Prime Minister, that his colleagues got rid of him. Then to make matters worse his constituents voted him out of his seat.

My view of him when he was elected Prime Minister in 2013 was this:

Has Australia ever so blindly elected a man so negatively characterless?

So ignorant of truth and transparency.

So willing to endorse and foster inequality,

So insensitive to those who cannot help themselves.

So illiterate of technology and science.

So oblivious to the needs of women and the aged.

So inept at policy formation and its implementation,

So prone to the language of absurdity.

So pugnacious so confrontational, so self-righteous, in his attitude toward others.

So dismissive of those wanting equality and so out of touch with a modern pluralist society.

A man so unsophisticated in deep wordily acumen or discernment, yet so religiously motivated.

Yet here he bobs up, being proposed as a British trade envoy to do all the necessary Brexit trade deals.

Tony Abbott as a British trade envoy is not quite comedy but it will do for a serious giggle.

If all they expect of him is the repetitious shaking of hands and gratis smiles at garden parties then he is probably their man.

I expect that the job would demand all the attributes of a leader he never showed as Australia’s number one man.

In that role he was about as useless as an ashtray on a motor bike.

Of course, he was born in England in 1957 and later attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. So draped, was he in his Englishness, that he even, as prime minister, gave the Duke of Edinburgh an Australian knighthood.

The sheilas and blokes of good old Oz were completely gobsmacked with the decision, at the time, and demanded he get a new manager. He has been handling himself for far to0 long was the word from the main bar at Young & Jackson.

Nobody could see what services the Prince had done for us that might justify us giving the wanka a title that we couldn’t receive ourselves. I hope that makes sense.

Well unless you were still a British citizen, you were still eligible for a knighthood. Perhaps a discreet meeting had taken place with Sir Lynton Crosby. Do you get my drift?

There is nothing in Abbott’s background that suggests he is remotely qualified for this job. I mean, one wouldn’t dare put the mother country through such an ordeal.

The UK’s shadow trade secretary, Emily Thornberry was aghast at the appointment, saying:

“I just find this appointment absolutely staggering,” Thornberry said. “On a personal level, I am disgusted that Boris Johnson thinks this offensive, leering, cantankerous, climate change-denying, Trump-worshipping misogynist is the right person to represent our country overseas.”



In fresh news The Guardian reports that Abbott had admitted that in signing trade deals while he was Prime Minister he never allowed himself to become “side-tracked by peripheral issues such as labour and environmental standards.”

Which is of course in direct opposition to Boris Johnson’s insistence that “workers’ rights and environmental standards would be maintained once Britain leaves the single market and customs union.”

Just to finish off the former Prime Minister put the throttle down. In a speech to the Policy Exchange think tank he said that the economic cost of lockdowns meant families should be allowed to consider letting elderly relatives with the coronavirus die by letting nature take its course.

“Letting nature take its course.” Those words make me feel sick in the labyrinth of my guts.

Abbott claimed it was costing the Australian government as much as $200,000 (£110,000) to give an elderly person an extra year’s life, substantially beyond what governments would usually pay for life-saving drugs.

Abbott said not enough politicians were “thinking like health economists trained to pose uncomfortable questions about the level of deaths we might have to live with.”

That the man could have been a priest is beyond my physical and mental capacity to cope with as I try to manage my way through this crisis.

This conservative thinking of money before lives makes … me want to vomit.

But Abbott’s proposed appointment hasn’t been the only controversy of late.

2 Last Monday, in a bid to redirect attention from the economic bad news he is about to deliver, the treasurer chucked the greatest political hissy-fit since Pauline Hanson objected to vaccinations.

“The biggest policy failure in living memory” so said the Australian Treasurer referring to Victoria’s perceived lack of a COVID-19 plan.

That is the greatest load of hogwash l have ever heard. Menzies got us involved in Vietnam. It cost our country 500 young lives and millions of dollars. Then there was Iraq.

That’s what I call policy failures.

3 Unless there is something I’m missing, I fail to understand all the goings on about Facebook and free news.

It seems to me that If I share something from a Murdoch newspaper on Facebook is it news or free advertising? A link to the newspaper ensures that you are directed away from Facebook to the newspaper in question.

Perhaps they should be paying Facebook. What am I missing?

4 Now let me move onto that never-ending question as to when we might get an anti-corruption bill. Well on Tuesday Paddy Manning wrote in The Monthly that Helen Haines, the independent member for the regional Victorian seat of Indi, put two new bills on notice in the lower house: the Australian Federal Integrity Commission Bill 2020 and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Standards Bill 2020.

It is said that the decisions our politicians make now and upon the ending of this pandemic will shape our future for decades to come.

Therefore, we must rise to the occasion and install an integrity commission. After two years it is obvious the government has no intention of doing so.

I wish the Member for Indi all the very best.

My thought for the day

I find it impossible to imagine that the Australian people could be so gullible as to elect for a third term a government that performed so miserably in the first two and has amongst its members some of the most devious, suspicious, cruel and corrupt men and women… but they did.

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  1. New England Cocky

    JL, It was very kind of you to provide an objective list of all the personal traits that the British government is employing in the Toxic RAbbott package. RAbbott is obviously well qualified to join the ranks of the insanely led English Parliament as they destroy the remnants of the British economy while exerting imperialist control over Scotland that wants to break free of the lunatics running the asylum.

    Naturally we would expect his pro-eugenics stance for eliminating the aged care problems by exterminating people aged over 70 to be completely different form the polices of the democratically elected German government of the 1933 to 1945 period. After all, it was the advocacy of the Jewish lawyer Isaac Isaacs that disenfranchised Australian Aborigines and facilitated state sponsored genocide polices in Australia, so there is a colonial precedent for the Poms.

    Perhaps you have been a little unkind to Friedeggburger by joshing him about the destructive COBID-19 corporations profiteering polices of the Morriscum misgovernment. I mean, well, Liarbrals believe that the only good government spending is pouring money into private coffers as happened with the COVIS-19 Jobkeeper policy which inflated corporate profits while allowing gig, casual and part-time workers to starve along with the overseas tertiary students propping up the university education sector to the enormous financial advantage of Vice Chancellors.

    Funny how the Rudd Henry strategy of ”go early, go hard, go families” in the 2009 GFC saved Australia from that bank induced financial disaster. Perhaps the political myth about the financial competence of the COALiiton has been exposed for all to see. Why only this morning ABC 24 News Breakfast reported that the present corporations preferred government policies had created the worst economic slump (7%) since the 1929 Great Depression after the ALP Hawke Keating economic reforms had generated 30 YEARS OF PROSPERITY!!

    Now do not fuss yourself with Rupert’s little hissy fit over news. The Murdoch empire is suffering badly from tax free status and needs government subsidies totalling $40 MILLION to remain NOT PAYING TAX IN AUSTRALIA.

    A Federal ICAC?? When Gussie Grasslands Taylor is doing so well exporting the profits from selling an empty glass of MDB water for $80 MILLION with the documented assistance of his colleague in corruption the amoral, adulterous, alcoholic Barnyard Joke??

    That may have to wait until we get some credible politicians concerned about the best interests of Australian voters rather than the political donations to the party by foreign owned multinational mining and water speculating corporations exploiting our Australian resources and legally ripping off our nation by paying no taxation though the corporate favouring tax laws.

    Stay safe and remember ”Nil Bastardo Carborundum”; don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  2. Phil Pryor

    It matters little to use rude languge about this skinful of shit Abbott, but what a romanist, superstitious, drenched, leached, saturated shower of shit is the dud? A man in superficial appearance, Abbott, the Great Manly Masturbator, must stroke and polish and blister his penile personality (hah) until the blood rises, leaving the skull arid and sahara sandy. Never have we had so glaring a fool, tool and drool, for even old Billy Mc Mahon and others got a sympathy effort for their known deficiencies, Abbott is ALL defect, reject, eject. People of his type and background are raised as misfits, living lying lives in a fantasy world that never existed and creating self rewarding and forgiving rules. Political perverts, ignorant idiots, dreaming drongos, superstitious stinking stools, they ruin any civilised approach to a better life and future. Abbott should volunteer to clear the decks of overcrowded life and eliminate himself and his curse. Fortunately he did not become a priest in that iniquitous inquisitorial menagerie of covered up filth, and so the private areas of many little children might thus have been saved from a statistically likely interference, which stains that reputation so horribly.

  3. Deb

    Crikey yesterday carried this great quote about Abbott from 2017 –

    In October 2017, in response to Victoria’s assisted dying legislation, his take was a little different: “It marks our descent into a country which regards human beings as disposable, and we don’t want anyone ever to be regarded as useless, worthless or disposable.”

  4. wam

    The rabbott is opus dei and lies for god, He is so indoctrinated as to be amoral and cannot conceive a position beyond his church’s teaching. There is no doubt in my mind that he will not read any reports that may threaten his belief. Such risks were taken by the credlin types sanitised them passed on to the rabbott orally or in notes.
    But as controlling as his religion was, it has nothing on the current man and his cronies whose ideology and will destroy our difference, destroy labor’s institutions and Ifuknose what else pops into their circle. I am finding it hard to think when these narrow arsed christians have been given the means to impose with only an ex-army simpleton and rex as opposition.. These two are wedged by flat tax up to hir $200k and their employer super of 15% with the median wage earner at $55k and the average at $84k who is speaking that a rise in tax free threshold is fair to all because it comes off the top and the rich get more but the pollies give the low wages nothing and themselves thousands

    Love your thought today, lord, most thought provoking when someone in labor is able to take penny’s observation:
    “I would say at times, some of the Greens’ messages make it very challenging for Labor. I think Bob Brown’s Adani convoy, helped keep Scott Morrison in power”
    seriously and do something to distance themselves from the greens with the 5th column style activities of brandt being driven by ambition so as to be helpful to the government over the last 10 years.

  5. Josephus

    Lord’s useful reminders do nonethess invite comment.
    Nature takes its course notion is antithetical to mainstream monotheistic practice and belief. In modern times there were the predestinationists, God being outside time so knowing what we would do. Yet free will was and is the basis of most faiths. Even in ancient Egypt you were judged post mortem.

    Nature takes its course is pagan in origin, revived last century as ideas of fatalistic racism became fashionable eg the natives were going to die out, with some help from invader diseases and murderers.
    This had nothing to do with the religion of Isaacs. Did this man practise that religion? Was for example the mass murder perpetrated by the Germans in Namibia in 1905 to 1907 motivated by Christianity? All religions have groups that think their god permits murder. The Israelites smote their enemies , but as even the Buddhists in Burma kill others shows, to link genocide with
    Judaism is, well, you get my drift.
    Finally, Abbott’s ignorance of doctrinal history is clear when one recalls the anti vaxxers of Jenner’s era, who opposed smallpox jabs on the grounds that if God wanted to end your life, how dare we prevent that? In which case Abbott must eschew injections, antibiotics, even central heating or cooling , which arguably extend lives.

  6. MrFlibble4747

    Abbott the classic “Fall Guy” for the POHM’s dirty Brexit trade deals. A disposable arse wipe!

    Big problem for us is that they will send him back here with his knighthood reward.

  7. Dave G.

    The Abbott Govt. had a very comfortable majority in the Lower House one unmatched since.Did the electorate see qualities in this man that are commendable? I think there is enough support out there for these knuckle dragging anti anything people [think Palmer, Hanson] to distort the electoral outcome & we are left with the intellectuaL lightweights that we are stuck with now.Solution is an informed electorate,that’s a real challenge.

  8. Jack Cade

    Tony Abbott has never changed, and his character and attitudes were well known to his electors, who returned him to the federal parliament for decades.m, presumably because he is their sort of fellow. It was only when his Neanderthal plonkerdom was publicised widely that the burghers decided their own dirty attitudes were being scrutinised and swapped him for someone marginally less vocal and a bit less extreme.
    But one of THEM none the less. Must be.

  9. B Sullivan

    Dave G
    “Solution is an informed electorate, that’s a real challenge.”

    The solution is proportional representation. Currently the !0% of Australians who vote for the Greens are only represented by 1 MP, while 9% of Australians who vote for the Liberal/Nationals are represented by 33 MPs and the 5% who vote for the Nationals have 10 representatives.

    Nothing will change as long as this situation is not addressed, People like Clive Palmer will employ Facebook’s psychographic profiling capabilities to target and persuade over-represented regional minorities to prevent any majority supported political party of which they disapprove from winning an election.

    We are being screwed because the electoral system is skewed. Try informing the electorate about that.

  10. leefe

    “… a man so negatively characterless?
    So ignorant of truth and transparency.
    So willing to endorse and foster inequality,
    So insensitive to those who cannot help themselves.
    So illiterate of technology and science.
    So oblivious to the needs of women and the aged.
    So inept at policy formation and its implementation,
    So prone to the language of absurdity.
    So pugnacious so confrontational, so self-righteous, in his attitude toward others.
    So dismissive of those wanting equality and so out of touch with a modern pluralist society.
    A man so unsophisticated in deep wordily acumen or discernment, yet so religiously motivated.”

    Are you talking about the Mad Monk or ScoMoFo?

  11. John Lord

    Ledge. It’s flexible.

  12. Roswell

    Oh, for a minute there I thought you were talking about me.

  13. pierre wilkinson

    Agree entirely with leefe
    btw speaking of policy failures, I wonder if anyone mentioned scotty from marketings abject failure during the fire season

  14. Harry Lime

    If nature truly took it’s course,Abbott would have never made it out of the trees.Maybe he was forcibly ejected by the other chimps.

  15. corvusboreus

    Tony Abbott
    A man too ideologically blinkered, pig ignorant, or just plain phuqqen stupid to accept that the world’s oceans are documentably rising, despite the unanimous scientific of every credible oceanographic institute on the planet, the advice of his own departments and the results of a basic search on Google.
    And they want him to peddle hoddy pommy products to overseas markets?
    I suppose landlocked Orban might be buying abbott’s dodgy crap.

  16. Matters Not

    It’s simply a means to an end. Sir Lynton Crosby AO received one so it’s reasonable to assume there will be a Sir Anthony John Abbott AC. It’s the Title he’s always wanted. And it will be bestowed by Royalty. Heaven on Earth.

  17. wam

    Spot on crow you have completed leefe’s lyrics:
    so fearful of challenge to his belief in the church that avoidance measures are a must;
    walk away’
    ‘stand in mouth quivering silence;(wonder if anyone has sent the mark riley shit happens or peak down load or have you read the report or shirt front or suppository? Why the fuk didn’t labor have australia laughing at the amoral ignoramous the labor fols let him call them a disaster for 25% debt ratio when the pomms, yanks koreans and japsanese were 90%-100%?)
    malevolent lies
    prepared answers to known questions
    aw hell he is what the poms deserve and thanks boobby for apologising after 10 years of avoidance

  18. corvusboreus


  19. corvusboreus

    Actually, based on the fact that pretty much every time I comment on this site, I immediately get another serve of the same old vapid drivel from wam (crowboobieloonie) I reckon I’ll give the AIMN a miss for another six months..

  20. John Lord

    Roswell. To be a good thinker you have to be.

  21. DrakeN


    just ignore the unintelligible diatribe from him/her/it.

    Doing so saves me from a lot of angst and puzzlement.

  22. Jack Cade

    Maybe Wam targets Corvus because he’s a Crow…

  23. Vikingduk


    Find some Corvus Corax music, turn it up, sit back, guaranteed to clean the spiders out, refresh the combobulations, terrify right wing nutters, or any nutter. Six months a long time to wait.

  24. leefe

    “Actually, based on the fact that pretty much every time I comment on this site, I immediately get another serve of the same old vapid drivel from wam (crowboobieloonie) I reckon I’ll give the AIMN a miss for another six months..”

    I spend a minute or two trying to decipher the semi-literate hodgepodge of disconnected words he delivers, and move on. Or just scroll on past because it doesn’t take long to realise that there won’t be anything worth wasting time on in his comments.

  25. corvusboreus

    Corvus Corax are the acknowledged grand-daddies of the European ‘medieval music renaissance’ (I have a couple of their cds) but in I’m a bit more into a group called ‘Heilung’ at the moment.
    If you haven’t heard them, I reckon you should have a look at a song called ‘Krigsgaldr’ (meaning ‘war magic’)
    It is primal and powerful, full of stones and steel, but beware the official video, it’s phuqqen brutal. .

    “What am I supposed to do, if I want to talk of peace and understanding,
    But you only understand the language of the sword?”

    In addition, front-woman Maria Franz is probably one of the finest modern reindeer-bone percussionists in Europe.

    Ps, Cheers for the collective chin up folks.

  26. Vikingduk

    Heilung absolute favourites of mine as well, a son told us to watch and listen many months ago. Lifa on YouTube was our first intro. Excellent band. Funnily enough playing at the moment of reading your comment. And she has a bloody beautiful voice.

  27. corvusboreus

    Random observation:
    A few nights ago I saw the first firefly flight of the season.
    Tonight they were out in the dozens.
    Round here, they usually don’t usually rouse to mate till round mid October.
    Seems like the seasons might be a little bit broken..
    Anyways, just a thought.

  28. Terence Mills

    I hear on the news this morning that Abbott’s position with the UK Board of Trade has been confirmed and that it is an honorary position i.e. it’s unpaid.

    So how exactly does that work ? Has he been given the nod on a knighthood ?

    Perhaps he’ll take over as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports a position occupied by Bob Menzies and not a commoner to be seen over the centuries :

    Actually, to be fair, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports could be a good job for Tony – can’t get into too much trouble and keeps him out of Australia !

  29. Jaq

    Wam… get off the sauce mate…

  30. Mark Shields

    Dave G
    “Solution is an informed electorate, that’s a real challenge.” Exactly.

    With the push in Australia towards (US-style) non-compulsory voting, maybe a License to vote is not as fascist as it seems. After all, when it boils down, all the important votes are made by the elite anyway.

    Just like sitting an Australian citizenship test; those who want to vote should be required to pass some basic tenets of social responsibility, literacy, sound judgement along with a set IQ level base. Let’s face it those who would fail this test are usually led by disingenuous policies of greed and self-interest and probably are too limited in focus to recognise what they are being deprived of -just as I don’t have a truck, train, pilots, doctors, lawyers license nor a PHD.

    This test should also apply to plebs wanting to enter parliament. YES, the idea is elitist but that is exactly what Lord has pointed out here, power is held by the few ignorant mongrels, too stupid to understand what public representation actually signifies and we just need to reverse the elitism. There is no way to isolate the intelligent narcissists, sociopaths and devious manipulators of our democracy but if the hordes of gullible, brainwashed imbeciles were removed from the mandate; think how reduced the political rhetoric, obfuscation and vilification might actually become. We might just be able to return to logical and rational debates!

    And for those dubiously concerned about ‘Everyone having a say in their community’? This test is not about preventing Community participation, that just continues as normal, it is about developing responsible attitudes towards our national philosophy which we have abandoned for many decades. AND if you so seriously want to vote, you will educate yourself in the necessary subjects of Social Responsibility and will feel proud to eventually have a license to vote.

  31. Matters Not

    Mark Shields re:

    developing responsible attitudes towards our national philosophy

    Care to define what you mean by national philosophy? Traditionally, the study of philosophy is/was divided into metaphysics, epistemology and axiology or some variation of same. In brief, philosophy usually investigates the nature of existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Is that what you had in mind? If so, then what does our national philosophy look like when compared to the philosophy as pursued by other nations or other individuals?

    Further, what do you mean by responsible attitudes? And who is to decide? Using what test? So many questions requiring any number of answers. Over to you. But be careful what you wish for because you might be in the group that is denied a vote.

  32. Phil Pryor

    Perhaps Mark Shields can find a national philosophy but does one exist? As for responsible attitudes, they seem absent or invisible currently. Philosophy might be explained best by starting with Bertrand Russell’s introduction to his excellent History of Western Philosophy, itself insufficient in scope, Who has time to consider the detailed specialist works of so many? Russell does stress this.., “Throughout this long development from 600 B C, to the present, philosophers have been divided by those who wish to tighten social bonds and those who wish to relax them.” He suggests that disciplinarians, often dogmatic, tend to refute science, preferring nobility and heroism.Libertarians tend to be scientific, utilitarian, rationalistic, hostile to violent passion, enemies…of religion.., existing before recognised philosophy, it persists down to the present day. Russell suggests each party to this “dispute” is thus partly right and partly wrong. He continues to say that social cohesion is a necessity, never being enforced by rational arguments, and goes on to consider cycles and change rather like Pareto did. It is only a touch of what might be considered. Could we even form a committee of Australians to establish a national “philosophy”? We have some individuality or outlines of culture and attitude. Not enough?

  33. Henry Rodrigues

    Coming back to the real subject, Abbott as trade adviser to the poms. It would delicious irony when he fucks up their trade strategy just as he fucked up everything when he was leading Australia. Such an imbecile, devoid of any clear logic and perception, captive to his won base instincts and utterly incapable of regret on any of his stupid decisions. Serves the poms right when they realize they got a dud instead of a prize.

  34. wam

    haha jack, loved the comment from the victorians after the match that the heavy rain affected the bombers presumably it didn’t fall on ports.
    The man is a green crow and blind to the consequences of boobby’s vote for the rabbott even after boobby’s 10th year anniversary apology.
    He is unaware of the consequences of chrissy milne’s vote to give the rabbott unlimited access to money Her apology due 2023
    He refuses to accept the consequences of booby’s caravan’s timing was to boost the loonies cash in the cities.and was successful to the tune of $3m into the loonie coffers. That apology due 2029

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