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This Is How Tony Abbott Got Elected!

From time to time, certain people have expressed the view to me that they can’t work out how Tony Abbott was elected. Well, I recently chanced upon a Facebook site which gives some insight as to the sort of people who voted for Tony. Bearing in mind these were all done before the election, these people had the presence of mind to write their messages on a whiteboard so it could be easily rubbed out. Unfortunately they uploaded it to the Internet where it’s a lot harder to erase.

I wonder if this young lady has felt a little cheated given that he spends most of Parliament wearing a blue tie.

Budgie smugglers liberal

Moving on.

nanny state

The previous person seems a little confused as it’s the Liberals who are suggesting that childcare money could be used for nannies, but hey, it’s not my sign!



Yes, Baldric, but is it a “cunning” one?

pull up

Personally, I don’t care which direction he does it!

more jobs

Yes, a very coherent sentence there!

Personally, I intend to vote for the Arts Party because Much Arts!

Although, to be fair, he doesn’t say exactly what’s happening about more jobs. Perhaps, he approves of more jobs for 457 visa holders. Or more jobs going overseas. Who knows?


Sick of talking about him, but not sick of writing his name on a sign!

school halls j

Are all school halls “lemons” or just the ones that Labor built? Does he realise that, while the media were happy to focus on the complaints of a few, that the majority of schools actually liked having a hall built? As for “Pink Batts” wouldn’t more oversight have just been like that “red tape” the Liberals are so keen to eliminate?

working life debt

Yes, she’d rather go to University and spend all her working life paying off her own debt! But as for “Labor’s Debt” has anyone actually worked out how long it would take to pay off if we raised taxes by say 5%? My estimate is about six years, which is hardly all her working life, but I don’t have the latest figures which might include the Liberal’s debt – or don’t we have to pay that back?


Please tell that’s not because you’re planning to breed! (Oh, all right, terribly politically incorrect. Or is it politically correct now that Abbott’s PM?)


“They believe in Agriculture and Regional Australia”? Gee, as with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy that personal beliefs about things that can’t be proved should be left out of politics.

Well, there you have it. That should give you a small insight into the people who put Tony where he is.

P.S. Just to clear up some confusion, this is a genuine site and not the parody site.

Update at 8pm.. The site seems to have disappeared in the last couple of hours and that link no longer works.


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  1. Peter Ball

    well it shows the young Australian are politically uneducated , brainwashed by the Murdoch Press and just dumb plain dumb , it seems they would rather watch the footy and believe the Liberal Lies

  2. Terry2

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to get an update from these people now that their chosen leader has been in place for fifteen months.

  3. Kaye Lee

    You gotta love Young Liberals.

    At the Liberal National Party conference in Queensland last year, the president of the Young Libs made this speech…

    “I think more than anything this is about sending a message that we don’t necessarily subscribe to the notion of the nanny-state. If something is safe and can be done in a reasonable way and it is in keeping with reasonable expectations, then I guess we ask, as the Young LNP, why not?”

    He was talking about re-instating cracker night. Safe I ask? He must be too young to remember the maimings, the blindings, the fires.

    The Young Libs held their Federal Convention in Perth this year. Reading their facebook page prior to the event gave an interesting insight into the depth of their political acumen. Sounded like a piss-up for young privileged nerds.

    If you removed the words nanny state they have basically nothing to say. If you ask them if they insist on paying full price for their prescriptions and refuse to use medicare they look at you blankly.

    Young Liberals

  4. Nancy Urban

    and how is that working for them all? They all look like they come from wealthy backgrounds so don’t have a care in the world, nor do they care.

  5. mars08

    They say we should try to enjoy the simple things. These boys and girls are as simple as it gets.

  6. Kaye Lee

    These kids remind me of the ‘women against feminism’ movement whose signs show a level of ignorance and social engineering that make me ashamed to be a woman.

    Compare them to the issues raised by the “not in my name” or “i’ll ride with you” campaigns.

    Young Liberals describe themselves as

    “a centre-right, mainstream political organisation with a political philosophy focussed on limited government power, low taxes, individual responsibility, a focus on the family and a strong belief in rewarding initiative and private enterprise.”

    Considering membership is limited to 16-31 year olds, I found these to be unusual priorities for young people. Don’t they care about education, the environment, fast NBN, social justice, corporate greed, wars, income inequity, unemployment, affordable housing, discrimination, human rights, climate change – the sorts of things that usually interest and affect the young people of the world?

  7. Terry2

    The essence of the Nanny State concept is the Abbott Paid Parental Leave scheme where the obligation of the employer to pay parental leave benefits is assumed by the state.

  8. John Fraser


    Disappointing ……. that there is no one there who wants to marry 3 virgins.

  9. john o'callaghan

    I have just completed my sign for the young Libs and it reads”” Im voting Liberal because i have an IQ of 15 and Mummy says abolishing the Carbon Tax will change her life for the better and i like pink lollies.””’

  10. Wun Farlung

    Believe in regional Australia
    Obviously critical thinking isn’t encouraged in the education system anymore.
    In the run up to the last election I was working in Kalgoorlie WA and the accommodation provider had ‘Vote National’ signs on the front lawn, the entry to reception and on the reception desk.
    While I was waiting..waiting … waiting to check in, I was told “the internet is a bit slow sometimes”. I commented that the NBN will fix that problem when it arrives and got a dirty look in reply
    Conservatives don’t do irony well

  11. Sir ScotchMistery

    I prefer John O’Callaghan’s sign, but I reckon the boy who believes in agriculture would be a nice addition to my bedroom in about 4 different ways, all revolving around him and his sheep mates.

  12. diannaart


    Yeah, I’d like a follow up on those poster bearers – like how are they bearing up now? Is the Abbott government still unsurprising? Did it keep all its promises? Have they spotted any adults running the joint? Plus further questions for these starry-eyed young people most of whom (if you check the FB page) can’t even write the words “I’m voting Liberal” – seems Nanny had to do it for the little petals.

    PS Brilliant work yet again RL.

  13. Hub Wa

    I remember this popping up last year….

    This was all sarcasm and a joke page making fun of the Libs, not promoting them. Move on.

    There are far better things to analyse than this.

  14. Lee

    Pfftt… I never saw any of these photos featuring older people who actually had some life experiences they could draw upon to evaluate the Liberal plan, or rather the lack of one.

  15. LNP = Lying Nepotistic Pricks

    I’m voting liberal because…
    I was born into money & I don’t want anyone who wasn’t to have anything…someone has to clean my house & raise my children while I lunch with the ladies!

  16. Lee

    “He was talking about re-instating cracker night. Safe I ask? He must be too young to remember the maimings, the blindings, the fires.”

    Don’t forget the frightened animals that rush out into traffic, resulting in injury/death to themselves and the occupants of the vehicles that either hit them or try to avoid them.

  17. corvus boreus

    I’m voting liberal because…I luv sport and hate science.

  18. mars08

    Don’t like the nanny state or government spending. But luuuurve the Big Brother state!!!

  19. ThePoliticalVagina

    Nope, I still say election fraud.

  20. CMMC

    Steady on, SirScotch. I believe in agriculture as well, being as I am an Agricultural College old boy.

    God knows what this government thinks of agriculture, it looks like a legacy industry when you consider the vast open-cut coal mines that will soon deface the continent.

  21. Matt

    LNP voters are simply ignorant, stupid, or just plain evil. No question

  22. stephentardrew

    Damn those Liberals are deep thinkers.

  23. stephentardrew

    Staring into the headlights of dogma promoting fairies in the bottom of the garden. (Budgie smuggler fairies)

  24. Sad sack

    These people spouted those inanities at bbqs, fetes, parties, work places where laborites had no organised come back because Gillard and the lemon left us on our own and we floundered and still do.

  25. Kaye Lee

    These young people vote Liberal because they trust what they have been told by their parents, Coalition politicians, Skynews, very confident older Young Liberals, the IPA, radio shock jocks, MSM, facebook hate pages etc etc.

    Their lack of experience means they must get their information somewhere, and reading scientific reports or accounting balance sheets or listening to budget announcements or reading press releases from charities or human rights groups is probably not something they want to do on top of the study they must do to pass exams.

    Disillusionment and cynicism await.

  26. Michael Taylor

    I’m voting Liberal because Tony Abbott found the missing MH370 plane.

  27. corvus boreus

    I am voting liberal because…axing taxes is a good start to fixing government debt.

  28. John

    OMFG. My brain hurts….Do these people actually believe this sh!t?. WTF?
    I bet they drown kittens for fun…….

  29. Bacchus

    Disillusionment and cynicism await.

    Sadly Kaye, many will never learn to think for themselves – they will remain closetted in the bosom of Liberal party dogma, never having to face the real world. 🙁

  30. Kris

    Sorry but i’m 25. I voted Labor. Because Abbott is and always has been a lying scumbag.

  31. GoldenSmaug

    I’m thinking of printing a T-shirt with Abbott & Newman’s picture with Nobody voted for a Local Nazi Party (LNP) underneath

  32. jaquix

    Makes you wonder if the voting age should be raised a little.

  33. Möbius Ecko

    Obviously the Young Liberals don’t look at the polls.

    Analysis by Age group shows the ALP still with its strongest advantage among younger Australians. 18-24yr olds heavily favour the ALP 65% cf. L-NP 35%; 25-34yr olds also heavily favour the ALP 65.5% cf. L-NP 34.5%; 35-49yr olds favour the ALP 58.5% cf. L-NP 41.5%; 50-64yr olds ALP 60.5% cf. L-NP 39.5%; and those aged 65+ still favour the L-NP 54% cf. ALP 46%.

    It was not Australia’s youth who voted Abbott in but against their own welfare older and rural voters with a good dash of Western Sydney type demographics who were fooled by the right wing MSM.

    That’s actually a good reason to lower the voting age, they seem to be smarter than a lot of the older and rural demographics, who I’ve never understood in their unbending support for conservatives at all levels of government when they nearly always do better under Labor or Indies. Time and again, and history shows this, the Liberals and/or Nationals royally screw them, and the current lot of L-NP governments at the State and Federal level are no different to any in the past, and indeed probably the worst of all.

    Remember it would only have taken ~30,000 votes in mainly Western Sydney electorates to have gone the other way for Abbott not to have been elected.

  34. Erotic Moustache

    I’m voting Liberal because I’m a cretin and proud of it.

  35. Garth

    @Kris, I certainly don’t think the implication is that all young people are this naive. It shows the values that privilege often breeds (though certainly not always). I came from a single parent family where my mum worked 2 or more jobs to keep my brothers and I dressed and fed. As most kids, I didn’t appreciate it at the time. It was my university education that really taught me to think critically as I started to see my life through the tools that education gave me. This is exactly why this born to rule government want to limit tertiary education. Can’t have the masses /plebs learning to think for themselves. Just as I started evaluating my life and values through the experience of my childhood, so do these bastards. Unfortunately, their prism tells them that they have money so anyone that doesn’t is just not doing it right.

  36. Sir ScotchMistery

    This will end up being one of those long and interesting threads of short posts mocking the “Local Nazi Party” members, as noted by Golden Smaug. Well done that person.

    For CMMC, I suspect I wasn’t looking at his politics, and certainly not having a go at his roots (well not all of them), though my understanding (for want of something else to call it since I don’t understand), is that most farmers tend to vote COAL-ition, and then want us to stand up on thier behalf to whinge about CSG, big coal mines etc… Completely escapes me why they would do that, but there you have it… Perhaps there is something in the view that LNP voters are complete f*cktards.

  37. Sir ScotchMistery

    I just went back through the list. Jesus will any of them survive the new paid to go university?

  38. silkworm

    At the beginning of this year, my wealthy, sociopathic brother accused me, a disability pensioner, of having a sense of entitlement. Lo and behold, a few months later, at the delivery of his budget, wealthy sociopath Joe Hokey came out with the exact same accusation against pensioners and poor people in general. At the time I wondered whether Hokey had borrowed that sentiment from my brother, or whether my brother had borrowed it from some far right shock jock like Anal Jones or Blot. In any case, these are ideas that have been circulating, and continue to circulate, around the right wing echo chamber. But well done, Ross, for digging up the dirt on these creeps.

  39. donwreford

    If Abbott is involved with lifting and getting it up, is he involved with self abuse? I mean as a closeted individual who likes to be around changing rooms sniffing the men’s sweat and testosterone.

  40. Sir ScotchMistery

    @DonWreford my view frequently noted on Twitter is that by putting chaplains into schools, he is opening up a can he and others of his beliefs may never be able/want to shut again.

    Surely something has been learned from the enquiry into institutional abuse of children in their care, including, but not limited to, the holy catholic church, employer of his number 1 chum, Pell.

  41. Stephen Cairns

    I don’t understand how holding such conflicting sets of beliefs does not result in self-mutilation? I mean they are totally against the
    “Nanny-State” apparently so why all the crocodile tears over the Pink Batts misfortune? Are they wanting more regulation over such projects and so a reinforcement of the Nanny-State or less regulation and therefore probably more injuries? It’s a wonder their heads don’t explode from the pressure of their internal incongruities!

  42. Lee

    “@Kris, I certainly don’t think the implication is that all young people are this naive. ”

    If i remember the number correctly, an estimated 400,000 young people did not vote at the last federal election. Studies show that people who tend not to vote usually have left-leaning values – which is why conservatives want to remove compulsory voting. Admittedly, there are some older people who choose not to vote as a form of protest too. Studies have also shown that people who choose not to vote are really giving the government permission to disregard them, which is exactly what the government has done with their proposal to cut income to young unemployed for six months of the year. With 400,000 young people not voting and the youth unemployment rate being higher than unemployment in general, there is certainly a need for more young people to take an interest in politics and demand a government that will provide for their needs over the decades to come.

    Austerity measures are well entrenched in Europe and biting hard, with youth unemployment in some nations now at 60%. This does not bode well for the future. Who is going to replace the oldies as they retire from the workforce when so many young people have no work experience? It will be interesting to see the outcome of future elections. Will young people demand better governments?

  43. Lee

    “I don’t understand how holding such conflicting sets of beliefs does not result in self-mutilation? I mean they are totally against the
    “Nanny-State” apparently so why all the crocodile tears over the Pink Batts misfortune? Are they wanting more regulation over such projects and so a reinforcement of the Nanny-State or less regulation and therefore probably more injuries? It’s a wonder their heads don’t explode from the pressure of their internal incongruities!”

    I don’t think the conservatives really do want more regulation. It’s just an opportunity to capitalise on something that the opposition did poorly. Leader of the Liberal Party in SA, Steven Marshall, is currently crying crocodile tears for public servants. Conservatives don’t give a rat’s posterior about public servants. They would get rid of all of them if they could. The problem is, so many of their supporters don’t notice the inconsistencies.

  44. DanDark

    Out of all those signs they hold up, the one about the school halls being lemons is so far off the truth and it erks me to see such lies about the school halls built by Labor to enhance our children’s education

    In the town I live in the new school hall has not only improved the comfort of the students it is multi purpose
    it is a basket ball stadium, its is an assembly place out of the weather for the whole school, its is used for Christmas concerts,
    travelling school education shows, it is used for the kids yearly disco, it is hired out for dance classes for the young local kids
    It has a fully catering kitchen and they cater for all sorts of community gatherings,
    other smaller schools in surrounding areas visit regularly visit to see shows, exhibitions

    It was the best thing that has been built in this town for 50 years that contributed to our whole community
    They are not just “school halls” to small country areas where a lot of these events can now be held in an up to date building with air con in summer, heating in winter and not some asbestos ridden dilapidated room that only fits half the school in it at a time….

    These kids are being used to push deceitful propaganda, Hitler would of been proud of them

  45. Kaye Lee

    If you wanted to get rid of red tape you sure as hell wouldn’t introduce Direct Action which NOBODY can work out how to administer.

  46. Kaye Lee


    Here we go again.

    Indonesia has accepted Australia’s offer to help with the search and rescue mission for missing AsiaAir flight QZ8501

  47. Bette Streep

    Hub Wa is right. The ‘I’m voting Liberal’ was satirical. Here’s a link to that FB page;- However instead of ‘moving on’ you should realise that there ARE people who voted Liberal for some of the stupid stuff that we see printed here. Some people did vote Liberal because they really believed Abbort would create jobs, fix the budget emergency and stop the illegals arriving. Oh wait – just read that 62,000 people – mainly from China, UK and the USA , came here in 2013/2014 and OVERSTAYED their visas!!! And they are still living here cos the government doesn’t know where to find them! Overstaying your visa? Hmmmm isn’t that ILLEGAL???

  48. John Fraser


    @Elizabeth Michael

    I think the old dear already knows, because she made mention of the Ebola disaster.

  49. John Fraser


    "Stop the overstayers" ?

    Doesn't really bite … does it.

    "Stop the dole" …. now that will echo in the halls of "Uriah Heeps" Sydney Institute.

  50. John Fraser


    "Find the planes"

    The simplicity of it all belies Abbotts propaganda.

  51. jexpat

    If not for the sorry, or rather, pathetic state of the corporate media and the ABC, I’d find it difficult to believe those entries weren’t satire, as others have asserted.

    In any event:

    I wonder how many young people who voted Liberal or National realise now how severely they’ve been duped?

    And if so, are they embarrassed. I sure would be.

    More importantly though- I wonder whether they’ve begun to think twice about the propaganda that they swallowed, hook line and sinker?

  52. corvus boreus

    Bette Streep(and Hub Wa),
    whyimvotingliberal(FB) is, indeed, a spoof site.
    imvotingliberal(FB), from which the posts in the article were taken, is a(for real) Liberal party site.

    It would be a comforting thought that the kinder-lingo slogans on the white-boards were a piss-take, but, unfortunately, these would seem to be genuine posts by our fellow voters(or LNP paid drones).

  53. Dandark

    The old dear and her family refer themselves as “The Firm’
    The old dear is a good actress and pretends she cares whilst she “purred” at the win of the independence vote in Scotland,
    but stuff how they are suffering, as long as she is the Queen that’s all that concerns her

    She cares no more about Ebola victims than she does about millions of her own people living in sheer poverty and homelessness
    We saw the inequality there play out a couple of years ago on the streets in the UK when the people revolted and burnt buildings down and looted shops.

    The royal family have never lived in the real world and still don’t…same as Tones and Co, never lived in the real world,
    and hence have no idea about anything much, only them self serving selves……

  54. Dandark

    “Stop the Planes” they cant drop out of the sky then,
    would solve all the problems like “stop the boats”, that was to save lives wasn’t it so people didn’t drown on the dangerous journey
    people are dying in planes on dangerous journeys too….. and that’s okay ….

  55. Lee

    “Hub Wa is right. The ‘I’m voting Liberal’ was satirical. Here’s a link to that FB page;- However instead of ‘moving on’ you should realise that there ARE people who voted Liberal for some of the stupid stuff that we see printed here.”

    I was unaware there was a page devoted to satire. I only ever saw single photos in my feed and often being posted by Liberal supporters. I wonder how many people thought it was a serious campaign?

  56. Bacchus


  57. corvus boreus

    In vino veritas. 😉

  58. rossleighbrisbane

    Yep, that’s the one I took them from. It describes itself thus:

    “Under 30?
    Voting Liberal on September 7th?
    Tell the country why!

    We’re young people who care about our future and opportunities. We care about the economy. We care about what jobs there will be for us in the future. We care about good, sustainable and forward-thinking government. We want real change.

    I’m Voting Liberal is a campaign for young Australians.

    Get involved! Get together with your friends and send photos to: or message them to this page.”

  59. June M Bullivant OAM

    Well they were well and truly wrong on all counts.

  60. Kaye Lee

    “Lifters not leaners”

    Senator Brandis’s bill came to $1123, including $408 in alcohol, when he entertained three guests at the Corinthia Hotel’s fine-dining Massimo Restaurant in London.

    The group ordered three bottles of 2010 vintage Tyrrell’s Semillon-Sauvignon and supped on a bottle of upmarket Italian Vin Santo del Chianti Bonacchi dessert wine, as well as glasses of Laurent-Perrier Champagne.

    Just two months earlier, Senator Brandis had been forced to defend spending more than $15,000 of taxpayers’ money to fund a second custom-built bookshelf for his personal library. That followed revelations in late 2013 that Senator Brandis had spent nearly $13,000 over four years stocking his library.

    Of course that’s nothing on Tony’s week in Asia with his “Official Hospitality non Portfolio related $58,803.98” expense claim or Joe Hockey’s $50,000 dinner in Washington or Christopher Pyne’s $30,000 Italian jaunt with his wife….all on the backs of we “leaners.”

  61. John Fraser


    Brandis refuses to name the "Officials" who are the recipients of Australian taxpayers largesse.

  62. edward eastwood

    @Sir ScotchMistery, “Jesus, will any of them survive the new paid to go University?” Hopefully not. They needn’t worry however, Abbott intends to fund a new tertiary institution; Arthur Sinodinos U.

    Their motto: “Extendant ad lucem, ne in conspectum cerebrum!” (Hold it up to the light, not a brain in sight!)

  63. Bighead1883

    Rossleigh,how come you didn`t die of irony before the end of your article?
    I nearly did reading it Sheesh and my meme suits this to a T
    Bighead1883 ‏@Biggy1883 39s39 seconds ago Perth, Western Australia
    Hey you Liberal Voters #auspol happy now you`ve destroyed Australia ?
    #slappatoryday #iseveryday

  64. Kerri

    It frightens me immensely to see youth so indoctrinated. I once held the belief that when the baby boomers died out we would have better Government with more thought and Education put into voting. Pyne is intent on indoctrinating by omission and Chaplaincy for the future benefit of the Libs. I really think there are very few social groups these idiots have not offended? Students. Pensioners. Immigrants. Disabled. And on and on it goes. I agree with Terry2 do theses sign holders still hold onto the beliefs mother and father passed on???
    Studies have shown that while not ALL people of lower IQ vote Conservative most Conservative voters are of lower IQ and greater prejudices than their Left wing counterparts. Eleventy Joe (I love that title) can’t work out how to Treasurer??? But he was big in Uni politics. If you can’t out think your opponents then you as sure as hell better stay in control of them!!! Abbott was a mediocre Rhodes Scholar so he is desperate to cling to power. The people who vote for them don’t make sense because they can’t make sense. If they could make sense they would vote for a Government that believes in climate change and caring for everyone in society.

  65. Möbius Ecko

    Kerri in some part it’s explained in books like Deer Hunting with Jesus by Joe Bageant and What’s the Matter with Kansas? by Thomas Frank, published here as What’s the Matter with America? There are many in the same vein, mostly American based but there are a couple of similar European books from memory.

    At the height of the GW Bush administration, I’ll never forget an interview with a factory worker leaving a closing down factory he’d worked in for many decades. He worked two jobs, had now lost both and his wife also worked and had lost her job. They had lost their employment because of Bush’s policies, and because of the way he framed his questions I think the interviewer was expecting the worker to have a spray at Bush. Instead he got a declamation of how great George W Bush was and how he was saving America.

    That is the mentality of those who vote against their interest. The well off and vested interests voting for the hard right conservatives is understandable as they do so out of greed and selfishness, though I’ve seen many who deny this but when you read between the lines of their statements and rhetoric that’s what it boils down to.

  66. Roswell

    Are those kids related to Rupert, by any chance?

  67. Kaye Lee


    The young Liberals suggested to the party conference that there should be “random illicit drug testing for long term unemployed and welfare recipients” because we all know they are all drug addicts and alcoholics on their $200 a week. I would like to see parliamentarians treated likewise, and year 12 at the most expensive private schools…then get back to me.

    By the by, broadcaster Alan Jones has been ordered to pay Muslim community leader Keysar Trad $10,000, ending a nine year battle over a radio segment found to have “stimulated listeners to hatred” of Lebanese men.

  68. corvus boreus

    I’m voting liberal because…
    I believe that disseminating factual information about the socially and environmentally rapacious activities of corporations is economic terrorism, but telling racist lies to sell papers is freedom of speech,
    I think dole recipients(important responsibilities there) should have mandatory substance tested but parliamentary legislators should allowed to vote pickled and high,
    I deem fiscal responsibility, and adherence to principles of transparency and trustworthiness to be best shown by hiding your policy costings until the last minute when a election media blackout is in place,
    I believe that corruption and criminality in politics is best avoided by a system of self-regulation without oversight or accountability,
    I reckon Rupert Murdoch has far too restricted a voice and pays way too much tax(so too Gina),
    and I want more rights to be able to pressure and leverage my partner into having sex with me even if they doesn’t want to(with-holding sex is not an absolute right, apparently).

  69. Terry2

    These are the same people who, when asked about how best to resettle those imprisoned on Nauru and Manus, say ‘ let them rot’.

    They also have pretensions to being Christians.

    Go figure !

  70. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee,
    I am indifferent as to the state of sobriety of those receiving their $200/week for unemployment ‘mutual obligation’, and I do not really care if HSC students are fup-duck at their studies(their loss).
    However, like pilots in charge of a plane, I expect, nay, demand that there be enforcement of clearheadedness when votes are taken on legislature concerning the collective future of our nation and society.
    I actually welcome each time ‘drug-test the dole’ is rolled out by simplistic populists, as it is another chance to shine a light on the blatant hypocrisy of our elected representatives and their refusal to subject themselves to the same standards they demand of others bearing far less public responsibility(and another chance to raise a public call for necessary bipartisan reform).

  71. Sir ScotchMistery is a bit of a look at the 28th prune mincer’s results from Oxford.

    No “A’s” at all. Very mediocre. Quite typical of the man.

    Thankfully, he didn’t find time to punch the shit out of any women or progressives whilst there.

  72. Kaye Lee

    It seems to me that there are only a few demographics supporting the coalition – older people with assets, rural people who can’t see that the National Party is defunct, migrants who came after previous wars and their children, and privileged young people who seem to have never developed any empathy and who think Tim Wilson is someone to emulate.

    Surely there are more of us than them? (and I acknowledge that individuals in those demographics do not ALL blindly follow the Coalition)

  73. lawrencewinder

    … or how to prove you’re a complete and utter fool!
    And, R.L. were you attempting a pun with “Baring in mind….”? Or did you really mean, Bearing?

  74. Sir ScotchMistery

    Re the issue of the demographic who suggested “let them rot”, most of those who said that were older and not necessarily “conservative” as we use the term. My memory seems to be that 68% of those asked, who were over 60, used that response.

    I pray they don’t soon turn around and say “poor us, our pension doesn’t go far enough any more”.

    I for one will already have something in mind to share with them.

  75. Möbius Ecko

    Abbott has attacked the independents and minority parties on Macquarie Radio.

    He stated they were populist and only interested in small things without seeing the big picture of budget repair. They should get out of the way and allow the government to get on with their important work for Australia because if they aren’t part of the solution they are part of the problem.

    So this is the reset Abbott and government? Though supposedly reset they still can’t see that the problem is not independents or minority parties, nor the groups and people who are speaking out against them, the problem squarely is Abbott, the government and their policies.

    As a footnote this reeks of desperation in fear of 2015 being like 2014 or worse. In preparation for his certain failures he’s seeking to establish scapegoats early, and of course in his mind he’s never at fault.

  76. mars08

    @Kaye Lee… you seem to have forgotten about Howard’s mercenary, socially-conservative, mortgaged “aspirationals”… and the redneck “stop the halal” crowd….

  77. Kaye Lee

    Yes mars08, you are right. Perhaps there are more of them than I care to imagine 🙁

  78. corvus boreus

    10 young libs stood proudly with statements scribbled on white-board signs.
    I will translate for those who do not speak neo-liberal.

    I’m voting liberal because…
    1; I like to stare at skimpily clad genitalia
    2; I crave anarchy and the opportunity to exploit lax laws
    3; I was blown away by a pamphlet full of platitudes printed on glossy paper
    4; I have a homo-erotic crush on a half-fit old man
    5; MORE CAKE!!!
    7; I am bored
    6; I want no money spent on public educational infrastructure, and cannot comprehend that deregulation of hazardous industries increases the dangers
    8; I do not understand the public debt inherent in the current financial system, nor the obvious contradiction in promising to reduce government debt whilst slashing consolidated revenue(taxes)
    9; I want a large amount of public money to pay for me to breed
    10; I am pathetically grateful that my mere existence is acknowledged, even as my rights to generational landholdings get sold off to foreign consortiums so my land can be resource plundered without legal recourse.

    Clever bunch.

  79. corvus boreus

    The ‘imvotingliberal’ site on Facebook seems to have been taken down within the last hour or so.
    None of you nasties went a-trolling, did you?

  80. Bacchus

    Looks like they’re really proud of their work in retrospect cb 😉

  81. mars08

    Is the site really gone? Um… well I might have posted a snarky comment on Saturday. But I thought the page was abandoned ….

  82. Sir ScotchMistery

    OMG does that mean we had a conservative on the site?

    Michael can you disinfect it please, just in case it’s catching.

  83. Harquebus

    The Coalition wasn’t voted in, the Labor Party was voted out. It’s that simple.

  84. corvus boreus

    And, as it stands, the next election result will likely be ‘Not Abbott'(Labor by unworthy default).
    I want all reasonable and informed voters(sensible progressives and moderate conservatives) to actually have the option to be able to vote FOR a decent party/candidates next time around.

  85. Sir ScotchMistery

    @harquebus – good point. After the amount of screwing they have done to Australia, we do forget that don’t we.

  86. Annie B

    “Find the planes” ………. “Stop the boats” ????? …… Ye gods. Something very off with all this. …….. Abbott thinks he holds sway over land, sea and sky ? ….. Well of course he does – he’s God, don’tcha know.


    KL —- These kids remind me of the ‘women against feminism’
    movement whose signs show a level of ignorance and social
    engineering that make me ashamed to be a woman.

    Kaye – You would NEVER be ashamed to be a woman…


    I am seriously ( yes SERIOUSLY ) thinking of becoming a ‘member’ of a Liberal site ……. just to give them the sh*ts, when I can. Will become a leftie Labor troll ….. I so want to see what kind of responses I might get. … Wouldn’t be surprised if some commenters here have already tried that caper. !! … Never a bad thing to get to know the enemy.

    Nasty, I know — but what the heck …. might be interesting, especially to report back ( if anyone here is interested – LOL ).

    ……. and NO .. I am NOT in the grip of the grog. …….. 🙂 ……..

  87. Julie

    If they start thinking for themselves they’d feel a little disappointed then!

  88. Wayne Turner

    The short version: Idiot’s voting for idiot’s.

    “The best argument against democracy,is a five minute conversation with the average voter” – Winston Churchill.

    Abbott = Our George W. Bush. The love child of George W. Bush & Sarah Palin.

  89. PamelaK

    Oh dear, Kay I think you missed the point of this page, if it is the page I’m thinking of it is dedicated to taking the mickey out of Liberal voters, by quoting reasons to vote for Liberal because they are doing the opposite to the quoted reason for voting for them… or for some totally inane reason, like “liking budgie smugglers” (she doesn’t she thinks they are ridicilous) the page is purely for fun… satire & mostly non Liberal voters. I know because I’ve liked at it and laughed along with the posters.

  90. Bacchus

    Oh dear, PamelaK. Perhaps you should read the entire thread before making a total fool of yourself 🙄

    Just sayin’

  91. Florence nee Fedup

    Are there not more than a million roof cavities with insulation, leading to lower power bills, summer and winter. Does not appear to be a disaster to me.

    It was not only school halls by the way. Libraries, science and language labs and digitalisation of every classroom. Bought the classroom into this century.

  92. Mighty Ash

    I get this, and its entertaining, but after the first couple I got a bit annoyed by the way the author had to rebuttal each persons opinion. Like the fact that the article exists is enough of a laugh at the reasons people voted, but to then try to pull apart each person just seemed petty and i ended up no longer on the author’s side.

  93. Colin Stuart-Campbell

    Bette Streep The government introduction of unchecked 457’s will stop overstaying visas a problem. Especially for those taking jobs that could be done by local population.

  94. Florence nee Fedup

    Mighty Ash, interested in your view why people. especially the young voted for Abbott and Co.

  95. Florence nee Fedup

    “the author had to rebuttal each persons opinion”

    am little confused. Where does this occur?

  96. Kirsty Lamont

    This is frightening, but I know people who voted Lib because, even though they didn’t like Abbott, they believed in the party – turns out I was right about it being about the top banana, not the party! If this isn’t a wake up call about our political system, I fear for all of us.

  97. Royce Arriso

    I’m voting Liberal because….despite horrible Marxist lecturers at uni, I can still spell DVD. Plus um, er, oh yeah, wind farms give you wind. Oh and God mines fossil fuels (He told me last night)

  98. Therese Fairchild

    Its sarcasm you fools

  99. Kaye Lee

    I must admit, it is impossible to tell sincere Young Liberals from people taking the piss – they say such silly things.

    In their newsletter, “The Young Australian – Summer 2012/13”, they give advice on how to get your facebook page ahead.


    “LIKE this if you agree that Gillard is useless!”

    Those updates are annoying, right? But they can be very effective. Don’t employ this tactic all the time but try it out at least once with an image or link you are posting and see what kind of response you get. You can also ask questions of your fans, conduct a poll, or prompt your followers to ‘share’ your post. Engagement is critical on Facebook and this is an easy way of doing it, even if it is annoying.”

    In January, the Young Liberal Movement of Australia held its 2014 Federal Convention in Fremantle, Western Australia. I went to the event page – it was enlightening in a way I am sure they did not intend. Here is a sample of the comments.

    “In. Pumped.

    I am sooooo in!!!!

    do I qualify as a young lib im 31????? if so ill be there depending on my wife’s status with the pending birth of the twins,

    -you can only come if you out drunk (name deleted).

    -come along to the social functions – you’ll have a blast

    Can’t wait. Better start organising tables

    Will I get a specific birthday function on the 27th?

    Question: Is Bundy Rum readily available in Perth or should the QLD delegation just BYO its own?

    Like John Farnham I keep promising to say farewell but I just can’t resist the lure of a good convention!

    I really hope I win the iPad Mini”

    Someone finally asked if there was an itinerary.

    There was a lot of information about the cocktail party and the gala dinner – in fact, for a mere $195 you could purchase the “social package” which gave you entrance to the functions without having to bother with the conference sessions. The only information about the actual conference was as follows

    Conference Session One will include policy debate and a host of guest speakers from Government and other fields.

    Conference Session Two will include policy debate and guest speakers followed by the Movement’s Annual General Meeting.

  100. jane

    Do they have to practice looking gormless, or does it come naturally?

    I do wonder if the dumbcluck who thought Liesalot would create more jobs has lost his yet?

  101. owen

    Reckon they’re actors paid to look like what a liberal party spin doctor thinks young libs should look like. But just shows no matter how much ” marketing ” was used you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

  102. Frank

    So I wonder how these fools feel now? How does she feel about paying off Hockey’s debt? Did that moron know it is the IPA’s plan? Fools all of them..

  103. Lizzy

    ‘Budgie Smuggler’ and ‘Kevin’ girl are the same. Note the facial features and the background. She voted for Tony Abbott because she is probably a liberal staffer or paid actor.

  104. particolor1946

    I’m voting Liberal because I wouldn’t have a Bloody Clue just like them !!:-)

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