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Just Political Language or the Tony Abbott Art of Lying

Tony Abbott lying it seems (image from abc.net.au)

Tony Abbott lying it seems (image from abc.net.au)

Lying in Australian politics – in particular the ‘Tony Abbott art of lying’ – has reached an unprecedented level. The Prime Minister and his cabinet are taking lying to such depths that it is not disingenuous to suggest that they no longer have a moral compass or understanding of truth.

Some time ago I wrote the following in a piece titled. ‘’Abbott Tells Another One’’:

‘’If this means I am saying he is a pathological liar then so be it. It’s not a nice thing to say about anyone but we are dealing with truth here. It’s not so much that he is a serial offender, he is. I think the electorate knows that and factors it in. The fact that he lies can and is easily supported by volumes of readily available, irrefutable evidence. (I can provide it if need be). However what is of equal concern is that the main stream media (the so called fourth estate) who are supposed to be the people’s custodian of truth, condones it’’.

Since being elected Prime Minister some political commentators have suggested he has made a genuine attempt to be Prime Ministerial. If he has it has been a forlorn attempt. He has been unable throw off a lifetime image of political thuggery, negativity and gutter speech.

As Prime Minister he has continued to lie in the fashion of an opposition that knows that its words can be lost in a mist of factual uncertainty and exaggeration. Oppositions can at times be forgiven for over exuberance. Governments and particularly Prime Ministers cannot.

It is the blatantly despicable and obnoxious manner in which Abbott does it that grates. On 12 February in question time he rose to deny that he said that he would spend the first week of his Prime Ministership with a group of indigenous people. The denial was indefensible and there would not be a member of both sides of the house who could justly defend him. Yet this flagrant misrepresentation of truth goes unreported in the mainstream media. Not to mention the misleading of parliament.

And it’s not just his lies that offend. It’s the silliness of his diplomacy when he uses phrases like ‘’goodies and baddies’’ to describe international conflicts. Or when he says Holden workers ‘’will feel liberated’’ after being sacked. Or “Let’s be under no illusions the carbon tax was socialism masquerading as environmentalism.”

When a liar continues to lie and do so with such consistency and fervour one can only conclude that he is a person that believes his own bullshit. To use an Australian colloquialism.

Really one has to wonder if he is worse than some of those extreme right wing religious fanatics that blame natural disasters on gays. When an Australian Prime Minister says Australia is spying on a close neighbor to “help our friends and our allies, not to harm them.”, you have to wonder if he needs a manager because he has been handling himself for too long.

His Ministers also seem to have carte blanche to follow his example. George Brandis when asked about Abbott’s one million jobs target blames Labor and suggests there is a wages breakout working against them, the facts say that this is not the case but there is no withdrawal. Truth is the victim.

Kevin Andrews recent comments that we would become like European countries if we didn’t reduce our Welfare Assistance was lying at its worst because it was linked with fear and it lacked factual supportive evidence

George Brandis in the Senate makes the claim that the whistle blower Edward Snowden is guilty of putting Australian lives at risk. When the on line commentary site Crikey asks him for the evidence of this he is unable to substantiate his claim. Remember he had the gall to call Howard a lying Rodent. Then I suppose it takes one to know one.

Tony Abbott tells lies about workers benefits at Ardmona. The company refutes his assertions but he insists he is telling the truth. He insists that Cadbury is a different case in so much as the subsidy to them was for tourism. Video evidence confirms that he is lying but he rises in Parliament to repeat the lie. Remember the many company rejections of his carbon tax assertions when Opposition Leader.

He makes the following comment.

‘’All we are getting from the opposition is relentless negativity and one scare campaign after another.’’

I remember Peter Reith saying something similar on The Drum not long ago and all the panellists laughed. Including the conservatives.

In October last year Abbott said this.

“Can I just scotch this idea that the Coalition’s policy is or ever has been tow-backs … There is a world of difference between turning boats around in Australian waters and the Australian Navy towing them back to Indonesia.”

Scott Morrison said this.

Border Protection Command assets had, in the conduct of maritime operations associated with Operation Sovereign Borders, inadvertently entered Indonesian territorial waters on several occasions.”

Now of course we know they were both lying.

During a press conference at Parliament House, Tony Abbott was asked how it could transpire that professionally trained and highly skilled naval personnel could mistakenly sail, more than once, into Indonesian territorial waters.

We got this answer that suggests the Prime Minister could have made a fortune from writing comedy.

“Even people who are at the very top of their game… will occasionally make mistakes,” Mr Abbott replied, while praising the skill and professionalism of the Australian navy.

“Test cricketers occasionally drop catches, great footballers occasionally miss tackles and regretfully, there were a couple of occasions when this mistake was made.”

“On the high seas, all sorts of things happen,” Mr Abbott added.

“There are winds, there are tides, and there are other things that they’re focusing on.


Cricketers don’t need a GPS to play a straight bat. Nor should the government.
Secrecy is lying by omission.

To quote Barnaby Joyce.

“I know both the Treasurer and the Prime Minister well enough to know that they are not liars”

One lie does not justify another.

If a political party is not transparent in supplying all the information the public has a democratic right to be aware of, it destroys the very democracy that enables it to exist.

In his joint attack with The Australian on the ABC Tony Abbott had this to say.

“My concern as a citizen of our country is to try to ensure that our national broadcaster is fair, is balanced and is accurate”

At the same time the Murdoch Press was destroying the reputation of an Australian sporting legend in Ian Thorpe. The Prime Minister was silent.

Joe Hockey blames unions and wages on the demise of Toyota and reckons the company privately told him so. The company repudiates the suggestion but Joe sticks to his guns. A bit sus as we Australians are apt to say.

When Tony Abbott said this what did you think?

“You can vote Liberal or Labor and you’ll get exactly the same amount of funding for your school”.

“There will be no change to school funding under the government I lead”.

Then he made the following statement.

“The Coalition will deliver on its education election promises, not on what some people “thought” it was going to do”

I know what I thought and I know what I’m still thinking now. Lying deceptive bastard.

Some time back Tony Abbott told us that the best way to understand the truth of what he was saying was to have it in writing. Otherwise what he was saying was just idle chatter for an audience.

So now I’m a little confused. You see, now he is saying that what I thought he said is only a figment of my imagination. That what I think I thought he meant is not what he meant at all. That when he says something and I take it to mean one thing, he has the option of saying that what I thought I heard was not what I heard at all. It was only my interpretation of what he meant. I mean, did he say what he meant or did he mean to say what he meant or was what he meant really what he meant.

I know that I am 73 and I have the odd senior moment but usually I know what I mean and what is meant by what I say. I also know that people understand what I’m meaning.

I have done a Google search for an Abbott code breaker but it doesn’t understand what I mean.

I am deeply offended when people lie to me. When the Prime Minister and his ministers do it so unashamedly and with impunity I feel shame for their incapacity to comprehend the goodness of truth. They seem intent on destroying the discernment and astuteness of how we communicate. Indeed if the necessity for truth is eliminated from relationship, debate and normal discourse then a breakdown of society is inevitable.

If the mainstream media cannot hold Abbott and the government he leads to account then they are as complicit as he in his lying.

‘’It is better to be told the absolute truth than be controlled by lies’’.

Alan Austin has also written a great piece on this subject.


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  1. edward eastwood

    I share your outrage John, and clearly this is a government of congenital liars who could not tell the truth if their lives depended on it.
    ps. two small errors, it’s Edward not David Snowden, and gall not Gaul – never give the NLP trolls any ammunition to fire back at you.
    Great post!

  2. john921fraser


    Brandis has always been a lying rodent he just got the name wrong when he spoke about it.

    With all the workers "liberated" the number of coffee shops will climb, production will increase and it shouldn't be long before coffee is cheaper than petrol.

    But that is probably an outright lie ….. so don't repeat it. 🙂

  3. Terry2

    The incoming coalition government reversed the appointment of Steve Bracks as our representative in New York: Abbott considered it a political appointment, jobs for the boys which, of course, the coalition would not have a bar of.

    So they appointed Nick Minchin : Hellooo !

  4. Hotspringer

    Unfortunately, great many Australians swallowed the lies of the smirker with a knife under his cloak and the gang and now I have to watch the rape and pillage as Australia burns.

  5. Fed up

    A fact that is overlooked in this well thought out article, is that the MSM joins in and supports the lies.

    To add salt to the wound, when this Opposition and Labor attempt to challenge the lies and hold the government to account, they are accused of doing nothing more that disrupting parliament. Yes, accused of acting as Abbott did.

    It appears that one expect nothing better from this PM.

  6. Fed up

    The term “misleading parliament” no longer carries any concern. It was always an automatic sacking offense in the past. Even when the offender did not mean to.

  7. patsy

    JOHN LORD…….this is one of the best articles written by you …..you have put into words what I and Most Australians think and feel…..THANK YOU so much ……I know labor reads the articles you all give to us the followers as I send them to labor but do liberal liars read them…….

  8. mikestasse


  9. KJGC

    Magnificent piece – the “fourth estate” are complicit in every action (or lack thereof) in keeping the lies told by this government (loose term). They are liars, there is no other word for it.

  10. David Linehan

    Nice piece of ‘truthful’ writing John. Abbott and Hockey profess to be decent Catholics, Christians of the highest order. I’m not sure how they can compare their morals, which are akin to a common street pimp with those of decent Christians. Same applies of course to the thug Morrison, who also has all the credentials of a coward MK1.
    I wont waste anymore of my time expressing views on this cretin lowlife Govt, makes me too bloody angry.
    Hope all labor MP’s do read your article John, they should know how their supporters feel and do something.

  11. Graeme Rust

    we need to get rid of that filth Murdock out of this country completely, and Labor should say so , if we want to get our country back from this pack of lying scum , I have never seen such a bunch of sicko liars ,just like religious fanatics following the leader no matter what ha does.

  12. bjkelly1958

    A wonderful article, John, right up there with your best. It articulates the Culture of Lies that is the brand of this government. It also highlights the complicity of the MSM through its inaction.
    I have every intention of sharing this piece widely, but I fear it will not reach anyone who really needs to hear your message.

  13. Dissenter

    John: This is an excellent article and one which is vitally important. IT is highly necessary to expose not ONLY the LIES and the CON that got this government elected but also the Extraordinary departure from what I will call mainstream morality which underpins it.
    According to Irving Kristol the founder of neo-conservatism there is no such thing as truth.
    This is why neo conservatism is so dangerous. These individuals in the LNP FEEL under no obligation to TELL the truth ever.To them it does not matter what you tell unless it is to persuade, Then the words are important but not whether they are true or not just the wordchoice. it has to have a hook and a ring to it.
    Now it is high time this GA GA land of ideologues is EXPOSED for what they are just on the basis of NIL MORALITY if on no other basis.
    THEY are the GA GA Government of GAFFS and GOBBLYGOOK.
    That is who they are.
    They are no more capable of governing with prudence and gravitas than Alice in Wonderland or Peter pan.

  14. Fed up

    Lying has nothing to do with whether one is Christian or not, There is a more human reason why it is not good policy to lie.

    Simple, most humans lose trust in another human that continually lies. Nothing they say can be taken on trust.

    Yes, when one lies, one has no trust place in them. One has no respect.

  15. CMMC

    Get ready for the “Drought” swindle, billions of dollars are going to be lavished on electorates which are straying from the National Party fold.

    Has any meteorological data been offered by Barnaby Joyce to illustrate declining rainfall patterns in the electorates ….., sorry, I mean regions he and Tones will be visiting? (And they should remember to pack an umbrella, BTW)

    Meteorological data is that nasty stuff that tends to suggest Climate Change, so we will suffice with Abbott and Joyce looking grimly at some arid landscape and pointing at things.

    Grizzled old coots will be wheeled out to restate the Hanrahan Doctrine (“We’ll all be rooned,”) and they will point at things as well.

    If it is raining, as is predicted by those Fat Cat Socialist climatologists, they can just splice in some stock footage of dust-bowl landscapes.

  16. Barry Riley

    All the people I know who voted for Abbott won’t get to read this or indeed anything anti-Abbott. They only read The telegraph or The Australian and only listen to shock jocks, and they think they’re being told the facts.

  17. Graeme Rust

    A very good video, just proves we have an imbecile in charge , when we should have had a person that has a brain .

  18. FSM is coming

    Dissy, we are all missing you at AI
    Great article John. We have a huge uphill battle. There is a whole propaganda army working to pedal this shit happens government.
    All journalists reputation are on the line. The spinners need to be called out and constantly named and shamed. Using the same derogatory hate speech and slogans they use. Fire with fire.

  19. Matters not.

    Yes they will wheel out the struggling ‘man on the land’ (and a few women as well) and there is no doubt that many are struggling. Of course that climate change ‘crap’ won’t get a mention. And for those who can relate to maps. Scroll down to the bottom of the link.

    The spring of 2013 has been Australia’s warmest on record. Mean temperatures for the season were 1.57°C above the 1961–1990 average, surpassing the previous record of 1.43°C (set in 2006) by 0.14°C. Daytime maximum temperatures were also the highest on record, coming in 2.07°C above average and 0.24°C above the previous record (also set in 2006). Overnight minimum temperatures were the fourth-warmest on record with an anomaly of +1.07°

    Note that the map does only shows areas with above average, very much above average and highest on record. Other categories such as average, below average, very much below average and lowest on record don’t appear for the very simple reason they didn’t happen.

    As an aside I remember being in a pub in Winton when Howard came to town during a drought. He was taken to a property outside of town but only after they moved two planes and a helicopter to an adjoining property so there wouldn’t be any footage of this particular grazier’s ‘struggles’.


  20. Joe Banks

    John, I keep saying, and I know you will agree, until we have a MSM that loudly broadcasts and denounces the lies, deceit and hypocrisy of this bunch (I can’t bring myself to call them a government) then we will just have more of the same. Lies and hypocrisy have become their stock-in-trade and they will continue to use it while ever than can get away with it and win the minds (votes) of the not so well informed. I keep asking myself, is the MSM in this country, which is made up of ordinary people, complicit or just plain stupid…

  21. deanyz1

    “There are winds, there are tides, and there are other things that they’re focusing on.” Idiot boy then went on to say that this would not happen again. That is a potential lie in advance.
    Remember johnhowardlies.com? I saved a couple of pages before the site was shut down (bought out?) before the ’07 election. The thing that galls me the most, is the campaign against Julia Gillard and her supposed ‘lie’. It wasn’t a lie, because she went on to say ” But let me be absolutely clear, we will put a price on carbon.” (paraphrasing). How the common Joe doesn’t see him as lying, beats me!

  22. xiaoecho

    A great article John.

    Why does our Prime Minister treat Aussies like children?

    “On the high seas, all sorts of things happen,” Mr Abbott added.
    “There are winds, there are tides, and there are other things that they’re focusing on”

    On the high seas??????? Does the PM think he is reading a bedtime story to trusting children? He treats us like 12 year old’s
    -HIS twelve year old’s

    Another point you touched on does not go far enough in my IMHO. The fourth estate are no longer the fourth estate. To call the Australian mainstream media the fourth estate is a misnomer. Political journalists and politicians are no longer separate entities. They have meshed and become the same entity working towards the same goal – to ingrain power to the political right/business. This started some time during the Howard years and has solidified and become entrenched. With rare exceptions the only time the Government have been held to account over anything is if it is all over social media and not going away, ie. for days or weeks. A good example is the rorts scandal was saturating social media for weeks until the MSM could not ignore it. Where social media go, the MSM follow. We have power.

    On second thoughts Australians behaved like children and voted these crooks in without demanding to know their policies (they would have lied to us but that is not the point) The Liberal Party know they can do what they want and lie about it with impunity because no-one will hold them to account…..there is no fourth estate to inform the ‘mob’

    Disseminated here: https://www.facebook.com/TheAbbottoir?ref=hl

  23. Fed up

    Barry they will get to read what is here, if you help to spread the word. Just click on the Tweet, Facebook and other like buttons. Not only here but elsewhere when you see something you like.

  24. Dissenter

    Thanks FSM is coming. I should not be writing anything anywhere at all. Just the letters to the politicians and slogans etc.
    I am reading and upvoting everyday but I cannot write as there is no time.
    The last few days there have been a lot of trolls on this site so I wrote a lot to restore the balance ( not of opinion as such just the numbers). They were being blitzed.xxx

  25. David Linehan

    if you consider lying has nothing to do with being a Christian, I suggest you know little about Christianity.

  26. Fed up

    Why does one need to be a Christian to appreciate the truth?

    Yes, I do know about being a Christian. Could not abide the hypocrisy and gave it up..

    I reject that one has to be a Christian, to be able to live as a decent human being.

  27. Fed up

    Human society was around a hell of a long time, before Christianity raises its head.

  28. JohnB

    Well put John Lord.
    The Australian publics easy careless abandonment of “truth” as an essential moral value/standard for our society and democracy is indeed distressing.
    It can only end in tears, as all with experience of life well know.

    Our MSM professional journalists have failed us (and themselves).

    Their irresponsible shallow reporting of affairs of state, often shrugging of “inconsistent truths” with a light hearted cavalier detachment from reality is dismaying.
    Many commentators treat these many extremely serious issues of political integrity surrounding human rights, AGW and financial inequality as if it is a vaudeville stage play – with no consequences.

    They laugh and giggle away their proper professional responsibility to prosecute the fourth estates role in protecting our society from blatantly dishonest politicians policies as if they are merely commenting on a Punch and Judy pantomine.
    Meanwhile, we and our Nation are doomed to suffer the results of their inept depthless reportage.

  29. David Linehan

    Fedup I didnt imply one ‘has’ to be a Christian. My comment was directed towards those professing to be a Christian

  30. Fed up

    Liars are liars, no matter what.

  31. Dan Rowden

    It’s no longer meaningful to call people liars in a political context. Truth has long since been a commodity of no value in that sphere of life.

  32. Graeme Rust

    Murdock dictates the policy of MSM, it’s my way or the highway , I bet Murdoch has told ALL reporters that if you don’t follow my wants you will never work for him now or in the future. so they all toe the line. a shame , we used to have a very good supply of honesty but no more.

  33. guest

    One of Abbott’s problems is use of language, especially if he has to put together more than 3 words at a time.

    You mention his apparent promise that he would visit Indigenous lands in his first week as PM. What he is claiming now is that he said he would make his first visit for a week as PM – but later on this year, 2014. His claim is, as you say, that what has been said about his promise is only what people ‘think’ he said. But when we look at what he said, we can understand why people might think he lied. What he claims he said now would require that he change the order of the words when he made the promise. It would have helped us all if he had said correctly what he meant then, rather than having to change the order of words now.

    Another example of jumbled, ambiguous language occurred at the time of the so-called “Canberra Riot”. Abbott spoke to Indigenous people at the Tent Embassy and said that things were much better for them now than at the time the Embassy was set up. He said they should “move on from that”. What he meant by “move on” and from what (“that”), is not clear. Chinese whispers led to the message that he said it was time for the Tent Embassy to “move on”, to close. Or did he just mean they needed to get over what bothered them years earlier? It is clear why there might have been confusion; his language was ambiguous.

    Another disturbing tactic is the practice of reading out parts of electricity bills, especially the bottom line cost, then comparing it with a previous bill to the same person/business, claiming the increase was the result of the Carbon “Tax”. A closer examination of the recent bill would, as Labor has pointed out, have revealed that the recipient of the bill had used more electricity. Ignored as well, of course, was the part where the CT component was clearly stated. Labor claimed, in one case, that the printed CT component had been torn from the bill.

    So here we have the situation where reading is clearly causing the LNP some difficulty and the use of language is smothered in ambiguity. And then of course we have the example of Abbott having claimed he had read a document when in fact he had not. Too busy riding a bike and impersonating workers.

  34. Kaye Lee

    Let me make this absolutely crystal clear jenny,,,,,,,absolutely crystal clear….we will (counting on fingers), axe the carbon tax, axe the mining tax, stop the boats, stop the waste, and build the roads of the 21st century.

  35. Stephen Tardrew

    Dan the day misspeak entered the political vernacular the writing was on the wall. Abbot your are a bloody LIAR you moron. Never used caps before. By now most of you know my opinion. John great article. Everything that needs to be said has been said by others. Splutter, choke, wheeze, convulse, fart that’s all I am left with.

  36. Jenny Griffyn

    I recently read an article and it re-iterated what I learned at Uni as a student of Communications. I’m quoting their well worded section on how to practice critical thinking:

    “Generally speaking, a good warning flag for when you need to put on that critical thinking cap is when the speaker uses a qualifying statement.”

    Now, who hasn’t heard Abbott constantly uttering the following qualifying statements

    * I’m just saying
    * To be perfectly honest
    * I just want you to know
    * To tell you the truth
    * I’m not saying
    * I hear what you’re saying
    * Don’t take this the wrong way
    * Let’s be frank
    * As far as I know
    * I’m thinking that
    * Surely

    Given that Abbott and the liberals were voted in, I fear that we’ve run out of thinking caps in Australia 😉

  37. Fed up

    The roads of this century consist of fibre. Fibre to the home and along the shipping lanes of the past.

  38. mars08

    Being loose with the truth is an integral part of the “born to rule” mentality.

    To the neocons it’s not just a lie. It is a “noble lie” as described by Plato.

    These are the lies that are NECESSARY to keep the people in their place, and also to keep them loyal to the state.

    Sometimes our rulers HAVE TO lie, because voters are too dumb (or disengaged) to understand the urgency of what NEEDS to be done in the interest of the state. Nuanced and truthful arguments might not deliver th public consent for “crucial” government actions, so consent is manufactured by spreading lies and propaganda.

  39. Fed up

    It is more than lying that has occurred in parliament this week. It is deliberately misleading of both houses.

    The biggest offender was Abbott, followed by Pyne, Hockey, Hunt, Dutton and Nash. Even Turnbull did not do too bad.

    I suspect that hockey belongs in a class of his own. Lies both inside and out of parliament.

  40. Fed up

    What is worse, they seem to believe their own spin, lies and exaggerations.

  41. Fed up

    Once again, Abbott regrets. Is he telling the truth. Suspect not. Things going as planned, until Naphime upset his apple cart.

    ………Mr Abbott says he regrets the jobless rate is edging up……..


    Maybe he regrets that few are believing what he says.

    Yes, Nr. Abbott once again, sends us his regrets.

    Nothing to do with him. Governments do not create jobs?

  42. lawrencewinder

    Bells the cat.
    Today on ABC, the IPA on being introduced by Jon Faine as “… a right wing think-tank” , John Roskam demurred saying, “We’re not right-wing, we are free-market.”
    Pyne “The Whyne,” says of Tony Burke “..we never descended into the undergraduate and bad-mannered and ungentlemanly behaviour that Labor descended into yesterday.” Peter “Rottweiler” Reith says that he “…was a lot more careful” in dealing with the “Children Overboard” issue “…than the ABC has been now dealing (Navy Torture)with its more serious claim.” And that the ABC “..doesn’t understand the culture of the Government.” What a pair of statements!
    Do these Aspirational Bogans really live in such a fantasy world?

  43. mars08

    Through the Looking Glass:
    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”
    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master — that’s all.”

  44. Truth Seeker

    Thanks John, one of your best 😎 and spot on. 😀

    I also wrote and posted one of my poems on this very subject a week ago. “Liar liar pants on fire” 😀

    Liar liar pants on fire:

    And to all the AIMNers, I wish you a very happy Valentines day 😀

    Cheers 😀

  45. mars08

    hannahquinn: “It is up to the people to demand accountability…”

    Have you seen the comment from the trolls who occasionally pop into this site???!??!!?!?

    If they are any indication of the attitude out there in the marginal seats, there will be NO “demand accountability, transparency, facts and details”. As long as those people feel comfortable, as long as THEY feel there is something in it for, as long as THEY are safe… well, to hell with everyone else!

    Never mind that the “comfort” they feel is built on an illusion. Never mind that the “threats” they face are fictions constructed by the politicians. Never mind that the “safety” THEY enjoy brings misery to others. As long as bad stuff only happens to others (preferably out of sight)… they will settle for the soothing lies and never look for the truth.

  46. Matt James

    Great article, Just putting this one out there, Bupa the health insurer are a pack of lying henchmen, lower than Abbott, lower than Hockey, I mean absolute despicable creeps. I’ll refrain from evil, that glamours them, just disgusting wretches that would have to think a bit before turning down an offer of $5,000 if they would cap their own mother.

    They pulled out of Ireland after losing a high court battle against the government, the exodus a result of the failure to rob $161Million Euros of Irish citizens money, money these innocent people were misled to believe was to go to their health, where they kept their profits hidden from the Irish public for 8 years before being caught out (I am pretty certain that Irish health insurers can’t do that anymore, they are set for a major shake up with the introduction of Universal Government Healthcare BTW).

    They have banned me from leaving Feedback on their Facebook page and wiped all my posts, I didn’t leave any swearing, threats or insults, depending on whether you consider the word “disgusting” and some caps and !!!’s an insult or not. My ban followed me leaving links to US health insurance victims who were featured in the documentary, Sicko so was clearly more about political censorship rather than anything else.

    Now they are here. I could go on and on about these bastards as I have an encyclopedia on them of despicable, incomprehensible, non stop lies and deception and disgusting greed, leverage over victims/members/asset-liabilities/things/objects/dumpem, whatever they think of them, when they are in desperate need of double knee replacement in pain and tears, Medicare run down and trashed by the NEOs, unable to help these victims who at times have been on the same health insurance fund FOR DECADES. If anyone wants to help me expose these criminals, CRIMINALS LEFT ABOVE THE LAW TO WORK THEIR WAY INTO MEDICARE BY 2020, extremely dangerous and left alone, sacred cows above the media, let me know. I’m just a trash/ametour/gasbag BTW and put the time into this when I have a moment or two, I’ll keep my eye on follow up emails rather than leave my address public, I’ll stop ranting now, thanks 🙂

  47. hannahquinn

    Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    We all know politicians lie. It is part of the argy bargy of politics. However, when a Government tells more lies than truths, refuses to be accountable, and gags opposition in the parliament, things are seriously wrong. Add to the general secrecy, the answering of questions with ‘We have a plan’ but then no details explaining the plan, which means no debate whatsoever, and the mainstream media doesn’t question or search out the facts, then we’re all in big trouble. No matter which free democratic system it is, ours or another’s, government must be accountable. It is up to the people to demand accountability, transparency, facts and details. If we, the people, don’t step up and hold the government to account, by the next election, it might well be too late. Sometimes, often, what is undone can never be redone. Is this what you really want, Australia?

  48. allenmcmahon

    It seems that the Indonesian government also thinks our government is lying although why they would believe that our ships which were only a mere 11kms inside Indonesia’s territorial waters was not accidental given Abbott’s credible ‘winds and tides’ explanation is beyond me.

    They also think our naval personal may have been heavy handed.

    ‘Suropati told Guardian Australia the Indonesian navy’s investigation with the Indonesian police had “strengthened the existence of [evidence of] physical violence which were experienced by some asylum seekers. And this is a fact that happened.”


    I hope Abbott, Morrison and Johnson rush to defend our navy in face of this unacceptable ‘sledging’ from our northern neighbours. At the very least they should have the ambassador in for a severe dressing down – except of course that their ambassador was withdrawn months again. What they could do is send a letter with the next free lifeboat they give to Indonesia as it saves on postage and the delivery fee is a mere $40k.

  49. Dissenter

    Mars 08, the people who you refer to the trolls are not an indication of public opinion. They are part of an ORGANISED and most likely paid group of people whose job it is to BOMB and suffocate and Subvert criticism and critical ideas and debate on all commentary sites.
    Their ideas might reflect the ideas of a minority of people OUT THERE but they do not reflect the views of the majority of Australians. WHAT THEY WRITE may not even BE THEIR views.
    The polls on the Drum are very interesting because even though the sample is only 3,300 in the case of supporting the automotive industry was convincingly Yes majority. SO we can take hope and continue to argue for transparency, Eventually they have to allow for documentary evidence to be made available.
    We COLLECTIVELY are on their CASE and THEY can’t SHAKE US off.
    There is some hope to be found in the SCHISM of the COALITION. The NATIONALs are not a natural fit with the neoconservative economic view or their free market beliefs.
    There is hope that the neocons may have to modify their ways in order to maintain the coalition and from my point of view that is a good thing.

  50. Les Durham

    Could not agree with you more Alan,I only hope enough people can see this before the next election.

  51. mars08

    Ah sadly, Dissenter… my personal experience is that the trolls DO represent a substantial slab of the voting public. But maybe I just associate with the wrong sort of people….

  52. GretchenG

    Brilliant article, thank you !!!

  53. gailgoodwin

    It’s a relief to read what many are thinking. Their behaviour is not natural, but I fear the longer it continues, the faster it will become normalised. Thank you for writing this.

  54. Kerri

    I have said it before and I will say it again. This Government is running with one main doctrine. ” IF YOU TELL A BIG ENOUGH LIE AND YOU TELL IT FREQUENTLY ENOUGH, IT WILL BE BELIEVED ”
    Unquote: Adolf Hitler.

  55. Crash Skeptic the Censored

    John Lord throwing around accusation like confetti as usual. Yet strangely, he never provides sources or links.

    He can’t, of course – because on inspection the facts never support him and end up showing the real “lying deceptive bastard” (to borrow John’s phrase) is in fact John himself.

    But considering this is the same chap who wrote tomes of truth-twisting prose to excuse the untrustworthiness of Julia “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” Gillard, this is hardly surprising.

    Sorry John, but the adults are in charge now, and the government is honouring its promises to stop the boats and abolish the carbon tax to the satisfaction of the electorate. Your perennial “senior moments” are just pissing in the wind.

    But by all means, carry on. Indeed, “he tended to carry on a bit” should be your epitaph.

  56. Robyn

    Thanks John. Like so many of us I’ve been constantly amazed at how Abbott and co have no respect for the truth and lie SO much that people think it’s NORMAL! In fact I don’t think they’d know the truth if they fell over it. A brilliant piece that highlights the insidiousness of these lies and yes how these daily lies are as nothing to the one supposed lie that Julia Gillard said to the public and the mainstream media.
    Loved this bit:
    “You see, now he is saying that what I thought he said is only a figment of my imagination. That what I think I thought he meant is not what he meant at all. That when he says something and I take it to mean one thing, he has the option of saying that what I thought I heard was not what I heard at all. It was only my interpretation of what he meant. I mean, did he say what he meant or did he mean to say what he meant or was what he meant really what he meant.”

  57. Robyn

    Oops not sure what happened there but this “A brilliant piece that highlights the insidiousness of these lies and yes how these daily lies are as nothing to the one supposed lie that Julia Gillard said to the public and the mainstream media.”
    A brilliant piece that highlights the insidiousness of these lies and yes how these daily lies are as nothing to the one supposed lie that Julia Gillard said. The public’s acceptance of this is an indictment on the media but also our moral compass as a society. This should be totally unacceptable to us.

  58. Bob Parker

    John Howard’s crown of World Champion Liar is still intact. He did lie with some finesse and some recollection of what he had said in the past. In contrast, the moron Abbott I suspect has no recollection of what he said yesterday much less last year. Brain damage from boxing, congenital idiocy or a combination of both I don’t know. But please just get him out!

  59. johnlord2013

    Crash. The veracity of what I have said is all in the public domain and can easily be authenticated. I don’t mind the criticism but please don’t do it on an empty head.

  60. randalstella

    Crash, Instead of acting like an insolent twerp, argue your case. Argue with evidence how Abbott is truthful Counter the observations made by John Lord by providing evidence that he is wrong. That is, abuse is no substitute for logic and evidence. Provide it. Show you have some substance, that there is more than malign prejudice to your vote for Abbott. So far you have only shown that you can act like Abbott. It shows copycat solidarity; but it does not come across as logical.
    Can you think for yourself, or are you compelled to rage and hostility by simplistic slogans and prompts by manipulators?
    For example, you act as if any defence of Julia Gillard must be an uncritical support for her, irrespective. This presumes that others just think the way that you do, except that they represent the enemy. Do you have any criticisms of Abbott? How about the refusal to reveal just what is going on with the ‘boat people’? Is that democratic? After all, Abbott made so much of anything that happened with asylum seekers under Labor. Would it have been OK for Labor to have suppressed events and refused inquiries on the basis of ‘security’? Why is there one standard for your mob and another for anyone else? What has happened to the claimed budgetary emergency, made so much of by Hockey and Abbott? Is everything they do correct? You don’t have any criticisms or reservations?
    I have had a number of criticisms of the way Gillard handled policy. But that does not make me anything like a supporter of Abbott. Gillard is a loss to Federal politics, even though she was not always right. Whereas Abbott and his mob are loathsome liars, intent on pillaging many years of social and environmental protections. And he has quite fittingly supporters who offer not one word of criticism or concern about anything he does. There’s something fascistic about that. That’s how I read your abusive defence of Abbott here – that you will go along with him, like a member of the gang. You adopt abuse because you have contempt for the truth; just like your leader.

  61. Möbius Ecko

    The incongruity of Crash attacking the veracity of someone by repeating a distortion as the truth.

    Called an own goal.

  62. Fed up

    What does one make of FM Bishop’s comments this morning.

    Do we take at face value what the Indonesian FM is saying, or do we accept FM Bishop’s version?

    One has to be lying.

    Is FM saying, that FM have one version for what they say in public, another for ehat is being said in private.

    If so, she is saying, lying is OK when it comes to politics.

    Yes, OK.

    It is in her own words, OK to mislead the public, when it does not suit your own agenda, as a minister.

    Did not explain why the Indonesian FM has taken so much trouble to lie. What could be his agenda.

  63. Fed up

    Robyn, after listening to FM Bishop this morning, I have come to the conclusion the government only hears what they want to hear. Yes, and they do indeed believe their own lies and spin.
    This is a terrifying thought, when one thinks about it. They are governing in another parallel universe, that none of us experience.

    Where does John never gives links. One does not need links for one’s own personal opinion.

    In fact, most that make comments on these sites, are very careful in always giving links for they say, were apparent.

    If one has complaints, talking in general carries little weight., One needs to point out the statements that are lies, and why one thinks.

    I am still waiting to hear why Abbott and this government is so superior to all that has preceded him and his governkment.

  64. Fed up

    ” fascistic”. What an apt word to describe Abbott and his government.

    fascistic – definition of fascistic by the Free Online Dictionary …
    a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror …
    Fascistic | Define Fascistic at Dictionary.com
    a person who believes in or sympathizes with fascism. 2. (often initial capital letter) a member of a fascist movement or party. 3. a person who is dictatorial or has …
    Fascism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, the …
    ‎Totalitarianism – ‎Autarky – ‎Vanguardism – ‎Nationalism


  65. Fed up

    Who deos one believe?

    Indonesia to raise Australian asylum seeker policy with United States
    Updated 9 minutes ago

    Marty Natalegawa
    PHOTO: Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa has described the boat turn-back policy as unhelpful. (AFP/UN Photo)
    Indonesia says it will raise the Abbott Government’s asylum seeker policy with the United States during an official visit next week.

    Jakarta has stepped up its protest to the policy, calling in the Australian ambassador in Jakarta for a meeting with a senior official.

    Indonesia’s foreign affairs minister Marty Natalegawa has told local reporters that a strong protest message was given to the Australian ambassador Greg Moriarty over the Abbott Government’s boat turn-back policy.

    Dr Natalegawa says Australia was already violating its international commitments and putting people in lifeboats and sending them back to Indonesia is an escalation.

    “What Australia has been doing is a bigger development than before,” he said.

    “In the past wh…………….



  66. mars08

    Fed up: “…the government only hears what they want to hear.”

    Also only sees what they want to see! Remember how quickly Turnbull latched on to the email FORGED by Godwin Grech, in order to accuse Rudd and Swan of being corrupt?

  67. deanyz1

    Fed up… what does your acronym FM stand for?

  68. deanyz1

    Foreign Minister. Okay.

  69. Fed up

    Sorry m Yes, Foreign Minister.

  70. Fed up

    I do not know what frightens one the most, Whether they deliberately set out to deceive, or that they actually believe what they are spruiking.

  71. Fed up

    Crash the question I asked, is why bother reading the articles.

    No one is forcing you too.

    Crash, you seem to think no one else is capable of judging the articleds themselves,

    You are entitled to your views.

    Others are entitled to make up their own minds, They do not need you to tell them what to think.

    Crash, your behavior does not make sense.

    Crash, you should join the sites that support the Demolisher and leave us in peace.

  72. Matt James

    “Crash Skeptic the Censored”… Man you are so good, I mean I’m too dumb to get my head around your groovy Sudonym. C C C C… C C… C…. CC c…Crash? (tears start too flow) Crash ah hahaheeeer… AAAAHH!~!! (cry cry cry) WHY CAN’T I BE AS SMART AS YOU????? pLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEE!!! wHHHHYYYYY? Keep it rolling big fella tell us how it is. “The big boys are in charge now” You mean…. HARD MAN HOCKEY??? yEH now he is a big man, like Daniel Boon! You heard of Dany,… Crash?

    Hey whats your name slash I mean… CRASH? I need a girlfriend and you are just so cool, you’ve got to have loads of them!!! Yehhh. Thought maybe you could give me one… so whats your name? Stay tuned and tell us all, I’m sure John would love to know. Drum roll….. CRASH’S REAL NAME IS, WAIT FOR IT…..

  73. john921fraser


    I don't have a problem remembering the things that the Abbott gang have done over the years.

    And I don't have any problems looking up anything that John Lord alludes to in his articles.

    Perhaps "Crash Skeptic etc" has his own problems when it comes to the above.

    If you do have health problems or are just not used to using a computer "Crash Skeptic etc" you should tell people.

    Instead of attacking them for writing an article that is not to your liking.

    Perhaps you could point to an article that you have written ?

    That way every aspiring author could take pointers from you.

    As opposed to just your normal criticism., which over time has become repetitive.

  74. johnlord2013

    Crash its because of people like you that I don’t comment a lot. A made a number of points in my piece. Should you like to nominate one I will provide you with the proof you need. Then we can go through them one by one and debate each on its merits. Although I suspect that you are just an antagonist who likes to insult people for some reason only known to you.Could you please acknowledge your correct name so that we can converse in the normal way. There are probably about twenty issues so it will take some time. But I’m up for it if you are. I do insist however that I know I am talking to a real person.

  75. Kaye Lee


    Regarding Cadbury (which just happened to be in Andrew Wilkie’s seat AND a pollie pedal sponsor)

    In August Tony said

    “I accept that it’s quite unusual for a national government to make direct grants to a commercial operation but Tasmania, I put it to you, is a special case,” he said.

    “Tasmania has the lowest wages, the lowest GDP per head, the lowest life expectancy, it has the lowest educational attainment, it has the highest unemployment by far of any state in the Commonwealth.”

    He said all serious leaders were pragmatic about problems.

    “This commitment is about my top three priorities for Tasmania – jobs, jobs and jobs,” said Mr Abbott.

    “Occasionally, I think it is necessary to offer help and let’s not forget that this money is going to result in $50 million of private investment, a significant expansion in production, a significant expansion in exports and a very significant expansion in employment,” said the man who soon would change his tune when he became Prime Minister.”

    Apparently now it’s all about tourism (cough).

    Re SPC

    The Government has attacked what it says are overgenerous pay and conditions at the cannery, and insisted the companies problems came from a high wages bill. Today it was revealed Cadbury workers have received pay rises of 24 per cent over just four years.

    Surely you have read all this stuff before? John shouldn’t have to justify it to you again and again and again.

  76. diannaart

    I think people are being a little unfair on Crash Skeptic the Censored – the truth is to be found in his moniker – every night little elves scrub his memory clean, therefore he cannot be blamed for asking for proof of anything Abbott says, he really doesn’t know any better.

    I feel a bit sorry for him. Just a little, I mean he could keep a diary – that would fix the mind-elves. Then we really could have a discussion instead of being asked to prove Abbott’s lies over and over and over again.

    Crash here’s a little something to you get started (from anothr Liberal Part Member no less):


  77. Gina

    “So now I’m a little confused. You see, now he is saying that what I thought he said is only a figment of my imagination. That what I think I thought he meant is not what he meant at all. That when he says something and I take it to mean one thing, he has the option of saying that what I thought I heard was not what I heard at all. It was only my interpretation of what he meant. I mean, did he say what he meant or did he mean to say what he meant or was what he meant really what he meant.”

    Loved it!

    You are by far an excellent writer and the truth written in this post should open the blind folds that so many carry on top of their noses.

    Well done!

  78. randalstella

    I mentioned your intense obedience to the Abbott regime. Is there anything he does you disagree with? I ask because it is what differentiates your trash from anything like considered opinion. It is what separates you from people with minds of their own.
    Gillard was a target of the puny little attack of yours that I bothered to read; that’s why I mention her. You name a policy of Abbott’s you disagree with; and I’ll name one of Gillard’s. That’s the challenge. You don’t seem too willing. But the abuse keeps flowing to cover for it.
    “In the real world he who makes the claim backs up the claim” This, from an Abbott supporter. It is completely absurd. You know the Latin for that?

  79. Möbius Ecko

    Oh and while Crash Skeptic keeps harking on about lies that Gillard may or may not had told he does not once mention the whole string of broken promises, back flips and lies Abbott has engaged in within record time since winning government.

    Apparently Crash Skeptic is only concerned about on leader lying, the current leader can lie and deceive all they like, even if those lies and deceits are major broken promises and hurt the country.

  80. Fed up

    Yes, we do have senior moments. Yes, and we can still kick back with the best of them.

    We have forgotten more than they have ever or will ever learn. Still plenty left, to have a say.

    Yep, I believe we oldies hold our own.

  81. Fed up

    As Abbott seems for some reason to be struck back in the 1950-60s, we have an advantage of living and remembering that time.

  82. Matt James

    People, CRASH is now my very own hero. I think I’m going to have to turn into a right wing nut job like him if I am to get a girlfriend. You like The Gunners… Slash I mean Crash?… Crash you there? Please Crash…. I’m so lonely…. Can’t you tell me your real name???? I’m begging you!!!

  83. Möbius Ecko

    From another blog:

    A commnenter called Crash Skeptic then appears with evidence that Gillard broke multiple promises. He/she is drummed out of the place as a denialist troll, but there isn’t a lot wrong with what he/she says apart from the reconstruction of how the words came into being which is pure speculation (see this comment (link supplied in previous post ME)).

    My verdict is that we just don’t know whether Gillard uttered the words attributed to her. Nor do we know who wrote them down, whether as a transcription or a fabrication, which Andrew Bolt went on to assert.

    Does all this matter?

    Well, to history it does, as it’s part of the story of how Gillard was treated after she became PM.
    One thing is certain – Gillard did not tell a lie. A lie is a deliberate statement of a falsehood. Those who say that Gillard lied are lying themselves, and that without challenge from the MSM.

    Let me repeat because Crash Skeptic often repeats his lie. “Those who say that Gillard lied are lying themselves…”

    And this about the Channel 10 video Crash Skeptic likes to use as evidence even though Gillard’s tax statement came from Channel 7 and David Koch badgering her.

    There are a couple of other thoughts coming out of this exercise. Go back to the Channel Ten video. As a coherent, articulate, passionate and authentic statement as to why people should vote for her it leaves for dead anything we got from Abbott or Rudd in three debates.

    …and this:

    An edited news interview was cut to suit an agenda of a particular media stance. The whole interview can be found in a video clip below. Listen for:

    “‘There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead,” she told Network Ten. ”What we will do is we will tackle the challenge of climate change.” [Source: smh… and video clip below]

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step. “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    [Source: theaustralian…]

    Julia Gillard did not win the election. It was a hung Parliament. It was a condition of forming a Government with Independents that carbon pricing/pollution reduction would be implemented. See: http://youtu.be/cMVnZUxVBBk

    Carbon Tax and Carbon Pricing are two different things. A Carbon Tax would have raised Government revenue through a tax without necessarily reducing carbon admissions – so long as polluters are willing to pay the tax it doesn’t limit pollution. The Carbon Price paves the way to an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and puts a limit or cap on the pollution and the credits can be traded.

    Gillard: I erred by not contesting the label “tax” for the fixed price period of the emissions trading scheme I introduced. I feared the media would end up playing constant silly word games with me, trying to get me to say the word “tax”. I wanted to be on the substance of the policy, not playing “gotcha”. But I made the wrong choice and, politically, it hurt me terribly.

    Crash Skeptic is so much like Abbott in that he hears things the way he wants to hear them or wants them to be twisted to be portrayed, not the way they actually are. Then Crash Skeptic goes on to repeat the distortion or lie repeatedly as though that makes it a truth. No matter how many times a lie is repeated it’s still a lie, and no matter how many times stating something is a lie that wasn’t never makes it a lie.

  84. Matt James

    Don’t let him derail you JohnLord, you’re an excellent writer, we are right behind you, Slash I mean Crash is just a Ziet Giest Liberatarian or whatever from Bond University who is so gutless, he won’t even give us his real name… and he picks on old people, having a crack about your senior moments?!! What a loser supreme. Maybe he gets letters from the crotch peep himself, Tony A, on how to be a bully stalker. But straight up John, you have even presented a photo of yourself? The only old person its OK to pick on is Rupert Murdoch. So John here we go again, drum roll… Come on Slash or you a capital C for Crash I mean Coward for picking on old people other than your God, Rupert…CRASH, OUT WITH IT…. CRASHES REAL NAME IS…..

  85. Fed up

    Another home made video. Yes, I believe he once again said repealing the carbon tax will solve their problems.I am sure, if I was a farmer, this video would make me a little angry.

  86. Fed up

    What will Abbott blame if and when that so called tax does go. No way it’s going to deliver what he claims.

  87. Fed up

    It seems to contain every speech he has given lately,

  88. abbienoiraude

    “I am deeply offended when people lie to me”. You speak for me, John Lord. Thank you!

  89. Quint

    Come on boys and girls, Crash is pure troll. Throw in some incendiary rants and sit back and watch the sparks fly. You all fall for it every time, it surprises me there ain’t more of ’em.

    Ignore ’em, it’s the only way.

  90. GretchenG

    Everyone who voted for Tony Abbott should be made to watch the “Tony Abbott poos his pants” video posted by mikestasse and explain to the Australian public why they foisted this complete incompetent on our country as its leader.

  91. Kaye Lee


    I feel differently. I prefer to refute them with facts.

    “Yet strangely, he never provides sources or links.”

    I assume Crash is working his way through the numerous links that he has been provided.

  92. David Linehan

    Crash another madman, well qualified to represent Abbot the Liar

  93. Quint

    “I assume Crash is working his way through the numerous links that he has been provided.”

    Kaye, I hope you’re right. I really do. That would give me some hope. Unfortunately, I believe that most people simply don’t give a rat’s arse. Just like the government. At this stage, an alien invasion seems the best chance for this race to get its shit together.

    By the way, I find nearly everything you post here very interesting, thank you. If only more felt the same way.

    Kind regards

  94. deanyz1

    I had to re-read John’s article to see what ‘Crash Bandicoot’ was on about. ‘Crash’ seems to be an educated person yet I fail to see his point. John Lord was not writing a bloody thesis, with numbered references as required. And ‘Crash’, if you read this, your failure is to make unwarranted derogatory remarks to and about a respected member of this group,
    In this context, you are a ‘Troll’. Fair comment is welcome, but you have unfortunately crossed a line. Instead of contributing, you have destroyed your credibility. As John rightly points out, so has Abbott.

  95. john921fraser


    @Crash Skeptic etc

    Be far better if you used the pseudonym "Crashing Bore"

  96. Fed up

    Agree. I wonder if the person has noticed, he is the only one in step. Marching to his own tune.

    No one supports him, not even Neil takes time to do so.

    Probably because most can make little sense out of what he pens.

  97. randalstella

    This abusive, and now raving, fellow is right on one point: he has no more need or duty to identify himself by ‘real’ name than anyone else here. That was a demand by some poster above.
    John; do you ever catch up with your teammates from the Melbourne premiership years of the late ’50s and ’60s? Must seem like another universe.
    Always pleased to read your work here. Your direct elegance reminds how decency and respect were once more familiar and reliable assumptions; with a contempt for shysters, liars, blackguards. Abbott’s outright supporters are willing to see enemies everywhere; and could not trust each other.

  98. Glenn Hayes

    This is my visit to this website,love your article John,it is great to see our prime mincer and his transparent adults being held to account for their lies.Their contempt for us knows no bounds.

  99. john921fraser


    The idiot formerly known as "Crash Skeptic etc" but now known as "Crashing Bore" should be aware that there are a lot of people here who have contacted The Aimn via personal email and donations and have received email back.

    So The AIMN certainly does know people who comment here.

    Hear that sound ?

    Another "Crashing Bore" conspiracy shot down in flames.

  100. johnlord2013

    Crash seems not to want to take up the challenge I made to debate each of the points I made in this article. But that’s fine I didn’t expect him too.
    This is so typical of people of his ilk. It’s all abuse and no substance. As to the pseudonym reference he is incorrect. I know the names of some of these people because I have requested it and conversed privately. It is obvious from his writing that he is an in depth reader of my work which is difficult to understand given he dislikes me so much. Perhaps it’s some sort mental disorder or fetish that I am unaware of. Anyway given that he Crash seems incapable of defending that which he accuses of. I will say no more on the matter and leave it to the readers to form their own judgement.

  101. john921fraser


    @John Lord

    And I join you.

    In relation to both "Crashing Bore" and "Revo".

    I will not bother to read their "Comment" nor will I respond to them.

  102. Michael Taylor

    I deleted Crash’s comments. They were aimed at achieving nothing other than attempting to ridicule people.

  103. John Lord

    Oh after his last comment I thought he had put up the white flag.

  104. john921fraser



    We all live in hope.

  105. Fed up

    Maybe that so called carbon tax, that Abbott wants to trash, is what the farmers need, to ensure their future.

    Farmers probably have more to fear it from man made climate change than the rest of us.

  106. vivienne29

    Excellent words. I’m bookmarking this piece under new Folder – Abbott’s Lies. It has a few entries. The actual list of lies gets longer by the day. He’s still being let off the hook. At best some gentle but pathetic criticism. Hard to believe.

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