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Things that would make the Murdoch media scream (if Labor was in power)

Hardly a day goes by where we don’t learn of something utterly terrible happening to our environment, our economy, our reputation, or our people. And the underlying thread to all of these is an incompetent government. The Abbott Government, to be precise.

Think back to the days of the Rudd/Gillard Governments and the daily dose of gloom and doom we were fed by the Murdoch media. Plus of course, their endless sensationalism about anything and everything from the clothes Julia Gillard wore to the way Kevin Rudd flicked his hair. It was so pathetic.

As was pointed out by someone here the other day, Julia Gillard was the first Prime Minister in 40 years to see interest rates, the unemployment rate, and the inflation rate under 5 per cent at the same time. But according to the Murdoch media we were all going to hell in a basket. And weren’t they rabid about it?

Well, what a mess we’re in now, but what does the Murdoch media say about these, to name just a few examples:

  • The crashing dollar.
  • The Stock Market’s worst day in three years.
  • Low interest rates (which were bad under Labor, according to Joe Hockey).
  • The highest unemployment level in 20 years.
  • The Prime Minister’s excessive travel claims.
  • A Prime Minister who talks like a raving mad man.
  • Funding cuts to essential services.
  • Housing affordability (or lack thereof).
  • Business closures.
  • Budgets not being passed.
  • Links to the Mafia (no matter how remote),
  • Asylum seekers dying under the government’s watch.
  • Protestors taking to the streets (on which they’ve been quiet, but I remember them giving oxygen to the ‘convoy of shame’ against the ‘carbon tax’).

I could go on, but I’ll leave that up to you to add to the list.

The point is, any of those would have been thrashed to death by the Murdoch media if we had a Labor Government. Their silence now is disturbing. Don’t you think?

It’s rather amusing that they claim to be the voice that holds governments to account. It’s a pity it doesn’t include the Abbott Government.



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  1. Michael Taylor

    “Kick this mob out” is a headline I’d like to see now.

  2. Roswell

    You might have to wait until we have a Labor Government back in before Murdoch runs with that one again.

  3. Dr John L Holmes

    The obscene collusion between Abbott and Murdoch is the greatest threat to democracy we have ever had to face. It’s mind control on a grand scale and is all about personal power and influence. Neither of these two gives a stuff about the greater good of Australia or the world.

  4. Dave Coffey

    The great sadness is the domination of Murdoch. Countless Governments have lived in fear of his views and the slant he directs his empire to take. He owns a ridiculous amount of old school coverage which is dwindling but still dam powerful. And he’s great on twitter.
    As mentioned if the Labor party were in Government the negative slant would be full tilt. Everyone accepts how effective an opposition leader Abbott was with relentless negativity. Abbott had the whole Murdoch empire supporting his time in opposition. Relentless propaganda continuously breaking down public confidence while Abbott attacks and attacks. With the light on Abbott, it is clear he is a puppet, installed by his corporate masters to wreak as much havoc as possible. How come know one is asking about his dual citizenship. We could strip him of his prime ministership, take away his pension and set the LNP back several generations. God save the Queen

  5. keerti

    I’dhave to takeissue with your assertion that our illustrious prime minister talks like a raving madman! He is, a raving madman!

  6. Möbius Ecko

    As someone on Twitter pointed out the sudden unexpected spike in unemployment and drop in growth the other day got a cursory mention in the MSM and hardly at all in the Murdoch media. Under Labor these bad figures would have been bold headlines going on for weeks.

    The other statistic glossed over by the MSM was our largest trade deficit since records began on them 45 years ago. It was up a whopping 168% on the same period last year.

  7. jim

    Hi, I fully agree with these facts, but I’m at the opinion that the Liberals do not live by the facts and I think thats a FACT.

  8. miriamenglish

    I’ll say it again. The next government should break the death-grip the Murdoch media have. Murdoch doesn’t play honestly, so he should have his toys taken away. He does more to damage our society than any other force. He is virulently anti-social, and fosters racism, hysteria, sexism, violence, and corruption, and promotes money-worship, climate-change denialism, and hatred of science, while retarding and poisoning our communication and news networks.

    Looks like Abbott will be presiding over a truly monumental meltdown. Labor managed to navigate successfully through the Global Financial Crisis. We may be able to compare the way the Mudoch press ignored the Labor government’s rather brilliant handling of the previous GFC with how the Abbott government manages… because it looks like it might be about to happen again:
    A number of economic indicators that preceded the GFC are happening again.

    Kinda bad news. This means we unfortunately might get to watch the Abbott government completely destroy the Australian economy. On the positive side this may well make them unelectable for decades to come. Even so, I hope the fears of another collapse are wrong. Thanks to Abbott and the IPA, we are not now in a position to weather it.

  9. Roswell

    I’ve updated the list. Added the Mafia links.

  10. Möbius Ecko

    How different to Labor in government can the ABC be?

    Interview with an economist this morning saying the increase in unemployment and drop in growth is nothing to worry about, only minor in the scheme of things. The ABC interviewer agreed and didn’t challenge that statement in anyway. That is different to the attacks on the previous government over every bit of bad economic news.

  11. David

    Thank you Roswell for this timely reminder,,,,,’Julia Gillard was the first Prime Minister in 40 years to see interest rates, the unemployment rate, and the inflation rate under 5 per cent at the same time’.
    The Murdoch thugs along with Jones and his mates on talkshite radio, were incapable of seeing anything positive in a female PM let alone a Labor female PM. Misogyny reigned supreme within their ranks.
    No human is perfect, although toxic abbott would have us believe he is as close to sainthood as a living person can be, Julia of course had faults but the positives were greater. History will be a helluva lot kinder to her and her achievements, than the terrorist currently occupying the position.

  12. Clive Manson

    Murdoch press? Gave it up long ago.

  13. Harquebus

    “One thing I resent is the slur that I just support political candidates because of the business.” – Rupert Murdoch

    “I’m a catalyst for change. You can’t be an outsider and be successful over 30 years without leaving a certain amount of scar tissue around the place.” — Rupert Murdoch

  14. Terry2

    The other day in Kuala Lumpur Julie bishop met with her Indonesian counterpart, Retno Marsudi. Ms Marsudi insisted that all advisers leave the room for this ‘one on one’: that included both Australian and Indonesian advisers – most unusual.

    I have yet to see any commentary on this meeting but it is reasonable to speculate that Marsudi wanted to let it be known that Indonesia will not tolerate Australian authorities paying off the crews of people smuggler boats at sea to encourage them to turn around.
    Indonesia had committed to stamping out people smuggling and are furious that Australia would frustrate this bilateral understanding.

    It was also announced on Friday that the government have opened tenders for contracts to manage Nauru and Manus detention centres for another five years. This implies that, as no boats are getting through, the government are anticipating keeping the existing unfortunate people for an indefinite period and any pretence at processing and resettlement has been abandoned.

    In the meantime our media have completely ignored the $40 million bribe to Hun Sen the corrupt Cambodian leader to take four asylum seekers from Nauru.

    With the government not prepared to be transparent on these matters and with a compliant media including a cowed public broadcaster we have entered a very dark place in our national history.

  15. miriamenglish

    It was in the paper; it must be true.

    Thanks for the link Anomander, it was an amazing read. They don’t even present it as a guest editorial by Tony Abbott. It is simply listed as “news”. (Well, I guess most of what it says is news to anybody who is in touch with reality.) I wonder how the editor of such propaganda sleeps at night or looks at himself his reflection in the morning. Then again, perhaps he doesn’t have a reflection. I wonder what the going price is for selling out our children.

  16. David

    I’m staying with my interpretation of the remit passed at the ALP conference re Asylum Seekers and boats. Labor has not finished with it. What we have seen is a list of actionable propositions. We haven’t seen what the senior members of the Left received in guarantees for supporting the detail of the proposals after Labor is elected.

    I feel comfortable the days of Nauru and Manus will be numbered. Time will tell, Shorten is not blind to what the polls are telling him about his personal standing within the left and the rank and file.

    At the moment Labors prime interest is getting back into Govt and while the method may be disagreeable to some, the method has nothing to do with legislation passed once in.
    Time for deep breaths.

  17. Kaye Lee

    In the meantime,

    “The Australian Government is set to make a decision this month on a multi-billion-dollar five-year contract for running detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island.

    The contract is expected to be worth several billion dollars.

    A decision is due in August and the new contractor will take over the role on October 31.

    The Greens said the length of the contract was evidence the Government was not confident its offshore deterrent would continue to work.

    “If the boats have stopped, why is the Government signing long-term contracts worth billions of dollars?” Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said. “Clearly the Government’s intention is to keep refugees locked up for many more years to come.”

    I wish Shorten had the guts to admit this is WRONG.

  18. Terry2

    Interesting observations on Insiders this morning including from Nikki Savva that Abbott has boxed himself in on a range of policy areas. He won’t talk tax reform ( other than an increase in the GST, the ‘states’ tax’ ) and won’t even discuss the Productivity Commission’s report on Industrial Relations – a report that he commissioned.

    Classic case of the boy who cried wolf one time to often.

    In the meantime, ScoMo is having a make over as Mr Nice guy and counting the numbers.

    As David says, time for deep breaths

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