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There is also a drought of compassion

1) You would be a touch inhumane if you didn’t think the drought wasn’t having a calamitous effect on individuals, families and towns throughout this blond Australian landscape.

You would be even more merciless if in the scheme of things you turned your back on a politically bipartisan approach to helping those on sunburnt properties overcome the sorrow of their quandary.

There are many who in despair have given up the fight, given up their love of the land, defeated by endless sacrifice to an unforgiving sky and less caring land. Many suicides serve as testimony to the truth of it.

Why then is our Christian Prime Minister who says he prays for the drought’s end, playing politics over aid for these poor folk?

The situation is simple. Labor will lend its support to at “any level” the Coalition names so long as the money isn’t taken from another portfolio at which our Prime Minister has responded by saying he will deal with the crossbenches instead.

All very smart because he can then say, and be technically correct, that Labor didn’t support the plan.

Hypocrisy never seems to reach drought proportions in the land of Scott.

2) At first I couldn’t believe it. So much so that my morning coffee burnt my lower lip and I will be walking around with a strange look on my face for the rest of the day.

“Anthony Albanese calls on MPs to lift the standard of political discourse.”

“And that when you call someone a liar flippantly you don’t really have another gear to go to after that.”

Albanese is turning out to be a quintessential campaigner for a better parliament. Will he succeed where Turnbull failed? My fear is that the hard heads of many a Labor veteran still wants him to do the old biffo routine.

Anyone who has followed my writing over the past 6 years knows perfectly well where I stand on this issue. Democracy has been stolen from us. It is worthy of rescuing. True tough intellect can win the day.

3) I wonder when those who so enthusiastically voted for the $1000 bribe instead of better services for the community in which they live will wake up to the fact that Morrison intends to do nothing about reducing our climate emissions and we will not meet our Paris target.

4) Isn’t it truly lamentable that a senior Australian public servant can be paid $886,000 PA and at the same time be doing an awful job?

Well so found a review of APRA led by former ACCC chief Graeme Samuel, that “leadership, people and culture” were issues and that it “should address variation in leadership capability for all management levels”.

“You can’t earn $886,000 [as Mr Byres does] and not be fully responsible for leadership, transparency and contestability.” Senator Patrick told The New Daily.

It seems it is not only the Government who is minus any management skills.

“History is just an ongoing commentary on the incompetence of men.”

5) Besides the truth this Government has always been loose with money but when one of most well known, and popular citizens by the name of Smith, receives a $500.000 Franking Credit return from the tax office and then complains that he doesn’t need nor want it. Well, then I wonder just how many folks are getting tax returns of this size.

It’s a pity Dick didn’t raise the issue during the election campaign. The rich have that many tax rorts to choose from that they must become confused at the end of each financial year.

Meanwhile, the country’s most vulnerable people are left wondering what they did wrong.

“How is it possible for the inherited rich and privileged to understand poverty?”

6) The funniest thing though is that last week we had The Australian newspaper saying that “stubborn” workers were responsible for wage stagnation, because they were failing to switch jobs often enough.

Yes, I know you think I’m joking but I’m not. It’s all mixed up in this politics of “what’s in it for me?”

I hear what you’re saying. Yes, I know we have a Christian Prime Minister.

7) What follows are a few snippets from a piece by Dr John Falzon a Senior Fellow, Inequality and Social Justice. He was national CEO of the St Vincent de Paul Society from 2012 to 2018.

“Labor did not convince people that it would make their lives better.

The distance from being underemployed to being unemployed to being homeless is not long.

At one of the booths a few of us had some interesting conversations with the two young people handing out for Palmer’s United Australia Party.

There was a sense that they were being told to be grateful for whatever they got, a bit like the neoliberal formula for the ideal labour market.

Like Treasury’s bizarre attempt yesterday to blame “stubborn” workers for wage stagnation, because they were failing to switch jobs often enough. Thankfully there are signs that Labor may be about to draw the line on some of this.

Unless we succeed in collectively re-framing what it is to be a member of society, what society is, how the sense of the social can triumph over the primacy of private profit and private gain, our policies will not cut through, they will not scratch the neoliberal itch, they will not speak to the broken soul of the nation. This is a struggle that is not limited to what happens in parliament. It is, above all, a struggle that needs to be waged in workplaces and in the community, in suburbs and in regions.”

8) An interesting proposal. Should we abolish private health insurance for a public system only?

9) Peta Credlin was discussing Getup. Said ban them from handing out how to vote cards. Make them conform with the requirements of a political party.

10) The Leader of the Opposition tells his shadow cabinet not to call the Government liars and the Prime Minister tells his Ministers to stick to their portfolios and limit media appearances. Wow.

11) The words “Send her back” repetitively chanted at a Trump rally are a shocking indictment of how politicians use words for propaganda.

”America may be the most advanced technological nation on earth but its social progress on matters of great moral importance is still fighting its way out of the dark ages when mysticism was rampant.’’

13) Newspoll after a disastrous 12 months or more of getting it wrong was rumoured to recommence today.  A no show. Make of it what you may.

My thought for the day

“Ask them, they are the government.”

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  1. Baby Jewels

    “Democracy has been stolen from us. It is worthy of rescuing.” And bifffo is all the Australian voter seems to respond to, aggression and snarling accusations, unfortunately. So I feel Albo is doomed to fail. I’m unsure now is the time to return to a more polite parliament, though I’d like to see it, eventually. It won’t work against low-life Liberals and the average ugly Australian. Fight fire with fire, Albo!

  2. JudithW

    Sorry John. I wait for the drought affected families to ask for a halt to deforestation and a call for governments to act on climate change. Until then my compassion is thin. Giving money to support farmers in an unsustainable situation is only prolonging the inevitable and ‘throwing good money after bad’.

  3. pierre wilkinson

    Bill Shorten tried the correct approach – explaining policy, no ad hominen attacks, striving for a better Australia for all, and where did that get him in the face of constant lies, abuses and outright misrepresentations? Good Luck Albo.

  4. whatever

    Here is an interactive graph at the BOM where you can check rainfall levels for each region all the way back to 1900.
    A quick perusal shows that we DO NOT have the “worst drought conditions ever” and that most regions are experiencing dry conditions during a run of average-size rainfall cycles. Only a few, scattered regions are having extreme deficiencies.
    Make no mistake, the National Party is scamming and raiding the Federal Budget for as much as they can fit on the truck, just like they did to the Murray-Darling Water Basin.

  5. Florence Howarth

    Insiders said there would be a poll. Labor has to ignore this nonsense of Labor being wedged. Labor is in Opposition. It has a duty to examined all the government puts forward. Disagreeing with the legalisation that won’t see any money for over a year is not being against drought aid. It is about how they intend to do it. Seems this government is so precious they are above criticism of any kind.

    The legislation of this government is wrong on many fronts. There has not been a PM since Federation that has not had to make compromises in getting bills through. Why should this lot be any different?

    It is a shame they didn’t have the same attitude when they were in Opposition against Labor under Abbott. Much that Abbott oppose was not to this nations well being. They prevented Labor putting in place legislation to deal with the asylum seekers. Just as bad was the Opposition to the MRRT. A bill that would have been collected from mining massive record profits on the ore. Money that could have help industry including tourism & cars get through the high dollar of 110 cents that mining boom caused.

    IMO Labor’s biggest problem is not that people don’t trust them. They have turned off politics, not listening, not interested.

    Maybe Shorten was too successful at driving the political agenda for two terms. In retrospect it kept the focus on, not the government.

  6. Paul Davis

    Whatever, you are correct re rainfall data. National Party has become in last decade a collection of vile self interested troughsnouters.

    JudithW, you make a compelling argument. Collectively Strayan farmers have behaved like selfish thugs desecrating the land. Yep suppose there are some decent individuals and families whose ancestors and now them haven’t been wasting water, overclearing the land, poisoning everything with fertiliser and insecticide, driving off the traditional owners and slaughtering wildlife. Remember the hostile reception given to those water conservation experts thirty years ago when they tried to show graziers and farmers how to restore their creeks and bring back their pastures to life?

  7. wam

    A beaut read this am, lord!
    You could be a bit naive in thinking the conservatives would let a political chance go by? Politicians are pragmatic people with one eye on the win. Making point scoring is a constant thought with them all.
    Similarly the autocue journalists love a chance to boost ratings with a bit of controversy. Hope albo can give them one out of this week but the word is dutton and security is the theme? A beach shack on kangaroo island might get a diversion going???

    Remember this, lord?
    always used to say to my kids. Think beyond the answer. There’s sure to be another one lurking there somewhere.
    12 months of polls predicting labor to win and shorten a loser? Why do you attribute the polls as disastrous?
    nsw labor wins
    SA labor wins
    vic labor win
    tassie a 2 all draw
    act and nt 100% labor
    Ah, lord, now, I see why disastrous i- QLD and WA are the killers of the polls

    ps Good one Baby Jewels glad someone else saw the violence of bob’s mob in Towns-vile but with such a good result why would narrow nose eschew such tactics in the future?

  8. Phil

    I’m with Baby Jewels.

    Outside of the MSM in the US. they are beginning to see the light. The government has started to censor progressive web sites. The time of treating Conservatives like caring sharing human beings is long gone. Rancid right wingers are the enemy and they have always been the enemy. All this PC bollox about not getting down in the gutter fighting fire with fire with them, has achieved nothing. Treating the right wingers in the party that has traditionally represented us like they could care, is idolatry. No more is this more evident than in Queensland and Western Australia. Even the worship of Gillard on this blog and others is a symptom of a deeper problem. Some just don’t get it.

    It is time to take advice from General Patton ‘ You never win a war dying for your country, you make some other dumb bastard die for his. I’m sure the people in Hong Kong will just wait until the mainland Chinese take it over. Taiwan will no doubt throw fairy cakes at them and negotiate their capitulation when the Chinese come knocking, I don’t think. Maybe Iran should just roll over and let Washington and London run their affairs. No I’m not advocating violence, not yet anyway, although Adani and the damage it will do to my children, could get me a little hotter under the collar than usual. When they start taking Nuclear waste from other countries and dumping it here , I will be doing more than sitting on my arse protesting.

  9. Pete Petrass

    I almost think that Labor will have to up their game and really act like the LNP (with all their bullying and lying and nastiness) just to get back into government. Only at that point do I think they will be in a position to restore our democracy.

  10. Phil

    Pete Petrass
    July 22, 2019 at 5:21 pm


  11. king1394

    Praying for an end to the drought is a great cop-out. It’s God’s will whether the drought continues, nothing Morrison can do about it, but if the rains come, he will be claiming credit, another personal miracle.

  12. Zathras

    Morrison is simply continuing the thuggish and uncompromising strategy that was the hallmark of the Abbott era – all talk and no results. At least Howard was eventually revealed as being mean and tricky and voters eventually had enough.

    I concur with some advice that was given elsewhere on this site to the ALP and Albanese in particular –

    “Go hard or go home”. It’s that simple.

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