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They are the most consistent government in living memory

To say that I’m completely surprised would be an understatement. During the election campaign the LNP assured us that they were the best at managing our economy and that everything was fine economically.

Now I don’t know what to believe. I do know however, that when you only govern to win the next election – or indeed to be rid of your leader – then you haven’t got your eyes on the road ahead.

The example that readily comes to mind is the government’s refusal to give the surplus a miss and put the money into infrastructure. Surely the management of our money is now in question.

Blaming Labor, Labor, Labor, Trump, floods and drought will no longer do. Labor had a Global Financial Crisis to contend with and they came through with flying colours.

Because they have promoted themselves as the best party to manage the economy doesn’t make it God’s truth.

On that front Wednesday’s news that the economy was tanking came as no surprise. Before I go on let me say this …

To hear the Treasure waffle on about the latest growth figures in the G7 (of which we are not a member) like they were a tiny hiccup instead of a full-on fart was agonisingly consistent.

The Prime Minister talks about consistency in all policy (in this case refugees) but that raises the question of his own Christian consistency and of course consistency is something that the LNP is very familiar with.

Chaos has been the one consistent throughout the tenure of the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments and it continues unabated.

If you think back over the now 6 years plus of this government’s performance, then chaos consistency has been its greatest achievement.

This government’s performance over its time in office has been like a daily shower of chaotic offensiveness consistently raining down on society. One has to ask if performance – or the lack of it – means anything.

When drafting a budget for the common good what should your priorities be?

Last Sunday morning while I was watching ABC Insiders it occurred to me just how many policy areas they include in the program. Some raised didn’t get the discussion they deserved.

Because I have always taken notes while I watch it, I can verify what I say. It all points to the turmoil of the government.

They began with the obvious Aldi bag full of dollar notes but Labor escaped a full-on hiding when it was agreed that both parties accept donations in dishonest circumstances and that something needs to be done about it. This led into the need for a National ICAC, real time disclosure of donations and there the discussion terminated.

Then they moved onto the eminent High Court decision regarding the Sri Lankan family and the options open to the government.

Then they went back to the ICAC discussion and the need for Labor head office intervention in NSW.

Religious freedoms were next on the list and many points were raised as to the complexity of the proposed legislation.

I pause at this juncture to point out my reason for this listing. It is to communicate to the reader that this is what happens every week on the program and has been the case for the last 6 plus years.

They then went on to discuss education, needs-based funding and raising teaching standards.

From that they went onto university fees and how foreign students propped up universities.

Then it was our relationship with China and how poor it was, and how it affected our trade with them. Somehow the Deputy PM copped a serve from the panel with one of them calling him hopeless. I concur. What is his name again?

From there they went onto the US-China trade war and then to that travesty of justice known as Witness K.

By this time they hadn’t even touched on the state of the economy and when they did it, didn’t get the time it deserved.

The same can be said for press freedom, and then it was all over rover and from that I hope I have made my point.

Chaos reins and has done so since the LNP won office. No doubt you can add the economy and Treasurer’s pithy attempt to spin it, drug testing welfare recipients and the AFP raid plus our right to know into tomorrow’s program.

When a political party deliberately withholds information that the voter needs to make an informed, balanced and reasoned assessment of how it is being governed. It is lying by omission. It is also tantamount to the manipulation of our democracy.

From last week you could add the Barrier Reef, and credibility on climate change.

Previous to that it was Newstart, Joyce bringing abortion into line, women’s vote, digital enquiry, personal information, ACCC Report, transparency in government, news diversity, Australian content, surcharge on access to NBN, lying about Paris figures, lying about job figures, drought funding, industrial relations, Angus Taylor and power prices. Must have been a week where they gave climate change a miss.

So there you have it. For six years we have had scandal after scandal or leadership challenges with chaos spreading like rust throughout the whole parliament.

Never in the longevity of my observation of our politics have I witnessed a more incompetent, corrupt and narcissistic bunch of lying fools.

Afraid to make decisions or when they do it’s usually to take something from us or to give the rich more wealth.

It now continues, gathering pace, as did Steven Bradbury at the 2002 winter Olympics, winning by doing nothing. Being consistently bad at what you do takes a lot out of anybody but fair dinkum all these blokes deserve a gold medal. And the girls of course.

They have nowhere to go on the economy because in their consistency they have never been able to see that economics and society are intertwined and is therefore is abhorrent to them.

Wouldn’t it be good if in our parliament, regardless of ideology, we had politician’s whose first interest was the peoples and not their own.

Embedded in their minds is the idea that economics is the domain of the rich and privileged and society belongs to those of class and privilege.

After six years of various prime ministers and treasurers, internal warfare and amateur government, Australia has just recorded its worst financial year since the 1990-91 recession. Josh Frydenberg thinks it’s a sign of a good year in the rose garden. As I said, they are consistently good at being bad. Everything points to another financial year of much the same consistency.

They will place all their faith in an extremist neo-liberal orthodoxy of old monetary policy that might give them a Clayton’s surplus and a recession just to top it off.

My thought for the day

The notion that a few privileged individuals can own the vast majority of a countries wealth and the remainder own little is on any level unsustainable, politically, economically or morally.

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  1. Baby Jewels

    “When a political party deliberately withholds information that the voter needs to make an informed, balanced and reasoned assessment of how it is being governed. It is lying by omission. It is also tantamount to the manipulation of our democracy.” Manipulation of our democracy? What democracy?

  2. John Lord

    Well baby jewels you certainly have a point there.

  3. Terence Mills

    It appears that Scott Morrison, in re-submitting the twice rejected policy to drug test welfare recipients, has agreed with Jacquie Lambie that such random testing if applied to welfare recipients should equally be applied to parliamentarians.

    As several commentators have noted, any job that requires attention to detail and a regard for public safety should also require that those performing these services should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    So, if this legislation is resurrected as it seems it will be next week – they have no other pressing business – we can expect that our pollies will be subjected to random checks in the corridors of power. However, as Linda Burney pointed out :

    “Randomised drug testing could see a 55-year-old being expected to urinate into a cup somewhere to prove that they are not a drug addict. That is inappropriate,” Ms Burney said.

    It conjures up images of Barnaby Joyce and Craig Kelly pissing all over the carpets in parliament house as they try to direct their stream into a small cup after a late-night sitting.

    But Scott Morrison says that he has no problem with that.

    We shall see !

  4. andy56

    Baby jewels is right , what democracy? Democracy a contest of ideas? we voted for no ideas. Democracy, a vote for everyone? We enable the idiots and narcissists among us to rule. Democracy implies we can have diversity. We vote for the same tried and tested idiots. Democracy, like education is a quaint 18th century construct. Anyone for education as an excersise in learning how to be a human? It seems even university wants to graduate “factory fodder”, only there are no factories left.
    Ideology in a bubble, thats what democracy is. The people always get it right? Yea right, so did Nazi germany. Its time we blasted away the assumptions we make when we define democracy. Its a quaint notion that anybody can rise to parliament but Pauline tells us its not always a good idea for idiots to rule the roost. Just like we left a corporate banker in charge of the NBN, or a Happy Clapper run the country on christian values only to go totally rogue. We laugh about Nero or Caligula, but in 2019, they still rule the roost.

  5. Tony Teniswood

    As taxpayers, we have a right to expect our taxpayer funded , elected representatives be sober and drug free in the execution of their duties. We also have the right to demand no alcohol be paid for with taxpayer dollars, consuming alcohol is not a job requirement for politicians and public servants.

  6. andy56

    maybe its time you have to sit for a personality test to apply for a parliamentary position. Lets make sure we get the right people in for a start.
    Lets eliminate the narcissists and totally dumb from the job. If you have to ask ” please explain” , you dont qualify. If you proudly parade your christian values yet throw out refugees, you fail. If your a rigid ideologue, your not required reading.
    We need more people with a scientific mind plus a humanitarian streak. We need planners who have experience.
    Lastly, they should be on the SAME SALARY as the average person. You dont want to feed the monkeys more than they can eat. Putting them up on a pedistal is also some quaint 18th century notion. They are no better than average. So why pay them more? We have lost job security and its time they know we know.

  7. Matters Not


    As taxpayers, we have a right to expect our taxpayer funded …

    No doubt a sentiment shared by many – if not most. That it reveals a profound ignorance re the principles of a democracy (and at so many levels) demonstrates why neoliberalism reigns supreme.

    Perhaps we should blame the schooling system – because it’s just not educating citizens in the most basic concepts. Both in the past and the present.

  8. Matters Not


    any job that requires attention to detail … those performing these services should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

    Can only agree. But such a descriptor does NOT apply to the vast majority of politicians (present and voting) on legislation before the House. By and large, relevant Ministers and their Shadows are across the legislative detail (but not always) while the vast bulk of the remainder are there to make up numbers when it comes time to vote.

    That’s the lived reality. Told when to raise their hands. And to do so when ordered by the Whip. Look at the recent stuff up in the Senate when government members voted for a Hanson motion AND more importantly, the explanation given by Cormann, that Members did not have the time to consider all legislation. Sad but true. Besides it interferes with their real task of politicking – making sure they have the numbers – and at so many levels.

    It’s enough to drive one to drink.

  9. wam

    What a great start to the weekend the pool thinks it is october, the cats got beaten and your great post, lord.
    The aldi bag and sino-sam certainly invoked the heady NSW labor days of nifty and lionel and stirred up my rabbottians. The media didn’t labour the point but when the government needs a diversion, they will give a signal and rupert’s mob will trot it out every now and then
    Lying by omission – caveat emptor is the warning for buyers – with great relevance to adverts but, who would think that the lnp would not follow labor in honesty and prefer using advertising method of selling themselves. As all good pragmatists know it will be alright in the end, lord and eventually the lnp will go to far close enough to an election for labor to win, god and bobby willing.
    they could have testing stations at polling booths surely the tablets taken by the lnp voters are suss??

  10. Aortic

    But John, blessed be thy name, I really have to take issue with you and the correspondents worthily mentioned hitherto. The Australians Kenny and Sheridan are proclaiming this is the greatest government since Howard, and we all remember how wonderful those days were. I really cannot understand how these clowns call themselves journalists. How utterly galling surely to be subjected to the editorial scrutiny of that evil bastard Murdoch and his clan, but I guess they don’t see it that way and are convinced they are worthy of the name. The underlying problem though, is not essentially with the bile that is published but with the majority of the voters, who can’t or won’t think for themselves and slavishly swallow all the slanted tripe. We must be forever thankful that we have real journalists like yourself,who are prepare to speak the truth. Sadly it is only the few who read and comprehend.

  11. Ron

    John, re your ‘thought for the day’ on the unfettered greed of the few wanting it all, it reminds me of an article I read yesterday – James Corbett on Agenda 21 and the UN plan to siphon off all assets worldwide (public and private) for the benefit of their exclusive club membership.
    Googled ‘Agenda 21 Australian political parties’ to see if Liberals, Labor or those clods the Greens get a mention. I woke up in a parallel universe. I blame Quantum Entanglement. How did the world get so upside down that One Nation has more of a clue about neo-feudalism than the other parties?

  12. Florence Howarth

    Why is it when they say infrastructure it only seems to be about roads & some rail transport. Why not invest money in finding ways to help people not use roads or transport. Encourage jobs nearer where people live. Can’t be that hard.

  13. Ross Barrell

    Matt king coal Canavan referred to Aurecon as “weak as piss” and “bedwetters”. I have news for him. I know who the piss weak bedwetters are in this Australia. And it ain’t Aurecon. I suspect Canavan should apply a mirror appropriately and while he’s at it have a look at his colleagues. None of them have been able to bring themselves to address the issues in this essay in a meaningful way. They are consistently shit scared rabbits, afraid of offending the fossil fuel industry, scared to death at the prospect of being held to account by a truly free press: https://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/opinion/editorial/2019/09/07/press-under-fire/15677784008719 and willing to use the machinery of government to suppress anyone who dares to question them.

  14. John Lord

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

  15. Alan Hargreaves

    Agree with it all except the Steven Bradbury Reference.

    You owe Mr Bradbury an apology.

    It’s lazy journalism to say that he won by doing nothing. Mr Bradbury worked to qualify for the olympics. He then was good enough in the heats to qualify for and skate in that final. To say he did nothing is insulting to all of the work that he put in to be in that race.

  16. David Bruce

    More cognitive dissonance comes to mind!

    When Christine Lagarde leaves the IMF and goes to run the European Central Bank, the Mark Carney moves from Bank of England to run the IMF, can we expect an improvement in our economy?

    Perhaps not…

  17. Aortic

    Ross, Matt King coal Canavan, brilliant.

  18. Ross Barrell

    Hi Aortic. Can’t claim original ownership of the name Matt king coal. I think I may have got it off Grumpy Geezer. Springs to mind. But certainly love it.


  19. DrakeN

    KJV. Holy Bible:

    St. John 2:4 .”..He that saith, I know him (Jesus) and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.”

    Matthew 22:39 “…Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”

    Now, equate those with the Pentacostal “Prosperity Gospel.”

    Hypocrites who stand in their temples where all can see them!


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