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I guess most of you heard about Tony Abbott’s performance on the Ray Hardly Show. You know, the one where he talked about the dangers of two people marrying…

Yes, yes, I know, his parents got married and had him. Ha ha, very funny. That’s just typical of you lefties. Attack the man when you don’t have any arguments to counter what he’s saying.

For those of you who don’t listen to Sydney radio or following Tony on Twitter, Mr Abbott tweeted the following:


“A bill that legalises marriage between “any two persons” raises issues beyond marriage.. .E.g. would it be possible to exclude gender fluidity discussions from schools if gender fluidity is contemplated by the Marriage Act?”


He was also concerned that it could help the agenda those pushing for Safe Schools, and if there’s one thing that Tony opposes, it’s safe schools. After all, if it was good enough for schools not to be safe when he went to one, then why should we start pandering to a few inner-city types who don’t understand the beauty of a lump of coal.

Anyway, Mr Abbott is, of course, totally correct. This proposed survey that the Liberals are holding because they promised a plebiscite and to have a vote without a plebiscite would be breaking a promise – but it’s ok to do it without a plebiscite if you have a survey run by the ABS because that’s almost the same thing – will have implications beyond marriage. Or rather it will if the survey results – after tweaking and manipulating the results to ensure that those who don’t vote will also get a say because we can assume that anyone who didn’t vote would think exactly the same way that someone in the same demographic group would vote – show a “yes” then the government proposes to allow Parliament to consider the matter and, if Parliament votes in the affirmative for some legislation to do with marriage which we’re yet to see, then this will have some implications way beyond marriage.

For a start, it will enable schools to start talking about things like gender fluidity and as Tony keeps reminding us, it takes a man to run the country and not just any man, but a strong man. If people start to consider gender as fluid, then we could allow a female PM with the expectation that she’ll turn into a man once she gets the job. But more importantly, it will just confuse kids and they’ll all want sex change operations because everybody knows that the opposite sex always has it better.

Then schools might start doing things like advocating tolerance of difference and before you know where you are Australia will be full of people who aren’t like everybody else. You will note, that like Andrew Bolt, I’m prevented by political correctness from saying “foreigners”. Of course, I’m not against people like that but I just like to say that we only want people who accept Australian values in this country… although you can seek asylum in Federal Parliament if you have dual citizenship by declaring allegiance to the Coalition.

But it’s not just for schools that this has implications. Think of the implications for jobs. Archbishop Hart was quick to point out that if anyone employed by the Catholic Church were to marry their same-sex partner, then they’d be sacked. At a time when we’re trying to encourage jobs and growth, that’s not exactly the sort of thing that helps the government.

And the government needs all the help it can get, what with wages growing at the pace they said would be good for jobs. What they didn’t take into account was that the workers were also sometimes also consumers and when wages weren’t growing people don’t spend which doesn’t encourage employers to put on more people. Of course, the Liberals can’t be blamed for this because they didn’t realise that a person could consider themselves a worker one moment, and a consumer the next. This is even harder for the current government to come to terms with than gender fluidity. As far as the Liberals are concerned, everybody should stay exactly as they are forever. A worker should always be a worker and never go home. As for Bill Shorten, well, remember how cross Malcolm got with him. Bill wasn’t content to stay in his place, he was a “social climber” and a “sycophant”. He was meant to stay in his place. Although I’m not sure how Bill starting class warfare fits with this…

Anyway, as Tony reminded us the other week: If you don’t support same-sex marriage, vote No. If you’re against political correctness, vote No. If you’re against marriage generally vote No. If you don’t like Malcolm Turnbull, vote No. If you want a job, vote No. If you think climate change is a myth, vote No. In fact, whatever you’re stand on anything, vote No.

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  1. kristapet

    Nothing is as good as poking the Rabbit, Abbott with a very sharp stick – Boy, does he deserve it!
    Well hoisted on his own petard, is Abbott.
    Thank you Rossleigh for a good laugh

  2. longwhitekid

    The dangers of allowing that f#cktard Toneail to marry and procreate = How to destroy civilization.

  3. helvityni

    Mal was wrong to chastise Bill for being ‘a social climber’, for being aspirational. After all that’s the old Aussie dictum, to be just that: aspirational…

    We buy our first house in the West ,then in three or more steps we move to the East or to the North…we have arrived…

    As I’m one of those Bolt’s ‘foreigners’, I did not understand the Aussie rules about the right way of living, and so I ignorantly found the Inner City the best place to live in….

  4. Max Gross

    “Gender fluidity” sounds suspiciously like deranged General Ripper’s “precious bodily fluids” speech in Dr Strangelove

  5. Graeme Henchel

    For the first time ever I agree with Tony Abbott. This farcical marriage equality survey must be used to stop “political correctness” in its tracks and ensure “freedom”. However the political correctness that I want to stop is that used by conservative forces for centuries to impede progress on human rights issues. This regressive and divisive form of political correctness has opposed women’s rights and suffrage, contraception, Aboriginal rights, the anti-slavery movement, euthanasia, multiculturalism, secularism, the very health of our planet and of course gay rights. The freedom I want to ensure is the right of gay couples to freely express their love through the legal institution of marraige, the same freedom that heterosexual couples enjoy.
    If this tainted survey takes place, I will be voting to stop the type of poisonous political correctness that debases Christianity by commandeering it for cynical and hypocritical advantage. Tony Abbott has been a flag bearer of the corrosive political correctness of the conservative right in Australia for three decades. He is right, this issue is about more than allowing marraige equality, it is more than just the fight within the coalition, it is about the type of Australia we aspire to be.

    This is a great opportunity to stop Abbott in his tracks.

  6. Karlo

    As much as I agree with most of the above sentiment, you will never stop Toenail Abbott in his tracks. The man is of such a fundamentalist bent his vision is blinkered. He sees nothing but straight ahead and his vision does not encompass any form of deviation. He cannot believe that the broad mass of Australians do not share his point of view. Everybody needs to kow tow to his knowledge as he is the harbinger of all that is true.

  7. stephengb2014

    Well said Graeme Henchel,

    Spot on the money

    S G B

  8. Roswell

    Graeme, twice I started reading your comment and twice I didn’t go further than your first sentence.

    It didn’t sound like you. I thought you’d gone mad.

    If it wasn’t for Stephen giving your comment the thumbs-up I wouldn’t have gone back a third time.

    I’m glad I did. Thumbs-up from me too.

  9. Shed

    With all the problems Australia is facing and this is the big question…

  10. king1394

    Shed, some years ago I was handing out for Labor at the 2007 election. In a quiet moment I asked the Christian Democrat handing out beside me what he considered to be the major issue facing Australians at the time. He thought deeply then announced: “I’d have to say ‘Gay Marriage'”
    I was gobsmacked. I still am. However, it seems that we will never be allowed to think of anything more important until this issue is finally done and dusted, and that means until Gay Marriage is permitted.

  11. Zathras

    The younger Tony didn’t marry his pregnant girlfriend and even got his mother to ring his fiance to call off the wedding.

    I suppose the sanctity of marriage isn’t quite the important thing he pretends to think it is, only the sanctity of his own selfish needs.

  12. jim

    Marrage existed before religion mrabbit is only interested in carrying out the deplorable IPAs wishes eg. to spread hate and fear by bringing back the P454ter bashing gangs of old ,this is exactly what his policies will do, SS couples have been around since day dot, it’s about union of love joining two persons together, a union, the beautiful power of two for peaceful purposes.

  13. Madeleine Kingston

    Did I get off-course? Never intended to disrupt. But look at this fellow will you? Does he actually care?

    Yes but when we here of politicians chewing onions with skins on; how could you blame me for losing my foci. No scrub that. This idiot stunt must take credit for itself. I scrub myself of any credit or blame

    [So … ummm; well I thought of that too; but … but the more we distract ourselves the more we are liable to regret; since when too many fingers in the pie; the less the pie is likely to ‘prove’ itself.

    Nope not too hard. It just took a little bit of resistance. Doctoring up a couple springs and screws and Bob’s your Uncle. The bloody door was just rusty. Little bit of coaxing. I mean to say car doors don’t just close within 30 seconds unless there is an intrinsic wiring fault. This is not a good look when the key is still in the ignition. Imagine the time wasted for the tradesman. No access to tools and bloody key locked in the door?

    I support the tradesman. Can’t rely upon politicians for this. Whole bloody lost; just trying to get back into one’s own vehicle; all because the bloody locking mechanism was not properly fitted in the first place. Don’t worry about it. We will at all times keep cool and calm. Will call the insurance people. They will know how to fix this problem quickly. These people are here to protect us yes. Bloody pay enough of premium. So where are them bastards when one needs them? Oh should we blame the government? Yep them the culprits.

    I knew it from the start. Can’t get into my bloody car for tools. The locking arrangement doesn’t work. It closes on as soon as you open the door to get your bloody tools out. And these insurance people; completely useless when it comes to a crisis. Bastards, Never heard of a crisis. ‘Cos the bloody government is always bailing them out of discomfiture. I don’t care whether they eat raw onions wit skins on’ or wear a suit. Where are they in a crisis. Full of themselves these people. Never a thought for those who count. We are the voters; but what do we get for it eh? Get them into power and then what; waltzing around in budgie smugglers. What can we expect these days?

    Sorry I could not help myself.

    Naturally I support marriage equality. So who is this has been? Living in the dark ages?


  14. Madeleine Kingston

    Absolutely. I could offer a bit more, if you are up for it? What do you take me for, a perpetual clown, always looking for opportunities. And seeing you must already be asleep .. how could I resist?

    The Kevin Donnelly analogies, Ma’mm if you can bring yourself to do it. It was Kevin was it? Never mind the spelling. They don’t care about spelling. It is the spirit of the thing that counts, surely.

    Kevin Donnelly Why I’ll be Voting No. Fairfax Media. Sydney Morning Herald; The Age

    SSM This is why I’ll be voting no to same-sex marriage Kevin Donnelly Fairfax Article only 20170817

    And all that Jazz.

    Can you imagine it. The Traditionalists were outraged. But they were outnumbered. And complained about it. They thought it was a plot to promote the YES position. Yup 879 postings. I gave it my best shot. But the bloody moderator gave up within two days.

    So I guess you have not all heard the detail of the thing. Yes M’amm a couple of details. Did you check? Well there were a couple of insights that I picked up along the way, worth checking out. Spit it out then. They can check for themselves.

    Right. According to my information, yet to be fully verified this Donnelly person, he was once Chief of Staff to one (name the fellow) Kevin Andrews, LNP Minister. Not everyone may know that, the sneaky devil, since the last article that he published on mainstream media, yes it was the ABC I think, no no it was Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) they did not mention it. But as would normally do; one hunts around. And one tries to get it right. And then I stumbled on this ABC article; one or two of them; and then I just knew I must be heading in the right direction. So II forgave myself for capturing some of the details, since I am nothing if not given to detail. And then it smacked me in the face. The connections. All the buzzers turned themselves on. The political correctness of the thing. Now usually the lights in my house just don’t work. All of a sudden without re-wiring; the lights came on. Imagine the cost saving. Thousands we were going to spend on this project.

    So this is e thing; according to my sources, yet to be verified; this fellow has had a most checkered career mostly in education, in which arena he was “taken to the cleaners” by his own peers; just imagine it. Your own peers poking at you. Not a good look is it? They will have a fit if I provide more detail. Best to leave most of it to themselves. As it is I enjoy a poor reputation for brevity. Looking for sunnier days.

    “Socrates” has condemned the article to the dustbins of history. I hope not. It is a source of perennial entertainment. Too absurd for words. Useful tool for supporting the YES position.

    Yes I have looked this fellow up. He is one of the influencing types, by all accounts

    Kevin Donnelly

    Dr Kevin Donnelly is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University and the co-author of the Review of the Australian Curriculum. Donnelly taught for 18 years in government and non-government schools and was a branch president of the Victorian Secondary Teachers Association. In 2004 he was chief-of-staff to Liberal Party Minister Kevin Andrews.

    Now the very last thing that I wish to suggest is that you take a jolly good look at the video embedded within the Fairfax publication featuring Our Beloved Kevin Donnelly, which many have missed. Absolute mythbuster as to equality matters. Surprised I didn’t think of it myself. Thanks so much. Most informative. Credit where it may be due. I would love to detail it, for those who cannot access media. Just have a look will you. Forget the text. Just look at the video.

    I could say so much, but given you’ll already asleep, whilst the toilers are working hard … I’ll let it go at that; for now.

    But don’t forget about those who influence the political arena, will you? No I think that covers it for now. Unless your are thirsty. No it is not me. Of course not. Do you think I could compete with the clowns around with more experience?

    Madeline Kingston

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