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The Tradesmen’s Return

“Trades-unions, composed of the workmen in the different trades, were recognized in the time of the (first Roman) monarchy, and no effort was ever made to dissolve them, until they began to exert a political influence.” … R. W. Husband … Source: The Classical Weekly, Vol. 10, No. 2 (Oct. 9, 1916) …

By the time of the return to Roman Imperial governance with Julius Caesar, these Unions or Guilds were banned by decree … seen as “dangerous to public order” … It is now time for them to return WITH political power to RESTORE public order.

Over the last millennia, while the Aristocracy, then the Military, then the Oligarchical upper-middle classes have fooled about with their power base, debauching, slaughtering and fiddling both populations and economies, till we see evidence of their gormless incompetence literally screwing up the entire environment of our planet, driving a huge percentage of its denizens into refugee status and yet STILL proclaiming brazenly from all its various media platforms that THEY … and THEY ALONE are the best managers of political and economic outcomes.


Look at just the century past… At the start of the century, we had the last remnants of the inbred aristocracy drag us into their world war of pride and pomp and ceremony that claimed the lives of millions of young people … and then with the next world war, we get the rising middle-classes dragging us into their war of economic opportunity that claimed the lives of millions more people … and since then, we have had an unending parade of greater or lesser conflicts for in most cases nothing more than political/economic or religious (the high priests of capitalism) ideology.

All these “players” that want to drive their peoples or other nation’s citizens into a game of monopoly control of either cheap labour or cheap raw commodities, come from the one central class… the non-producing, non-productive middle/upper-middle classes … NOT the trades, NOT the farmers or producers, NOT the service/health carers classes… ALL… if not in the actual position, then in aspiration toward the upper-middle classes.

It is time to put an end to this madness.

The representative bodies and unions of the producing classes have both the right and the capability to govern and manage production and economies. The rise in numbers of the educated working classes to sustain and improve the functioning capabilities of a society BEYOND personal individual grandiose statements, would result in an improved social status for ALL citizens of The State.

This is not just a pipe dream, an attempt at persuasion toward socialism or communism. We can now look to see which Nation States that exist as an example of civil governance that best caters for its particular peoples. We do not need to copy in exact detail those governments .. indeed, such would be foolhardy, some having enormous population control challenges, some having long histories of conflict with bordering neighbour nations .. etc. What we here in Australia need to look to is that ideal which gives the average citizen access to infrastructure, education, health and secure employment that offers the dignity of life and security of lifestyle. We are definitely NOT getting either from the continued raping of our resources and working young and those whose health situation is vulnerable.

The trade/working class representative unions, united with a return of The Trade Guilds for the independent sub-contractors, joining with the genuine “On the Land” farmers and producers .. along with engineering and scientific research bodies can lift the nation out of the greedy clutches of an anachronistic strangulation of the conservative upper-middle-class oligarchs, who have secured for their own riches, their own wants, the machinery of State. Their rusted and seized intellects no longer have the spark of imagination to set in motion a new world opportunity of “Equality, Fraternity, and Liberty”….Theirs is no more than a dark dungeon of despair.

“Away with all pests!”

There is a measure of undeniable certainty by which to gauge the honest intent of a person’s capability to envisage, oversee and manage a situation, particularly if that situation requires knowledge of planning, supply, needs-based and results. That person may not need to oversee the entire go-to-whoa job, but they do need to have a practical insight to envision or to pass over to others WITH PROVEN ABILITY to manage the project. This is where “coal-face” experience is vital. It is in the space between proposal and approval that the “job-skills” of a government come into their own.

The upper-middle and even some of the old middle-class management styles are both inadequate and incapable of seeing long-term requirements of infrastructure needs above their “consciousness of kind” colleagues who lobby them incessantly for financial or political favour that benefits only their own class but is paid for and in the long run suffered by the producing classes.

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  1. Uta Hannemann

    Great article, Joe. I like it!! 🙂

    ” It is now time for them to return WITH political power to RESTORE public order.”
    This sounds about right.

    “What we here in Australia need to look to is that ideal which gives the average citizen access to infrastructure, education, health and secure employment that offers the dignity of life and security of lifestyle. We are definitely NOT getting either from the continued raping of our resources and working young and those whose health situation is vulnerable. . . .”

    “. . . . screwing up the entire environment of our planet, driving a huge percentage of its denizens into refugee status . . . .”
    Isn’t this for everyone to see? How can they deny this, and how can they say they’re the best managers? Best managers for everyone on this planet? Certainly not.

  2. Joseph Carli has been along term ideal of mine to see one day the return of the trade guilds…not for the wage earning employee, the unions are quite suitable to cover them, but as a organisation for those sub-contractors outside the trade unions that have no cooperative body to lobby their needs…but also being affiliated with the unions for mutual benefit.
    A Guild could give assurance of quality of work, security of qualification requirements and lobby on behalf of its members with a power base much like the AMA or the BCA.
    Actually, Uta..if you go to my blog page, you will see a pic there at the start of the piece that shows..I believe..the heralds of what appears to be many German Trade Guilds…could you confirm that for me?

  3. New England Cocky

    Interesting article Joseph. I remember (but now forgotten) one early economic theorist who concluded that the administrative class was an economic parasite sucking the financial benefits of production out of the system to the detriment of the workers who produced those benefits. I guess that would include all non-participating proprietors also.

  4. Uta Hannemann

    Joe, I just had a look at this article in Wikipedia about guilds. I must say this is a very comprehensive and interesting write-up:

    I went to your blog page, freef’all852, Joe, and found the German “Zunftwappen”, you mentioned and a very interesting comment by berlioz1935 (my husband Peter!). In your reply you say: “The skilled producers are the only ones left who can run a tight ship for the State…”

    I would say, of course skilled producers are needed, however we should return to value more good quality products, and above all we should learn to skillfully reuse waste products for a clean-up of our environment.

    The things that can be found on the internet. For instance this about Coats of arms of Guilds, Quite amazing!:

  5. Joseph Carli

    Thanks mightily for that wiki’ link, Uta…quite an eye-opener..I never knew there were so many…let us aspire to re-institute the ideal….yes…quality is the key to good marketting…and the skilled trades and allied professionals can supply that quality.
    There was an interesting interview with a Timor Leste minister this morning on RN about re-cycling plastics. It sounded very promising.

    NEC..I am writing an article that I hope brings the logic of such things to the fore…WTS.

  6. Joseph Carli

    ” Because there IS a class war going has been going on for many, many decades…Look around you and you can see the damage done with the poor, the sick, the vulnerable, the rapine and plunder of our country’s resources and environment…closer to home, the homeless, the long term unemployed..either too old or too unskilled or damaged…THEY are the “political prisoners” of a capitalist agenda…Look to the mortgage belt home owners and the aged..struggling to stay in their homes , working two or three jobs just to make ends meet while the bankers swan around in ostentatious luxury…these mortgagees are the “hostages” that capital trades with to gain political advantage in times of democratic elections…oh there is a class war going on all right, and it is being fought out right under our noses…and if any think it is going to be won without a hard fight, a long fight played out in the political arena and here on social media..then they are either too blind or too naive to be aware.”

  7. wam

    Beauty, joseph,
    The word socialism is so scary to so many people and unions are thought of as a fearful concept by conservatives , Both must be avoided at all costs today and tomorrow morning by labor and will be repeated as loudly as possible by scummo, the radio jokes, the autocuists of sunrise, today and abc breakfast and rupe’s editors. The ch9 woman in describing hawke was clearly negative to labor and designed to ensure his death was not to give a boost to tomorrow’s vote.
    Sadly it is a pipe dream for Australians to accept the practical and theoretical skills of labour and the worth of labor but rupert and the zeal of his editors cannot last many more years and the memory of union voice of cameron is fading (great news that the pomms have reversed the privatising prisons giving huge compensation payouts and confessing they were warned the plan would not work but went ahead anyway. No marriage between practical and theory. The only two things menzies did right was to continue the snowy and double the CSIRO an super class institution of practical and theory. It is ironical that his party has almost destroyed it.

  8. Zoltan Balint

    How had is it to understand that the ALP has been set up by the Unions as their political representation in Australia. I am not a member of a any Union and have not been a member of one for the last 40 odd years and even then it was for about 2 months. Morrison saying he intends to limit the power of the Unions is in effect saying he wants to put limits on the ALP – SO WHAT IS NEW.
    It makes me sick when people without knowing the history just follow the LNP line.

  9. Joseph Carli

    From Uta’s above link..: ” A guild /ɡɪld/ is an association of artisans or merchants who oversee the practice of their craft/trade in a particular area. The earliest types of guild formed as a confraternities of tradesmen. They were organized in a manner something between a professional association, a trade union, a cartel, and a secret society. They often depended on grants of letters patent from a monarch or other authority to enforce the flow of trade to their self-employed members, and to retain ownership of tools and the supply of materials. A lasting legacy of traditional guilds are the guildhalls constructed and used as guild meeting-places. Guild members found guilty of cheating on the public would be fined or banned from the guild. “

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