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There will be no climate change policy under this government

As I have reported before, climate change has now been moved to the Department of Industry. A phone call to the climate change division revealed they are as bemused as me by the shift and are having glitches in information transfer so couldn’t tell me where or when quarterly emissions data will now be published.

These are hard-working people who do a good job in reporting on our GHG emissions and progress towards targets. Their time is now taken up moving office and changing headers.

Emissions reduction is in a different portfolio, under the auspice of the energy minister, Angus “I hate wind farms” Taylor.

Water is now lumped in with resources and the responsibility of a guy who quit the ministry last time in protest over our emissions reduction targets, Keith Pitt – a nuclear devotee who voted against marriage equality.

David Littleproud has got agriculture and disasters – probably a fitting pair to put together with the way we are headed. He has just reaffirmed his support for the live export trade.

And then there is Sussan Ley flitting around as minister for the environment.

Barnaby Joyce, George Christensen and Llew O’Brien are openly threatening to hold the government to ransom if it does anything to reduce emissions and Matt Canavan is not happy about being left out. These guys want more coal and gas and they will blow the government up to get it.

There will be no coherent policy or direction or action on climate change come from that rabble.

They are so ego-driven, so wealth obsessed, so addicted to power, so arrogantly certain of their right to rule, so fearful of losing any of their privilege, so beholden to their backers, that they are incapable of governing.

We cannot afford their self-obsession and incompetence any longer.

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Money and power for corporate crooks and political perverts is the penis concept. Millions equates to centimetres of size and females controlled in the herd. Females may prefer the head stud, the guarantee of perpetuity in offspring. What ever drives us, Freud and others found interest in guessing (??) the drives and motivations of types. The ruthless, potentially killer robber type features in history constantly, putting self in all medal positions and rarely recognising family, class, society, nation, humanity, environment or areas of decency. There is no moral or ethical position in an erection; even Freud never tried to interview one. So, what of our bum baring fellatio friendly political types in government now, in federal parliament? Are they the types to save us, foresee the future, plan for improvement and a sharing, caring, fair society? Or, are they careerists rising up the greasy pole of personal infatuation and self infesting concentration on “winning?” Winning what? A ruined environment, threatened planet, career with hidden offshore wealth is not enough for some. They do not see it and do not care. Never ever support conservative career focussed types, potential thieves, robbers, untrustworthy representatives, useless non professional posers. They are our ENEMY.

  2. New England Cocky

    “They are so ego-driven, so wealth obsessed, so addicted to power, so arrogantly certain of their right to rule, so fearful of losing any of their privilege, so beholden to their backers, that they are incapable of governing.

    We cannot afford their self-obsession and incompetence any longer.”

    The above says it all KL.

    Our only hope is that they cross the floor as a group when there is an unpaired absentee, and a motion of No Confidence is successful in the Reps.

  3. David Evans

    The lnp COALition “governments” since howards early days have been so beholden to fossil fuels they have absolutely no right to still be in “government”, anywhere. The fossil fuel industry rules this country, not “governments”. The p–s weak Federal and State lnp COALitions have little, if any, regard for the well being of past, this, or future generations of Australians. They have been dictated to, bull shitted to, and corrupted by the fossil fuel industries so much they really do not consider any alternatives, the threats of job losses, economy down turns, and anti science b/s provided by the mining industries is their first and only consideration. This cosy arrangement has been going on since 1980s, the lnp “governments”, and individual f/f stooges, then and now actively work against the best interests of Australias future, one can only hope that these “governments” and individual members will one day face the retribution, scorn and ridicule they so richly deserve. Australia has been seen as a PARIAH among most other nations for many years for the deceit WE practice over green house gas emissions protocols, and for these lnp “governments” u-turns, back flips and lack of commitment. Australia has become an outcast on the World climate action stage. All the scheming, scamming of successive prime ministers and lnp governments is actively working against Australias interests, purely for fossil fuel interests. Crimes Against Humanity immediately comes to mind.

  4. pierre wilkinson

    “There will be no climate change policy under this government”

    the wonder is, will there be any sort of coherent policy on anything under this government?
    – apart from looking after their mates and shafting the working public, pensioners and the poor

  5. Ken

    You have summed up the current situation perfectly Kay and if they continue in power we are all doomed !

  6. Andrew J Smith

    The normal Liberal and National MPs, along with the local NP constituents need to call out not just this extremist rump, but their corporate and think tank supporters embedded in US style PR networks of lobbyists and news media.

    Issue is, as cited on AIMN, when e.g. one asks a Lib and/or Nat supporter about the IPA they claim to have never have heard of it….. To be fair the IPA has a moderate or low profile in NewsCorp, 9Fairfax and other commercial media as its themes or policies are promoted or published anyway, implicitly, but when it comes to the ABC and contrarian groups or individuals, it’s on the attack via proxies, Facebook campaigns etc.

    Ultimately responsibility lies with Australian (mostly ageing regional) voters, but as we have seen with Brexit and Trump, they follow conditioned reflexes and their own ignorance and/or biases, helped along by PR industry masquerading as politicians and media.

  7. johno

    Scottyatacanterbutdonothingmorrison is a Trump aficionado. Beyond sad.

  8. guest

    Of course the sceptics/deniers will continue to get away with business-as-usual for as long as they can. But it seems to me these recent fires are making people more aware of what Climate Change means.

    People might ask, “Do you believe in Climate Change?” But this makes Climate Change sound like some kind of religion, as Ian Plimer asserts in The Spectator.

    Or we could ask, “Do you understand Climate Change?” And there are those who say they do, when obviously they don’t.

    Emeritus professor in history Ross Fitzgerald attempts a discussion in The Australian today, but simply regurgitates Murdoch lines of sceptic/denial and limits his explanation of points to a bare minimum.

    For example, he mentions the Roman warming and the Mediaeval warming, but does not raise the fact that the present warming is 20X faster than either of these two warmings.

    He also mentions Richard Lindzen and Judith Curry as champions of sceptic/denial.

    Lindzen says there has been no warming in the past 20 years and that there are those who attack fossil fuels because they want to increase control of bureaucracy over society.You know, like the UN with black helicopters.

    Judith Curry spoke before the US Natural Resources Committee last year and told them any deleterious effects of Climate Change would not occur for at least 100 years.

    While these propagandists continue to muddle the discussion, the truth is lost in a fog of highly paid denial.

    We see how wide this garbage can spread when news reports today that hundreds of people have been arrested in Oz for lighting the fires – straight out of the mouth of our very own Peter Dutton!

  9. ajogrady

    When we speak of fossil fuel buying our politicians John Howard set the bench mark with gifting $30.86 million to Dick Honan’s ethanol company Manildra energy. Ever since the L/NP have outdone themselves in gifting public money to private companies. Everything rotten and dysfunctional in Australia can be laid squarely at the feet of John Winston Howard.

  10. Kaye Lee

    So far today, I have heard warnings from emergency services and experts at various agencies like the BoM about fires, floods, king tides, erosion, cyclones and drought…and of course, the continual virus updates. I am just waiting for the locusts.

  11. paul walter

    No climate problem?

    Then why is big business snapping up all those water and ground water licences?

  12. wam

    renewables and electric cars is albo’s hope. God will seek smirko’s help with climate change and global warming will be recognised.
    The virus is the wrath and a great distraction but albo will do some reminding exercises????

  13. Pingback: There will be no climate change policy under this government #auspol - News Oz

  14. Rossleigh

    Yes, apparently the new Coalition energy policy is a coal-fired power station on every roof and fracked gas on every street corner…

  15. Bruce White

    A very, to the point characterisation of the Federal coalition government,Kaye,congratulations.
    One characteristic that you have omitted to mention is cruelty.
    The cruelty and vicious vindictiveness of this government has been understated and is unprecedented.
    As a matter of fact if you mentioned the term ‘cruelty’ to a Liberal or Nats voter, they would most likely laugh at you, deluding themselves into thinking that the coalition are benign,or humane,or ‘we live in the best country in the world’ ergo, we must have a pretty good government.
    New England Cocky, I absolutely agree with your sentiment that we need a federal election asap, and that takes at least six weeks, not the first half of 2022.
    But you haven’t thought out the numbers situation realistically.
    As I’ve said elsewhere Old Cock, the current numbers in the House of Representatives are,out of 151 members, 77 are Liberal and Nats.
    68 are ALP, 1 Greens,1 Katter,1 Centre Alliance,3 Independents to make a total of non-coalition votes 74.
    For an NCV (no confidence vote) to succeed at LEAST 3 coalition votes, plus the non-coalition 74 are needed to then approach the G-G, an almost impossible task.
    Why? Because government MPs are getting paid too much.
    Why would they want to face the electorate BEFORE their maximum 3 years?
    Why would cross benchers want to go early to face and risk reelection for themselves?
    The only precedent for this was the 1975 Dismissal tragedy.
    That gifted the coalition 3 years of landslide election numbers from the position of ‘caretaker incumbency’ (Fraser was appointed caretaker PM).
    The NCV by the ALP against Fraser’s ‘caretaker government’ was ignored by G-G Kerr, High Court Chief Justice Barwick (himself a former coalition minister), and of course MASSIVELY ignored,spun and drowned out by the right wing media and big interests. The ‘noise’ was similar to the ‘noise’ in the last week or two of the 2019 election campaign.

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