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The wrong side of history

“Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart. Whoever wants it back has no brain.”

 It’s been three weeks weeks since Vladimir Putin dropped his 50 megaton truth bomb on the United Nations General Assembly, exposing Washington’s mischief in the Middle East and calling for decisive action against any and all terrorists operating in Syria, in full cooperation with the elected government and under charter of international law. In this time Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and the SAA have achieved what the US and its coalition partners had failed to do in 18 months of reckless bombing, wanton destruction, and untold human suffering – ISIS has been all but destroyed. Ground forces are now entering the clean up phase, and word has it Saudi helicopters have begun evacuating rebel fighters, presumably moving their assets on to Yemen.

The bombing of the MSF hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan has done little for US credibility, and after Ban Ki-Moon’s recent shock suggestion that the US presence in Syria is illegitimate and that they should probably go home, one would expect to see Obama running away with his tail between his legs. Adding to the chorus of dissent, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has called out Washington’s effort to oust Assad as both “counterproductive” and “illegal.” With no moral ground left to stand on, surely no one would expect an escalation at this point? And yet this seems to be exactly what we are seeing.

While Putin has been wiping the floor with ISIS, the US has been wreaking devastation on Syria’s civil infrastructure, conducting bombing raids on power stations and water treatment plants in scenes eerily reminiscent of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In a move that’s either brazenly audacious or just plain sadistic, the US State Department has accused Russia of bombing up to six hospitals in Syria, but refuses to provide any evidence to support its claims. Meanwhile the US has airdropped 50 tons of weapons to moderate opposition head choppers fighting the ‘Assad regime’.

In what could be the ultimate provocation Obama is now putting boots on the ground in Syria, committing 3000 troops in an advisory capacity to the aforementioned ‘moderate rebels’. A more cynical person might question if these troops were not being deployed as human shields, or for even more nefarious ends, since any American casualty cause by a stray Russian missile would undoubtedly lead to the kind of direct confrontation that the Washington war hawks cheered on by Senator John McCain and cold war policy adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski are openly spoiling for. I guess if this fails there is always the option of shooting down a civilian passenger jet, but let’s not go there, just yet.

With millions of refugees flooding into Europe and people perishing in their thousands attempting the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, Nobel laureate and warmonger-in-chief Barry bin-Hussein O’Bomber can no longer pretend that this war has anything to do with human rights. Without so much as a fig leaf of decency to cover its fetid plans Washington continues to demand Basher al-Assad’s removal as a condition of peace. Meanwhile recent polling suggests that Dr Assad retains the support of 80% of Syrians. US motives have been laid bare. This war has no more to do with liberating the Syrian people from a brutal dictatorship than with ridding the world of the CIAs pet terrorists. Like so many countries before it, Iran, Chile, Guatemala, Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba, The Philippines, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, Somalia, the list goes on and on, Syria is being punished for daring to exercise an independent foreign policy, something which US hegemony does not tolerate.

If there was ever any confusion over sides in this conflict, the battle lines should be now clearly visible. Since Russia has begun flexing its military muscle the Saudi Islamists have made their call to arms, while further north in Erdoganistan, thanks to a well timed terror attack, the Muslim Brotherhood now has majority it needs to continue its military offensive on Syria and genocidal attacks against the Kurds. The Israelis have already sold the drilling rights for oil and gas in the occupied Golan Heights, while Cypress has been signed into the EU just in time to deliver a $300bn water pipeline through Turkey to Israel. Meanwhile the North Atlantic Terror Organization positions its nuclear and biological weapons arsenals ever closer to Russia’s borders.

In his devastating takedown of US foreign policy in front of the UN General Assembly, Putin reminded his colleagues of Russia’s crucial role in the defeat of Nazi Germany, while hinting at a more subtle subtext. Just as the West created Hitler, applying pressure from above and below at a cost of millions of lives, so too the US has created ISIS to do its dirty work in the Middle East. Lest there be any doubt, Putin makes it clear, speaking of both Islamist rebels and the US backed coup which ousted the legitimate government of Ukraine: We know their names, we know who pays them, and we know how much they are paid.

In a recent interview with Kerry O’Brien, Paul Keating observed how the West through its policy toward post-soviet era Russia had created Putin, who has now turned around to bite them on the tail. Apparently that which doesn’t kill a bear makes it stronger. Trade sanctions have forced Russia to mobilise its workforce and increase domestic production while reaching out to other countries which refuse to be bullied by Wall Street and its military, forging stronger ties between the BRICS nations. At the same time we are seeing a shift in economic power as emerging industrial economies prepare to overtake their colonial masters. (China for example now holds the tender to deliver over priced nuclear energy to Britain.)

Recent posturing in the South China Sea suggests that the US is preparing for a war on two fronts, and if history is anything to go by, this will not end well. The US certainly has a gift for overplaying its hand, and in trying to squeeze Germany and Russia at the same time it may have done exactly that. Amid the ongoing refugee crisis which threatens to destabilise Europe, Angela Merkel has called for trade sanctions against Russia to be lifted immediately. While any move to embolden Russia should be welcomed by sane people everywhere as an alternative to US military and corporate domination, it may be cold comfort as we edge ever closer toward the likelihood of nuclear extinction.



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  1. Bighead1883

    Yes well part of a story is better than just the pro US/Israel Nato version.
    BRICS is growing to add Iran making it BRIICS and those wanting to escape Democracy by Wall Street`s US Military will join to end US global fiscal hegemony.

    The game is up as you say and ISIS is clearly an ongoing US regime`e change entity which changes it`s name like twitterati,whilst Israel writes the script.

    Like many I subscribe to http://www1.ae911truth.org/en/faqs/766-debunking-the-real-911-myths-part-10.html and it clearly shows the filththy lies and false flags of US/Israel

    Sean,you say the war hawks want an engagement,well they may get far more than bargained for.

  2. Kyran

    Putin seems to be pushing the west’s hand, with more than ‘just’ cause. Fancy pushing a (nearly) democratically elected government over international, corporate, vested interests.
    People? It makes so much more sense that we look after our politicians first. Their corporate benefactors second. The individual multi millionaire’s third.
    People? Like that is ever going to work! Thank you, Mr Stinson. Take care

  3. metadatalata

    And just like in Iraq, Australia finds itself on the wrong side of international law and involved in illegal bombing of people who have done nothing against us. Spending $1B of taxpayers money to date and for what? To be known as the idiots that helped the USA to destroy the middle east over gas supplies to Europe.
    I just can’t understand why our politicians can get away with assisting genocide and then turning back the refugee boats that would not be there if it weren’t for the coalition of the greedy of which Australia is part of. It has to stop.

  4. donwreford

    Whilst the exterior powers and the internal instruments of destruction operate for power to rule, when one views TV of Syria cities of destruction? how is it possible for a Syrian citizen able to earn a living?

  5. mars08

    The general public… conditioned by decades of media hype, flag-waving Hollywood tripe, and cunning politicians… are quite prepared to imagine Americans as selfless saviours and Russians as unstable, sneaky, ruthless fanatics.

    But it ain’t necessarily so…. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasili_Arkhipov

  6. paul walter

    As usual, mars 08 nails it.

  7. i have a nugget of pure green

    I think the people who own the American Empire are becoming desperate.

    I am reminded of the line addressed to Grand Moth Tarkin by Princes Leia Organa knee Skywalker on the command deck of the Death Star:”the more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers”.

  8. stephentardrew

    Agree completely Sean and posters here. The US is out of control run by corporate toadies left and right who see nothing but money, power and profits regardless of the cost. That’s obvious with the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in Iraqi and the wasteland of terrorist insurrection that is now what is left of Libya. One hundred; a thousand; a hundred thousand; millions of dislocated refugees while destroying Syrian infrastructure sending the populace further into misery. They do not care and have no moral conscience otherwise they would stop this farce and mediate a reasonable solution while ridding the area of ISIS. Yet the cannot win a war leaving chaos and suffering on a massive scale behind them. Obama as well as Bush and sycophants are all war criminals.

  9. Zathras

    The Cuban “crisis” was really a diplomatic one fought over the establishment of new US missile bases in Turkey.

    Despite all the public cowboy showdown and posturing hype, it was resolved diplomatically behind the scenes and the US bases were quietly removed after the USSR boats turned back.
    The standoff resulted in a strategic win by the Russians but a PR win by the Americans.

    The world has come much closer to nuclear war since then with non-advised NATO war games on the Russian border during the Reagan era plus flocks of migrating birds perhaps being the worst.

  10. mars08

    I believe this latest round of US aggression and foolishness can be traced back to the years immediately following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The American ruling class found the notion of a global Pax Americana too hard to resist.

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