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Tony Abbott — leader or destroyer?

By Barry Tucker

A small heading in today’s Sydney Morning Herald said Tony Abbott is not a bad leader. But how do you judge?

If you judge him by his party’s 2PP polling he would fail the test. If you judged him by his personal popularity polling he would fail the test.

If you judged him on party loyalty, based on continuing Cabinet leaks, he would fail the test.

If you judged him by his ability to deliver balance in government and policies for all citizens he would fail the test.

Is there any test that Tony Abbott would pass as a national leader?

It’s often said that he was a very successful Opposition Leader. By this it is meant that he successfully destroyed a Labor government. He is and always has been a successful destroyer — he does pass that test.

— Barry Tucker (Twitter: @btckr)

First published on The Sniper.



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  1. Terry2


    if you judge him on his own personal assessment, he would pass the test.

    Fair’s fair

  2. Susan

    Destroyer of everything Australian.

  3. Jollyjumbuck

    Right on, a total loser. Probably couldn’t run a brothel either!

  4. dicehex

    A representative is not a leader, but a servant. When did that get lost in our political and cultural soup?
    This guy will never obey our people.

  5. diannaart

    @Jollyjumbuck – Takes a great deal of interpersonal skill to run a brothel successfully – not something Abbott would succeed at.

    Abbott couldn’t even run a bath.

  6. Kaye Lee

    “I’m very good at fighting the Labor Party,” Abbott told his party. “I can beat Shorten.”

    “I couldn’t bat, I couldn’t bowl, I couldn’t field, but I could sledge, and I think I held my place in the team on this basis”

  7. Winston

    The current bunch of Liberals would provide a psychoanalysis’s a whole life’s work. They are potentially as dangerous as Hitler’s bunch; though function like the group from One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest.

  8. mars08

    Leading Australian politics into a stinking swamp of tepid bullshit?

  9. win jeavons

    Maybe I’m too idealistic, but I would like to think that the job of opposition is to present alternatives, preferably in co-operation with the government. The world has NO NEED for destroyers .

  10. Phillip

    The left has become well and truly demented.

  11. jimhaz

    Formatting likely to be skewiff, but anyway.

    Roy Morgan Government Confidence Polls 2012-2015

    Average results

    ALP-Gillard Right direction; 39.5 Wrong direction: 41.8 Roy Morgan GCR* 97.7
    ALP-Rudd Right direction: 43.0 Wrong direction: 37.9 Roy Morgan GCR* 105.1
    LNP-Abbott Right direction: 38.5 Wrong direction: 43.5 Roy Morgan GCR* 95.0

    *Roy Morgan GCR = Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating (100 plus the difference between the percentage of people who say the country is “going in the right direction” and the percentage who say the country is “going in seriously the wrong direction”).

    Right direction – 2 lowest scores

    ALP-Gillard 2013 June 15/16 34.5
    LNP-Abbott 2015 January 31/ February 1 34.5
    LNP-Abbott 2015 February 14/15 & 21/22 34.5
    LNP-Abbott 2015 April 11/12 & 18/19 34
    LNP-Abbott 2015 April 25/26 & May 2/3 34
    LNP-Abbott 2015 August 1/2 & 8/9 34.5

    GCR – 4 lowest scores

    ALP-Gillard 2013 June 15/16 89.5
    LNP-Abbott 2014 May 24/25 & 31/ June 1 88.5
    LNP-Abbott 2014 June 7/8 88.5
    LNP-Abbott 2015 January 31/ February 1,7/8 89
    LNP-Abbott 2015 April 11/12 & 18/19 88.5
    LNP-Abbott 2015 April 25/26 & May 2/3 89
    LNP-Abbott 2015 August 1/2 & 8/9 86

    86 is a record low at least for the 2012-2015 period, perhaps ever. I’ve not analysed stats prior to Gillard, but in 2009 the GCR was averaging just over 130.

    if leaders were able to be tossed out with a Public No Confidence Vote, Abbott wins hands down

  12. Winston

    Phillip works for the IPA as a cleaner. Hi Phil

  13. corvus boreus

    Speaking of demented, it is worrying when a nation’s ‘leader’ keeps refering to everything in terms of conflict and carnage.

    Policy debate is not ‘verbal combat’. Shorten did not send ‘death squads’ to ‘assassinate’ PMs. A reduction in military spending is not a ‘holocaust’. Civil legal action against improper procedure is not ‘sabotage’. Civil politicians should not draw “Battlelines”.

    Frankly, calling for heads to roll bespeaks the language of the demented leader of a ‘death-cult’.

  14. diannaart

    @corvus boreus

    Even with death cults, I guess it takes one to know one.

    Abbott is referencing more war & aggressive terminology than Howard after 9/11 – its a worry, that a combative LOTO has not evolved into a leader for Australians.

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    Have an original perspective that inspires people
    Apply knowledge from one area to another or synthesize ideas from different disciplines
    Tell a different story about the material; Relate it to your own life and work experiences
    Find a novel way to communicate key concepts or approach a problem
    Trim the fat off of a theory or operational system; add new elements that improve


    “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker

    It’s not about getting things done quickly or doing the most activities in the shortest time. Rather than doing a bunch of busywork, take time to formulate a vision and set priorities and goals. Find a balance between doing the urgent and important things.

    What are the short- and long-term challenges that your team/organization will address?
    In what way will you contribute unique value in addressing these challenges?
    What potential barriers will you face and how will you deal with them?
    What skills and resources do you need to optimally provide and support these new services/technologies.
    How can your team support people to do their best work and support customers to get the best use out of your products/services
    Sometimes doing the right things will not be the most efficient. Gaining the trust of customers and employees can consume time and resources, but will lead to better long-term stability and effectiveness.


    “Fall seven times, Stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb

    The truth is that everybody makes mistakes. The bigger your goals, the more mistakes you will make. Being innovative means trying new things; and venturing where nobody has gone before. It’s easier to do things the way they’ve always been done, but your long-term impact will be less. If you want to have a memorable and long-term impact, you need to take strategic risks, and that may mean failing or messing up sometimes. Self-confidence is key. Often this comes from having prior successful experiences. Even if you’re doing something new, remember your prior successes, and the personal qualities you have that created them.

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    You may need to take time to grieve the loss of a dream, contemplate, and regroup.

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    Value the simple things in life, such as nature, health, friends, coworkers, and family. These will sustain you through the difficult times, so remember to feed them.
    Practice mindful self-awareness to learn compassion for yourself and others. Much of business is about relationships. If you exude a humble, caring, open attitude, and are a team player, others will be more willing to work with or follow you.
    Work hard, but don’t drive yourself like a machine. Life is a marathon, not a sprint., so use your energy wisely and know when you need to replenish.
    You may have underlying needs, that drive you, such as to be acknowledged, have power, be part of a group, be respected, cared about, and so on. The more you understand and acknowledge these needs, the less they will get in the way of your mission.

    Using these strategies should help optimize your personal strength and adaptability, passion for your work, ability to act strateically, and work with others in mutually beneficial ways. While the old model of business emphasized dominance and power, the new models are more abou vision, focus, communication, cognitive flexibility, authenticity, and partnership. The world is becoming too complicated to be effective alone. Forming meaningful, trusting relationships with others who have different skills and knowledge, but similar goals and values is the way to succeed in both small business and large organizations.

    Little from the ‘5 Essential Skills’ above resembles anything Abbott has to offer as a leader.

  15. Harquebus

    Abbott is leading and Shorten will lead us on the same path toward destruction. The unattainable infinite growth that our world can not provide.

  16. Neil of Sydney

    Abbott has not trashed anything like Labor did. In 2007 everything was fine until Rudd was elected.

    Labor trashed the budget.
    Labor trashed our borders
    Labor trashed our unemployment rate
    Labor trashed our car industry.
    Labor locked up 2,000 kids

    In 2006, 25% of cars were made in Australia. After 6 years of Rudd/Gillard only 10% of cars were locally made.

    Labor destroyed our auto manufacturers. And Labor destroys everything.

  17. Phil

    Seems that in 2013 enough voters decided to elect a political party that had as it’s leader a man who was to be be paid $500,000 pa plus perks for life, in order for that man to use his position as the highest political officer in the land, to execute a series of highly personal vendettas against enemies of his own choosing. Is this a definition of collective stupidity?

  18. Roswell

    Neil, you said all that when Labor was in power. Abbott is now PM. Please try and keep up.

  19. Kaye Lee

    Abbott trashed the NBN
    Abbott trashed carbon pricing and action on climate change
    Abbott trashed the renewable energy industry
    Abbott trashed the Gonski reforms
    Abbott trashed the CSIRO
    Abbott trashed the hospital funding agreement
    Abbott trashed the superannuation guarantee increase

  20. corvus boreus

    Abbott even trashed the legal provision that if should I lose the use of my dominant hand at work (the hand is write with), I would get more compensation for such than for I would for the loss of the use of my off-hand. Apparently we are all now ambidextrous.
    Such basic common sense protective legislature was defined as ‘red-tape’ and tossed on the bonfire (along with thousands of other such protections) with nary a glance.
    ‘Conservatives’ my arse.

  21. corvus boreus

    Ps, the 1st line of my previous post contains random moments of dyslexia.

  22. dicehex

    Wow. Some people here still seen to think the false dichotomy of party politics is worth pursuing as a narrative to describe who is to blame for the failings of capitalist structures. Y’know, profit above value, and democracy below the will of your betters.

  23. TB Queensland

    It’s often said that he was a very successful Opposition Leader. By this it is meant that he successfully destroyed a Labor government. He is and always has been a successful destroyer — he does pass that test.

    I disagree … the Labor Party destroyed itself … in the last election and leading up to it … Abbott really is not that smart …

    However, I do agree that, The Mad Abbott & His Flock, have destroyed businesses, jobs, Australia’s international reputation and national trust … stalled the nation and its development, infrastructure, and education systems … they’ve attacked the poor, the weak, the young, the unemployed, the sick and the elderly and shown that they are not the economic managers they purport to be (whose the Treasurer again?) … they’ve demonstrated that they can lie, cheat and deceive many Australians, waste taxpayers’ money on ideological pogroms, personal vendettas, faulty military materiel, political strategies to stay permanently in power, manipulate laws to promote the Robber Baron Syndrome© and use absolute power to corrupt the political system, judiciary and business absolutely!

    Other than that I will happily watch Tricky Dicky Abbott, lead the rest of his bunch of mean spirited, incompetent Cabinet colleagues into Hell … and dog speed …

  24. Neil of Sydney

    However, I do agree that, The Mad Abbott & His Flock, have destroyed businesses, jobs, Australia’s international reputation and national trus

    Too funny. That comment comes from a man who voted for Keating when unemployment was at 11%.

    And Abbott has not trashed anything like the ALP did. It is the ALP who destroys.

  25. babyjewels10

    Destroyer is the best thing I can say about Tony Abbott.

  26. gangey1959

    @ neil of sydney. You are a dickhead.

  27. Damo451

    gangey1959 you are correct

  28. Roswell


  29. Annie B

    Concise comments there – and well said, Barry Tucker.


    Jollyjumbuck ….

    Not at all certain he couldn’t run a brothel. !!! 😉 …. trick would be for him to keep his ’employees’ happy – I reckon they’d leave him after a few days of his form of management ( pimping to be precise ). !!

    Of course, I refer only to the informal meaning of the word ‘pimp’ which is to ” make something more showy or impressive !! ” …. he tries that – all the time, doesn’t he … LOL.

    P.S. … My bitchy comments now switched to “Off” position.

  30. Annie B

    Neil –

    Kindly go bark up another tree — cos you sure are barkin’ up the wrong one here. … Your comments are really rather silly – in fact, barkin’ mad.

    Sure Labor has done some wrong things – over many decades when in power – and when not – but they hold not a candle to the damage currently being done by the LNP in our country. … The LNP has lost their grip totally, on anything that remotely resembles good government, and rational policy. …. they are appearing more and more like the oomph bird ( and you know what HE did, don’t you ? ) …. finally disappeared up his own fundamental orifice etc.

    Kindly let the readers here know, exactly WHAT ( if anything ) the LNP has been able to come up with, in their 21 months in office so far, that has passed muster and is acceptable to all. … Nuffin. ( ooops – my bad, they got a couple of ideas and ideals across with the help of your nemesis, the Labor party – which gave me the tom-tits at the time, but there might have been method in their seeming madness – d’ya think ? )

    Do you have an answers for any of THAT ? …. no ? … Wouldn’t think so.

  31. Annie B

    “I couldn’t bat, I couldn’t bowl, I couldn’t field, but I could sledge, and I think I held my place in the team on this basis”

    Yep – the esteemed leader of our nation said that.

    Now – isn’t THAT something to be proud of. ?? … And apparently, proud he is.

    Figures – shows the intellectual and intelligence level of the incumbent. …. i.e. a nit-wit.

    And yes – a DESTROYER ( in answer to the question heading the article !! ).

  32. eli nes

    Where have you been, Barry?
    For people like neil and many labor voters who cannot cope beyond the media
    (a weather woman ‘this journo’ and it was about herself autocue readers see themselves as mainstream journalists and spout off the cuff political crap as if it was gospel)
    Speak to the plebs!
    He has stopped the boats, got rid of the carbon tax, controlled the debt, signed FTAs and is defending us from the death cult.
    What more does the voter want?
    ps those with the intelligence of neil make up the 45% ripe for slogans and many of those are workers in traditional labor jobs. When women are added he is electable for term two.
    Sadly, labor seems unable to learn from the last cabinet leak which confirmed the rabbutt and his hutchmen will simply answer every question with the prepared slogans.
    How many of you guffawed at his copy of gillard’s I will not be lectured……’ in today’s question time.

    ps I like labor firing robb up he has had 2 years free run. So go for him resurrect the rquestionr has robb signed the subs to japan agreement?

  33. Annie B

    @ corvus boreus …

    ref. your comment : August 20, 2015 at 5:37 pm

    Agree completely – especially with the last sentence there ” Frankly, calling for heads to roll bespeaks the language of the demented leader of a ‘death-cult’.”

    Summed up perfectly …

    Agree with your other comments too – ( dyslexia aside 😉 ) … this dystopian mob has indeed tossed everything important and essential to our Australian lives, on the bonfire – fueled by their own importance, protection of their own jobs and ‘after’ payments ( continuing retirement ‘pension’ ), and their rancid ideologies.


    p.s. – thanks for the video of a braying donkey. …. ( I so love gorgeous real donkeys ) – – –

    The message was not lost however.

  34. Florence nee Fedup

    Tony Abbott is not a bad leader, in fact he is a good leader. How do I know. Tony keeps telling us what a good adult leader he is. Tony would never tell us a lie. Would he? So Tony must be a good leader.

    One can’t deny, he is the best PM we have ever had at sledging. He loves going out each day, dressing up, doing stunts for out entertainment. What other PM has ever cared to do that for us.

    Then our Tony is great at telling us all what we want to hear. Can give opposing answer within 20 minutes, then tell us they are both right. What other PM has that skill.

  35. Florence nee Fedup

    Annie, he failed at all he has tried up to now, including six month stint managing a cement factory. Has union walkout, first one in their history. Was ordered by the boss, to get them back on the job.

  36. Florence nee Fedup

    Telling the world he had to read riot act, is telling the world he is losing it. Especially when within minutes we get pages talking points leaked. Only failing government need talking points.

    Says one doesn’t trust the team.

  37. Annie B

    Florence …

    Agree with your comments – he is a square peg in a round hole, to begin with.

    The photo-op – jumping over the cattle pen railing had me choke, partly with laughter at the thought that he most probably made sure everyone was lined up properly to see him do it – pity he landed awkwardly but upright, on the other side. Would have been THE most hysterical thing to see him jigger that one up.

    I remember reading about the union walkout at the cement factory ( he had done the bully trick – marching up and down issuing terse orders – according to an interview I now cannot find, dammit !! ) … and was rightly put back in his place by management. I wish I could find that interview – it was a gem. Most likely would have to read his book “Battlelines” ( the title says as much about him as anything else does !! ) …. however, I have no wish to stoop so low. Not a book that will grace my bookshelves.

    Guess we have to ride it all out – until he finds the courage to call an early election. Doubt he’d do that now, as the polls are definitely NOT in his favour …. yaaay. … Besides which, he doesn’t have courage, does he.

    Rather think he is walking the thin edge at present – I think his own party might be out to ‘get him’.

    And there certainly is a “Hole in his Bucket” !! 🙂

  38. corvus boreus

    Annie B,
    Here is a link to an article (by Kaye Lee no less) featuring the autobiographical account of Tony the tinpot ‘managing’ to shut down the cement factory he was placed in charge of, through the simpleton act of being a bullying wanker and treating people like dirt.

    Tony Abbott is Prime Minister of Australia – go figure.

    Apart from a brief time scribbling for Rupert, it has been his only other attempt at a job in the real world.

  39. DrachenReiter

    @Neil of Sydney. What universe do you live in? Have you taken your meds since 2013?

    LNP have trashed the budget (Doubled the Debt).
    LNP have trashed our borders (persecuted human beings for Political gain and destroying our relations with our neighbours who could help us with this problem)
    LNP trashed(increased) our unemployment rate (They are the highest since Abbot was Last Employment Minister)
    LNP trashed our car industry (They drove Holden and Ford out of this country).
    LNP lock up kids but how many? We Aren’t told as thats now considered operational matters. The LNP condone the sexual abuse, physical abuse and even murder of refugees. They have recently introduced legislation to allow the use of lethal force in detention centres

    On every count your argument fails just like the LNP when the truth is used

  40. corvus boreus

    NoS ‘lives’ in the benthic layer of a very stagnant pond.
    It consumes it’s own wastes, then surfaces to offer up the regurgitated results for our perusal.
    I do not partake.

  41. Möbius Ecko

    DrachenReiter @7:10 LNP have trashed the budget (Doubled the Debt).

    Quadrupled actually. From ~$25 billion to over $100 billion.

    And no that quadrupling has nothing to do with fixing Labor’s debt or hangovers from their policies but everything to do with Hockey’s complete mismanagement.

    It has come about because of unfettered profligate spending based on populism after the dismal failure of their first budget and their faltering second one.

    It has come about because of legitimate and efficient tax revenues they have forgone purely on ideological reasoning and to appease their IPA and other masters.

    It has come about because of unprecedented government waste and mismanagement.

    It has come about because of an unprecedented amount of jobs for the boys in over the top very high paying positions, an exponential growth in consultancies and spin doctors, especially in the PM’s department.

    It has come about because Abbott has gone from by far being the most expensive LOTO in out history to now being by far the most expensive PM in our history, as have many of his cabinet ministers become the most expensive in their respective port folios.

    It has come about because of unprecedented pork barrelling to the tune of billions on poorly thought out, low priority or unnecessary schemes and policies.

    It has come about because of an increase in Defence and Security spending based more on scaremongering than any real necessity for the increase.

    It has come about because of a substantial increase in removing our liberties and undermining our democracy requiring considerable government oversight, policing and propaganda.

    It has come about because of a large increase in the government police, their infrastructure and powers in line with the item above.

    It has NOT come about because of spending on needed infrastructure, employment growth and social needs, which would make the quadrupling of debt in just two years comprehensible.

  42. jagman48

    I am so pleased that Neil of Sydney aka dickhead has not been able to high jack the discussion this time.

  43. Florence nee Fedup

    We are too busy keeping up with Abbott’s daily antics to waste time on Neil. Where is the plebiscite to extend our contribution to Syria.

  44. Möbius Ecko

    Indeed Florence where are all the cost benefit analyses and business plans Abbott promised for any spending over $100 million. There hasn’t been a single one so far and this is a blatant broken promise that you don’t see in any Promise Check or highlighted in the MSM.

  45. Neil of Sydney

    LNP have trashed the budget (Doubled the Debt).

    Have they? The results for Hockeys first budget will not be known until September this year. ie next month. I doubt the deficit will be double what was predicted.

    But it will certainly not be as bad as Swans first budget. Swan predicted a $20B surplus and it ended up being a $20B deficit. A $40B turnaround.

  46. Roswell

    It seems to me, Neil, you keep forgetting the GFC.

  47. Neil of Sydney

    LNP trashed our car industry (They drove Holden and Ford out of this country).

    This is not true. Ford left under Rudd/Gillard and it is one reason why Holden left. After Ford left under Labor it made it impossible for Holden/Toyota to stay. In fact the auto industry was already dead.

    In 2006, 25% of cars were locally made. After 6 years of Rudd/Gillard only 10% of cars were locally made. You cannot have a local manufacturing industry with 10% of the market.

    Also after Ford left under Labor, Holden went to the newly elected govt and wanted double the money promised by Gillard. Hockey said no, what was promised by Labor was all you were going to get. Funding was promised until 2020.

  48. Trevr

    Parrallel Universe spokes person Niel of Sidenee confuses his capabilities with his desires constantly.

  49. Neil of Sydney

    Funding for auto manufacturers was legislated until 2020

    The Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS) commenced on 1 January 2011 and will run until 31 December 2020.

    They drove Holden and Ford out of this country

    No DrachenReiter. Ford left under Rudd/Gillard and that was it. It was all over red rover. In fact is was dead a long time ago. When local sales went from 25% in 2006 to 10% in 2013 under Labor that was the end of our auto manufacturing industry

  50. diannaart

    Excellent work there, Möbius Ecko

    Why waste time arguing with a troll, when you can simply provide proof, facts, evidence – stuff that the right-wing-nuts simply cannot assimilate – however, very useful for everyone else.

    Many thanks

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