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Tony Abbott doesn’t want another election

Speaking on Adelaide radio yesterday Tony Abbott said that the last thing voters want is another election. Given the shocking polls, the shocking budget, and the shocking run the government is having, I’d say that the last thing Tony Abbott wants is an election. I’m sure that voters can make up their own minds.

Tony only likes elections when he calls for them, which reminded me of this little piece I wrote two years ago: ‘Guess what? The Liberals want an election’.

I never got around to updating it, however I’m sure that as it stands it might provide you with a bit of humour and more tellingly, trumpet loud and clear that Tony Abbott is only interested in elections when ‘he’ has a good chance of winning them. Some of the links have been removed as the sites they linked to are now ‘dead’ – most of them being to the Liberal Party’s own website, strangely.

So from the good ol’ days when Tony Abbott wasn’t the Prime Minister:

  1. Feb 26, 2011: Tony Abbott calls for election on carbon tax.
  2. March 9, 2011: From the Liberal Party website, Tony Abbott wants an election.
  3. March 18, 2011: Abbott mocks Labor over ties to climate ‘extremists’ (and wants another election).
  4. March 23, 2011: Abbott calls for new election on carbon tax.
  5. May 11, 2011: Joe Hockey says Coalition will try to force early election (surprise, surprise).
  6. May 12, 2011: Budget lacks legitimacy and integrity: Tony Abbott (and he demands an election).
  7. May 15, 2011: On ABC Insiders Abbott calls for an election.
  8. May 16, 2011: On Tony Abbott’s own web page . . . he calls for an election.
  9. May 30, 2011: Julia Gillard listens to actors but not voters on carbon tax, says Tony Abbott (who wants an election).
  10. May 30, 2011: Tony Abbott, Greg Hunt say Julia Gillard should go to election, avoid carbon tax ad campaign.
  11. June 6, 2011: Tony Abbott says PM doesn’t have mandate to introduce carbon tax (plus he wants an election).
  12. June 12, 2011: From the Liberal Party website, Tony Abbott wants an election.
  13. June 20, 2011: Abbott calls for people’s vote on carbon tax.
  14. June 30, 2011: Tony Abbott calls for an immediate election after ‘the experiment that failed’ (referring to a minority government).
  15. July 2, 2011: Abbott interviewed in Port Lincoln. He calls for an election.
  16. July 11, 2011: Pollution tax won’t cut emissions: Abbott (and he calls for an election).
  17. July 13, 2011: Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott face angry public in carbon tax pitch to the nation (and Abbott calls for an election).
  18. July 17, 2011: From the Liberal Party website, Tony Abbott wants an election.
  19. Aug 16, 2011: Tony Abbott joins carbon tax rally to call for fresh election.
  20. Sept 4, 2011: Abbott calls for election as PM digs in on leadership.
  21. Oct 13, 2011: Scott Morrison calls for an election because of the blocked Malaysia deal.
  22. Oct 16, 2011: A big week in politics (and Abbott wants an election).
  23. Nov 2, 2011: Abbott renews call for election on migration policy.
  24. Jan 24, 2012: Opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne is urging Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call a federal election.
  25. Feb 3, 2012: Here’s something different: Joe Hockey says that Rudd will be the new PM and he’ll call an election.
  26. Feb 23, 2012: Opposition leader Tony Abbott says an election is the best way out of Labor leadership debacle.
  27. Feb 23, 2012: Abbott to call election if government falls. WTF!
  28. Feb 27, 2012: Vote a stay of execution for Julia Gillard, says Tony Abbott (and calls for an election).
  29. Feb 28, 2012: End of distraction praised as Abbott calls for election.
  30. April 23, 2012: Government pressured (by Christopher Pyne) to call election after Slipper steps aside as Speaker.
  31. April 30, 2012: Abbott pressures independents over Thomson affair (and calls for an election).
  32. May 25, 2012: In an interview with Neil Mitchell Joe Hockey says the people want an election (in other words, he does).
  33. June 21, 2012: In an interview on 2GB Scott Morrison calls for an election.
  34. July 16, 2012: Just had to put this one in. In reference to the Lib’s IR policy Hockey had this to say: We will release it well before the next election. The next election is scheduled for the 2nd half of next year. If we followed the lead of the Labor Party, we would be releasing our policy in the second half of next year. (But I thought they wanted an election now).
  35. July 17, 2012: Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne has laid out plans to move under-performing teachers out of the profession as part of its education policy (and calls for an election).
  36. July 18, 2012: Joe Hockey wants another Labor leadership spill or else they should call an election.
  37. July 20, 2012: According to Pyne, the Slipper scandal was yet another reason why the government should call an election.
  38. July 21, 2012: “If this Government cannot solve the crisis at our borders then they should call an election” (Michael Keenan, Shadow Minister for Justice, Customs and Border Protection).

And the above was only a sample! I’d not included YouTube videos of live interviews where there had been a call for an election and neither had I searched for statements from all the Liberal politicians. Who knows how many calls there might have been from Malcolm Turnbull or other prominent players. And neither had I bothered with the Nationals, of which I’m sure Barnaby Joyce would have raised the idea on numerous occasions.

We had calls for an election because of the carbon price, the Budget, The Slipper scandal, under-performing teachers, Nauru, border protection, migration, the Labor leadership challenge, Julia Gillard winning that challenge, no more distractions, the minority government, and Craig Thomson.

And on and on it went until the election was called. Until of course, when Rudd took over again and the calls resumed with vomitous regularity.

These days Tony must think the electorate is happy with the performance of both himself and his government, because, says he, it doesn’t want another election.

Truth is … Tony Abbott doesn’t want another election. Gosh, I wonder why.


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  1. Margaret McMillan

    All through the Gillard years, people were calling for a new election – not just the politicians, but all those who hated Gillard. It was a confected sort of anger against the government, unfortunately probably due to misogynistic tendencies.. The difference now is that there is a massive public uprising of anger against what the Coalition is trying to do. Alan Jones’ convoy of no confidence pales into comparison to the rolling rallies that have been happening with regularity since the Coalition took over.

    I cannot remember a time when people in Australia have been so politically pro-active. Sure, it’s a small proportion who are taking to the streets, but it’s not an insignificant number of people: over 100,000 in the March in March rallies. And I don’t think this is going to stop any time soon.

    Having been interested in politics to a greater or lesser degree over forty years, I have never seen a government like this: one which appears to be acting against the best interests of the people of Australia. Of course Abbott doesn’t want an election!

  2. John Fraser


    If ever Abbott was going to call an early election in the last 12 months now would have been the ideal time.

    Aussies are wavering over the continued onslaught of debt and Budget.

    Shortens problem.

    Palmer's outburst.

    Australians have this "thought bubble" that Abbott is strong.

    Combined they give Abbott his best ever chance of winning not only the House of Reps but quite possibly the Senate.

    But it looks like Abbott is just the typical bully ….. always a coward when uncertain of the odds.

  3. Kathryn

    Abbott hasn’t got the conviction, guts or moral fibre to call an election because he KNOWS he is about as popular as a castor oil enema. He KNOWS, deep down inside, that he is a doomed … a DEAD MAN WALKING! A despicable, LYING, neoliberal without a SHRED of humanity! A Machiavellian narcissist, unspeakably arrogant with a reprehensible level of corruption, cronyism and elitism that is WITHOUT PEER in Australian politics! Abbott surrounds himself with the most vile pack of DUMBED DOWN, self entitled sociopaths to have EVER FRAUDULENTLY crawled across the electoral line on a platform overflowing with ongoing pathological LIES, blatant character assassinations and relentless BROKEN PROMISES. Go on, you snivelling, repugnant little mongrel, CALL THE NEXT ELECTION and let’s just see what happens!

  4. Lee

    The comments relating to almost all of the political articles I read include people who want Tony to keep his promise of a DD election. He simply does not listen!

  5. Michael Taylor

    Lee, he simply doesn’t have the guts.

  6. June M Bullivant OAM

    He would lose big time, he is not governing for all Australians just a rich few.

  7. Don Winther

    Bill Shorton couldn’t win an election. Get rid of Shorton and replace him with Greg Combet. Combet looks like Clark Kent and would look a lot better than Abbott in a pair of speedos and a cape fighting for truth justice and peace in the Ameri*# … Australian way

  8. Möbius Ecko

    Interesting from William Bowe at Crikey. Illustrates just how unpopular Abbott is.

    The federal Coalition’s standing in Queensland continues to deteriorate. One option could be to scapegoat the distressed Newman government. There’s just one problem: Queensland’s LNP is more popular (or, at least, less unpopular) than the Abbott government.

    Crikey also has an interesting (behind wall) on why Shorten came out saying it was due to News Corp blackmail.

    Remember Abbott was also accused of a past rape that never went to court, but we don’t see News Corp carrying out a character assassination against him because of it. Indeed they do the office, they are currently engaging in a large snow job to sell him as a strong and capable leader.

  9. Anne Byam

    Michael – you have said it all – don’t need to read more, even though there would be much more, as you have explained. ( your records and files of information must be awesome ). Well done.

    As an Opposition leader, Abbott is in his element ( his ONLY element I might add ). Calling for elections ad nauseum – that’s his forte as an Opposition leader ( along with vile accusations and horrid personal insult at the leader of the country – as long as she is a woman that is !! ).

    Wonder how he would go with a true man leading the country, and he in his preferred post – as leader of the Opposition ? I just wonder.

    Now he is faced with not so much the Opposition or any other parties calling for an election, but the people … US.

    The snivelling coward will most likely back into a corner ( with microphone and splayed fingers ) …. and blame the Labor Party for everything – yet again. And he certainly wouldn’t want to call a Double Dissolution. He’d be drummed so far into the earth, he’d never resurface. ( which mightn’t be a bad thing at that !! ).


    Kathryn …. why don’t you say a few words ? ( joke, but not at your expense )……. Your post was priceless, angry [ don’t blame you at all for that ] and well said. It covered just about everything I personally have ever wanted to say ? And no doubt many others.

    On with the job now folks. ….

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    Future makeup of senate could present a problem for the major parties. No, I believe we have not seen Abbott wallow enough in his inability to govern on any level. Not time to let him off the hook.

    Previous governments, when hitting a bad spot, have the ability to reinvent themselves. This government for the first time, does not.

  11. Lesley Ann Porter

    Yes, I remember, it was like the never ending story…on and on…and they are still at it…the lies, the betrayal of the Australian people. Still…will the Australian people remember to vote the other way, for our own sake I hope so..

  12. Neil of Sydney

    This country could not survive another Labor govt for a long time. If you want to destroy Australia vote Labor.

  13. John Fraser


    Michael Taylor pulling together Articles like this from recent history keeps Abbott gangs background/behaviour to the forefront.

    Former CEO of Limited News Australia Kim Williams has this to say :

    "One thing is abundantly clear, we are now living through the largest single transfer of power in human history, from producers to consumers. The significance of that power shift is enormous. How Australia responds will define our modern nation – the challenge of innovation is at the core."

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/comment/kim-williams-calls-news-corp-leaks-a-festival-of-vengeance-20140821-106r64.html#ixzz3B7lFTnoU

    Murdochs "last man standing" is well on its way to being a "hollow last man standing".

    Thanks Michael Taylor & Family, The AIMN and all associated.

  14. Rob031

    From the SMH/Melboune Age this afternoon (Fri 22):

    Voters don’t want another election: Tony Abbott hoses down claims of a poor budget sales job

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said that the last thing voters want is another election as he tried to hose down more commentary that his government has done a poor job of selling its budget.

    The post went up by about 11am.


    Since about 2pm I have been keeping an eye on this particular story. Do you remember a couple of days ago when Hockey came out with his stuff on poor people and cars? The people on the comments thread went absolutely ballistic as I have never witnessed before. As I watched the comments pour in I was struck by the sheer intensity and volume of how many participated and what they said.

    Similarly with the article cited above. In this case the Fairfax media invited everyone (at the end of the article) to answer the following question:

    Poll: Would you like to see a double dissolution election? The alternatives were Yes or No

    At about 4:15 I decided to enter the informal poll results into a spreadsheet to quantify what was happening.

    Time Votes Yes% Votes/Minute
    —— ——– ——– —————–
    4:15 9,680 95%
    4:30 10,476 95% 53.07
    4:45 11,286 95% 54.00
    5:00 12,189 96% 60.20
    5:15 12,887 96% 46.53
    5:30 13,537 96% 44.00
    5:45 14,390 96% 56.20
    6:00 15,049 96% 43.93
    6:15 15,914 96% 57.67
    6:30 16,545 96% 42.07
    6:45 17.291 96% 49.73
    7:00 18,255 96% 64.27
    7:15 18,660 96% 27.00

    And then I went off to have some tea.

    Perhaps we can take some heart here. I realise that this was just a newspaper poll but I think the sheer intensity of the number and tone of the comments, plus the voting, indicates a pretty good idea that there is a significant ground-swell going down that the Coalition will ignore at their risk.

    May a march near you at the end of the month be super-well attended.

  15. Anne Byam

    Florence. Would never think of letting the Abbott off the hook. He’s got a ways to go before hanging himself completely. However, whatever happens in the near or 2 year future, it is going to be difficult for us all. A lot of dirt to rid ourselves of.


    @ Neil of Sydney …… I am astonished at your comments….. Labor could ruin / destroy us ??? Nothing could be worse than this current Government is turning out to be, with it’s destructive ideologies and brutal projections ……

    But I have no desire to argue the point – not because I couldn’t, simply because I do not wish to.

  16. Florence nee Fedup

    Anne, be wary of Neil. Has been absent for time. If you reply, he will lead you into a loop, that goes on and on. He is not interested in debating any thread. It is not worth the effort.

  17. Michael Taylor

    Neil, if every voter was as stupid as you then Abbott would be PM for the next 25 years. Thankfully they are not.

  18. Anne Byam

    Thanks Florence … have just had another go at him on another thread. ( Short Memory ) But it occurred to me that he initially seemed to be reasonable about his attitude towards the Liberals, and has now done a 180° about face.

    I actually used one of your links which you posted first on the “Short Memory” thread – and gave acknowledgement to you for that in my reply to him.

    Ended up saying ” Read it and weep ”

    I admit I get a bit carried away at times, especially when I am angry. Guess we all do that, at times.

    Thanks for the warning. I will be careful from now on.

  19. Florence nee Fedup

    Anne, from our days on Café Whispers, we have spent numerous hours giving facts. Giving them over and over. All he is interested in, is derailing the post. I am glad, that now, on this new site, most are giving him a miss.\

    No one is a greater glutton for punishment than me.

  20. diongiles

    Abbott doesn’t want an election, but Australia needs one. ASAP. In front of the tsunami of the Global Financial Heist, while governments in Europe and Britain and America were governing for the banksters and their people were sliding into mass unemployment, bankruptcies and eviction from homes and poverty. All over Britain, Europe, Ireland and America the government refrain was one of emergency: everything the “lower orders” had must be scooped out to transfer to the thieving banksters, They laughingly called the plunder “austerity” and still do. But we in Australia dodged the bullet. We had a government (both Rudd and Gillard) who governed for the Australian people. Mr Greed was spitting. That’s what the relentless negativity of Abbott and News Ltd and the shock jocks was about. Now, having lied themselves into office they’re busting a gut to reverse what Rudd and Gillard put in place to protect Australia achieved. Thus they and the “useful idiots” (e.g. see a comment above) are still hammering the theme of “Labor’s mess” – and Labor, every day, is letting them get away with it as they let them get away with it when Labor was in office.

    The only way to get rid of Abbott is to drive Labor into growing a spine – to take the attack to the enemy. As a warning of who the enemy is, and what they’ll do to get rid of a government that governs for Australia and not Australia’s powerful largely foreign enemies, the last time we had a government governing for Australia was the 1970s. It is well worth while to become familiar (as few people did at the time) with just what the government was doing to govern for Australia’s interests, and to what lengths Australia’s enemies would go to get rid of such a Government. Much of the full story is told at
    http://www.american-buddha.com/cia.australia.htm . The degree of enemy penetration into Australian institutions including the ACTU and the ALP is an eye-opener and shows what decent people must now come to grips with to respond. Lots of serious study and close observation for a start,

  21. stephentardrew

    Thanks Michael as usual:

    Want to comment sometimes but somehow I feel too numb. We are living in dangerous times and the more critique of this government the better. I just struggle to understand how the LNP can be so cruel and heartless. They say they believe in freedom of expression then do everything possible to deny it to those who are less fortunate than they are. They are in no way Christians. Labels are meaningless without actions. Morality has lost its meaning in a web of amoral rationalizations that would imprison children and destroy the lives of many of our fellow citizens. Sometimes I am moved beyond labels in an attempt to describe the brute ignorance and mendacity of this Government. There is something about raw pain suffering and heartache that cannot be put into words like sociopath or psychopath. Empathy is the tool of sophisticated and caring societies and it demands you feel others pain and suffering and then find out the causes and do what you can to alleviate the suffering. Terms like democracy, justice, freedom and equity are just meaningless worlds without the emotional heartfelt empathy required to find suitable solutions.

    In fact it seems like neo-conservative Chicago School capitalism does not want solutions they simply want dog eat dog survival of the, so called, fittest while destroying peoples lives and the planet.

    Rational science has many useful and effective solutions however science has been given short shift by these stupid fools. They are stupefied by their own ignorance and conceit while being foolish enough to cause unmitigated suffering and hardship to others while reaping the rewards of unbridled greed for themselves.

    It seems so simple when one sets out to feel others suffering however when the labels come rushing in all sorts of ridiculous ideological magical and mythological clap trap completely destroys any logical rational heartfelt consideration of the disenfranchised.

    To be stupid, foolish, ignorant and greedy puts one in the category of idiot. This is what we are dealing with. Idiot expresses, more than any technical label, the lack of heartfelt connectivity with our fellow humans beings. An irrational mind is an idiot mind.

    Bit harsh but there you go I have had enough of this unmitigated cruelty and brute ignorance.

  22. Roswell

    Neil doesn’t want another election either. 😉

  23. Neil of Sydney

    “Morality has lost its meaning in a web of amoral rationalizations that would imprison children”

    It was the ALP/Greens that locked up record numbers of men, women and children asylum seekers.

    I guess you lot are proud. Your vote in 2007 resulted in record numbers of detention center being built and locking up record numbers of children.

    Of course nobody said anything until the Coalition is in power. Now that evil women Gillian Triggs wakes from years of slumber and starts an investigation into children in detention. Something that could have been done years ago but was not because the ALP was in power.

    Gillian Triggs is an evil evil women.

  24. Kaye Lee


    The average length of time that a child spent in an Immigration Department detention facility as of July 31, was 349 days. At the same time last year, it was 115 days.

    Morrison is refusing to process the claims for more than 30,000 asylum seekers including children until he gets his way about temporary visas. He does not want to offer any of these people certainty about their future. He is purposely being cruel to act as a “deterrant”. The ends do not justify the means. You cannot persecute people who have committed no crime and I am very much looking forward to the Supreme Court telling him so in October.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/scott-morrison-says-asylum-seeker-children-cant-be-released-from-detention-without-temporary-visas-20140822-1076pj.html#ixzz3BAG8FJol

  25. billly moir

    I agree with you don but when you add michael’s assessment of Neil, who is the standard of Australia’s swinging voters, Labor is not electable and the greens will suffer the fate of the Chips. The rabbott’s propaganda machine is way too good for the polls and, it may be a tragedy but when he calls an election he will win a clear majority in both houses. As a school teacher from the old school we are reaping what we have sown by leaving women out of the equation and keeping the religions that teach them to serve and promise them that they will never be equal but they are important.

  26. Rene

    Ah, Neil’s back trolling again I see.

  27. stephentardrew

    Neil your an idiot.

    Right and left have been complicit in human torture and suffering but oh no let’s take sides and play divide and destroy. You are one of the idiots refereed to in my post. Go away and play with your self-justifying immoral moronic mates. Regardless conservatives are by far the worst of a bad bunch.

  28. stephentardrew

    Bill Moir:

    Get up and fight and stop the negative hyperbola. We can and we will win.

    Get it?

    There is no alternative.

  29. Neil of Sydney

    “Morrison is refusing to process the claims for more than 30,000 asylum seekers including children”

    Wow. So ALP/Greens locked up 30,000 people. You find out what someone believes by what they do not by what they say. The fact that ALP/Greens locked up 30,000 people says all i need to know about ALP/Greens people.

  30. Dan Rowden

    So, Neil, you’re against detention, then?

  31. Michael Taylor

    Dan, only when Labor detains people.

  32. Dan Rowden

    Yeah, that’s the impression I’m getting…

  33. stephentardrew

    We need to stop dealing with the intellectually and logically challenged.
    Hypocrisy is the tool of dangerous ideologues.

  34. John Fraser


    According to Peter Hartcher over at Fairfax Media the major political parties are responsible for Clive Palmer.

    The Greens are described as … "a faceless collective of unhinged Greens fringe-dwellers."

    Hartcher then goes on to say …. "And this is why Palmer's relevance is in the hands of the three main parties."

    Note that ? …… suddenly the Greens are relevant.

    Hartcher goes on to say …….. "And where Labor is intractable, the government has an unexplored opportunity to do business with the Greens."

    And …….. "But even the most anti-Greens members of the government have the ability to set ideology aside long enough to cut deals."

    Link : http://www.theage.com.au/comment/clive-palmer-and-his-senate-colleagues-are-a-creation-of-the-main-parties-making-20140822-107b6i.html

    The Liberal support "Team" suddenly see the Greens in a new light …… but the likelihood of any Budget deal other than fuel excise (Milne will go with it, but she has been rolled once) is unlikely

    And Labor has followed Abbotts gang down the same path of crucifying the Greens..

    The attention has now turned to destroying Clive Palmer.

    And that's why I continue to support the Greens ….. and cheer on Clive.

    In the last 10 months there hasn't been much from Shorten to cheer.

  35. Dan Rowden

    Shorten and Labor need to take better advantage of the political opportunities this Government is handing them – and they are manifold. Whilst there are those who extol the virtues of quietly allowing Abbott to hoist himself on his own petard, I feel that’s a faulty methodology. Visibility is vital in politics. Abbott’s failings will have little real impact if there is no visible and credible alternative. It will simply mean people will mentally adapt to the idea that they’re stuck with a deficient Government.

    Shorten’s efforts in relation to social media, for example, have been, in my experience, nothing less than pathetic. His activity on Twitter (or that of his office) does not go beyond tweets about who he just had lunch with. It’s garbage. How hard can it be to tweet intelligently and with focus and political dexterity? Lots of people seem to manage it.

    Labor and Shorten can’t afford to let any opportunity pass them by. They must stay visible and thereby build the perception of their viability.

  36. Neil of Sydney

    “Hypocrisy is the tool of dangerous ideologues.”

    Absolutely. The great “achievement” of the ALP/Greens was creating and reopening detention centers


    Wickham Point (established in Darwin in 2011)
    Curtin (near Derby, WA, reopened in 2010)
    Scherger (near Weipa, Queensland, established in 2010)
    Yongah Hill (near Northam, WA, established in 2012)

    There was also
    Inverbrackie Alternative Places of Detention opened 2010
    Leonora Alternative Place of Detention opened 2010
    Port Augusta Immigration Residential Housing reopened 2010

    Most probably lots of others. You find out what people believe by what they do not by what they say.

  37. Möbius Ecko

    How hard can it be to tweet intelligently and with focus and political dexterity?

    Craig Emerson shows how it can be done, along with throwing music quizzes and the odd funny anecdote into the mix whilst also intelligently engaging the RW trolls and media mouthpieces who attempt to serve it up to him.

    He’s quietened down a little lately, which is a pity.

  38. trek79Ray Butler

    Kathryn; I almost completely agree with your comment, but I wouldn’t give them the credit of Machiavelli; Machiavelli certainly believed there were those best suited to rule, but rulership was a service done in the best interests of Rome, Abbott and Co. serve a financial elite.

    I will note that when Kim Jong Un is offended, soon a press release tells us how the North Korean People are offended, that is the mentality; Mr Abbott, if you want to speak for the people then represent them, not difficult.

  39. stephentardrew

    Dan agreed:

    We continually discuss the point to no avail. They are just sticking their heads in the sand. They seem to be afraid to make a stand. Silently living in hope is not going to cut it. I wonder what their social research is indicating. At least they need to let voters know the strategy so social media can participate. I get glib emails from Shorten full on rhetoric but empty on strategy and action plans. The party has become much too insular. After all the right is the right and they have their own agenda which is not necessarily those of their constituents. They are often too busy playing the inside game. We need action not bullshit.

  40. Mark Lucas

    Neil of sydney you seem to either not grasp the situation, are an ignorant fool or a factless bully. Either way you are the hypocrite.
    Abbott continually said during the election campaign that he would not make grubby deals with the greens or minority parties and if he couldn’t govern his way he would go back to the polls. Since the election he and members of his front bench have threatened members of both houses with a DD if they didn’t support in full his policies. He has threatened the minor and independant parties with the delusion they will lose their seats and he has once again proven that he doesn’t care about the voting public by his broad based statement that we don’t want another election.
    If he was a true leader fit to run our great nation he would immediately call an election. The longer he goes on running the country without the support of almost anyone he will run this country into the ground and the next government will have a real budget crisis looming not the made up one he would have us believe. If you are happy for a mob of bullies to be running the country good for you that is your right in a free country but as numerous polls for many months suggest the majority of Australians do not share your beliefs

  41. Dan Rowden


    Agree about the Labor email “blasts”. The last one from Bill actually had a little bit of Team Australia feel about it. As you say, full on rhetoric but empty on strategy other than “standing together”. I don’t really need to be told by Bill how much this mob sucks. I’ve sort of been able to figure that out for myself. What I want to hear is that if elected in 2016 Labor will re-new its commitment to climate change action, that it will recommit to the Gonski reforms, that it will re-institute the legion of advisory boards dumped by the Coalition, that it institute a federal ICAC – there’s an election winner right there in that one point. That’s the sort of thing I want to be emailed about.

  42. Neil of Sydney

    “Abbott continually said during the election campaign that he would not make grubby deals with the greens or minority parties

    I cannot believe the dishonesty of you people. Actually i can because you are the most dishonest people i have met.

    Abbott said he would not do grubby deals to form government. And guess what? Abbott did not do grubby deals with ALP/Greens to form govt.

    Unfortunately he has to deal with ALP/Greens to get stuff through the Senate.

    I am starting to wonder of ALP/Greens people are capable of telling the truth.

  43. stephentardrew


    I’d vote for ya mate with policies like that.

  44. John Fraser



    Then why are you still here ?

  45. Neil of Sydney

    Not sure. Too see what crazy people think?

    But i cannot believe the dishonesty of you people. Do you have any morals??

    Abbot said he would not do any deals with ALP/Greens to form govt. He has to deal with ALP/Greens to get stuff through the Senate.

    Are you people capable of telling the truth?

  46. John Fraser



    Why can't you see if we are telling the truth or not ?

  47. Dan Rowden


    Abbott said he would not do grubby deals to form government. And guess what? Abbott did not do grubby deals with ALP/Greens to form govt.

    Indeed, he kept his grubby dealing to the Nationals and CLP, both minor parties.

  48. stephentardrew


    No person on this planet is capable of telling the truth all, or even part of the time, you included, so take your superior intent and shove it. Abbott makes Labor and the Greens look like beginners in the lying stakes. Take your arrogant self conceited idiocy elsewhere. You just continue to confirm the fool that you are.

  49. Neil of Sydney

    “Indeed, he kept his grubby dealing to the Nationals and CLP, both minor parties

    Just more dishonesty.

    The Coalition (Liberals/Nationals) went to an election and won.

    No deals. They won the election. No deals were made after the election.

    Are you people capable of telling the truth?

    Dan- you are as dishonest as all the others.

  50. Dan Rowden


    Deals to form Government are deals to form Government. Can you please point me towards all the seats the “Coalition” contested?

  51. John Fraser



    Are you a brunette ?

  52. Kaye Lee

    First preference votes in 2013 federal election

    Australian Labor Party: 4,311,365 which equates to 33.38%
    Liberal: 4,134,865 which equates to 32.02%

  53. Neil of Sydney

    “Deals to form Government are deals to form Government.

    Yep. If ALP/Greens want to form a Coalition and then run for govt- no problem.

    Liberals and Nationals went to an election as a Coalition as they have done since WW2 and won govt.

    What is your problem?

  54. Anne Byam

    Kaye – ref. length of time >>> children in detention. WELL DONE, well said, and as usual, properly researched. It think the figures speak for themselves, and for the current situation – which is indeed …. cruelty.

  55. John Fraser


    @Neil of Sydney

    Neil are you a brunette ?

  56. Neil of Sydney


    If the ALP wants to form a Coalition with the Greens and run for govt- go for it.

  57. John Fraser


    @Neil of Sydney

    I'm only asking to try and be nice.

    There are some people who think I am an attack dog.

    One who goes after arsholes and trolls.

    And I am just trying to work out your colouring.

    Why not humour me and tell me what you really think about the state of play with "Ream Australia".

  58. Kaye Lee

    The National Party got 554,268 votes (4.29%) yet they have 9 seats in the HoR.

    The Greens got 1,116,918 votes (8.65%) but have 1 seat in the HoR.

  59. Kaye Lee

    The Coalition had to combine the votes of four different parties to get 45.55%
    Together, Labor and the Greens got 42.03% of the vote.

    So when Tony says he has a “mandate” to do whatever he wants he is talking crap. More people did NOT want him and his cohorts than those who DID.

  60. Anne Byam

    @ Billly Moir …. ref. your comment about swinging voters ( 23 August 9.09 am ) …. just a little whinge here. Have for many years referred to myself as a ‘swinging voter’ … which simply means to me, that I am deliberately not affiliated to any Party specifically, and when it comes time to vote, I read, consider, listen, look at presentations … the whole nine yards. Come polling day, I THEN decide who I vote for.

    Neil on the other hand, comes into conversations appearing to be one thing ( mostly Labor for a while ) until he finds a loophole, and then he changes – he’s no swinging voter … he’s Liberal …. .. but is most likely to change back again at any time. That’s not swinging – in my opinion. It’s a kind of obfuscation.

    I have now changed from being what I called a ‘swinging voter’ to a ‘discerning voter’ – courtesy of help from Corvus !!!! 😉

    Just a wee aside here … is all. !!

  61. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry Anne you got that wrong about Neil.

    Some of us have been dealing with Neil for a very long time now across several fora. He’s never made himself out to be anything other than a core Liberal Party supporter to the exclusion of everything else and to the point of mania. A real RWNJ.

    I and others have stopped reading his posts altogether. He is so predicable and has given the same answers so often now we can close to word for word write his answers for him. I gave up reading his posts a long time ago and only get gists of what he’s posted from others responding to him, which by the way responding to him is a useless exercise. He has and never will look at facts if they in any way damn his beloved Liberals, most of all his numinous Howard, who he dotes over.

    99% of Neil’s answer on anything to do with the Liberals, and especially a Liberal government, is Labor. He very rarely directly addresses any fact on Liberal failings or bad policy, instead always derails threads with attacks on Labor and Labor supporters. I can bet my house that asylum seekers will be one thing he’s bought up and it will be referring back to Labor whilst not addressing what the current government is doing.

    You can set your diary on it. Post a topic rightfully attacking a Liberal government or leader and Neil will come in to derail the thread by attacking Labor to attempt to get people off the topic of the Liberals and onto defending Labor.

  62. billly moir

    My friend of 60 years is an intelligent hard working man who faithfully devoted his after work life to his disabled son for the last 40 years and a conservative. Just like Neil and their rabbott, he is too frightened to question his beliefs and will not undertake(nor discuss) any challenge to them. Beliefs like, whitlam did nothing but ruin Australia, hawke and Keating ruined the economy and Juliar was an incompetent liar who stabbed a PM in the back and ruined the economy.
    By way of my constant chuckling at the rabbottian mistakes and gaffes over the last 4 years, he has turned away as far as xenaphon. Nevertheless, as he still admires pig-iron bob’s stance on communism, cannot abide a school teacher wearing a navy singlet instead of the white and accepts that women are not equal to men in leadership roles because of their emotions, his vote will go to the rabbott as will those of the men and women who, like he and Neil, believe in, and march to, the slogans of belief. Australians are suckers for sex and violence and we require strong intelligent men to lead us and even there the adjectives are not essential just the noun.

  63. Anne Byam

    @ Kaye … thank you for your insight, and your referencing. The votes count posts tell the story. The remainder of votes that pushed the Coalition across the line ( for the ‘mandate’ they do NOT have ) was made up from preferences from little parties. The obscure, ‘let’s have fun and get into politics’ lot – who wouldn’t normally stand a chance at anything. Yet they gave preferences ? Guess that’s democracy at work huh ? I wonder. ……

    Those ‘ little ‘ parties should be required by law, to detail very CLEARLY their intentions – or should I say, their REAL intentions as to who their preferences are going to, particularly ON their ‘how to vote’ cards handed out to voters. In the Senate paper, I guess they do – by showing their numbering. That is a laborious undertaking, to systematically go through absolutely EVERY detail – while queues are champing at the bit behind those doing it all the long way. And enabling donkey voting is hardly a good way to run any election.

    I wonder if something I read recently is true – that the Liberals and Labor at some time in recent or past history [ being the two in the TPP system ] ‘create’ these smaller parties to make sure of the preferences. However, as I am not altogether aux fait with political law and circumstance, I cannot comment any further. That might have been a furphy ?

    Finally, and throwing it in rather blindly I might add. Do away with the voting booths, and send to absolutely everyone registered on the electoral role – their voting slips – to be returned pre-paid postage by a certain date, with no identifying marks whatsoever. With a note, urging people to read thoroughly every party, and their preferences. The Australian Electoral Commission could do this. They do it for some who will be out of the country on voting day – or are absent for any reason … why not to all ? There may be a small % of stuff-ups, just as there is a small % of people who never register to vote. That does happen.

    A deployment of ‘scrutineer’ type personnel, could be located at major mail reception points to ” pounce ” on the returns and make sure they are kept locked away, to be opened at precisely the correct time. OR – do what they do with census forms. ( although the cost of that would probably be prohibitive ).

    Preferences can make or break an election … history has shown that.

    Just a thought ….

    Would be interested in opinions … if you all or some, wish ?

  64. billly moir

    Stephentardrew why would you vote for shorten? Why for labor? The former got rid of the only Laborite with the ability to defeat the rabbott if she had labor support an the latter still has leadership woes when torpid Tanya et al voted little billy and the membership voted albo???

  65. Möbius Ecko

    It’s actually worse than that for Abbott Anne.

    The MSM, especially the right wing MSM, try to make out Abbott won in a landslide when he did not.

    Fifteen of the Coalition’s new seats were won on very thin margins. Eleven seats had margins of less than 4000 voters. What it boils down to is that it would have only taken 30,000 voters to go the other way and the L-NP would have lost the last election.

    In the mean time they have not only blown away those 30,000 voters by their constant stuff ups and stupidity, they have put Labor in a position to win in a real landslide. Of course the election is a long way off but Abbott will need to throw some very serious largesse at the electorate win the next one.

  66. Anne Byam

    @ mobius ecko. Not sure what I said was wrong about Neil. However, if you are referring to my comments about him ‘seeming to be Labor ‘ for a while – then all I can say is I must have misread his original posts, when he first joined in. I did think he was doing the ‘support Labor’ thing …. and when you think about it, what better way to get people’s attention here, and then later, drill the boots in when they are sufficiently pliant ( pliant that is, in his opinion !!! ). It is now of course, very obvious, which foot he kicks with.

    Someone else pointed out this person’s agenda, on another post – and she too had seen his wily ways. She too gave me warning.

    He has been a little successful in sucking in a few here … ( no offence to those who have ‘had a go’ back at him ) … I have made my own retaliations at this bloke, and stand to have also been ‘sucked in’ previously. No longer though.

    I take your point though, and thank you.

  67. Olivia Manor

    Don’t feed Neil. As Mobius Ecko said, he appears frequently on anti Abbott blogs possibly also under the names Eric/Tim of Altona, Perry DuBois and Anne of ? He/she is probably paid by the Liberal Party to stir things up and is obviously earning his keep. For the last 12 months the arguments have always been the same and never deviate, so don’t bother engaging with him. Waste of time!

  68. Kaye Lee


    I too have endured Neil for some time on various sites. The warning about his repetition is correct. He is stuck in the Howard years, he refuses to comment on the current government, Labor has never done anything good, the Coalition has never done anything bad, or if they did it wasn’t as bad as Labor did it. That sums up anything he will ever write.

    The reason I respond is for other people. he is so easy to refute I just use him as practice in the hope that it may inform others. Neil is way beyond any form of rational conversation.

  69. Anne Byam

    @ Dan … re labor quietly allowing Abbott to hoist himself etc. >>>> you think it is a faulty methodology. While still being the eternal optimist, and still believing Shorten is playing a very cunning political game, I do take your point that they need to be seen more forcefully.

    I too receive emails from Labor. And they are rather empty of challenge and any specific re-inforcement. Certainly don’t contain anything about future plans. However ………

    It must be a very difficult line to tread, because the moment Shorten reveals even ONE policy that is in the works for a return to Government by Labor – it would IMMEDIATELY give Abbott and probably ALL of his blundering colleagues, something else to focus on – to USE as an attempt to steer us away from the mess they make daily. Liberals play a filthy game – always have, always will. But then politics in general, is not exactly the cleanest game on the pitch, is it.

    There is no doubt in my mind the LNP would jump on it – refer to it repeatedly ( but not enough to instil Labor’s policy in minds ) … and go on their merry way, making an even bigger travesty of their ‘governing’ than they already have. I do believe this is what Shorten is avoiding. … i.e. Giving Abbott ammunition.

    As for tweeting – that really is – for the birds. I am surprised Bill Shorten does it at all. I belong to Twitter ( very rarely used ) and Facebook. There is a large amount of support for Labor on Facebook, but that depends on what a person follows very specifically. The pages for the parties, show a similar number of likes or followers …. each over 200,000. Liberal is ahead there. When searching their names however, Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten, Abbott is way out in front. He is often in attack mode on his page. Bill Shorten – not so much – he does attack – using poster images about a number of horrors the LNP has dreamed up. They do indeed oppose, but the delivery is not forceful.

    As I said – it’s a difficult and very fine line to walk for Bill Shorten and the entire Labor party at this time. Would be prepared to give them a little more time to get their act together – come out fighting and OPPOSING big time …. but as for policy – that should be kept under wraps until the timing is right. As mentioned above.

  70. Neil of Sydney

    “As Mobius Ecko said, he appears frequently on anti Abbott blogs possibly also under the names Eric/Tim of Altona, Perry DuBois and Anne of ? He/she is probably paid by the Liberal Party to stir things up and is obviously earning his keep.

    You people make me laugh. I have only posted under the name Neil of Sydney. I actually wish i was paid.

    Adrian of Nowra- do you believe this crap?

    “He is stuck in the Howard years, he refuses to comment on the current government,”

    They have not been in long enough to make a decision.

    And it is me who has endured you. Like Kaye when you said the creation of marine parks was a great achievement of the Gillard govt. All the marine parks were created before the Rudd/Gillard govt was even elected. Most were created by the Howard govt. That is why Howard is given the credit for creating a network of marine parks. You need lots to create a network and Howard did that.

  71. Florence nee Fedup

    Yes, Neil is back. Back with absolutely nothing new to say. We will get a rehash of his prejudice view of history. Nothing anyone says, will change one iota what he says.

    Neil enjoys taking control of all posts. His aim is to derail all.

  72. Möbius Ecko

    Yes Anne I was referring to your comment on Neil first appearing to be a Labor supporter. Sorry I was not clearer.

    Neil has only ever been a dyed in the wool RWNJ and never pretended to be anything else or anyone else as far as I know.

    On a rare occasion he is correct and I have acknowledged that in the past, apologising to him for my being wrong or doubting his fact. But it never goes the other way, he will never ever apologise for his mistake or acknowledge a fact that shows the Liberals are wanting. You can point out where he’s wrong with hundreds or thousands of facts but he will never acknowledge that whilst constantly replying with Labor this or Labor that. He never directly addresses the point raised on the Liberals or a Liberal politician but always slews the topic to Labor.

    You will notice that when presented with an irrefutable fact like Kaye often posts that in response Neil will change tact to another topic attacking Labor. He will not address the facts presented to him nor directly answer questions on the Liberals or their leader.

    His sole purpose is to derail topics and discussion threads. He does this by first posting a bait, usually a single sentence or two casting an aspersion about a Labor failure or about their supporters, and then he will bring up the exact same historical points against them he has been for years, almost word for word.

    Don’t allow him to derail the topic as he seems to have here.

  73. Florence nee Fedup

    “If he was a true leader fit to run our great nation he would immediately call an election”

    or make it work, as Gillard did.

  74. corvus boreus

    When you set up a chess board in the park, sometimes a ‘party pigeon’ will land on the board, and try to play.
    It has a singular game-plan.
    It will flap it’s wings noisily, scattering some of the pieces, lift it’s tail and repeatedly drop shit on the board, then strut back and forth cooing victoriously.
    They then usually fly away to beg further tidbits of junk-food and white-bread from spectating stockbrokers and staffers .
    When I have pecked such birds, they tasted of cancer and necrosis.

  75. Neil of Sydney

    “Neil has only ever been a dyed in the wool RWNJ and never pretended to be anything else or anyone else as far as I know.”

    Than you Adrian. But i am more anti-labor than pro-Coalition.

    Like when Kaye said the marine parks was a Rudd/Gillard achievement. Actually the marine parks were a great achievement of the Howard govt. Gillard did not create a single marine park and did nothing worthwhile that i am aware of.

    And when Labor supporters say debt was paid off by asset sales


    “The Future Fund Act, 2006 (Cth) received Royal Assent on 23 March 2006 and on 5 May, A$18 billion in seed capital, derived from government surpluses and income from the sale of a third of Telstra in its ongoing privatisation, was deposited into the fund”

    Some asset sales ended up in the Future Fund. $96B of debt was paid off by a combination of asset sales and surplus budgets and the FF was started by a combination of asset sales and surplus budgets.

    And where did the rest of the money in the FF come from??

    Stephen Koukoulas is the most dishonest journalist i have ever read.

  76. corvus boreus

    Funnily enough, they often repeatedly drop identical guano on exactly the same square.

  77. Rob031

    From what I’ve seen of most Trolls it’s an utter waste of time treating them as rational people. In a sense it’s like trying to reason with fundies in general. For my part I prefer no longer to feed the trolls.

  78. Florence nee Fedup

    ME. I believe he just cuts and posts his answers from earlier attempts. One could write the script. Always ends up, calling us all immoral One again the thread is about Neil. Once again he wins.

  79. Florence nee Fedup

    An aside. I have never seen even one comment that agrees with what he has to say.

  80. Florence nee Fedup

    Over the last few days, we have seen Morrison, Cormann and others divert the attention back to the previous government. Funny to see the likes of Neil come back at this time. I wonder where he has been hiding out. Have one suspicion but will not be nasty enough to name it.

  81. Anne Byam

    Hi All …

    there’s only one way to keep on topic … that’s to actually keep on topic. If the topic has run it’s course, then so be it. We go to discuss another topic.

    A ” centre stage ” diva showing a fetish for destabilising the entire cast and crew of a production, is usually dealt with fairly severely. Of course, if she is a highly paid diva, with a voice like Callas – then that’s a hoarse [ horse ] of a slightly different colour. She ends up being avoided and / or ignored. Men can be centre stage freaks as well. Identity problems abound, I would think – in all cases.

    ( oh hell … just who am I talking about here – maybe it’s the Abbott !! ). If ever there were a centre stage diva, it’s him. And he can’t sing ( so I heard ) – can’t speak too well either, for the most part ? Ah well. His pet fetish is three spoken words ” all Labors’ fault “. !!

    I really do not want to know of any other fetish that might exist – anywhere ? 😉

  82. billy moir

    anne, the post is ‘election’. your comment on the ’empty’ labor emails is accurate but the apologetic assessment highlights why the rabbott is safe from little billy and torpid tanya’s insipid labor. The key is the economic crisis which anyone who looks at the rest of the world knows is merely rabbuttian rhetoric. Gillard let the lemon agree with hockey nearly every friday morning on sunrise as the now treasurer verbally trashed the economy.Now as the good ship economic crisis docks at every news outlet, little billy can’t find the wharf.
    Simple facts like matthias from belgium sucks on a cigar and spouts our 20% debt as disastrous when belgium’s debt is 101% of gdp(134% in 1994 when he followed a woman to perth)
    Avoidance of the tactic of posing question to journalists so that they have to ask the rabbott and no grass roots rejoinders to the rabbott’s slogans(even a simple did you know howard sold 167 tonnes of gold and what did he do in 12 years? then list what gillard and labor did in 3)
    Already it is probable that the rabbott could take credit for keeping the AAA rating when labor was about to be downgraded but it is certain the strengthening of the world economy will be caused by team Australia.
    Sadly it is almost certain that labor is aiming for 2019 with the hope that the rabbott will cock up like he did last year but won????

  83. Neil of Sydney

    “I have never seen even one comment that agrees with what he has to say.”

    Well what about the comment that it was the Howard govt that created the network of marine parks and Gillard did not create a single marine park.

    Do you agree with that or not?

  84. Anne Byam

    @ Florence ….

    How often have we seen children throwing tantrums in a store – because they MUST have something. The only way that child ‘ wins ‘ is if mother / father / or someone takes notice and gives in. It’s usually transitory on the child’s part, but enabling him or her to continue is done by taking notice of the tantrum, responding to the tantrum. Children behave badly to get attention …. and any attention is better than none – to the child.

    I might be a tough old chook, but frankly I have always believed that one should ignore children that behave that way. They get over it – until next time. And then they get over it again. They eventually wear themselves out in fact.

    But … the tantrum throwing child does not EVER win, when ignored. !!

    p.s. just realised … I could be talking about Abbott again – with a small difference. His ‘attention seeking’ is heavily laced with threat, fear mongering, ill-placed comments giving more pain to grieving families, disappearance tricks overseas – he takes soooo many overseas trips doesn’t he … and many other attention seeking devices, too numerous to mention.

    I’d just like to see him throw the tantrum that must constantly simmer beneath that surface. There’s often a look that will cross his face when speaking to the public, particularly on matters of Government – nasty and cold, it is.

    Gives me a right chill to my spine, it does.

  85. Anne Byam

    @ billy moir …. I know very well what post I am on thank you. There’s not just an economic crisis either, but a humanitarian one as well. As for the remainder of your most recent post ??? I think you’d best check your wording, before posting. It’s all a bit higgledy-piggledy isn’t it.

    e.g. What has Cormann, born in Belgium got to do with anything … especially to do with Belgium being far worse off than we are, debt wise. I doubt he has anything to do with Belgiums’ debt now ?? LOL. The only tiny connection, is that he happens to be Minister for Finance here ( heaven help us ) – financial management, expenditure, Gov’t operations ” balancing the books ” – so to speak.

    Am beginning to wonder which end of the playing field you are REALLY kicking to Billy. ( have pondered that before today too ).

  86. Florence nee Fedup

    Neil, I have suggested before, you are on the wrong site, commenting here. If you want to debate history, I suggest you find a history blog.

    Most here are more concerned with this government and issues of today.

  87. Neil of Sydney


    Exactly. Like that evil women Gillian Triggs who was asleep from 2007-2013 and then wakes from her slumber to complain about the Abbott govt. Triggs will go back to bed if Labor wins govt. What an evil evil evil evil women is Gillian Triggs.

    “Simple facts like matthias from belgium sucks on a cigar and spouts our 20% debt as disastrous when belgium’s debt is 101% of gdp”

    One or maybe two big differences. Or maybe more.

    Belgium like most other Western Countries most probably can fund most of their debt from their own people. We have to fund the majority of our debt from borrowing overseas. This means most of the interest bill on our debt flows out of the country to foreign investors. At the moment $700M/month is leaving the country never to return. Even our banks borrow from overseas to fund mortgage loans because there are not enough savings in Australia.

    Secondly our debt is still relatively low thanks to Costello. If Labor had been in power from 1996-2007 we would be cactus.

    Thirdly we are a Federation. Australian debt is composed of Federal, State and local. Add it all up and it is not so low. When Costello was paying down Federal debt ,State Labor govts were racking it up.

    If Labor gets back in we will be like Greece and Spain.

  88. Florence nee Fedup

    If Abbott can garner the votes on the floor of both houses, he could be said to have the mandate he claims. The trouble is, the voters did not give Abbott this power.

    While he can muster the confidence of the lower house, he can call himself PM. Yes, as each MP vote is equal, he has a duty to make his government work.

    Yes, that means negotiating with all. If not, should move aside, allowing someone with the ability and will to do so.

    Gillard showed how one does it.

    The words PM and parties cannot be found within the Constitution

  89. John Fraser


    @Neil of Sydney

    Aren't you worried one of your despised "lefties" doesn't hack your computer and load it up with a lot of extreme religious right wing Muslim images ? ?

    Having the Federal Police coming through your front door at 2am should get your attention and have you screamin "Be alert …. i'm a Howard supporter … I love Tony Abbott".

    You just have to be so careful when visiting websites these day "Neil of Sydney".

    Do you have a full Security Suite paid up Subscription ?

    Are you using free security … like AVG ?

    Looking forward to more information from you "Neil of Sydney".

    Honestly "Neil of Sydney" …. be alert not alarmed.

    Go and check your fridge to see if your Howard magnet is still there …. check that your fridge hasn't been hacked !

  90. Florence nee Fedup

    Sorry Cory, I will give your Menzies House, TeaParty tactics a miss. You have wasted your money.

  91. Mensor Hacker

    @Neil of Sydney.

    John Fraser was making a light hearted joke.

    I’m not.

    I have now discovered who your service provider is, your approximate geographical location, your IP address, as well as the MacAddress of your computing device.

    Oh dear. What shall I do with this information? It’s a rhetorical question ‘Neil’. There’s no hurry. Relax. You’ll know soon enough.

  92. John Fraser


    @Mensor Hacker

    Well no.

    I always like to give a warning and leave them laughing.

    If "Neil of Sydney" doesn't laugh then I go after him.

  93. Mensor Hacker

    @John Fraser

    So, does that mean you know what I know about ‘Neil of Sydney’ or even more?

    (I thought your idea of storing compromising images on his device was excellent by the way.)

  94. Mensor Hacker

    @Neil of Sydney.

    I will not place compromising images on your device.

  95. my say

    It seems as though the people that the Abbott government hired to check what people were saying on web sites are not doing a real good job,
    We have all being asking FOR AN ELECTION NOW for months,plus people of all walks of life marching to protest against this government,

  96. Florence nee Fedup

    They can see, but do not believe.

  97. Lee

    “Wow. So ALP/Greens locked up 30,000 people. You find out what someone believes by what they do not by what they say. The fact that ALP/Greens locked up 30,000 people says all i need to know about ALP/Greens people.”

    Neil is not one to let the facts get in the way of ALP/Green bashing. The fact is, the Greens are opposed to locking up the asylum seekers. The Greens were not responsible for it.

  98. Lee

    “If Labor gets back in we will be like Greece and Spain.”

    Do try to keep up Neil. We can’t be like Greece and Spain because Australia has fiat currency whereas Greece and Spain do not.

    I wish to apologise to sheep everywhere for calling Neil a sheep earlier today. Sheep are actually quite intelligent creatures.

  99. allenmcmahon

    @ Neil of Sydney

    If you are going to call Gillian Triggs evil how about some evidence.

    The AHRC was not silent on children in detention between 2007 and 2013, far from it. The Human Rights Commission has consistently opposed the practice of detaining children as can be found by a simple search. In fact, pressure from the AHCR and Chilout led to families, including their children, being removed from Manos island in 2013. Plenty of historical information on the AHCR’s opposition to children in detention here;


  100. Michael Taylor

    I wouldn’t say that sheep are intelligent, but they certainly – on average – have a far superior IQ than Neil.

  101. corvus boreus

    Evil. Evil evil. Evil. Evil evil evil evil.
    Devil drivel.

  102. Kaye Lee

    “Well what about the comment that it was the Howard govt that created the network of marine parks and Gillard did not create a single marine park.

    Do you agree with that or not?”

    No Neil I do not agree. Howard did a good job of starting the marine parks. Gillard extended them.

    “New marine reserves have been proclaimed in five of Australia’s six large marine regions. The reserves in the South-east region were proclaimed in 2007.”


  103. mars08

    …they certainly – on average – have a far superior IQ than Neil.

    So… we can assume that some sheep will have a higher IQ than NoS?

  104. Mensor Hacker

    I wouldn’t waste my time with Neil of Sydney.

    @Neil of Sydney: expect the unexpected.

  105. Lee

    “I wouldn’t say that sheep are intelligent, but they certainly – on average – have a far superior IQ than Neil.”

    In a matter of seconds sheep can work out when a dog is useless and they ignore it. Australians vote for it.

  106. Florence nee Fedup

    No, if one’s father was a wheat and sheep cocky, one would know, sheep are indeed among god’s stupidest creations.

  107. Choppa

    Just as it was confirmed recently that the mining boom was the best thing that could’ve happened to Australia (thus debunking the millions of wasted words on this website saying the opposite) – this article merely confirms that the bludgers don’t understand politics. It’s OK to call for an election when you introduce policies the country doesn’t want in order to stay in power – like the carbon tax. Selling your soul to stay in power is pathetic – that’s why Labor was booted and will remain on the outer for many years to come. It wasn’t good negotiation – Labor was being run by the independents and minorities just so they could keep their cushy jobs. Heck, at least Clive has some ideas, although terrible – Shorten does nothing but fiddle with women and run union slush funds.

    It’s OK to call for an election when those in power are unstable with zero direction, chopping and changing leaders like the Australian public shouldn’t have a say in who leads the country. When you have a mandate to reduce debt, which was made loud an clear – its just pathetic that you whinge when they attempt to do it. Accept that it’s what they were voted in for…and let them do it.

  108. kizhmet

    @Kathryn – thank you! I couldn’t, in a million years, have out it better myself. Brilliant

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