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When we look at the individual Morrison Government members we see very few who distinguish themselves from their peers. What we see is a collection of odd, socially awkward people, thrown together by a strange ideology which really sets them apart from our society. Birds of a feather really do flock together.

For convenience sake we can call it the anti-social cabal. They all seem to share certain ‘core beliefs’, which can be condensed into a single word – greed. Greedy for advancement, for money, for power, for success. They trust that the majority of our people share that basic belief, and they are callously indifferent to the inequity that is inevitably unleashed by unfettered venality. It invites us all to get in while the getting is good. Morrison has even given it a catchy theme – “You’ll get a go, if you have a go.”

They remind me of a man who has been on an alcohol and drug fuelled bender and wakes up in an opium den. The years of Liberal National Party domination of Australian politics has been like a gigantic bender, where decency, fairness and even care has been really, visibly absent

We are all watching as the nine year ‘party’ ends. So when we speak of them distinguishing themselves from the rest, has anyone called time on the excesses, the disrespect toward the Australian people, and the trashing of our international reputation?

Julia Banks did, and she has written about the experience. In her words “the Liberal Party has reached the point of no return for its self-described “broad church”. The moderate voice has been drowned out and the party is firmly a Christian, conservative, right-wing party.”

That is true. But what shocks us is the “Carry on and keep lying, and the party might never end.” The LNP’s collection of greedy hedonists is now drawing the wagons into a circle, and lying about every issue we find important, and using our money to broadcast their lies. Their terrified leader refuses to call the election, which means their so-called “public announcements” are being paid for out of consolidated revenue, rather than their own LNP funds.

Has any of us been spared those ads concerning Net Zero by 2050? Lies and more lies. The terms “clean hydrogen” and “carbon capture and storage” are lies. Morrison rather outperformed himself this week, when he managed to outrage those of us who care about global heating, with his stupid and embarrassing promise to send 70,000 tonnes of coal to Poland, for eventual use in Ukraine. Wow, we can’t send drinking water to Tonga, and we are going to send 70,000 tons of coal to Poland? I hope it arrives before winter.

When the Secretary-General of the United Nations called Australia out, by name, as a “hold-out” against climate action, Paul Fletcher dismissed the comments as being made by the “chattering classes”. This government is intent on reducing trust, not only in Australian democracy, but in the institutions we trust.

It is not just that they lie daily, but they actually persist in the belief that Australians are terminally stupid. Simon Birmingham, the inoffensive looking one, is regularly wheeled out for public appearances, because if they use any of their other leaders, there is an unseemly rush to turn the TV off. ‘Good ol Birmo’ seems to enrage us less than the others do.

Anyway, during The Insiders show this week, which actually had three Murdoch proxies (two as guests, the other the host) banging on about how the Labor Party’s “mean girls” had not actually murdered Kimberley Kitching, but had somehow ’caused’ her death. Perhaps Katie Allen, who is a real doctor, might be able to explain to anyone who cares to know, that heart attacks usually happen due to a range of underlying cardiac conditions.

The list of women, and men, Morrison has bullied personally, or has back-grounded against, is long. That is why it is so infuriating when he gets on his high horse about Albanese ‘hiding’ from scrutiny. Julia Banks, Bridget Archer, Christine Holgate, the entire NSW Liberal Party, Gladys Berejiklian, Brittany Higgins have all been in his sights at some time.

But it is the ‘jobs for the boys’ that is so tiresome. Stuart Robert should not be in Cabinet. Every area he is appointed to suffers. Richard Colbeck has failed our elderly in Aged Care for as long as Covid has lasted. Sussan Ley has presided over green-lighting coal mines, the continuing destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, and land clearing that is leading to the demise of the koala. That is some collection of failures. Thank God she won her case against those pesky children who dared to believe a Minister in an Australian government had a duty of care to them.

Matthias Cormann is now Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Wow. His friend Mr Morrison ‘loaned’ him a VIP jet so he could travel the world and lobby for the job. He already had one. It even included free holidays, did it not? Courtesy of Helloworld. In March 2021, 29 Australian and global humanitarian and environmental organisations wrote to the OECD, citing “grave concerns” and asking that Cormann be disqualified due to his record of “thwarting effective climate action.”

Morrison has a unique campaigning method. Death by boring repetition, and a boundless lack of shame. Only today he was upset that Lismore residents are not more grateful for Government assistance.

He also broke old ground today, informing us that if we vote for Labor, we will get Labor. That is something of a compliment to the Australian Electoral Commission, and a huge relief. He sees no warning in the South Australian election debacle. So, call the election. We know you now.

Mark Buckley is a writer based in regional Victoria. He has a particular interest in politics, history and ethics in public life. He blogs at www.askbucko.com.



This article was originally published on Pearls and Irritations.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    What a pile of pox this conservative heap in government actually is, and led by a skinful of excrement posing and grinnng constantly. Morrison has never really worked, knows nothing of it, failed at the lying game of advertising, twice, cannot get on unless by conniving, white anting, cheating, lying and back stabbing. And behind him (the aroma!) is a team of terrible tempestuous turds, featuring B Joyce, the rooting, rorting raving ravenous thirst threatened pile of New England ploppings, (sorry, Cocky) a mumblng idiot who cannot get even his errors consistent. The rest are garbage, S Robber the religious larcenist, Hunt the sick minister, Colbeck the cricket crock, Broom jockeys like Cash, Mc Kenzie and Ley, to follow the filthysouled dud J Bishop in a tradition of deviousness and delusion. Get this shit flushed, NOW! Soon! Forever!

  2. Terence Mills

    As the election draws near it has intrigued me, under our preferential voting system, how the Liberal party will do their preference deals and with whom. They are being very tight lipped but have openly stated that they would not rule out preference swaps with Clive Palmer and Pauline Hanson in selected seats.

    That alone should be sufficient you would think for sensible voters to direct their preferences towards independents.

    It seems that a vote for Morrison is not only a vote for Barnaby but also for Pauline and Clive !

    Vote with extreme care, folks.

  3. New England Cocky

    There is only one way to fix Australian Democracy devastated by the last eight (8) years of COALition misgovernment, and that is:
    1) Vote anyone but Liarbrals, UAP and One Nation in city electorates;
    2) vote credible local Independent or SFF in country electorates and
    3) mark every candidate in the order of your personal preference ensuring that COALition politicians are put last,
    & then we may have half a chance of restoring Australian democracy for our grandskids.

  4. Harry Lime

    The Slough of Despond that this heinous line up invokes, is like a who’s who of parasitic incompetence and moral turpitude,with the egregious fool Morrison capping the pile of ordure.As for ‘good old Birmo’..he’s a skin crawling sleazebag no better than any of the others.They urgently need to be expunged from our lives forever.

  5. Jack Cade

    I have just heard what amounted to a eulogy for the late ‘bullied’ Labor senator, from Barney Rubble. Nobody has – to my knowledge – pointed out that the repellent DLP still exists and has infiltrated both major parties. Abbott was a classic DLP politician, and so was the late senator, actually beloved by the Liberals if Rubble can be believed. ‘The senator was a good Catholic, as I am…’

  6. Harry Lime

    Barney is that good a Catholic he’d keep a pontification of priests busy in the confessional,indefinitely.For penance and remorse,he’d be hiring someone in the private sector, on the public quid of course.Geez, he and his fellow travelers are not going to be missed,and for not a few of them it’ll be their last day soiling the Parliament seats.

  7. GL

    The following clip pretty much sums up what I think of Scummo and Crony Co. Inc. and their budget.

  8. leefe

    ” … if we vote for Labor, we will get Labor.”


  9. Mr Shevill Mathers

    Watched an episode of SAS Australia last night. One of the participants was a former MP and during her tell all ‘interview’ described how it was a ‘Boy’s Club’ with its members know as the ‘Swinging Dicks’ or ‘Big Swinging Dicks’. This program will have been seen by many people who may well do not follow the local political daily news/goings on etc. and how its female MP’s and Senator’s are treated in a man’s world. Yes, you are correct, they have quite a degree of similar traits, members of a well known religious sect, wealthy, given their ‘meagre’ salaries, know how to work the system from day one but contribute little to the welfare of those who elected them to the trough. I sincerely hope they all go the same way as Howard went, we don’t need or want them shouting like bullies as the opposition during Question Time either.

  10. wam

    A great read, Mark, loved the murdochian ‘insiders’. Doesn’t it make the lie to the rabbottians cry of ‘the ABC is too far left for me.’
    We will get labor, as long as the latte set don’t fall for the bandit’s bullshit and the slogan ‘labor and the greens’ doesn’t frighten too many workers into voting libs.
    My fear is that the bandit will produce scummo’s miracle.

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