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Today everyone gets a serve. Including Scott. Line ball or not.

Election Diary No3. January 12 2022.

1 It may be over by the time I have written this (Diary entry January 7), but congratulations to all involved in the debacle that is Novak Djokovic. The outcome is in the hands of Border Force and the courts; however, it reminded me of Australia’s Unions v. Frank Sinatra in 1974. In a dispute about the Crooners comments about women journalists, the then President of the ACTU, Bob Hawke, told cranky Franky that he had better apologise or he could expect an extended stay in Australia. (Expletives deleted.)

The big winner so far has been the Prime Minister, who has, with his intervention, taken his mishandling of Covid-19 and Rapid Antigen tests from the front pages.

As reported in Time:

“While the Victorian Government and Tennis Australia may permit a non-vaccinated player to compete in the Australian Open, it is the Commonwealth Government that will enforce our requirements at the Australian border,” Andrews said in part of a statement.

Neither Morrison nor Andrews can now breathe easily. And nor can the foreign affairs minister, Marise Payne.

There remain stark questions about the so-called border vigilance Morrison was so hairy-chested about.”

Morrison shows an enormous capacity to be so far away for someone so close to a crisis.

That doesn’t stop me, however, from opining about the situation.

Saturday’s Age reported the following:

“Court documents released Saturday night also claim Djokovic contracted COVID on December 16 for a second time, which his lawyers will use to form part of his case to stay in Australia.”

It seems to me at least that the Federal Government told Tennis Australia (TA) that Novak did not have the basis for an exemption for a visa. He arrived without one because TA did not inform him of the Federal Government’s position.

This probably misled him into believing that he was safe to come. Consequently, this is why he finds himself in somewhat unaccustomed lodgings in a 3-star hotel in Carlton.

As I see it, one cannot blame him for being pissed off but only with Tennis Australia, who, it would appear, to me, with my albeit limited understanding, have misled the world’s leading tennis player. (They fell into Morrison’s trap.)

On Tuesday, January 11, the issue was resolved by the court. As best as l can make out, the Morrison Govt tried to put one over on Tennis Australia, and it backfired. Then they tried to blame the Victorian Govt. After all, the Federal Govt is responsible for visas and entry into the country. Therefore, in all probability, it seems that the Morrison Government tried to pull a swiftly on the Andrews Govt.

But on the subject of sport for which I have a deep-seated love, let me say this: I think respect for the sport you play and that provides you with a living is the first criteria to being a success at it. The best are usually hardworking, humble, appreciate their opponent, and are gracious when they lose.

Unfortunately, some seem to think the sport they play owes them something.



2 If you are interested in an insightful read into the inner psychological workings of Scott Morrison, then I can recommend The Game: A portrait of Scott Morrison by Sean Kelly. An absolutely enthralling read.

There is nothing more formidable than a well-read mind.

3 Jack Boswell sent me a reminder, as you well know, it’s governments that lose elections, not oppositions, that win them. We would all do well to remember this.

4 Not that I ever pay much attention to Peter van Onselen, but I agree with him here.



5 More about our Prime Minister:

The verbal diarrhoea that usually flows from the mouth of our prime minister seems to have temporarily waned for the time being and probably won’t reappear until the Australia Day awards on January 26.

The Conservative side of politics is probably hoping that he takes a long cold shower during the intervening period and questions his own plausibility. That may take some effort for a politically ego-driven personality such as his. He might also question a dying reverence for the Murdoch brand that is rapidly becoming the leading failure in media influence.

In totality, his media strategy centres on himself, self-confidence, and belief that God is on his side. However, one would have to question these assessments in the current environment.

The proposition that Scott Morrison is all the government has is probably true, but it has soured since he became prime minister. His constant lying has brought public scrutiny upon him, and they have found him wanting. So much so that they now question everything he says.

Current evidence would suggest that he is no different from other political extremists with the same qualifications and intentions.

Indeed, the legacy of a “miracle” win in 2019 still lingers with some, but all his appearances are stage-managed with props to suit each occasion. Revealing the hard hat, chef’s apron, or a high-vis vest while sitting in the cabin of a big truck promotes an image of the man for all seasons. Certainly, the accompanying media throng delight in reporting these events but are rarely invited to ask questions. Let’s not spoil the motive.

The opposite of excellent news appearances is terrible news, where awful news is usually handballed to a cabinet minister. Blame for any bad news is shifted away from the Prime Minister at all costs.

The three media outlets for the distribution of news that guarantee’s the most exposure is Sevens Sunrise in the morning. Radio jocks like Ray Hadley on Sydney’s 2GB are the friendly daily Murdoch’s News Corp outlets. All Sydney centric to the nth degree.

Then, of course, is giving as little exposure to those in the media who are critical of the Coalition. Or who report or opine on the truth of things. These include the Nine newspapers – The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial ReviewGuardian Australia and the ABC.

The aim is always to minimise his exposure to media that is historically critical of the right side of politics. It’s all about making Morrison believable that as many people as is possible will view Morrison as trustworthy and capable.

Morrison has had his character pulled apart this year with questions about his considerable capacity for lying.

None other than French President Emmanuel Macron has called him out about the cancelled submarine contract.

An avalanche of further allegations that he was a liar followed, with his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull, saying he had a reputation for dishonesty.

All the rorts, corruption, bad do-nothing governance have come together at the wrong time for the Government. The electorate is beginning to judge which party and its leader is best qualified to take us past Covid, past climate change and into the future.

I shall continue this section in my next diary.

My thought for the day

Scott Morrison’s words and actions bring into question the very essence of the word truth. Or they have at least devalued it to the point of obsolescence.


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  1. New England Cocky

    Another perceptive analysisby JL of the Hou$ton Hell$inger$ Choru$ about $40 MILLION benefactor who seems to believe that the 2022 feral elections can be bought & paid for with taxpayer monies.

  2. Kaye Lee

    Novak’s mother isn’t helping.

    When asked on Sunrise whether the tennis star was out in the community a day after his positive test:

    “He didn’t know. Probably he didn’t know it, because when he realised [about] isolation, then he go to isolate… because he didn’t know anything about that, He… I really cannot say but it’s maybe the best is to ask him.”

  3. Canguro

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” … a well-known observation gifted by the Scottish writer Walter Scott a little over two hundred years ago and ignored at peril, as our unbeloved Smirky Jerkoff, a dunce and liar of epic proportion, is soon to discover.

    And Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness, observed, “You know I hate, detest, and can’t bear a lie, not because I am straighter than the rest of us, but simply because it appals me. There is a taint of death, a flavour of mortality in lies – which is exactly what I hate and detest in the world – what I want to forget.”

    London to a brick that Smarmy Jackass isn’t acquainted with either author.

  4. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    Very well said Mr Lord! Sadly this fucking LYING scum bag STILL thinks he will win & all Australians are behind him! I hope when they are all behind him, he gets booted out of politics altogether! Labor for our next Federal Government!

  5. Stephengb

    Amazingly, after all the recent performances, the polls show Morrison as leading Albo, but the two Party preferred puts the ALP ahead by 6 points, go figure ?

  6. Shane Williams

    Scomo is our trump re: the truth

  7. wam

    The first thing a successful pollie develops is the ability to lie truthfully. Remember how keating won in 93? The lying rodent in 96? Scummo in 2019? Jack quotes ‘churchill’?? but who cares it is one of those sounds nice but bullshit.
    What lie was it that macron used to call scummo a liar?
    How many Australian voters would believe the french?

  8. Kaye Lee


    IMO they cannot possibly afford to bring this Bill forward because they risk losing the vote in the HoR right before an election. They will make noise about it and blame Labor for not agreeing and then use it as an election promise – vote for us or your kids will have Marxist teachers who are into breast binding and penis tucking that will force your child to become homosexual..

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