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This do nothing, good for nothing Government is now at its most vulnerable

Over the past decade, one theme that has meandered its way through my writing has been how we conduct our politics, and I have sought to identify what makes for a sound representative democracy and what doesn’t.

In this post, I repeat some of my concerns. Concerns that have done anything but diminish under the leadership of Morrison.

That this does nothing, good for nothing Government is now at its most vulnerable is a given, and it is now incumbent on every citizen who believes in an accessible and equitable system of government to be rid of it.

But why have some disentangled themselves from the process? Has politics become so stained with the incompetency of the right’s extremism that people have just tuned of or belatedly tuned out? Do you stand up for your democracy?

If it weren’t for left-leaning online media, newspapers and blogs with this government’s terrible inclination for secrecy and given that Murdoch controls the vast majority of city newspapers, our access to political news would be minimal. Even that is under threat.

Good government is about making and executing decisions that serve the common good. That gives security to the people it governs, and it follows the rule of law and is truthful about its intentions.

When making decisions, it must be sensitive to the people’s will, and it should enable its citizens to be participatory in the purpose of government.

Social engineering is a means of implementing ideas and principles relative to your party’s philosophy.

Sometimes, however, it is politically expedient to forgo your beliefs when specific policies become entrenched in the country’s way of life.

Our health system and the NDIS are but two examples.

When a political party seeks to use selective ambiguous, manipulative and treacherous psychological techniques to influence and change the attitudes of masses of people to its point of view, we should worry.

If you look at the society we had when Tony Abbott came to power and compare it with today, you could not deny that it is less accessible under Morrison.

FOIs are more difficult to procure, press freedoms have declined, we are more open to corruption, and police intervention in our daily lives has increased.

Older folk are treated abysmally, as are women generally. The treatment of asylum seekers and our indigenous folk have gotten worse.

Our economic attitude toward the wealthy, corporations, or individuals has increased the rich’s handouts and subsidies.

Lying, of course, is the social engineer’s most effective tool. Throughout his career, Tony Abbott used it most effectively.

Malcolm Turnbull was hypocritical on climate change, and Morrison has taken lying to another level.

Another tool of social engineering is secrecy, and the conservative governments have displayed a propensity for it, and it’s called lying by omission.

Do you stand up for our democracy? Do you stand up to the right-wing wreckers, those who would bring it down? Those among you that cannot see beyond what’s in it for them: the Morrisons of our society?

I have raised my voice and said my piece.

I have written about becoming a republic and how we can achieve it. I have identified the rise of the far-right and how we get the flu when the US catches a cold.

The rise of far-right neo-conservatism, American style neo-liberalism (call it what you will), has changed our politics to the point of insaneness. Where debating an idea has become one where the philosophy surrounding it is more important than the idea itself.

On these pages, I, as have many others, have been at the forefront of denouncing the lies told by our far-right government over its tenure in office until my fingers hurt.

I have described how Liberal-lite has turned into far-right lunacy.

I have denounced this government for its lack of transparency, corruption and lack of accountability. In doing so, I have identified individuals who are not up to the standard of a decent democracy.

I have identified its deplorable treatment of women. I have, in my writing, called out their governance for the privileged rich and neglect of the poor, disadvantaged and disabled.

The true test of any nation surely must be the manner in which it treats its most vulnerable.

Of climate change, my disgust with our government has been enunciated to the point of losing hair not yet grown.

At the last G7 conference the Prime Minister described himself as a “conservationist”. In Australia we know that all the evidence suggests he is an environmental vandal.

As the showcase of the Parliament, Question Time has also come in for its fair share of my fault-finding.

It is obvious that Question Time is just an excuse for mediocre minds who are unable to debate with intellect, charm or wit, to act deplorably toward each other. And in doing so debase the Parliament and themselves as moronic imbecilic individuals. Question Time should be the showcase of the parliament and badly needs an independent speaker.

I have exposed the rise of narcissism, inequality, and compassion’s demise that illustrates the nation’s state.

I have raised my voice in protest at the failure of capitalism.

We live in a failed system. Capitalism does not allow for an equitable flow of economic resources. With this system a small privileged few are rich beyond conscience and almost all others are doomed to be poor at some level.

I have registered my disgust at our lack of leadership.

It seems to me that the wisest people I know are the ones that apply reason, and logic and leave room for doubt. The most unwise are the fools and fanatics who don’t.

I have also protested my objection to the inequality of our education and health systems – the imbalance of opportunity.

For the life of me I fail to understand how anyone could vote for a party who thinks the existing education and health systems are adequately funded and addresses the needs of the disadvantaged.

I have written endlessly about the need for change and who is best qualified to bring it about.

We dislike and resist change in the foolish assumption that we can make permanent that which makes us feel secure. Yet change is in fact part of the very fabric of our existence.

I have written extensively about the power of the press in our country and who controls it.

It is a pity that fact in journalism cannot be made compulsory and decency legislated.

Lying in the media is wrong at any time however when they do it by deliberate omission it is even more so. Murdoch’s papers seem to do it with impunity.

In the nine years l have been writing for The AIMN, I have written nearly nine hundred posts for the site.

Why do I do it? Well, when I see a rotting philosophy lying stagnant in the back of people’s minds, I want to bring it out of the darkness and into the light, and I want to expose it for what it is. When I see what they are doing (or not doing), I feel obligated to write about it.

The only way to bring about change is to vote out this deplorable government, and whoever replaces it must restore the democracy we once had.

My thought for the day

Good democracies can only deliver good government and outcomes if the electorate demands it and it doesn’t come about by good people disengaging from the process.


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  1. New England Cocky

    “The only way to bring about change is to vote out this deplorable government, and whoever replaces it must restore the democracy we once had.”

    Agreed John Lord. The RAbbott Turdball Scummo self-serving COALition misgovernment is a self-inflicted wound on Australian voters and Australian democracy.

    At every elections:
    we may reclaim our Australian democracy for our Australian kids.

  2. Harry Lime

    Another depressing, but accurate piece,John Lord,and we are all hoping for the tide to turn on the most insulting and destructive mob of self serving,soulless shitkickers,’led’ by a disgusting excuse for a human being.The Liar’s inability to entertain doubt encapsulates the problem.
    The Doubter’s Companion, by John Ralston Saul, Canadian Philosopher and author is an entertaining and enlightening take on the problems we face,and written nearly 30 years ago.

  3. Terence Mills

    The most profound and penetrating statement in our parliament yesterday :


    Anthony Albanese to Peter Dutton

  4. wam

    Welcome back,
    I remember the early days, lord, even back to your the days of week that was and your massive personal output. I do miss your weekly report.
    The thought: ‘…good government and outcomes if the electorate demands it…’ With over half of Australia thinking ‘labor and the greens’ would be worse, does that mean scummo is the equivalent of good government in the eyes of the electorate? Do we need to show how bad ‘ss’cummo is? How??? Note the ‘ditch the bitch’ through the hessian bag to the gallows are under the guise of freedom with eureka flags and red ensigns dominant. Such political far right protests are becoming the norm. The right could demonstrate with impunity but is that changing?? Are we noticing the politics behind such wild demonstrations? Did Jacqui put PHON on notice?
    Rorts like the police union with a name change to police association can operate as a union without the ‘union’ legislative constraints should be exposed.
    The demonstrations of the extremists were described by Barry Tucker in his piece April 2013(the AIMN link ‘cannot be found’)
    I would like a new piece if barry is still around.
    In the meantime, the conversation is a good read:

  5. Michael Taylor

    John, why on earth would you want to see this government replaced when they’re doing such a fabulous job? 😁

  6. John Lord

    Michael. Why would you replace Trump.?

  7. GL

    Scotty the purse dog is yapping, yapping, yapping about something that would be way down on my list of election promises. Another fart in a cyclone from Mr. Marketing.

    What is Dear Uncle Leader Chairman Scotty going to do when the Andromeda, I mean Omicron, strain bursts into the general population? Slogans, flag waving, remember we’re all ‘strayans (along with his usual platitudes and drivel) springs to mind.

  8. Harry Lime

    When the chickens are stampeding for the roost,who ya gonna call?..Ask and keep repeating that ‘you’re a father too’.The chicken hearted Liar is in deep shit when his defence moves from ‘I’m the prime minister’,as if he can’t be questioned,to ‘Im a parent too’ as if he’s entitled to some sympathy.No sympathy from us,you egregious fake.Fck right off.

  9. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, John.

    I can’t help wondering what will happen if we do get our collective act together and vote them out. Will Scotty claim massive fraud? Stolen election? Will rioters storm the Parliament?

    On the other hand, the defeat of Donald Trump at the ballot box is a beacon of hope for Australia.

    Anyhow, we can either let this mob get away with blue murder, and elect the government we deserve, or we can vote this lot out and deserve the government we elect.


    The lying bastard appeals to the rusted on arseholes and the shameless braindead, with Murdoch and his maggots always present to grease his wheels, run interference, cover up his disasters. Just for once I hope the braindead muster up enough courage and foresight, and consider the dire straits we are in.

  11. Raymond Tinkler

    To Kate Ahearne.
    “I can’t help wondering what will happen if we do get our collective act together and vote them out. Will Scotty claim massive fraud? Stolen election? Will rioters storm the Parliament?”

    I can’t think of a single reason why not, but likely to be even more radical.There is a major difference between Trump and Morrison. I can’t recall Trump ever claiming to be chosen by god to be POTUS, certainly not with the degree of certainess that Scotty has done, so not only does he have his own personal ambitions to fulfil by getting re-elected, but suitcases full of that side of it as well. This is something we all need to get our heads around. Morrison is a religious zealot. Sane reasoning has no place in that sort of mindset, therefore expect as a reaction should it even appear he might lose to be totally lacking in that virtue. You are talking impossibilities to someone like that.

  12. David Stakes

    All part of his grand plan, to paint anyone to the left of him as a hopeless wasteril or worse communist. And to keep saying we are the only true Government over and over and over and over. Goebells would approve.

  13. Harry Lime

    The Morrison Mutiny is gathering pace,with the rats deserting as fast as their trembling little hind legs will carry them.Porter the Preposterous Pretender was never going to stand after scoring a brace of own goals that would have seen him bounced out of parliament, and Hunt, along with Fraudenburglar and others are looking at a good bollocking.The jig is up for the cretin Morrison..all that remains is a few more months of feeble horseshit and desperate lies.

  14. GL

    My favourite part of an LNP (or any party for that matter) pollie resigning is, “I’m resigning but I’ll hang around and get another x number of months or so of the $200k plus of tax payers money before I actually leave the building.”

  15. GL

    Holy crap!

    It’s still to be taken with a grain of salt because it’s on Rupert, but once it’s confirmed in other papers it becomes a big punch in the tiny testicles of Scummo.

    From the same article –

    “In return, the opposition will back a proposal to force charities to reveal their donors.” Forget the charities how about forcing the political parties to declare ALL their donors.Well done, Labor you have become LNP Lite with this shit!

  16. Terence Mills

    Today is the last sitting day of our parliament for 2021 and by the look of the 2022 calendar they don’t intend doing much next year either.

    I note that the Voter Integrity laws have been quietly withdrawn and that the Religious Discrimination laws have been sent off to a committee before a vote in parliament.

    Also, the Christian Porter drafted and roundly criticised toothless model for a federal anti-corruption commission has resurfaced briefly as the coalition’s favoured model but Morrison says that the bill will only come to parliament if Labor backs it : which of course they won’t in its current deficient form.

    So all of their promised legislative reforms [I use the term very loosely] which they thought they would slip through in the final days of the 2021 parliament have been left languishing.

    The Morrison government has officially assumed the Abbott government mantle as the worst government Australia has seen since federation.

  17. Glenn K

    How amusing…..for all the cut-through of political noise the ALP have been trying to do, Albo calling Dutton a boofhead will be the defining dagger in the heart of the LNP come election time. How appropriate!

  18. LOVO

    Hopefully Morrison will lose his seat in the Shire and follow in the footsteps of, both, Abbott and Howard in going to the poll as PM… then onto the garbage heap. It still makes me lol….Howard lost to an ex-ABC reporter and Abbott lost on AGW….and to two very capable women… such an wonderful kick in their guts… bwaahaha ! !
    Makes me laugh almost as much as the result of the 2007 AFL Michael 😆

  19. wam

    ouch lovo but we are strong enough to put up with round 18 2011.
    Whilst the cats are the equivalent of soccer cheats, with oily arms, ducking and whining with widespread arms.
    They have got away with it for years but like sam arseholes end up in colostomy bags.

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