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This word “courage”

This word “courage”

The word “courage” is used far too often these days, so much so that it has become a “courageous” thing for someone to do the simplest of things: to perform a simple act that requires no Hercules nor an Achilles to perform.

Just a human being.

We must be “courageous” to make a cup of tea, to give a glass of water to a thirsty child, to say “g’day” to someone crossing your path, to helping an old man across a busy street.

To say “welcome” to a persecuted family.

The word is almost invariably used when the plight of this tiny family of a father, a mother and two little girls, both Australian born, is considered and the conclusion, is again, almost invariably, that he or she who dares to do the right thing must be “courageous!”

The view that we need “courage” to perform this, the most basic, banal, mundane, human deed, is repulsive. Only an Achilles, blessed with immortality could do it. This country, by its rulers -on both, yes, BOTH sides of politics- has shown itself, time and time again to be anti-human, anti-compassion, anti-empathy, psychopathic, Inhumane! Lethally vile! This government is what the heel killed Achilles and it is killing us.

What the Fuck?

To pull this family out of the miserable bog our government has dropped them in, we need no “courage,” no “ifs” no “buts” and no Old Testament-type laws to hide behind. No “thou shalt nots!” It is simply evil to do the inhumane thing, the barbaric thing, the thing that is done in the darkest heart of a jungle. It is a quintessential part-and-parcel of being human.

It’s what humans do.

What twisted logic says that to prove that you are human you must behave inhumanely? Brutally, stupidly. Which school teaches that evil is virtue and virtue is evil? That Justice is bad and Injustice good? That fair is foul and foul is fair, as the three witches claim in McBeth? Which school teaches this sort of appalling syllogism?

How low we must have sunk when these simple, trivial, everyday acts, acts which identify us as human and which separate us from heartless iron robots require us to have “courage?”

How heavily we must have fallen to have all of our connections to each other smashed beyond repair?

How did we manage to become so selfish, so self-centred, so interested in things that simply don’t matter and avoid being what we are born to be, fellows in life and on this planet, “political” (ie, social) as Aristotle observed over two and a half thousand years ago!

For the sake of humanity, for our collective sake, let us stop the bullshit about “courage” and “bravery” and all the other war words we are currently rolling around in our mouth and soul so casually and callously. Let us stop the shitty law games written in the abyss of rich, white-trash halls of entitlement and let us start doing the right thing, the humane thing, the thing that we should be doing without thinking, without hesitating and with a fully human heart. Let us look well at the original design of our creation.

What a piece of worke is a man! how Noble in
Reason? how infinite in faculty, in forme, and mouing
how expresse and admirable in Action, how like an Angel
in apprehension, how like a God? (Hamlet ii,2)

Bring this tiny family home. Take them to wherever they want to go. They, too are human. A thousand times more human than the rabid jungle-animals who so arrogantly prance about our Parliament as if they were entitled to send us all into the Tartarus of inhumanity.

If the sovereignty and safety of this country is vulnerable to the nature of this tiny group of tiny, powerless people, then, make no mistake about it, we are not courageous. We are abject cowards!


Cartoon by Alan Moir (


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  1. Jack Cade

    You can’t be brave unless you are scared.
    Another misused and over-used word is ‘devastated’, which now means your fingernail is broken…

  2. Michael Taylor

    Jack, speaking of devastated… 😢

  3. Phil Pryor

    The drenched and infused superstitiouis idiot of a religious fantasy gang is beyond sense, redemption, decency, education, correction, explanation, logic and honesty. Morrison is just such a stinker, to our regret. He leads a large gang of stools and extrusions, plant food if processed, a threat if not.

  4. Josephus

    Australia has a history of brutality since around 1770. If labor had any courage it would demand the release of the family to nz or the USA not support endless internment for people fleeing atrocities. But no , racist fear buys votes. Is this family as I suspect part of the Christian Tamils who were attacked or who supported some opposition group ? We are not told.

  5. Keitha Granville

    Please, send this to the PM’s office , send it to the Home Affairs Minister, the Immigration Minister, what the heck – send it to whole parliament email list.

    I do not know from which foul bog all these so called public servants have crept, but servants to whom? Certainly not the public. Only to those who ‘serve’ them with the hope of riches falling into their pockets.

    There are times when I wish we were PJK’s banana republic, for we would surely depose these monsters with revolution.

  6. Kerri

    If the prospect of living in a country run by arrogant pricks isn’t enough to turn away refugees, what good will be done by locking away two little girls?

  7. wam

    This government can give $6m to keep two Australians in gaol and labor are frightened of being unelectable if they object. Fair suck of the sauce bottle, albo, these children are Australians, they don’t need a visa but they need parents. So stop this farce and promise to give mum and dad temporary visas and bring the family back to blloela.
    ps Michael, Jack and Ross, I am sad but geelong has natural green protection and that was so devastating on a few occasions thursday night, I was screaming through my baileys.

  8. New England Cocky

    Any reasonable Australian voter would concede that Scummo & the Hell$inger$ Choru$ are a far greater threat to the security of Australia than this Tamil family of refugees fleeing from persecution in Sri Lanka and (shock!! horror!!) working in regional Queensland to support themselves and contribute to their community. This example just does not suit the White Supremacist myth of refugees being bludgers from which the COALition misgovernment has to protect Australian voters.

    So Scummo & Duddo roll out their White Supremacy policies at taxpayer expense and spend over $6.5 MILLION abandoning the family in social isolation (jailed) on Christmas Island.

    It’s time ….. again!!

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