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This isn’t good enough, Mr Shorten

Image courtesy of theaustralian.com.au

Bill Shorten (image from theaustralian.com.au)

The Government, and in particular Tony Abbott and the education minister Christopher Pyne have come in for a caning over their education reforms which, by all accounts, are a complete back flip (and a lie) from what they promised during the election campaign.

There are two issues: they lied; and their proposed reforms dismantle the far better models negotiated by the previous government.

The outrage is being thundered across social media and a small whimper is also coming from some sections of the mainstream media. But who are raising their voices in protest? Mostly, the protests are from concerned parents via Facebook or Twitter and some State premiers via the non-Murdoch tabloids.

Thousands of people across social media are also asking; “Where is Bill Shorten?” Yes, where is he? This has been a monumental balls-up by the Government and he could, to quote a friend, turn this into a “turkey shoot”. The Government’s lie and back flips over education have been exposed yet he has gone mute. He should be hammering the point home and he should be hammering it relentlessly. It was a style that helped Tony Abbott win office. He can learn from it. Yet what has been the response from the Opposition? This wet lettuce leaf attack:

The opposition education spokeswoman, Kate Ellis, said the Coalition’s backflip was a betrayal of students, teachers and parents.

Wow. I bet that hurt.

I thought, just maybe, that the Labor Party might have something resembling a media release about this on their web site and the mainstream media were playing their usual game of ignoring it. After all, when Julia Gillard was prime minister the ALP site was loaded with media releases from both her and her ministers. Even though they were conveniently overlooked by the media, at least they were saying something. At least they were attempting to get their message out.

So I took a look. This was all I found; a blog post called Abbott Backflips on Better Schools by a person named Deb Boughton which reads:

Have you heard what’s happened?

As a teacher for nearly three decades, it’s absolutely ridiculous to find out that the Coalition Government yesterday announced that they “cannot go ahead with the Gonski funding arrangements”.

The Better Schools reform was set to deliver more resources for our kids and provide greater support for students who needed it most. It’s about making sure that none of my students are left behind no matter what their circumstances are. Now all of that is under threat.

What makes it even worse was that not only are they just cutting funding for our kids, but Tony Abbott and the Coalition lied about it. During the election, they declared they were on a “unity ticket” with Labor’s plan for Better Schools, but now it just seems they want my students and my school to get by with even less.

The NSW Government has already stood up to say that they will fight any changes, but we need to send Tony Abbott a clear message: we want our Better Schools.

I’m not usually a political person, but this is too important for me to stay quiet on. You and I have to speak up on this so we can have the better schools we were promised.

Yours sincerely,

Deb Boughton

Posted by Australian Labor on November 26, 2013

That’s all. Nothing else. It’s a good post and good on Deb Boughton for writing it, but notice the date? November 26. Nothing else and nothing since. Was it a media release? No. Was it by member of the Opposition? No. It was a blog post. A blog post almost a week old that has attracted not one comment. It has received a total of only 13 ‘Likes’ on Facebook and hasn’t even been shared on Twitter.

I would rightly assume that the Leader of the Opposition could command a wider audience than this humble blog. If we can write an article, for example, critical of the Prime Minister that attracts over 115,000 views in one day alone and be shared on 56,000 Facebook pages, over 460 Twitter re-tweets and 330 comments, then what could Mr Shorten achieve?

Bill, you’re obviously doing something wrong, and that isn’t good enough.



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  1. Kevin Rennie

    There is some activity on his Facebook page and his website Good place to give him the message.

  2. bighead1883

    Michael Taylor you are so correct.
    I liked what I heard from Kate Ellis and to not have Shorten respond is pathetic.
    We all know he`s busier than a bee in hijacking unions and when the “Rudd rule” was used for rank and file to have a say in Labor Leadership the TWU in NSW said they had over 50% more members than they did [yesterday`s AGE].
    So Albo was hijacked of his right to be Leader.

  3. Brownie

    How about Pathetic, Shorten by name Shorten by response.
    How ridiculous that the whole Labor opposition team cannot even come out with some dare I say it, 3 word quote that would nail the Libs lies and keep it in focus for the next 3 years, I seem to remember it worked for the then Opposition.
    It’s obviously no good looking to their outside consultants as they couldn’t even come up with anything of note during the election?
    Blimey where to now Labor?
    No wonder Abbott and his cohorts are happy to lie, cause Murdoch and all his papers are never going to say anything and now we have Labor being too inept to carry the fight.
    Someone needs to tell Bill and his merry men and women that if they want to get back into power sometime in the next 10 years they will have to be out working the media sites they can get onto every day, just like Abbott did, and just keep hammering the same message. Now Abbott has given them a gift, his history of lying continues, can they exploit it? Signs so far ain’t that good.

  4. Dan Rowden


    I have to wonder what effect activity on Bill Shorten’s Facebook page really has. Seems like the choir singing to me. He needs to be more broadly vocal. He also needs to stand out in the final sitting days of Parliament for 2013. He needs to make points that are reportable, that get media traction. This current matter is a test of his ability, of his capacity to be the Party Leader. This is the Government’s Carbon Tax moment and it’s up to Shorten and Labor to cement the Government’s feet in it.

    If Labor misses this opportunity, or fails to exploit it to the degree that it’s begging to be exploited, then they will have missed the boat entirely and will likely fail to nail the Government into the future. Given the media and community energy being aroused by this, it’s pretty much a lay down misere for Labor. The question is are they really at the table ready to play the game?

    Let’s hope so, because if the Government gets away with this largely unscathed, we’re screwed.

  5. Terry2

    Now we can see the value of pre-election debates between aspiring leaders and also one on one Q&A sessions as Julia Gillard, in particular, was prepared to subject herself.

    By contrast Mr Abbott has strenuously avoided anything like proper scrutiny and appearances with Bolt (how soft can you get – surely Bolt’s employers must be embarrassed) and on Sky with very small national audiences are clever media manipulation but are totally unacceptable.

  6. Totaram

    Looks like Bill shorten is a liberal plant in the ALP. So are a few other neo-con types. That would explain everything.

  7. Cleo

    I heard him speak this morning, on the ABC News television channel, as he was being interviewed for Radio. He accused the LNP of lying. I thought he handled the questions very well, not allowing the focus to shift away from the matter at hand. I suspect that the mainstream media is not reporting the whole story.

  8. Gilly

    The opposition will have trouble taking it up to the liars in Parliament. The craven back peddler will be in hiding behind the partisan speaker’s skirt.

  9. M. R.

    ABSOLUTELY! – have been whingeing about this for days and days. Can’t help feeling that Albo wouldn’t’ve been so absent.

  10. little devil

    Pyne was running around before the election saying Gonski was Con-ski.

    The labor party should start calling it Gone-ski

  11. Gilly

    @Dan R, typical, the SMH have got it wrong. The liars have given nothing. All they have done is REALLOCATE the funds from somewhere else, probably consolidated. Spin on spin on spin.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Thanks Kevin. I’ll do that later.

  13. Michael Taylor

    Bighead1883. You agreed with me. I like you.

  14. Michael Taylor

    Agree, Brownie. Abbott exploited everything to the fullest and the electorate – a large proportion if them – brought it.

  15. ejdur662

    Just put an entry on Bill’s Facebook Page “When are you going to start ripping into them Bill? – You seem very quiet”

  16. Michael Taylor

    Good one, e’662.

  17. Gregory T

    Toby Lunn
    December 2, 2013 • 1:54 pm

    I think that should probably be “covet” each other.

    In regards to Shorten, I’ve said it before and I feel it’s worth saying again;

    He is the Mr. Roberts of Australian politics, their philosophy is the same, but it has (regretfully) no place in today’s climate.

    “It’s very dramatic when two people come together to work something out. It’s easy to take a gun and annihilate your opposition, but what is really exciting to me is to see people with differing views come together and finally respect each other.”
    ― Fred Rogers

  18. Toby Lunn

    he is another Jesuit schoolboy (Xavier college)

    what do u really expect? they all cover each other

  19. Gregory T

    That should read Mr. Rogers.

  20. Kaye Lee

    So 20 minutes before QT Abbott and Pyne announce they have signed in principle agreements with WA, Qld and NT and will now be putting back in the 1.2 billion that had been allocated for them when they signed up. They are selling this as a supposed INCREASE in funding for education. The question they refuse to answer is, did the states make any commitment to not cut THEIR education funding. The answer appears to be no. So it all appears a political move once again to control the message and say they now have a national funding scheme and have given more money than Labor. They ignore the fact that we would have had a national scheme had ne not told the Coalition states not to sign up, and that he is only giving the same money Labor promised without the guarantee of increased funding from the states. Message control.

  21. Lee J.

    I was originally complaining about this myself, but I’m starting to think it may be a good strategy. Let’s face it: Abbott’s providing more than enough rope to hang himself, and the reason Labor got voted out at the last election was that the public wanted politics out of the news every day. Perhaps a silent opposition leader is just what Australia wants right now.

  22. billy moir

    each labor member needs a push to remember that the gibbon and the lemon were awful and should have been censured but little billy is as woefully inadequate as opposition leader, as he was in power, at pointing out his schoolmate’s gaffes. just as surely gillard didn’t lie the rabbott did and continues to do so. labor and shorten seemed to have forgotten his lies in august and worse forgotten what gonski meant. They seem to have made no gain from why the catholic system joined the states who put politics ahead of their children and who are now getting a little windfall that may or may not be tied to education(as gonski was).
    Little billy is in for the long haul he will be alright and unless there is a world crisis we will all survive. What is the result of the blind adherence to the lemon’s attempt at democracy in leadership(about a democratic as his and gibboners whiteanting) what a dismal result a labor jesuit wimp versus an amoral jesuit powerhouse!.We failed catholics are in for a hard time but you silly protestants are in for a shock. As for women you’ll get what you prayed for oops you knew what you were paying for oops you’ll get what you deserve if you voted for the rabbott.

  23. Dan Rowden

    Lee J,

    It wouldn’t be possible for me to disagree with you more. If the Opposition remains silent the Government will have complete control of the narrative. They can spin it however they wish and have nobody (but social media) countering their deceptions. Even Abbott’s and Pyne’s Olympics-worthy gymnastics today will work for some people. Especially if they get to tell the only story.

  24. lawrencewinder

    Shorten: M.I.A.
    Where’s the F…..G rage?
    Albanese, Bowen and Plibersek seem to be the only ones who respond with heart.

  25. Marg1

    Yes Kevin, I think they need to go a bit harder too. Maybe they don’t want to look like how Abbott was in opposition, but they definitely need to take it up a notch.

  26. xiaoecho

    The fact is, love him or hate him (as most readers here do) Abbott has passion. He wanted power so bad he walked all over anyone and anything that got in his way and he inspired his followers. Contrast this to Labor. Julia was an equal match for Abbott in the passion stakes, she had vision but, in what seems now to have been a collective psychosis, the entire Australian press corps refused to report any of her or her governments activities or achievements, concentrating on gossip to the exclusion of every other aspect of government, and, like a murder of crows, pecked her to death. When Shorten knifed her it was merely the coup de gras. All the puff went out of Labor like air exiting a deflated baloon. And It made the same noise. Gillards front bench resigned in disgust and now we know why.
    Bill has been taking it easy for over four months now. He is in no hurry and that is the problem.
    Shorten does not have any fire in the belly. No mongrel. No ‘sport’ as Keating would put it. Perhaps he will grow into the job. Perhaps.

  27. Fed up

    Yes, with the numbers in the house and Bishop as Speaker, any attack on Abbott will be turned to his advancement,

    They were good in Opposition, and the slightest criticism brings all to t a halt.

    They are just going to have to rely on being clever. Should not be hard, as Labor does have truth on it’s side.

    We also seen today, that Abbott fins it hard to be nice guy. He is at his most confidence when attacking and abusing. We seen hubris and signs of Abbott breaking out today.

    Labor, and Shorten cannot afford to be seen as being bullies in any way. Yes, sometimes it does pay, to play soft and quietly.

    I believe it also unsettles Abbott.

    Just chip away, with well thought out and directed questions. That is one thing, Abbott does not like doing.

    Those looking on, are not fools.

  28. Fed up

    We still have to see the nuts and bolts of todays effort. I am sure it will unwind rapidly. Will not stand up to scrutiny.

    Not what Gonski or the other states signed up to,

  29. Fed up

    Dan, they must never remain silent. They will just have to work harder to get the message across. The house is not going to be a place, they can make much head way in.

  30. Bridget Cameron

    Abbott and Murdoch have gagged Labor.

  31. VoterBentleigh

    Bill Shorten gave an excellent interview on RN with Fran Kelly this morning. He argued against the policies of the Government very well and a doorstop interview by Kate Ellis a day or so ago was first rate, pointing out all the flaws in the LNP’s arguments, which is why the LNP have had to cobble together a revamped education policy this afternoon.

    Mr. Abbott claimed on Sunday that he would honour the promise that he “actually made”, not the promise which voters thought he had made, but this afternoon, he has changed his position yet again by claiming that he will honour the funding – at least part of what the voters thought he had promised – and not the promise that he claimed that he “actually made” – whatever he thought that was. Then he claims in parliament that he is offering certainty and fixing up a mess. But the uncertainty and mess is his Government’s creation.

  32. Fed up

    Abbott has passion for nothing, Is not into beliefs or policies.

    Abbott just likes winning,. With Abbott, it is all about him.

    If he had passion for anything, he could not have made the flip back, he did today.

  33. Fed up

    Nathine still not happy. Suspect all those that signed, will have similar feelings.

  34. John Fraser

    Its time to say it again :

    Time for Labor to throw away the training wheels and promote Tanya Plibersak to the Opposition leaders chair.

  35. Dan Rowden

    The Twitterverse seems to be of the view that Labor did quite well in Parliament today, including Bill Shorten.

  36. Fed up

    Remember.,Abbott is never satisfied with beating a opponent. When the opponent falls to the canvas, he has to go in every time for the kill

    He cannot stop himself. When that happens, Abbott’s over reaches.

    Labor has to be ready, for when that happens. That is the time to fight back.

  37. Kaye Lee

    This appears to be a triple or even quadruple yonk. Abbott contacts Coalition states and tells them not to sign up to Gonski. A couple of them ignore him and sign up anyway. As the numbers grow, even the Catjholics sign up. Just after the Catholics sign up Tony does the sameski flip making the Catholic and Independent funding secure. Then a week ago Pyne says funding only for 1 year – cuts to be borne by public schools. Then he meets with state leaders and tells the non-signatorys that they will get the funding offered without having to guarantee their contribution or commitment to outcomes. They agree – go figure – and now Pyne is suggesting he has performed some miracle by giving the states exactly what Gillard promised them but they can cut funding and they don’t have to show improved performance as a result of the funding. If one thought the Coalition capable of medium term planning, one might even be cynical enough to believe this whole thing was stage managed to spin it this way.

  38. Fed up

    Dan, the reaction from Laika. on ABC 24 was condemning of Abbott, in every way. This one is a long way from being finished.

    From Abbott’s answers and impatience, he believes he has done enough, for all to go away.

    I see this one unraveling at a rates of knots for Abbott.

    Once again, nothing adds up.

  39. Fed up

    I thought Abbott had managed to pull off another con. Maybe not. Maybe as the lady from Burma said of students from her country, here said the thing they have learnt is to ask questions. She added that one must ask questions in a democracy. To not do so, puts the democracy at risk.

    Maybe that is happening. Then they are questioning the answers.

  40. Fed up

    Also Abbott is very uncomfortable, when not in full control of what is occurring around him. All have to jump to his tune.

  41. Fed up

    Everywhere is calling it a back down, or back flip.

  42. Kaye Lee

    Jesus, watching QT the Bill Shorten interview is making me want to stab myself in the eye. They are way too prepared with what they want to say. They seem unable to respond to what is happening, unable to ad lib or to directly address a question.

  43. bighead1883

    The TWU lied about how many members it had so the right faction union vote was BS and probably ALBO should have won and been Leader

  44. turnleft2013

    Albo was neutered – he was an attack dog, now hes gone missing, the ALPs that are taking the fight up to the Govt, seem to be Tanya, T Burke, Bowen and Mitchell.

    Shorten is safe, he knows it, and it seems like hes settled in to a nice comfortable, unchallenging life as LOTO, for as long as he wants it, and the Rudd-rules ensure the only way hes leaving is retiring – it almost seems as if his main goal in life – through 2 ALP leadership changes was to be Leader Of Opposition.

    There are two things Ive heard, but cannot confirm, that are disturbing if true:

    – one: Shorten and Tony were gossiping like school girls during the Welcome To Country ceremony at the opening of Parliament, disrespectful if true, and also, doesnt auger well for the future, if Bill sees Tony as a friend, he might pull his punches

    – two: Shorten says that now hes got his shadow front bench just the way he wants it, hes not going to do anything to change it – so he wont be pushing for a double dissolution or seat-by-seat-by-seat domino of byelections to watch the Liberal – Nationals seats flip


    whereas LNP voters like their leaders nasty, mendacious, bullying, lying, abusive thugs, and reward them with votes, ALP supporters like their MPs to play nice, and lose nicely and punish people who fight hard.

    The ALP cannot replicate the tactics that worked for the LNP, so they look like theyre going soft, but its a no win situation for them. If the ALP stand up for Australians the media will portray them as “those big meanies are attacking poor widdle Tony”, if they dont they are portrayed as useless wimps and ignored.

    Yes, the ALP dont have the media on their side, they havent had the media on their side since at least 1974 – if they are still using that excuse, they lack imagination, creativity and the ability to think outside the thingie. They know they dont have the media, its up to them to stop whining about it, and do things differently.

    BTW: where is Albo?

  45. Paul Raymond Scahill

    Unfortunately Bill Shorten is not the leader that the Labor Party requires. He is not unlike Kim Beasley in that if he receives a promise from the government he thinks they will honour it, when all they are really seeking is bi-partisan support. It appears to me that the Labor Party should have elected Albanese or even Burke or Plibersek, at least someone with GO in them, not a whimp. I bet Abbott and Pyne and the Bishops along with the giant actor Joe Hockey are clapping their hands together. Form a circle.

  46. Geoff Of Epping

    The Absent Bill Shorten is fast becoming the most disappointing Opposition Leader in my memory.
    We should have had Albanese.

  47. John Fraser

    @Dan Rowden

    A drovers dog working for the ALP could have done a good job in parliament today.

    “Slick” Abbott and his gang just can’t stop laughing at their luck in gaining power.

    First they had Murdoch.

    Then they had Rudd.

    And now they’ve got Shorten.

    Jesus they will keep laughing for the rest of 2013.

  48. Richard Ure

    If the issue is taking off virally (which is the best place for it: hopefully it gets people thinking for themselves, something they failed to do before the election), politicians’ words carry less weight.

    Tony and Christopher do such a good job of shooting themselves in the foot, it’s good to see the voters taking an interest and marshalling their thoughts in response. Even the Liberal trolls are quiet these days.

  49. CaptainWise

    Bill, your in the ‘Big League’ now, you’ve got to lead from the front otherwise you will condem the ALP to the wilderness for many many years.
    Get a bit of mongrel into you and attack this easy target head on else wise there will shortly be more leadership tensions.
    Call this bloke for what he is, get thrown out of the ‘House’ if necessary, at least it will get coverage.

  50. bighead1883

    Exactly Captain,he could at least act like a cauliflower instead of a warm damp lettuce leaf.

  51. Maree Sipthorp

    Tell Bill and the rest of the ALP to pull their fricken fingers out of their asses and call a dbl dissolution NOW!

  52. John Fraser

    @Dan Rowden

    Then how prescient was this article, written on 9 September 2013 :


    The problem is that “Slick’ Abbott had 20 years to decide that the Snowy scheme was great.

    Unfortunately under “Slick’ Abbott the NBN, NDIS, Gonski and carbon initiatives are unlikely to have been fully instigated 20 years from now.

    “Murdoch and Abbott lied to Australians”.

  53. mikestasse

    Triple backflip with Pyke……..

  54. doctorrob54

    I want to see more mongrel from Labor,pussy footing is no good in today’s day and age.It worked for the libturds didn’t it,what have they got to lose.If they can’t smash the grubs over deliberate lies with back flips,
    and pynes plain stupidity,then Labor doesn’t have a hope of ever winning Government.Sad.

  55. JustThink4Once

    Trouble is, Labor is still fighting by queensbury rules, while the Lieberals under Totally Rabid pay off the referee and stick horseshoes in their gloves.

  56. CMMC

    Foxtel will soon start retailing NBN connections, seems that some previous government had built this shiny new network infrastructure and it was just sitting around.

    Irony that is about as subtle as Typhoon Haiyan.

  57. bighead1883

    They May 2014 budget is when Labor and the Greens can block supply.
    Will they do it?

  58. VoterBentleigh

    While the Government claims it is committed to the Gonski school funding for four years, it still has no actual education plan. There is no coherent education policy at the federal level and it would seem that money is just being given to the states without any guarantee that it will be effectively spent to alleviate the problems in education. But then, Abbott does not think that the system needs changing: “There is no question of injustice for public schools..” (The Australian, 20 August, 2012).

    There has been no consistency in their arguments and it is unclear how the Coalition will pay for the changes they have made.

    Back in July, Mr. Hockey claimed that Labor could not afford the NDIS or Gonski education reforms:

    “The problem is that in the one breath the Prime Minister says she hasn’t got enough revenue coming in, and in the other breath, she says she wants to spend more money, much more money, in areas like disability care and education and so on,” he said.

    “But the problem is that this expenditure is not sustainable over the longer term if the government has falling revenue.”

    “Every day we have the government saying there is a revenue problem, and every day they are announcing multi-billion spending programs. Is it any wonder that this government has a problem?”
    (26 July, 2013, SBS news)

    and Mr. Abbott was reported as having said:

    “I have to say to you, ladies and gentlemen, while I am strongly supportive of reasonable steps to increase funding for education, I am deeply sceptical that Gonski is doable at this time,” he said. “Given all the other fiscal demands that state and commonwealth governments face.” (The Australian, 20 August, 2012)

    Given that Abbott and Hockey are still claiming that they have been left with a mountain of debt, they should indicate how they intend to pay for the Gonski funding which they claimed was unaffordable.
    It is clear from Mr. Hockey’s demeanour in parliament yesterday that he is not happy either (coming on top of his other woes), as he must now find the money at a time when the Government is wanting to axe taxes.

    Phonytonyabbott.com suggests that the Prime Minister has left himself an excuse to alter the GST.

  59. cassilva48

    After losing the election, it appears that Bill Shorten is bending over backwards not to show any dissention in the Labor party. As all have said he is losing credibility with labor voters, me included, either he shows some teeth or labor will, as someone mentioned, become a patronising toothless tiger. After all we are talking about policies that his predecessors worked tirelessly to effect and policies which would have benefited the whole of society. Bill needs to take some queues from Keating, Whitlam and Hawke. They would have seen this as an opportunity of a lifetime to expose the hypocricy and more to the point, the idiocy, of the NLP.

    If Bill Shorten can stand up to the Unions surely Tony Abbott/Pyne/Hockey would be piecemeal. Someone needs to remind Bill that you don’t send a poodle to fight a rottweiler!


  60. Dan Rowden

    Yeah, that wasn’t too bad, other than the sidestepping of the 1.2 billion issue. They need a find a way to address that definitively and take the Coalition’s point away from them. It gave the impression it’s a problem for Labor.

  61. Dan Rowden

    But Abbott wants politics off the front page and Murdoch is obliging.

  62. cassilva48

    I would hazard a guess that Julia and Kevin are laughing their asses off over Shorten’s performance, or lack of it!

  63. Michael Taylor

    Thanks for the link, VB. Dan, I agree.

    But as an aside, why isn’t that news finding its way to the Murdoch media?

    No wonder Bolt wants the ABC shoved in a chaff bag: They provide news that isn’t healthy for the Government.

  64. Leon Davis

    There is a time and place for everyone. Mr.Shorten found his at Beaconsfield. I suggest that Mr. Albanese’s is yet to come. If I anticipate correctly Mr.Shorten will come to recognise his lack of capacity to conquer (with quietly presented logic and argument) a very venal government that is led by a trained deceiver and manipulator who has a team of like minded supporters. Albo would fit the ALP leadership role with ease. He has the balls and is quick on his feet and Oxford’s middle weight (?) boxer may have to review his tactics if he is opposed by a real opponent who can counter his feints and very dodgy aggression.

  65. doctorrob54

    I am thinking its a good idea,unless Shorten steps aside and gives the job where it should have been with Albo Labor have no chance,They can massacre and lie to the public for the next two years,and in the next election year manipulate as they did to get in.
    If Labor can’t rip them to pieces now,even with the bias speaker against them,they never will,and public
    opinion is at present more against abbott than for,

  66. bighead1883

    They can`t beat the Speaker.so wait out for the DD,that`s all they can do.

  67. Kaye Lee

    They can’t beat the Speaker but they can sure as hell play her, and I think they are doing that well. She spends the entire time yelling at “those on her left” and does a far better job of interrupting and distracting the government speaker than interjecters who have no microphone could do. Shorten thanked her for her “guidance” which made me guffaw. Burke and Fitzgibbons are teasing her every chance they get. I don’t think it’s going to be an easy road for Bronnie. Mind you, her hide is so thick that she is perhaps missing the fact that she is being played.

  68. Gail T

    Yes, it does appear that Labor has a leadership vacuum. An empty space.
    For the life of me I can’t understand how anyone could powerbroke the demise of NOT one BUT TWO capable Prime Ministers to SIT on HIs arse when he was leader of a Labor in opposition and I cannot see how any Advice they might have received would specify that Bill should sit on his hands and DO NOTHING.
    Labor supporters EXPECT to see a vibrant,active, fervent political debate in parliament and in face of the debacles LNP have enacted VIGOROUS attack in every possible way at every possibleveue/outlet.

  69. Dan Rowden

    Shorten isn’t doing that bad; it’s just that Labor has an opportunity to really nail the Government and they have to exploit it to the full. They need to do everything they possibly can. I think they may be getting that message.

  70. Gail T

    The Press conference in progress now identifies the problem. Shorten has clarity and can argue a point but he lacks the charisma to argue with punch, humour or wit.
    This is bland and as Opposition it will not sit or stick.
    I agree that they have to work very hard to get that traction and he needs to have coaching and lessons and have his speeches scripted so that he can develop some of the invisible skills a leader has to have in order to win the electorate.
    He is conversing when he should be ORATING.He also should be employing repetition and propaganda like the LNP because it has to START NOW.
    If he cannot rise to that level then he should simply let those who can do so surround him and work it.
    I am not someone who advocates Division. Labor is parliament is so REDUCED.
    He has journalists asking questions who are upstaging him. This has to be taken ON BOARD.
    He needs to work out how to PROJECT himself.

  71. Dan Rowden

    I agree he comes across as dry. I think he’s been advised to state that he’s a “plain speaking” bloke, if the doorstep with Kate Ellis yesterday is anything to go by. Not sure that’s such a good idea. It’s passion and fire in the belly that makes someone eloquent (not all the time, but it helps). He needs to light a fire under himself.

  72. Dan Rowden

    Tricky area, this. Substance and intelligent spontaneity is what we might want, Kaye Lee, but is it what the 30,000 voters that Shorten needs to reach want? I frankly don’t know what the f$#k those folk want or need, other than a good smack upside the head. Bill needs to sit and watch 48 hours straight of Keating. Some of it might rub off. But what he needs most is a dose of confidence. Maybe he’ll grow into the role, but he needs to do it fast.

    Basically, if he can’t see himself as PM and really want to be, really believe he could and should be, he shouldn’t be where he is.

  73. Dan Rowden

    And, of course, if over time Shorten under-performs, we’re going to see the real and abiding failure, in terms of political strategy, of the new Labor leadership rules. That’s going to be a major problem for them.

  74. Gail T

    Worse. I believe this is the death knell for them.
    They were practically bankrupt in terms of funds and assets prior to the election.Union membership is falling and the media is against them almost Australia wide.
    There is just a small window of opportunity before everyone just stops paying attention.
    If they do not succeed in convincing the electorate quickly then Murdoch will completely overrun media Australia wide with Abbott’s permission and that will be it for the left and political debate in the mainstream. Without funding they can do nothing and without members they have no funding.
    I do not believe that mainstream voters have the patience for the old Labor after the schisms rifts and political assassinations.
    It has to be a fresh reinvigorated transformed Labor and there is only one chance now due to the level of funding and assets.Shorten may be the wrong person but his polling has him looking respectable but this will not be sustained if this standard, level of rhetoric, lack of presence and energy continues.
    They cannot afford to lose another election.They simply do not have the funding and as we know the LNP is closing up the way political donations can be made for a reason.
    I was listening to him speak from a distance. His voice has no resonance. That can be fixed with years of vocal development lessons but then J Clare spoke and his voice has just the type of authoritative resonance needed.Penny Wong has it. Chris Bowen has it and there are others. Shorten does not have IT.
    The politicians X factor.
    Sadly it can come down to that.

  75. Kaye Lee

    He also needs to do more than just react to the Coalition. He has to take over control of the message. He has to become more spontaneous in his answers AND in his questions rather than just repeating the script for that day. I dislike the repetition and propaganda though I concede it seemed to work for Tony. If I hear “axe the tax, stop the boats, stop the waste, and build the roads of the 21st century” once more I am going to scream. I don’t want repetitive phrases. I want detail on why they are doing these things, I want to be convinced that this is the best path, I want to know how it will be implemented and how much it will cost. If you know what you are talking about, and you truly believe in it, then you shouldn’t need to be fed lines.

  76. bighead1883

    Oh don`t worry Gail,Shorten`s right faction has now made Labor a right wing party.
    Corporate America loves this and will fund them and the Liberals just as they do the US Teapublicans and Demolishcrats.
    Corporate media wants and promotes only a 2pp system and by corporations making politics so expensive as to remove all third Parties abilities to electioneer during a campaign by stifling any news of them guarantees global corporatism exactly what they want,yes Technocratic Government that`s run by the unelected lobbyists getting their bought and paid for politicians doing what they want.
    Why do not Labor jump up and down screaming from the hilltops and street corners about the secretive TPP?
    Well Gail they`re part of this game of Imperialistic Globalisation by Corporation America.
    Read about where the NSW TWU hijacked the QLD TWU and lied about how many paid union members they actually have and this counted as the Caucus`s vote in the recent “Rudd`s Rule” Democratic rank and file leadership vote.
    Yes Gail the Labor right faction LIED and hijacked the Leadership election form, the LEFT,Albo is actually Hard Left..
    This is now American Politics 101 in Australia and like over there you`ll soon be charged money to save it in the BANKS and shares will be so overpriced that the battler will not be able to afford any so as to make any interest on money saved..
    This is what the Jones/Hadley/Bolt and Murdochian BOGANS voted for.

  77. Gail T

    Hi biggie. I have spoken to you before as Dissenter. This info has me rather gutted. I suspected it was true but it seemed too cynical, too evil and corrupt to have really happened.I just could not get a grip on it.
    THen perhaps the Left has to legally challenge the vote now that the branch stacking has been revealed. Is this why C Tebbutt has resigned too? I bet.
    And of course this is the very worst of the old Labor that has bought this about. CRAP
    I want to be constructive not destructive.
    What can be done about it?

  78. Gail T

    And Biggie Adam Bandt and Christine Milne have decided that they have the authority to side with LNP and expunge the concept of debt ceiling which Matthias Corrman installed.
    They deserve ….. for that.
    I would have thought that in this instance the bottom line is to maintain LEFT solidarity as a bargaining chip to ensure a double dissolution but these arrogant toerags have to bignote themselves.
    It Belies commonsense.

  79. Dan Rowden

    Funny how the Greens are suddenly an appropriate organisation for the Coalition to do deals with.

  80. Gail T

    Immediately after the election Milne stated I have never spoken to the man.Meaning Abbott. So what scurrilous contemptuous deal could she be thinking?
    I had a lot of respect for her even with their canning of the ETS in the distant past but now this has lost me.
    Milne surely knows the only longterm future the Greens really have is in concert with Labor.

  81. Möbius Ecko

    The ironic thing about that Dan is that the government dealing with the Greens came out on the same day Abbott heavily canned Labor for dealing with the Greens.

    This man’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, either that or he really is stupid and doesn’t know what he has said from one hour to the next. We now know that is the case with Pyne.

  82. bighead1883

    Now I do not know where you get this Old Labor bit.
    Labor as you know originated out of the 19th century Industriazsation and Squatter priveledges .
    Labor`s history is Left leaning with the odd right pusch.
    MSM history rewrite is rife,people do not even know Rudd was Centre Left and the other two Old Guard were right faction.
    People do not know that Rudd was in with Left support mainly and the right coming and going as the polls saw fit.
    I take nothing away from the PMship of Julia Gillard,I`m just stating facts.
    What Albo will do I suspect is wait and push for a DD via his Left and if this does not happen then it`ll be hell to pay with old style bloodletting in Labor.
    The wild card is the Greens and it may be that Milne ends up doing a Meg Lees and give the LNP all they desire the same as the GST rollover.
    If she does this then the Greens will go the way of the Democrats,extinct,just what the LNP and Labor want.

  83. doctorrob54

    Bighead1833 you are dead right mate and I am worried,heard Paul Howes this AM state that the best way for Australian agriculture to move ahead is to follow the US system of multinational and corporation controlled
    massive farms.This is basically farms controlled by Macdonald,Bayer,Monsanto,Woolworth,Coles,,etc……
    This is everything I despise and will fight with my last breath.If this is the road the Australian Labor Party is on then I will turn my back on them.This is not what I thought Labor was about.I pray that I did not clearly
    understand what Howes was saying.I hope so.

  84. Gail T

    Biggie I defer to your greater knowledge. I was referring to branchstacking which is behind what is the worst in the days of Labor corruption from my viewpoint.
    I had hoped it was over.
    The young people all seem to support Greens. I could not convince my solicitor daughter aged 22 to vote ALP as hard as I tried. They see ALP as old hat and not reflecting their views.
    I was ( perhaps naively) hoping for Greens Labor coalition formal or informal to strengthen Labor”s base.
    I will admit I cannot personally support Shorten because I cannot see how he can lead Labor with integrity seeing as he has so little.You can’t stab 2 leaders in the back and then expect the electorate to trust you. THe other stacking of numbers has to be done with his knowledge. So that is it. He is unfit.I greatly dislike anbyone whom declares themself to be moderate facing a government like this one!!
    The charisma is just another deficiency..
    All I want is to see a Labor government restored so that the good work can continue. There are many things I disagree with. I could not see how they could support the sale of Graincorp with access to so many ports involved and a wheat glut in USA too.I found that quite disturbing.
    It also disturbs me to agree with Katter!
    The only way for Labor to be restored is with a leader who can strike a chord and establish rapport with the electorate whatever it takes and with as much Labor action and Labor debate and critique of the current government as is possible.
    They’d better get cracking.
    This will have to be a different type of election as they have so little money now. They will be far more dependent on grass roots campaigning so they better get organising too.
    The slow start and the appearance of inertia has me concerned that if a DD does occur then October is not enough time for them to have gathered enough momentum and traction to win.

  85. Leon Davis

    None should be surprised at Mr.Abbott’s willingness to engage with the Greens after hypocritically denigrating Labor for its association with Mrs.Milne.s Group. Was it not Mr.Abbott who excluded only the offer of access to his posterior in the rewards he could provide for an initial shot at the PM’ship. How could Mr.Murdoch sell the populace this crass individual? Has Mr.Murdoch no respect for the values decent humans are attracted to? I forget, that question has been answered by the efforts of his London newspapers.
    Perhaps he may have other reasons to come to the aid of this very flawed human that we now endure as our leader until a more worthy individual from his own party or Labor unseat him.

  86. bighead1883

    To both doctorrob and GailT,this is the right way to go about this by commenting our displeasure as to Labor`s actions 😀 .
    The right faction is hopelessly poll driven just like the LNP 😈 .
    Labor`s advisers trawl the alternate media,Independents and major blogs as do the LNP.
    As the groundswell of disgust builds in the way Labor is doing things internal changes will ensue.
    Currently the right faction has the numbers but the Left is stoic and there are middle grounders who are doing a wait and see.
    Naming names at present is not on as long as they sort their shit out away from the media and keep it in house that`s fine.
    If this is not sorted by July 2014 read up on the Vince Gair bust up and the damage caused to Labor.
    The corporations 😈 will back the right faction 👿 financially because their main agenda is to destroy unionism in Australia so that we can look forward to $7.50 per hr part time no penalty rates etc just like in the good Ol USA 😈 .

  87. bighead1883

    How those in Labor`s right faction hijacked the recent Leadership vote.
    The rank and file vote was around 60% for Albanese and 40% for Shorten.
    Right faction Caucus Members [MP`s} got the union bosses to give them their union member proxy votes,the union members who were not Party members but paid up unionists had their numbers added to weigh in against the rank and file.
    So MP X counted his union bosses gifted proxies making a tally.xxx.
    Now there was skulduggery and union paid up membership was fudged UP by big numbers,but this still was counted as true.
    Here`s how they voted http://www.crikey.com.au/2013/10/10/labor-leadership-vote-mps-their-faction-and-who-theyre-backing/
    Part of the Fairfax story on the unions.
    While the influential Transport Workers Union’s NSW branch claims nearly 41,000 members to government authorities, an analysis of its own records indicates the union has barely 25,000 financial members.

    The big discrepancy – confirmed by the union after a series of questions from Fairfax Media – is likely to lead to uproar within Labor, and a push for the union to be stripped of some of its factional power, sources said. Full Story in the link.

  88. Gail T

    Thank you Bighead for citing these articles. The recent SMH one I had missed.
    So are you and this article telling me that all of the right wing MPs were complicit in this?
    I was dirty as it was with the process.
    For forty years I have been watching and waiting to join the ALP. I have belonged to another left wing party in the past and have had considerable experience of this type of thing and in a union the same.There is no respect for the rank and file.It is one instance where SHIT rises to the top using every unscrupulous act in the book.
    That is why I am not a member But I support them financially and have forever.I have spent countless hours working for them for my entire working life.
    I saw an opportunity to grant rank and file members some say and they voted and their huge majority vote was overruled.
    I call that a debacle and an insult to the rank and file. It is now doubly so.
    Who do these so called representatives in parliament and the unions think they are.?This would be called criminal in any other context
    The TWU should be put under management.
    WHEN is there going to be an appropriate level of auditing undertaken?
    I know I am not the only person who has spent their life working for them in workplaces and attending union conferences, area meetings etc. who thinks this way.
    This more than sux.

  89. doctorrob54

    Won’t have it mate,to many are over mortgaged to the hilt,and when the walls come tumbling down they will blame incombent Gov.

  90. bighead1883

    @GailT,yes that`s exactly it,complicit right faction LIE.
    They added up the real and their bogus union members to say that they had 52 and a bit % of the votes..
    They have been CAUGHT OUT .

  91. bighead1883

    What I`ve done is I donate a small amount now and then to Labor to get their emails and stay in the loop.
    I`ll join when Albo takes over.
    Things are happening and it`s up to people like us to make sure they know WE KNOW.
    I tell them by return email.

  92. bighead1883

    It really now looks like the Murdoch backed Lying Nasty Party has inherited a recession and they will deepen it with their welfare to corporations and the rich.
    Expect a raise in the GST late next year if the Senate becomes LNP friendly,how else can you tax the unemployed and working poor?

  93. Gail T

    They have created a recession if we are having one.Abbott destabilised the economy for years without consideration.They have no intention of taxing the big miners which is what is needed if there are poorer times ahead.
    If just one of them PAID their taxes owed then that would be a mighty windfall for the AUstralia.
    On another note,I too respond to the emails. I am not sure anyone reads them but George Wright did send me an application ad for Policy advisor, Maybe they do.
    I feel quite violated by your revelations Bighead,I will settle down but this is precisely the thing that has to stop and THEY JUST DO NOT GET IT.
    Now we have a cardboard cutout for a Labor leader with as much muscle as Gumby and less charisma. How will that work?
    What were they thinking? THey knew he was twice tarnished and the REST all the nasty rumour and innuendo. THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS.

  94. bighead1883

    This is what Kevin Rudd was fighting,the Labor right faction all along.
    When they panicked yet again because of bad polling,well the rest is history,gotta zip.

  95. Gail T

    @bighead. I am Dissenter on IA. Thanks for the other site.

  96. bighead1883

    Yup seen you there Dissenter Cheers 😆

  97. bighead1883

    Yup I remember you now Dissenter Cheers 😆

  98. Fed up

    Not too sure what some expect from Shorten. Has been out delivering speeches that maker Abbott the amateur he is.

    Shorten is picking the battle we need to win., Not opposing for the sake of opposing.

    It is still only 5 months today, that this government took power. The most secretive, we have seen, has been in power.

    The focus has to be kept on Abbott.

    Morrison now back for the second time today.

  99. cassilva48

    I totally agree that Bill Shorten is discrediting himself with the ‘wet lettuce attack’. I have not heard one speech by Shorten that would rouse any ire against the multitude of issues that have occured since Tony Abbott took control. Which major battle is he waiting for. The sum total of Labor’s attack has been to focus on the Libs, breaking their political promises. Well Bill, we all know that, it’s time he started addressing the agendas under lying these broken political promises.

  100. Fed up

    cassilva48, you, or a couple of others here, could write the speech you believe Shorten should be giving, and send it off to him.

    Maybe you can also educate us, so we know what is acceptable.

    I thought he made at least two very good speeches last week. Speeches that show Abbott up badly. That is just my opinion. Obviously I am wrong, and need to be taught why.

  101. bighead1883

    Hello Fed up and Bill Shorten is totally the wrong man for the job as he is a Right Wing Right Faction ex AWU boss who undermined Kevin Rudd as soon as he was elected in 2007.
    Now Paul Bastian who is National Secretary of the AMWU wrote a piece on IA and like Howes is one of these faceless men who Rudd fought.
    Here is my comment to Paul Bastian
    Hi Paul,hey my old Union the AMWU [Amalgamated Metal Workers Union} after it absorbed the Boilermakers and Blacksmith`s Society.

    Now the acronym stands for Australian Manufacturers Workers Union.

    I really haven`t forgiven you lot for that haha you support the Labor Right Faction and are traitorous to the true cause of workers and I also have a question for you,did you support the TWU on how many union members it has LIE so the Right could use those numbers against us the rank and file of Labor?.

    You wrote “The government hasn’t seemed to realise this and is failing to support Australian manufacturing industries and skills. Instead, they are blaming Australian workers for expecting decent wages in return for a hard day’s work.”

    Of course what you wrote is true but you must realize that the LNP is doing what Corporation America wants and that is to destroy all manufacturing in Australia.

    As National Secretary of the AMWU where have you been in screaming out about FTA`s and the TPP.

    Where have you been in yelling out the dangers of Privatization and the Corporatism of Australia.

    I say to you Paul you have been with Howes and the AWU courting these Corporations until now we`re at the precipice of Industrial ruination.

    You lot have enabled those on the Right Wing of Australian politics to be here now in this precarious state and now you wish the Left to support your further treachery.
    We want our Labor Party back because we do not want it as another Right Wing Party like the US Democrats and owned by Corporation America.

  102. Fed up

    Now I must be wrong once again. I believed that under the Westminister system, the buck stopped with the minister.

    I was just listening to Morrison, and he says that it’s not true. It stays with his army general. How dare we question such a man.

  103. Fed up

    You all could well and truly be correct.

    The facts are he is the man elected for the job. What good will attacks on him at this time do.

    Are we in for a rerun of the Rudd years. Have we learnt nothing.

    I suspect, Abbott reads such comments as yours, will be rubbing his hands in glee, saying all I have to do is wait.

    No, we do not sit back and do nothing, We get out behind the party. Yes, let them know what we think, but in the proper forum.

    Shorten might not be what some desire, but not all he has said or done is wrong.

    Push the good. Communicate to him, directly what you do not like. Is easy to do so now.

    Getup is a good place to begin. A lobby group, not party.

    No, I am not picking or disagreeing with anyone. Probably agree with a lot you say.

    Bringing Shorten down in anyway, ensures Abbott thrives.

    Lest than six months is a little short to wipe one off.

    It should not be about Shorten, or even the Labor party. For me, it is about curtailing Abbott’s future, in every way.


  104. bighead1883

    I`m sorry Fed up but Shorten is not only the wrong man he is twice blood on his hands in destroying not only two PM`s but the Labor Party.
    Shorten is scum

  105. randalstella

    Shorten is such “scum” that he was the clear choice of the Labor caucus. If he’s “scum”, Parliamentary Labor are “scum”. They are the “scum” we have to fight to get into Government. Because the current regime is much worse.
    Shorten would not have been my choice; but Parliamentary Labor chose him. That is the reality.

  106. bighead1883

    He certainly was no clear choice by the Caucus,two of the Left gave their vote to him and that was the telling point.
    Also the TWU lied about the member numbers stacking more weight their way.
    Shorten is scum

  107. randalstella

    He may not be adequate, but to call him “scum” is way over the top. It is also useless hyperbole given the practical needs to get rid of Abbott.

    What your abuse deems clear is very debatable and vexatious. What is actually clear you deny: he won 55 of 86 caucus votes.

  108. bighead1883

    The two left defectors would have swung it Albo`s way if you do your maths calculating the rank and files 60/40.
    He`s out next leaders election and that`s gospel.

  109. randalstella

    Seems like a leadership ballot pretty much like any other. A wider margin than some results.
    If progressives are waiting on yet another leadership spill in Labor, they are conceding valuable time and political mileage to what is looking to be perhaps the most destructive regime since Federation.
    Let’s deal with facts rather than yet more white-anting speculation on leadership. The latter is all too familiar; and may be the main reason why Abbott is in power.

  110. cassilva48

    Fed Up. My problem with Bill Shorten is not in the context of what his speeches concern, but in what I see, as a lack of passion in delivering them. I listened to his speech and question time on the Press Club this morning and the points he made were valid and meaningful, but as I said, his lack of passion, leads to a lack of true conviction from my point of view.

  111. cassilva48

    Bighead needs to get into the real world of politics if he thinks Shorten is the only politician that has challenged his Prime Minister. Malcolm Fraser challenged and beat Andrew Peacock, William McMahon challenged John Gorton, Andrew Peacock challenged John Howard, Brendon Nelson lost to Turnball, who subsequently was challenged by Tony Abbott and lost.

  112. cassilva48

    El Calamero wrote You just have to go after a small number of other rules.
    So let’s assume for a moment that you have amassed $l million.
    Several new laws have been passed that relate to retirement accounts.

    Would be interested in a link to these new laws. Cheers

  113. bighead1883

    February 23, 2014 • 12:22 pm
    I beg your pardon there on your lame attempt about my lacking political knowledge.
    As a Labor Party rank and File member who supports the LEFT and who has been doing so for 42 years I find you are beneath my contempt for making such an assertion.
    Why not have at least the mildest modicum of manners and ask me why I feel the way I feel?
    Bill Shorten was elected to Parliament in the 2007 election riding the back of Kevin Rudd[centre left] and the Left.
    Their Right Faction ideology kept Howard in power for one more term than necessary.
    Then when Shorten get elected him and his Right Faction within a Right Faction,Labor Unity [what a bullsh!t name,Labor wreckers is more like it} start undermining Rudd from day one.
    They went to Murdoch when Rudd made his play to have the News Ltd near Monopoly curtailed and his Education Revolution NBN FTTH/P and assisted Murdoch in his campaign with the Business Council of Australia to reek havoc on Labor.
    Shorten was involved with BHP/RIO and told them to deal with Gillard on the MRRT which they did behind Rudd`s back B4 Rudd was rolled.
    More if you want it but personally I do not like your attitude or reasoning in your comments.

  114. bighead1883

    Well Doc at least you are not Blinded By The Right..

  115. doctorrob54

    bighead1883,you took the words right out of my head and did a wonderful job putting it to paper.How many times did the libtards accuse and openly call Julia Gillard a liar,in and out of Parliament,never showed one bit of respect.Here we have libtards lying,breaking promises,they are now even trying to shift some blame on Labor for the murder at Manus Is.blaming the set up,having it included in their BS investigation,And what do I hear from Labor FA.They should shut the joint down,it is being run with Gestapo methods.and the cost is ten fold of on shore processing.If Labor doesn’t do an ass about face in many policies they are finished.

  116. doctorrob54

    Blinded by the Right,no brother.Many years ago got involved with Union after getting robbed by three crooked contractors.Started with BLF until N Gallegher destroyed it,then BWIU and ended up in CFMEU,spent many years as delegate and was offered,with the organizer bribes by contractor bosses,
    .Never once did we accept,and because of that had a price put on our arms and legs.Lucky no one ever
    was that desperate.And must add in all that time I never even heard or seen of crooked money change hands,or material or favours.Maybe I was in the wrong places.
    Idiot scumbag abbott is an open book.He will do anything he has to do,to destroy the union movement,and if he gets away with that,he will get rid of the basic wage and have workers working for half pay.He tried already with the SPC cannery.40% pay cut.How would people manage with a 40% pay cut,he has no empathy no nothing.He is not in the real world.
    What I want to know is Labor’s position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement,I have heard nothing on this from Labor.Who knows?please.

  117. bighead1883

    OK Doc it was supposed to be signed by Hockey on the weekend,that was the story last week.
    Why is Labor not screaming about the TPP,Hmm is Shorten having another “team Australia” moment with Abbott?
    Many of us have checked as to what signing it means and we have found out that it has to be ratified by the Senate.
    So these traitors have supposedly signed it and now we wait for the WA half Senate re-election.
    It has to be ratified by the Senate and also it has to have public exposure,but with this lot of crooks,,who knows?

  118. doctorrob54

    Ok mate,thanks very much for that,appreciate very much your help.I din’t know the senate was involved.
    And this is what worries me,”team Australia”moment FFS if it was beneficial for the people they would be singing about it all day every day,can you imagine.This could be a major disaster,not just the increase cost of pharmacy products and drugs.and loss of workers rights and jobs.If they don’t like you they can import their own.But it will destroy farming as it is.Corporations will control everything from selling the seeds to you,to selling your produce.This will not be good.

  119. randalstella

    I have read you elsewhere, where you also have also used the phrase “beneath my contempt” against someone who just happened to disagree with you. I saw you repeatedly insult one poster who kept persevering with polite questions. I have seen you do this repeatedly.
    cassilva48 could have been more polite in responding on Shorten but your readiness to personal denigration belongs elsewhere – and I hope never here.
    As for your special knowledge of the liberating capacity of the so-called Left, it comes across as browbeating – from my experience of the so-called Left, who act identically to the Right when they have power. They act much like you.

  120. bighead1883

    No worries Doc,we`re all in this sh!t sandwich eating contest together and it`s now that the left has got to get it together like never B4.

  121. randalstella

    It looks as if you make your own bother Bighead.
    Your reply makes no sense, beyond confirming your reactive propensity to insult others. .
    It is not whether you agree or disagree with others, but how you go about disagreeing. You may get routine encouragement elsewhere. I hope you never get it here.

  122. doctorrob54

    A bit hard not to get a bit hyped up these days,just every day it gets worse.Can you imagine the way the libturds would perform if it being visa-versa.We are having a RC over insulation deaths,and Morrison knowingly made up a story and lied about the rest,This is after he was given the facts,but he sits on the facts and releases them Saturday night at 9.00pm.Do we get another RC about murders.
    As for the three electrocutions,why weren’t they told to turn power of.Hard is it?The other poor bugger died of heat exhaustion,first day on the job,probably scared of the boss and waited to long to get out.
    With this and more at times it is hard to remain polite,just saying…..

  123. randalstella

    OK Doc. I despise this Government also. Let’s discuss it cordially. If we don’t dare disagree we don’t have discussion. Thanks

  124. bighead1883

    Is that so Randallstella and it concerns you so of a conversation that I have with someone who replied to me.
    I care not for whether you agree with me or not as I`ve found your post here to be mundane to the oomph.
    you`ve had a few pathetic goes at me when I post here and I expect no less from someone of your intelligence level.
    I`ve also noticed you believe you`re some type of AIMN bovver boy/girl as I`ve been reading stories and comments for a long time now.
    So cheers to you because I certainly won`t bother replying to any of your pathetic attempts to bother me.

  125. bighead1883

    I have been getting plenty of troll emails from AIMN like this and when I look at the article the comments are not there Regards Henry Pawlaczyk and keep up the good job

  126. Michael Taylor

    bighead, they would be spam comments that have snuck their way past our spam filter and were deleted when noticed.

    We get lots of spam here. Yesterday we passed the 500,000 mark for comments caught in spam.

  127. bighead1883

    Thanks for that Michael and I`m pleased at the good work of AIMN.Regards Henry. Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 11:08:21 +0000

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