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. . . then we hear from Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones

I don’t have much to say here, probably because Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones have left me speechless.

Instead of saying anything, I would suggest instead that you spend 14 minutes viewing last night’s episode of Media Watch, which you can access here.

The episode features the ‘boy on the beach’ and the world’s reaction to not only the distressing image of the deceased child, but the plight of millions like him.

Media outlets throughout the world have demanded action to help these desperate people.

And speaking of desperate, we then hear from Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones.

You too will be left speechless.


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  1. Kate M


  2. jim

    Yea I thought my hitting the mute button days were over(Rabbitt gone) NOT on 7.30 report nothing but LIebrials MUTE MUTE MUTE those lefties at the ABC geezz.

  3. Colin

    Speechless? Yes
    Surprised? Hardly

  4. Entruchio Marchubar

    I have better things to with my life than pay attention to either of these complete cretins. There is not a single good thing to say about them.

  5. Lee

    Cory Bernardi was repeating the same lies as Bolt and Jones. All three are despicable.

  6. mark delmege

    check out charlie hedbo for crass –

  7. mark delmege

    As was pointed out elsewhere this photo may well have been staged not that that is important but it deserves a mention. Media watch didn’t really develop the narrative and the following show Q&A just added to the propaganda. Questions that should have been asked include –
    Why did Turkey chose now to release so many refugees?
    What percentage of them are actually from Syria? (lower than you imagine and most are males of fighting age)
    And just exactly what is happening in Syria?
    And what is the link between Afghanistan Iraq Syria and Libya and all those refugees?

    And make no mistake this many refugees entering Europe will create problems – cheap labour for the industrialists and others for sure but there will be regrets. Some have already been identified as Jihadist terrorists from rebel factions fighting in Syria. Don’t get me wrong refugees have my sympathy and we (Lib/Labs) have dealt with them very badly as I have often said here before.

    And as I have said elsewhere emotionalism is a friend of propaganda.

    If you saw the whole Bolt interview you would have also seen the Greens leader disgrace himself by blaming Syria for the deaths of 250,000. It was as dumb and opportunistic as Bob Brown supporting the destruction of Libya.

    Anyway its only the ABC and it’s the sort of crap they dish up on a daily basis.

  8. Jexpat

    Along with conceptual troubles with notions like R2P -and ethnic and historical challenges, Mark seems to be having difficulty with geography.

    To put it in perspective (while leaving out frightened, baseless assertions about “jihadist” refugees) -the distance between Benghazi and Damascus is nearly double the distance between Brisbane and Sydney, and crosses the Nile river to boot.

  9. Terry2

    I sincerely hope that the poisonous voices of the Far Right will now fade back into the mire and that 2GB will return to its place in our society,as a mediocre AM radio station and not the platform for Prime Ministerial ramblings.

    Hopefully, the leaking tap from the Prime Minister’s Office to the Daily Telegraph will be shut off once and for all.

    And, a final plea that when our new Prime minister wants to address the nation he does so through our national broadcaster and perhaps even appears on Q&A.

    I’m not a traditional Liberal supporter – helloo ! – but I extend to Malcolm Turnbull the good will and best wishes to be a successful Prime Minister and to lead a government for all Australians.

    Over to you, Mal !

  10. Keith

    Bolt, Jones and Bernardi wrongly trying to individualise the plight of one family against the millions impacted shows how out of touch that type of ideological thought pattern takes you. There are millions of people fleeing Syria; it is stemming from a legacy the West has created. It was intensified through the war on Saddam Hussein and unwittingly IS grew out of Western the Iraq War. We now owe it to the displaced innocent people to provide assistance.

  11. mars08

    “…was intensified through the war on Saddam Hussein and unwittingly IS grew out of Western the Iraq War…”

    @Keith … hhmmm… “unwittingly” is an interesting word. As i recall quite a few commentators and experts warned against the illegal, contrived, needless aggression in Iraq AND involvement in Syria.

  12. kerri

    It completely appals me that these privileged white men have noting better to do with their time than to criticise those less fortunate and knowing nothing about them, for if there is one thing Bolt, Jones and Bernardi reek of it is ignorance, seek to destroy any sort of future these desparate people may have hoped for!

  13. kerri

    Mark Delmege you are probably right? I had never figured that by far the best way for a terrorist to infiltrate a foreign country is to take whatever HE can carry across a dangerous ocean with no food or water and wash up on a beach, having disposed of the wife and kids in the briny and from there takeover the free world!
    Of course it’s a terrorist invasion!!!

  14. Lee

    “If you saw the whole Bolt interview you would have also seen the Greens leader disgrace himself by blaming Syria for the deaths of 250,000. It was as dumb and opportunistic as Bob Brown supporting the destruction of Libya.”

    Mark Delmege, how did Di Natale disgrace himself? Most of the Syrian deaths are due to the brutality of the Assad regime. Syria has been engaged in a civil war for the last 5 years. There was a Syrian woman on Q and A last night who asked why everyone only got concerned about Syrian deaths when they saw a photo of Aylan Kurdi. She pointed out that Assad has killed many more Syrians than ISIS has, yet the rest of the world hasn’t cared until recently.

  15. mark delmege

    Jexpat, Libya is one thing Syria another. Do you remember me mentioning Turkey? And why now have all those refugees been released into Europe? And just in case you missed it Turkey has been arming and assisting IS in a very meaningful way. As for terrorists as refugees

    And Keith ‘and unwittingly IS grew out of Western involvement ‘ no it wasn’t they knew what they were doing.

    And lee why would you assume that a hand picked questioner on Q&A is a representative of the vast majority of Syrians. BTW there are now 8 million people in Damascus – thats 4 million more than before the US backed regime change attempt. Actually I found the elderly woman hard to follow – I wasn’t sure if she was actually talking about all the other western al qaeda franchise groups and their acts of barbarism as against the IS group itself – which of course is little more than just another al qaeda group – many of the fighters from the FSA, al Nusra etc went on to join IS. But there you go. Di Natale imo showed no understanding of the historical roots or reasons for the war in Syria. To me it was like blaming the Nicaraguans for the war imposed on them by the US backed Contras.

  16. mark delmege

    Ok Lee you are right she did name the government. That doesn’t change anything for me though – see above and my comments elsewhere on AIM

  17. mark delmege

    Anyway Syria is not perfect and I am not blind to the abuses of human rights there – but show me a perfect country. Syria is globally positioned in a conflict zone. It has many and various groups within it and battles to hold itself together despite the pressures from outsiders (and insiders) over the decades. Funnily enough some of the social pressures that led to protests were a result of neo liberal reforms instituted by al-Assad and a drought within the the country at the time. Add to that the US invasion next door and pressures from Israel and its support for Palestinians and Palestinian refugees and its relationship with Russia and Iran and its not hard to see why it has long been in the cross hairs of Empire. Most of what we hear in the media is just straight up bullshit. So I just suggest before you fall for the emotionalist propaganda peddled by the ABC, Murdoch or whoever can you really believe these same media organs after what they told us about Afghanistan Iraq and Libya?
    I have tried to show the hypocrisy of western leaders (over the past few years) who talk up the terrorist threat, terra terra terra and to show just how they themselves have aided funded and created the very terrorist cells they claim to oppose. We are treated like mushrooms on this and so many other issues. Get the facts argue disagree but fight back and if you really want to help refugees don’t support their phoney wars and make them stop arming terrorists.
    I’ll shutup now – for a while anyway.

  18. Lee

    Mark, what is the connection between ISIS being backed by Western nations and Assad choosing to torture and kill his own constituents?

  19. Lee

    So you think this is a useful article, Mark? ” First, you cannot say that there was a certain state policy concerning the Kurds. A state cannot discriminate between members of its population; otherwise, this will create division in the country.”

    The Kurds are stateless. Syria refuses to recognise them as citizens. So given that blatant lie, how much of that article can be believed?

    The bottom of the second article states that only the Syrians outside of Syria are able to vote, and they either know or at least are under the impression that if they don’t vote, they won’t be allowed to return to their homes. Were the Kurds allowed to vote? Syrians remaining inside Syria were unable to vote. Sounds like a great democratic election.

  20. Felicitas

    since social media is deemed so very powerful, isn’t it time that we put pressure on the employers of these asocial and amoral ‘truthiness’ mongers to give them the flick? The Rabbot’s gone and now so should his syncophants – ALL of them.

  21. mark delmege

    you’ve lost me Lee, your comments seem as relevant as Jexpat mentioning Benghazi.(Aylan Kurdi died in Turkey not off the coast of Libya) You’ve muddled the story and make false claims and pick out the last line of the WP article to ignore that refugees in lebanon voted for al-Assad as did most in other places and within Syria itself. Kurds are Syrian citizens just as they are in Turkey (ie Turkish Kurds) Iran (Iranian Kurds) and Iraq (Iraqi Kurds) (hey there are even Kurds in Australia who are Australian).

  22. mark delmege

    BTW Lee, tens of thousands of Syrian military police and security people have been killed by western backed rebels. Add in a huge number of civilians.

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