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Their lying has its roots in the gutter

When I was looking through AIM’s list of articles last weekend I noticed that Kaye Lee had already covered a subject that I so desperately wanted to write about.

To hell with it I thought. After watching Angus Taylor being interviewed by Barrie Cassidy on Insiders last Sunday I thought, bugger it. They need as much truth thrown at them as the lies they tell. His was a dreadful performance.

Cassidy threw all the truth that reason warranted at him but his lies contained a sort of political finality about them. Lies that are being told when an internal honesty tells the inner self that the final act of defence has been reached. When defeat looks one in the eye.

An observation

“Question everything. What you see, what you feel, what you hear and what you are told until you understand the truth of it.” 

The lies so frequently being told by this government are worse than the normal ones couched in innumerable shades of grey.

The lies being told by Morrison, Joyce, Dutton, Hunt, Taylor and others are so repetitive, so blatant, so desperate, that they could only come from men despairing of losing something. In this case power.

These are frightened scared politicians on the cusp of defeat so worried about it that they will not hesitate to place lies before facts, as was the case with Taylor.

Despite Cassidy shooting him down with irrefutable facts that our emissions were going up each year, he continued to talk over him with figures so obviously wrong that you would feel ashamed if your own son or daughter were quoting them.

But of course, he isn’t the only one. The Prime Minister continues to say that we will reach our Paris targets in a canter. He does so in the knowledge that it is untrue. His own department tells him we cannot but he so desperately wants everyone to believe him that he is prepared to toss his faith out the window and lie to us.

Normally a Prime Minister of standing, of reputation would not utter a sentence that implied that under his opposites governance the country would go into recession. Only a very desperate person would stoop so low. Morisson is one such person.

An observation.

“If we are to restore our democracy then the first thing we must do is insist that our politicians should at least tell the truth.”

In her article, Kaye Lee says that:

“For a democracy to function successfully, there must be checks and balances on power.  Government decisions must be transparent and accountable.  The electorate must be told the truth so they can make informed decisions about alternative approaches to address the challenges facing the nation.”

In September 2017 in a piece for The AIMN, I wrote:

“How important is truth in politics? As a writer who happens to love the way words can be constructed to shape a thought, send a message, express love, anger, or convey an action I am lost without them.”

“Without the,m something vanishes from our discourse. Without words, the ability to communicate the seemingly endless aspects of human emotion is taken from us.”

Words, of course, are at their best when they are accompanied by a factual truth of what they want to convey.”

The next great lie likely to be perpetrated on us is when the next budget is announced. The Treasurer will say that it is a surplus budget. But the reality is that we will not know until November 2020 when all of the accounts are finalised if it is or not.

Because their habitual lying prevents them from doing otherwise and despite the figures saying the economy took a dive in the last quarter of 2018 they will tell us that everything is splendid.

It is said that a campaign filled with fear will always beat one filled with hope. History would record that the LNP are the masters of fear.

An observation

“The purpose of propaganda is to make you feel good about the wrongs being perpetrated on you”

A comment on Facebook this week said:

“Sadly, there are still millions of sheeple who are afraid to move from their entrenched position as LNP followers, believing the constant mantra “we are the better money managers “without even glancing at the turmoil and waste over the past six years. The sheer brutality and corruption is so blatant it is impossible to overlook, yet again, millions do. Poor fellow my country.” 

Tony Abbott is the greatest liar ever to dirty the plush carpets of Parliament House.

Malcolm Turnbull, by walking away from what he believed in is the greatest hypocrite.

Scott Morrison by trying to buy office with lies has betrayed his faith.

Again this week we had the Federal Treasury scolding the Coalition for exaggerating the impact of Labor’s proposed negative gearing overhaul.

The government’s words and actions bring into question the very essence of the word truth. Or they have at least devalued it to the point of obsolescence.

If more people had the capacity to think for themselves and question what they are being told perhaps we would have more genuineness in politics.

If more journalists had the intestinal fortitude to question and syphon out the truth of what politicians are telling them we may get a better body politic. A more honest democracy.

In July 2016 I wrote a piece for The AIMN about fear. In it, I quoted Dr. George Venturini:

“The State lives on fear. Today, it is the fear of ‘terrorists’, which is a manufactured threat, meant to scare people into handing over their rights and dignity to the tricksters in power. “Our twentieth century is the century of fear,” wrote Camus in his article ‘The century of fear’ for Combat, the newspaper that had supported the French Resistance to Nazi occupation during the Second World War. Camus said that fear could be regarded as a developed science.”

The next time you hear or see an interview with an LNP politician consider these methods they use to counter questions or even avoid them – 35 techniques politicians use to avoid answering interview questions.

Keep talking. The more you talk the fewer the questions.

Questioning the question or attack it.

The question is offensive.

Attacking an external group. (The opposition or rival groups) Blame Labor.

Starting an answer but not finishing it (interrupting yourself).

Saying or implying that the question has already been answered.

Lying, misinformation, lying by omission, subliminally implied suggestion, straightforward propaganda, deliberate scare campaigning and any form of untruthful communication has become the norm in the way politicians and the media converse with the public. So normal and long applied has this form of conversation become that we are now unquestioning of it.

This election should tell us if we have woken up to these illegitimate forms of persuasion or are we just plain stupid?

My thought for the day

Power is a malevolent possession when you are prepared to forgo your principles and your country’s well-being for the sake of it.

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  1. ChristopherJ

    Thank you John. We know the past was better. Politicians couldn’t lie and be openly corrupt like they can now.

    In the past, the media and the public servants held them to account.

    Now, the media and the civil servants focus on us and turn a blind eye to what’s going on.

    One of the so-called great features of electoral system is compulsory voting. The idea that, if you want to be a citizen, then citizenship has obligations, which includes voting in fed, state and local govt elections… Fact is, most Australians do not make an informed choice when voting as they are mostly ill or badly informed about the people and the politics they are voting for. eg, LNP and Labor rusted for life people

    I for one, would prefer to line up to vote voluntarily. I think we’d get better outcomes and our governments would try harder to work for all and not just for growth and business investment, per se

  2. Pilot

    Stone the bloody crows!! We still have some ignorant people up here in the Valley. Went to a (nonpolitical) meeting the other night and those who I thought were, at the very least, quite intelligent, proved me wrong. All bar a couple of people actually believe the government’s lies, to a bloody ‘T’. Made my heart sink to hear bigoted remarks from people who should know better thrown around the room. When I’d had enough I gave them both barrels, slammed their uneducated remarks and labeled them as bigots, racists and lnp minions idly swallowing conservative lies and mistruths.
    After walking out and refusing to listen to their justifications, “if the government says it, it must be true”, I felt good.
    No more Mr Niceguy. Bigotry and racism have no place in Australian ‘informed’ society, only in conservative ranks who rate people by the number lies they can utter.

  3. whatever

    Lies…..or just fanciful scenarios about China banning Aust. coal and new power stations in the Hunter Valley?
    Big Mining is outsourcing their lies to Crosby Textor and our MSM publishes the comic-book nonsense that is so contrived.
    ASIC should be investigating this, FakeNews is a criminal offence when it comes to trying to influence the Stock Market.

  4. B.D. Branch

    It’s funny, the article complaining about Liberals doing next to nothing when (note: some) these individuals don’t believe in it.

    Well here’s the thing. ALP & Green MPs scream “man-made climate change is real”, and have a next to nothing approach as well. What actual measures have any of them actually sought to do to deal with this? Have they for instance even done simple things, like force cars be more efficient, ending these V8 & V10 5-6-7 litre bitumen gas gluttons? Have they sought to do anything that could deliver real change at little to no impact on our way of life?

    The answer to that is no. The Greens these days can barely even manage to utter the work “environment”, much less spell it. You want to complain about the Liberals, well isn’t the do nothing approach by the left even worse given that they claim to believe in it. More accurately, they simply believe in it for political value. And that surely deserves even more condemnation, otherwise the entire topic is a bad joke.

  5. Peter F

    @BDB Perhaps you might try with considering that Gillard was prepared to fund the transition to electric vehicle manufacture.

  6. Keith

    B.D. Branch

    PM Gillard did do something constructive by creating an emissions tax, afterwards emissions did begin to reduce. Abbott, stopped the carbon tax, nobody has received the reduction in energy cost promised. Abbott has done everything since to try and stymie any policies to reduce emissions. The LNP have had 5.5 years to sort out energy costs, anybody believing they will sort it out after the election is naive. Privatisation, mainly completed by conservative governments, has provided a monopoly for foreign corporations in the energy market. The LNP have not shown a willingness to tackle their donors.

    So the LNP are altogether different to Labor and the Greens; they are not able to rule themselves, they promote coal, and it appears as though they will be pushing for coal fired power stations.

  7. andy56

    BD B, if your not in power, these things cant be done. And when you are in power, make sure you dont have a 1 seat minority and try to introduce any policy. History shows we get cunning Vampires like Abbott coming to the fore.
    Christopherj, optional voting will give us US style politics. Imperfect as the system is here, is far far and away better than the shit they have there. I would rather the pollies cross the voters than spend all their energy getting people to vote. And people not voting helps one side. Thats been used as a tool in places. Tools such as making it fucking hard to vote. if only 50% vote and you win by 51%, that means the president only has support of 25% of the population. Its so obviously so UNDEMOCRATIC.

    I said it many times before last election. The liberals need a few terms in the wilderness to sort themselves out. They need to have policies that benefit the country not their Ayn Rand ideology. Fuck them. We need planners, not laizers faire managers. At least Labor are consistent in their continuous policy innovation. May not be perfect straight up, but jeez, you can see the trends. Super, NBN, NDIS and Climate. ( and many many more) These are all long term policies. If the liberals are only ever interested in being managers, at the very least, can they learn to manage properly. They arent even conservatives, notice their trashing of all Westminster traditions and conventions to hang on. Notice all the reports by professionals are nicely dumped, ” i dont care what the report says. my gut says I am right”. Fuck them again. So the only conclusion is that the libs are ideologues. You dont like communism or fascism here is another one to be scared of, Randism.

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    The title of grandfather/godfather of lying to the australian people is held by Abbott, the person who legitimised lying for the sake of lying, aided and abetted by his partner and sometimes room mate Credlin. There he stood in the middle of Panther’s stadium on election eve 2013, with all the sincerity he could muster,” No cuts to education, no cuts to health……………”. Since that infamous night, not one member of the coalition, including the ever so righteous Turnbull and the mealy mouthed Frydenberg or the Conman or Scummo, Dutto or the ‘lovely’ Bishop or any other so-called respectable members, ever refuted him or denied anything he said. Let’s not forget the biggest bastard of them, the person with bags of money and the means to swing an election one way or the other, the disgusting Murdoch and his band of crooked minions and his media employees, as well as Jones and the talking knob heads on Sky. And yet the brain dead voters still support these bastards; makes one’s head spin in astonishment

  9. Keith

    A vote for the LNP at the next election is a vote to increase fossil fuel emissions.
    The LNP are still promoting new coal mines and extensions of coal mines. Emissions know no borders, and it is a mere accounting trick; to suggest that sending coal overseas has no influence on Australia’s climate in the long run.
    If you care about the future for young people, a vote for the LNP provides the antithesis of such care.

    The Labor policy is not clear on Adani; at least they are more likely to listen to voters.

  10. Kaye Lee

    In my opinion, Adani has no intention of actually mining but every intention of suing to recoup what they have already spent. Labor are treading carefully in the hope of avoiding that and they can quietly keep up their sleeves the water approvals, the endangered species management plan, and the questions about dubious approval from traditional landowners.

  11. John Lord

    Pilot. What meeting do you refer to?

    Thanks Henry.

    Andy 56 . Labor needs to win by enough seats to guarantee it victory in the following election. At that time they should change leader, govern well and put themselves in a good position for a third term. In its favour would be an opposition still floundering from internal strife and a huge 2019 loss.

    Keith. Don’t know about you but i’m Still waiting for my $550

  12. Andreas Bimba

    @ChristopherJ, I still prefer compulsory voting even if most make an uninformed or misinformed choice. One just has to look at the US where a majority of registered voters do not vote during Congressional elections, only a slight majority (55 to 60%) of registered voters vote during Presidential elections and about 25% of eligible voters haven’t even registered to vote. The overwhelming majority of these ‘missing’ votes are from the less well off sections of the populace and the young. Two demographic sections that are more likely by a significant margin to vote for more progressive candidates and parties. The result of this is the election of rubbish like Donald Trump, based on a vote of only a little over 27% of eligible voters which was slightly less than the percentage that voted for Hillary Clinton.

    @BDB I call BS on everything you wrote. The Greens have as policy, aggressively tackling climate change, protecting the environment and have a policy of manufacturing New Energy Vehicles in Australia as well as numerous other relevant policies. The Greens MP’s are all extremely diligent and serve on many parliamentary committees and draft, debate and negotiate legislation regularly. This is in stark contrast to most backbenchers, especially for the Coalition and cross benchers like those for One Nation that are generally rarely seen doing anything for their electorates or the nation. The Greens occasionally have some major wins but realistically with such a small number of elected representatives can only make most gains by negotiating with the two major party blocs.

  13. Keitha Granville

    BDB is the classic example of the myopic LNP voter – cannot see the truth even though it is right in front of him, or doesn’t want to see the truth because it will make everything he has believed in for so long a blatant lie – something the rest of us have known for a long time.

    I am torn on the compulsory/optional voting. Look what has happened in the States, a President who is not fit for any kind of office let alone this one elected by 20% of the population. I believe we need more political education so that our young people are informed from the start – they are doing a pretty good job showing us the error of the government’s ways right now but more info would be great.

    Until there is some kind of penalty, scorecard, reckoning system in place, MPs will continue to spin lies and distortions to fit there agenda. They need to face a panel of experts as well as voters just prior to an election to have their lies refuted and to explain.

    I’ll wait for the flying pigs . . . .

  14. Stephengb

    @BD B
    Welcome the the AIMN forum.
    Wow that was quite a spray, clearly you have conveniently forgotten the great work of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government.
    No, I will not attempt to list the achievements of the ALP, nor even list the policies announced by the ALP (and Green policies), because clearly you have made up your m8nd to believe and regurgitate the lies and misinformation promulgated by the LNP and their media propaganda merchants.BUT I will point out the facts of your spray are simply lies and misinformation and the fact that you felt it your duty to regurgitate those lies and try to emulate the misinformation simply makes you, in my opinion, an ignorant liar.

    Please do not get upset about my thinking you ignorant, it a fact that all of us are ignorant about many things, however do by all means get upset about my thinking you a liar.

    You are of course welcome to you opinion as we are all, but I suggest you simply do not express what are easily verified as untrue.


  15. Arthur Tarry

    John you often say that the current LNP cabinet is the most highly educated ever. I assume you mean they have degrees and/or diplomas. Well educated they may be though perhaps these degrees/diplomas are not in the fields they administer in their work as a politician as pretty well all of them seem utterly out of their depth. How else can we understand the sheer madness and mania of their utterances and policies. They may, of course, being used as tools by others to achieve their monetary and ideological goals, often at the expense of the greater good

  16. John Lord

    Arthur. I wrote a piece listing ththeir degrees. I will see if I can find it.

  17. Old Codger

    Isaac Asimov once said “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”

    Explains the efforts of the climate change deniers. The coalition and media supporters depend on that ignorance to further their agenda/s.

  18. totaram

    Arthur Tarry: The degrees and education of the present government are irrelevant in the face of their venality. The payoff for supporting the IPA ideology, is so large compared to everything else, that they will happily say things that are known to be untrue, even to themselves.

  19. Kronomex

    Didn’t Isaac Asimov write scifi?

  20. Alcibiades



    John Lord

    Malcolm Turnbull, by walking away from what he believed in is the greatest hypocrite.

    Respectfully, am somewhat surprised by the above take.

    IMV, Malcolm since his childhood abandonment, has been a narcissist of the first order, seeking adulation, prestige, the ‘love’ of the populace,to fulfill the hole in his heart.

    His entire life/career has been an endless sequence of compromising or abandoning his claimed/attributed, so called beliefs. He has repeatedly demonstrated he has, none. Upon attaining his lifes objective of becoming the PM, he traded away every one of these so called beliefs one after an other, in order to extend the period of sought after adulation,if only even for a few more days.

    This is a man who did not donate ~$1.8M to his party, which he renamed & campaigned on as the Turnball Coalition Team, logos & all, to ensure His election, but instead ‘loaned’ it on financial terms. Who drunkenly(?) declared, in the most bitter tone without acknowledging anyones contributions, completely lacking grace to one & all, he would turn the AFP on the opposition on 2016 election night when it became clear he may not win.

    Mucks up the camera angles when gifting $5 to a homeless beggar for said cameras, whilst hiding a wad of fresh $100’s in his other hand behind his back. Goes on national TV to seek pity & understanding for the ‘hard life’ he endured being raised by his hotel broken father, in a flat … in Vaucluse !

    Is currently touring europe conducting interviews declaring “I coulda been a champion, I woulda beaten Shorten.”

    One could go on, however, the punchline is this, our then PM held & holds his ~$200M wealth in the offshore tax haven of the Cayman Islands. In short, a charlatan narcissist who never had a claimed/attributed ‘belief or principle’ he was not prepared to barter.

    The Abott has intelligence of the ‘cunning’ kind. A devotee of B Santamaria, as is George Pell …

    Ssscott NoMoralsNone is little more than a bad faith snake oil salesman with ambitions that demonstrably dramatically exceed his abilities.

    The LNP, the party of AFP/ROC/Murdoch raids and Pink Batts & the Unions Royal Commission etc, conduct a poorly co-ordinated ‘Black’ propaganda campaign solely in support of retaining power, as they fear most the personal consequences that may arise, should ‘their’ government not be re-elected, due the precedents they themselves set. Largely why it is so erratic, disjointed, and transparently disingenuous.

    Desperation, IMHO.

  21. Denis Hay

    Our Governments have been slowly turned into secret States. We have lost a lot of our freedoms and basic rights because of so called protecting us from terrorists and Border protection. I say bullshit.

    The biggest terrorist in the World are the USA war mongers and their illegal wars, supported by Australia. Facts have been hidden under the guise of “Nation Security” or ‘commercial in confidence contracts’, a fertile ground for massive corruption.

    The political system in Australia is broken and needs radical change, but I do not see either the LNP or Labor heading in that direction. They are both clinging to the neoliberal economics which has been a 40-year plus failure.

    An alternative to neoliberal economics is the Modern Monetary Theory. Credible research supporting this theory can be easily found on the Internet. Professor Bill Mitchell, Professor Stephanie Kelton and Steven Hail, School of Economics, University of Adelaide to name a few.

    I have been looking for alternative political parties that seem to be prepared to change the system. There are two whose policies are worth considering. Real Democracy Party and the Australian Workers Party.

    They probably will not be strong enough to win an election, but if they can build up support, they would be a welcome change IMO.

  22. helvityni

    March 8, 2019 at 1:19 pm,

    Your assessment of Mal matches mine to a tee….

    Lucy replaced the missing mum…

    He was so proud when he fitted into that cute little leather jacket ( when a guest on Q&A )

  23. Harry

    BD Branch:

    “ALP & Green MPs scream “man-made climate change is real”, and have a next to nothing approach as well. What actual measures have any of them actually sought to do to deal with this? Have they for instance even done simple things, like force cars be more efficient, ending these V8 & V10 5-6-7 litre bitumen gas gluttons? Have they sought to do anything that could deliver real change at little to no impact on our way of life?”

    Both The Greens and the ALP introduced a carbon tax only to have the Coalition use its numbers to repeal it. The ALP has an emissions reduction target of 50% by 2030. They will do more than the Coalition that tries to persuade voters that it has already done enough and that any more would force power prices up dramatically. The evidence points to the opposite.

    I agree with you on one thing: would like to see the next government introduce EU fuel efficiency and emissions standards. Now we import all our vehicles it should be straightforward- except for the opposition of the fuel refiners who claim it will cost them so they are opposed.

    The next government could also assist the inevitable transition to EV’s by using the tax system and/or rebates to make EV’s more affordable. It could work in the same way that subsidies for solar panels have reduced costs of installation.

    BTW, “real change at little or no impact on our way of life” is next to impossible. Real change impacts people and businesses. The government though has the capacity to minimise that impact.

  24. Alcibiades


    And of course, one is constrained from ever considering even mentioning, ‘the cat‘, for fear of being the recipient of an immediate initiation of defamation proceedings. 🙂

  25. Phil

    The next election will be the most important in our history, in fact since Phil dropped anchor in Botany Bay in 1788.
    The voters who have not ‘ Switched On ‘ to what this mob of shrieking baboons masquerading as a government is up to by now, well they should check their pulse they may well be dead. Should Morrison as unlikely as that is, get another mandate, they will go through the working class like a good dose of the salts.

    This governments wet dream holy grail, is to Americanise our social welfare and our health system. They have been chipping away at it since their election to office. All of the changes achieved, by the biggest con ever perpetrated on an electorate that is totally confused. Their politics of division has been a master stroke of monumental proportion. They know and I always give them credit for it, what makes the working class tick. I have had to break off relationships with friends and some relatives I have known for years, for discovering they are racist and homophobic, I will not compromise my conscience for this divisive politics. The lies and corruption of this government has been made an art form. I despair.

  26. Kronomex

    The spooky multiple personality who lives in the sky told him that so of course it’s true –

    Who is the no-neck wonder sitting to the right of Anne Aly in the photo? Yet another unknown nobody taking up space in Canberra I expect.

    Hell will be so cold that the air, let alone the ground, will be frozen solid before the LNP would even begin to consider such a plan. I think we can guess that Scummo and crew will start using all the same hoary old lies to try and attack Labor.

  27. Kampbell

    Voting is a form of consent given to the politicians to make decisions for us and the national interest. Any dilution of the voting pool by non-compulsory voting is a big mistake. Look at the debacle that is the USA democracy.

    As for truthfulness, having pollies pee on our legs and telling us it is raining is a good way to judge the character of these people. They are found wanting.

  28. Harry

    @Denis Hay:

    I agree, Labor is still neoliberal judging by its public pronouncements, eg on achieving a bigger surplus than the Coalition. Unless they manage to tax the big end of town massively (good luck with that!) the economy will tank.

    There is one way of getting close to a surplus without cutting spending that will hurt the most vulnerable: spend more initially particularly on those areas that will boost economic activity such as employment and introduce an employer of last resort system (aka a Job Guarantee) to virtually eliminate all involuntary employment and under-employment, roll back the “Fair Work ” laws which have cut the power of workers to be justly rewarded for the growth in labour productivity that has been unjustly stolen from them, increase both Newstart and DSP, the pension etc. Low income people will inevitably spend more and boost the economy. Giving tax cuts to the wealthy will only be either saved or spent on OS holidays.

    These measures will close the substantial output gap that now exists and eventually the deficit will reduce. Be aware also that since Federation there have been deficits 75% of the time, they are almost always needed. But a surplus? Only in countries such as Norway which earn massive export income from oil.

    I am a member of the Real Democracy Party, on of the few which are predicated on monetary sovereignty. I hope the next Labor government will examine their principles and policy measures.

  29. Presser#1

    Kaye Lee: entirely agree with your assessment of Adani’s intentions except I believe their original intention was always to sue the a*se off the Australian government ( ie we taxpayers) and make billions when their blue sky mining effort inevitably fell over. All aided by the TPP of course. Also agree that Shortens’ ALP is awake up to this long range con trick, which is why Shorten can’t come straight out and say ‘no’ to Adani thus fulfilling the conditions that would enable them to sue us all for buckets of cash. Can you not employ your remarkable research and explanation skills to examining this situation?

  30. David Bruce

    Why hasn’t ScuMo announced the election date yet, or am I missing something?

    Is the appeal to the House of Lords in the UK part of the reason?

    How will our AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT deal with the approaching Ice Age?


    So many questions, so few believable replies!

  31. Andreas Bimba

    Harry you made an important point and I think it is important that we all realise that Labor’s policy on aiming for surpluses is against their best interests and ours. Unfortunately I also doubt Labor would aim to reinstate full employment even though we both know this is easily attainable, perhaps because they fear the might of business, even though most businesses would actually benefit from the increased sales that would arise from full employment.

    This really is a deplorable betrayal by Labor.

    Even though Chris Bowen has said the ALP will aim to deliver bigger surpluses than the LNP, which is crazy, I think ALP fiscal policy remains Keynesian in that over the business cycle, which is actually impossible to predict, they would aim to balance deficits with surpluses which is still better than the Coalition’s neoclassical approach of always aiming for surpluses and the bigger the better to pay off the ‘national debt’ (which actually doesn’t exist for currency issuing governments), as they stupidly think this will reduce the interest bill on the debt and shrink the government sector when the reality is federal government surpluses shrink the private sector.

    Best of luck with the Real Democracy Party and I hope our political representatives gain a better understanding of macroeconomics.

  32. Harry

    Andreas, thanks for your good wishes. I do think Labor’s fiscal policy is Keynesian in that they aim for counter-cyclical measures. Chris Bowen has no doubt been indoctrinated in neoliberal economics which is more ideologically based than sound, logical economics.
    My view is no doubt shared by you in that deficits of a greater or lesser magnitude are needed almost all the time and any deficit spending need not be “covered” by debt. ie bond issues.

    It does not make sense to issue debt; its like owing money to yourself. Labor should stop doing so and avoid attacks from the Coalition and their fellow travellers such has the big banks and the IPA.

  33. Kronomex

    I’m not in the least bit surprised, he’s had a good taste of putting his grubby snout in the pollie pig trough since 2013 and can’t resist coming back and having another go.

    And now the Master of Greed, The Right Dishonourable Beetroot, has decided to make a come back. Must be so hard only surviving on a back benchers pay packet and the, no doubt, huge amounts of cash he has stashed away –

  34. RosemaryJ36

    Is there a viable test for the integrity of parliamentary candidates?

  35. Terence Mills

    David Bruce

    The reason Scomo hasn’t announced an election yet is because, to do so would maen that he would have to go to the GG and government would go into caretaker mode AND the Liberla party 9not the taxpayer) would have to start paying for their election stunts e.g. going to Christmas Island to broadcast to Indonesians that the detention centre is open for business.

    Talking about Christmas Island where we are told all these asylum seekers from Manus and Nauru will be heading for medical treatment. Did you know that the hospital there only has a six bed capacity ?

  36. Pilot

    Sorry Mr Lord, I’ve been away.

    It was just an unassociated, nonaligned meeting, a shooters get-together. Yes, I’m one of “those”, I don’t mind punching holes in paper from a distance or trying to keep the feral population in check for our farmers. And the people at the meeting were not all rusted on, belligerent Nats voters. Most were dyed in the wool Labor voters, but politics rarely disgusted at these get-togethers, although the rise of the SFF Party got a good shake last week. They’re going to give the incumbent Nats fella a fair run for his money in the forthcoming NSW elections, word has it that most of our local farmers have had enough of the lying, do nothing Nats & Gladys B. We’ll see.

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