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  1. PeterF

    I see that Bolt brings out the old red herring that the ABC is taxpayer funded, implying that the other channels do NOT get government assistance. Is he proposing that Payments to the commercial TV companies for advertising should no longer be a tax deduction for businesses making those payments? I wonder how much their revenue might fall if advertising were not treated as a business expense. Of course that doesn’t make any sense at all, but this is not why Bolt has never explained how the TV channels are ALL supported by the taxpayer in one way or another.

  2. Paul Scott

    My TV has an off switch, used frequently. If the Abbot Murdoch coalition manage to get rid of the ABC and SBS it will be off permanently, I just will not waste my time looking at anything on the commercial channels.
    Thanks for letting us know that Chris Uhlman is not doing 7:30 any more, maybe I can go back to watching it, As for Bolt, I just don’t have anything to add about that scum.

  3. Barry Tucker

    An interesting and insightful comment. Thank you PeterF.

  4. Barry Tucker

    Uhlman has been replaced by Sabra Lane, who didn’t pull any punches when grilling MPs of the Labor government, especially PM Julia Gillard. You could argue she was just doing her job – thoroughly.

    Sabra seems to have regained her composure with the result of the 7 September election. I’m watching and listening so I can determine where she sits.

  5. Dan Rowden

    The ABC provides a service. An important cultural service. People should be happy to pay for it. What commercial concern would air things like Parliament Question Time, or something like Landline. In fact, a decent swag of the ABC budget is dedicated to addressing the lives and concerns of sections of the community that otherwise would be ignored – rural, indigenous, ethnic, netballers etc etc. Unless netballers go back to not wearing bike pants, what commercial media group is going to touch any of that?

  6. Bill Morris

    Chaps, your pieces are getting to be far too long, if we haven’t lost concentration earlier, by the time we get to the end the point is often lost. When we read in novels we only retain the overall story and few details. Keep it succinct, to make the weight of evidence count turn paragraphs into separate articles with their own headings. But what would I know?

  7. Anne Dall

    Great article- and I appreciated the detailed analysis. Agree with almost all of it, as will, I suspect, most readers of this site. Unfortunately you’re preaching mainly to the converted. YourGoebbel’s ‘quote’ worriesme. It appears to be the basis of how Abbot and co won power – and not content with that they continue with it. The country seems full of ‘haters’ who support the Libs like thoughtless, feral football barrackers support their football team, no matter what. How on earth do we get through to them?

  8. Barry Tucker

    Unfortunately Anne, I don’t think anyone can get through to them. Some people change as their circumstances change, or a massive disappointment causes them to review their position. Some never learn.

  9. Roo Read

    Brilliantly deconstructed and really exposes not only Bolt, but his fan base as being totally ignorant….. Although I suspect Bolt knows exactly what a wonderful job he’s doing as the “pied piper” to all the fools out there. He’s also obviously a sociopath as no amount of money would convince a sane person to deliberately mislead the intellectually challenged masses for this long.

  10. Bacchus

    Perhaps they are not the ones we need to change? Rusted-ons of any colour don’t win elections. It’s the thinking swinging voters – we need to get more to embrace the “thinking” part of that…

  11. Sad Kangaroo

    The change in Left/Middle/Right framing when it comes to political leaning is starting to seep into the media at an alarming rate.

    What I mean is, now with Abbott in power, the extreme right are able to flex their muscles and change the framing norm. Those who are you’re average right wingers are now considered weak left leaning apologists, those in the Centre are Leftie scum and those Left leaning are Socialist cowards. This is the new norm. It’s very reminisant of the TEA Party movement and their assault on the world of logic.

    This way of thinking is being applied to the media. Anything pro-Abbott or anti-ALP is considered factual reporting (even if it’s opinion not grounded in reality like the majority of Bolts publications) and anything factual that is reported, that isn’t favorable to Abbott or the Government, well that’s Leftie bias.

    If the ABC report on anything factual that isn’t pro-Abbott the cries of Leftie Bias pop up everywhere. And don’t you even think about pointing out the blatant and legitimate bias from the NewCorp sources because that will just reveal you as a crying leftie who won’t accept the results of the election. Again, this is the new reality that is being shaped.

    Most of this is fueled by NewsCorp and co and the extreme right-wingers who think that the “Adult Government” who don’t need to worry about their “petticoats getting in the way of governing” actually intend to govern for them and their interests.

    I wonder how long it will take them to realise that unless they are a mining magnate or a business/corporate heavyweight, Abbott is not their PM either and anything he does won’t be in their best interest. He is their PM and will do what is best for them just as much as he is the PM for those concerned about Climate Change.

    I fear it will be a rude awakening that will come all too late for them to stop the damage that has already started (much quicker than even I expected).

    Of course NewsCorp are using this established situation to push harder for the demise of the ABC. Their market share and influence has already made it mandatory to look to overseas new outlets like those in the UK, Jakarta and the Al Jazeera English network to get factual reporting and with the growing instances of gagging and secrecy from the Abbott Government, these sources have to be checked for any reporting on certain topics at all.

    If we’re already in this situation, how would getting rid of the ABC help improve diversity and innovation!?

    Seriously… How can people believe this crap…

  12. david

    What amazes me is limited news expect people to pay for the privilege of reading the insane, paranoiac rantings of bolt on line. What scares me is that there are fools out there who are willing to be parted with their money to do so. What amuses me is that the very same fools will be repeating the chant of stopping Labor’s wasteful spending.

  13. Anne Dall

    My fear is that there aren’t enough ‘thinking swinging voters’ to balance out the ‘rusted-ons ‘. Without knowing exactly what would happen after the Libs came in, I knew for all of Labor’s faults, life was going to become more unpleasant with the Libs. Bet you did ,too. Where were the thinking swinging voters last election? And do they subscribe to this and similar web-sites?

  14. Bob Evans

    Um, didn’t the tax payers subsidize the laying of the foxtel cabling when it was first installed? And didn’t Bolt used to appear on Insiders?

  15. chips

    Bolt has raised the ladder of hypocrisy to stellar levels there has o be anew word for it , a boltocricy.

  16. billy moir

    Few can deny bolt dispenses the truth about the ABC it is reactionary and therefore has a bias to every story. However the bolt believes any negative answer by the rabbott is the result of bias by the ABC. Sadly, he is unable to rationalise beyond this belief making him normal under current political conditions. His only disadvantage is his heritage which, if you believe in the old adage, is a cross between a nazi and a pig.

  17. billy moir

    oops sorry for my tired, rude and inappropriate comparison.

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