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  1. Ruth Lipscombe

    I would be very surprised if God would waste a second of her time on our Prime Slime a.k.a the Blunder from Down Under.

  2. John Fraser


    Queensland already has it.

    Its called VLAD.

    jesus on a stick …. what have I just written.

  3. Roswell

    More brilliance, Kaye.

  4. Lee

    Nice one Kaye 🙂

  5. Annie B

    Good one Kaye.

    Did wonder how the putrid one, might have reacted to Pope Francis’ most recent ( and fairly obviously directed ) statements about climate change and poverty.

    Methinks the Pope ain’t too happy with one of his flock, in particular – & with the rest of the LNP who most all seem to be RC !!!

    Pope Francis is no push-over …. he has his fingers on many secular buttons.

    So – no photo ops. for such a naughty little boy. 😉

  6. Gilly

    Uh oh, Didn’t anyone let the rabid one know that God is a left wing, lesbian, Muslim.

  7. Loz

    With almost all the world defending us what have we to fear – oh of course Tony Abbott

  8. stephentardrew

    Here we have the real game changer that is totally pissing off Europe and the US.
    Cold war war rhetoric or not this is going to eventually stick it to the Euro and Dollar.
    If you can’t win by bullying then you are lost.

    New world order coming our way and the political acolytes of US hegemony hate it.

    What is Legard, the IMF and World bank going to do about this lot after telling us to increase the GST?

    Well you know absolutely nothing other than starve ordinary Russians. That was a brilliant strategy in Iraq. If you can’t get your own way starve the masses.

    Personally I don’t trust any of the greed infested bastards.

  9. DanDark

    Roll up roll up circus OZ is in town
    We have Tony Abbott who is BFs with God
    He often talks in tongues as he counts his fingers one by one
    He rides his bike advertising the big end of town whenever he can
    Lycra should really be banned
    He constantly licks his lips, or is that a twitch
    He longs for adoration but can only manage a lot of boooooos
    From the lowly peasants who gather for Goughs funeral
    His polls are bad, his policies are worse
    his budget is in tatters
    It’s the “Peter Principal” at work….

  10. stephentardrew

    Damn Kaye I knew all the time it was Pell running the show.

    Can’t be Tony and the front bench as they are describable idiots.

    Oops Peel is also an indescribable idiot.

    Well so much for that theory.

    Hang on a minute doesn’t it go something like fools of a feather flock together.

  11. stephentardrew

    The god of small minds and vacuous intent
    Spilling peoples lives on the garbage heap of greed
    Lost in idolatrous fervor to small minded Gods
    Of moral iniquity and military muscle
    The devils spawn held in fascination of the great Beelzebub
    Good (or in your case Bad) God jealousy eats at you hey Tony Baloney.
    I have news for you Devils clone
    This not the second coming it is the breath of Armageddon.

  12. jimhaz

    They are dumb. Even the ALP were cutting most depts quite hard with repeated “efficiency gains” of 1 or 1.5%.
    They could have done the same, yet they choose to be extreme to send a message to Rupert and co, that Team Australia is open to paying back the media corruption that killed off Gillard and allowed Abbott to lie and lie and lie.

    They are probably keen to build up a donations corruption kitty early for the next election.

  13. John Kelly

    I can’t wait for God’s response. It would be the first since Moses’ encounter with the burning bush. A mortal sin for evidenced-based approaches won’t worry believers. They have never had any evidence. I worry for the scientists, though. Their evidence is damning. They will need a place to flee. It will be like the Jewish diaspora all over again.

  14. Dave

    Wow, can’t wait for the signing of the 3 word slogans! How will Pope Francis look in budgie smugglers, or is going to be a full on formal gathering, ie hard hats and fluoro jackets?… Margie, you had better hurry up with the ironing!

  15. Kaye Lee

    In an embarrassing moment for Cardinal Pell, Pope Francis gave him a white tunic for Tony Abbott. As Pell looked somewhat bemused, the Pope said “I heard he wants a surplice”.

  16. Lee

    Perhaps God will ask Tony to sacrifice his first born. 😉

  17. stephentardrew

    But, but, but Kaye! Oh never mind I’m drowning in crap.

  18. DanDark

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