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This Photo says it all

A picture

The photo is by Andrew Meares of The Age.

I couldnt resist this. There is no article here; there doesnt need to be. This photo is better than a thousand words. It is Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Barnaby Joyce in conference. What are they conferring about? It doesnt really matter. They have no plan, no vision and this picture reveals that all too clearly.


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  1. oldfart

    they have already got a saucepan set, how about a toaster?

  2. Kaye Lee

    Tony saying “YES…we ARE going ahead with my Paid Parental Leave. And NO….we will NOT be giving QANTAS a debt guarantee.”

  3. DanDark

    The 3 stooges
    Trying to plan their next skit(Policy on the run)
    The no idea club,
    No plan B,no brains really
    A pack of egotiscal morons
    Whos weekly pay checks are bigger than their brains

    Words out Phony Tony is a feminist woman
    An expert on womens issues
    When did he have that sex/gender change
    What an absolute joke he is,
    He makes my skin crawl,
    He is a meglomaniac,
    We all should be very worried

  4. mars08

    I can see the Tin Man, but where’s Dorothy?

  5. CMMC

    The Jesuit Mafia.

  6. edward eastwood

    To refer to these poltroons as ‘The Three Stooges’ is an insult to the comedic talents of the brothers Howard and Larry Fine, DanDark.

    Methinks that its more like the three blind men and the elephant – or make that two blind men – Hockey can play the part of the elephant!

  7. Graeme Rust

    three dumb as dog shit morons. ??

  8. Stephen Tardrew

    Not one thought about the poor and underprivileged.

    Money, money, money in a rich mans world..

  9. patsy

    Bronwyn bishop is Dorothy and Julie bishop is the wicked witch…

  10. PeterF

    Surely this was taken when they were in opposition? I cannot believe that this represents our government actually representing us in Parliament.

  11. hayzeee

    The 3 ‘dumb’ monkees

  12. Kaye Lee


    Barnaby was a Senator when they were in Opposition.

  13. Don

    Discussing the answers to possible opposition questions in Q&A each kept repeating Carbon, Tax Carbon Tax, Carbon Tax

  14. Richard

    They went to the election with three word slogans, no plans A to Z and now they have been caught out. Policies on the run. Grab a liar here, a half truth plucked from the air and your policies become garbled half baked with little intelligent analysis.

  15. John Kelly

    The photo was taken during question time on Tuesday.

  16. lawrencewinder

    Trying to decide which part of the IPA’s (Coots-With -Queer-Ideas-From-A-Parallel-Universe) policy agenda to implements next…. selling off CSIRO, SBS, ABC….?

  17. DC

    Maybe they’re brainstorming ways to avoid looking like a bunch of twats once the public catch on that unemployment has now reached levels not seen since the Howard era and they don’t even have a GFC to blame. And all this in spite of them actually increasing the budget deficit and abandoning of all longer term policies and any responsibility for the future of education, the environment, infrastructure or energy policy.

    Tony says…”Wait…..I think I have a plan…..its quite complicated so try to stay with me on this…….could we maybe try to blame it all on the carbon tax?”

  18. Gilly

    The EC is to blame. Not only did they loose 1400 votes on election night apparently they also lost the 200 fully costed policies that the LNP had prepared and ready.

  19. MikeN

    Hear evil…Speak evil…Do evil

  20. mars08


    Maybe they’re brainstorming…

    Nah… that’s unlikely… the best that trio could manage is a light drizzle….!

  21. Don Winther

    Abbott , “The only thing that we have failed at so far was SPC but that wasn’t our fault, we really tries our best to destroy them. Don’t be sad we can have another go at them next year “

  22. Anomander

    The Three Dumb Monkeys. Speak no sense. Hear no sense. Have no sense.

  23. John Kelly

    Scotchmistery, you have just ruined my dinner.

  24. Rhona Eastment

    Perhaps they are ruing the fact that everything keeps getting in the way of them just stashing money away (like Howard did) to show how clever they are at achieving a surplus, regardless of how many are disadvantaged or hurt. Why should they spend money on ‘the people’? It is much better in a ‘future fund’.

  25. sam

    This photo sums up a government that creates the issues as a vice to futher their own means but fails to solve any real ones.

  26. Gregory T

    Actually, if you look closely at picture, you’ll see that Joyce and Hockey are really mesmerised by the size of Abbott’s ears.

  27. Judith

    Barnaby:Have I missed something? If he doesn’t start to make sense soon I’ll have lost him completely. Hockey:oh shit – he’s started on with the five word slogans. What story am I going to spin now?

  28. lynne bofinger

    Damn Gregory!!!! you just made me go back and look at the picture again “oops!!finger down throat time”

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