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The Tancredi Dilemma

Tancredi is a character in the Lampedusa novel (The Leopard) about the unification of Italy and the ending of aristocratic governance in Southern Italy … and it was this character who uttered that most famous of lines; “For things to remain the same, everything must change.” Of course, he was referring to the aristocratic rulers inserting covert agents like himself into democratic government so as to keep a hold on any revolutionary changes that would lessen the power (as much as possible) of the ruling class … of which he was one.

The end of the nineteenth century saw the diminishing of aristocratic power in favour of the rising middle-class political base … just like now, in the twenty-first century, we are seeing that now old/aged middle-class of high industry/banking losing ground to a rising aspirant/younger middle-class of brash technocrats and entrepreneurs, not necessarily savvy in the complex ‘rules’ of patriarchal network, military engagements and old-money finance, but more keen on flash finance, fast turnover and short, swift credit transfers based more on the theory of gambler’s luck than a book-keepers reliable ledger account.

Chance of a quick ‘killing’ being the modus operandi of the next generation of players!

And this is where The Tancredi Dilemma becomes interesting … for in the first instance above, the middle-classes that replaced the aristocrats were solid merchants, with investments in solid goods … products from the far east, trading ships and barges up and down the major rivers of the world … the spices and silks .. the ivory and slaves, manchester and machinery formed the base of their massive accumulated wealth … they were well-placed to challenge the decadent aristocratic class for the top job of sovereign governance … all it took was a wave of the royal sword of knighthood to ‘legitimise’ a swathe of the more wealthy or devious of the crew and they were cemented into the ‘network’.

Now, as this network gets old and decrepit in a generational sense, we see a new set of eyes peering through the glass darkly, hungry for a grab at that sovereign governance … but these new eyes are not as political savvy as the old hands … not as patient to wait for the royal dab with the Wilkinson Sword of knighthood … these new kids on the block are brash, aggressive bastards who are breaking the panelled doors down with mace and sledge-hammer … vulgar is not strong enough a word to describe them … barbarian is closer to the truth … the Visigoths at the gates of Rome …

How is this new breed of ‘Bankers on Credit’, ‘Merchants of internet selling’ going to manage the social structures needed to keep a society stable and conducive to good, predictable, long-term governance? In short … they cannot! … Their failing at even the most simple social programs that we see falling to pieces around us as we go about our work, child-care, health, transport and play demonstrates a cabal of wannaby ‘leaders’ who couldn’t lead a blind man down a wide, empty boulevard without tripping on every slight obstacle in their path … they themselves being blind and ignorant beyond comprehension.

Since the end of the generations that saw Keating pass the baton to Howard, who in his own mean-spirited way did a ‘Tiberius’ and prepared a ‘Satyr’ for the people of Australia with his paving the way for a far right infection into the LNP that even he couldn’t see the damage he was inflicting, there has been an endless stream of younger blunt, weaponised LNP members fumbling around The House and the authorities, corrupting without thought on the consequences, every authority, every bureaucracy and oversight office so that now we have no confidence ..  and rightly so! In any judgement brought down on any investigation of possible departmental fraud or high political office corruption … the individualistic operations of many members of the parliament to feather their own nests or those of their backers has totally corrupted the system … so that even our voting system, once the yardstick of safe, secure and fair elections copied around the world, is now tainted with an air of doubt … if not absolute distrust and scorn!

Even those of us on the Left of politics have had to watch unbelieving as we see our representatives go to water in the face of right-wing wedging and bluff … their fear of a MSM attack on their persons driving them to shelter and hide … Their now plump and shiny selves, from the largesse of many years in office losing that “lean and hungry look” so necessary in a political animal needed to shift the corpulent carcass of LNP dead-weights so welded to their seats.

The Tancredi Dilemma is needed again to have the middle-class burn some of its own … be that middle-class of the left or the right, they have to waste some of the dead-wood and decrepit stooges laying like rotting logs across the path … The new middle-class of IT techies and self-employed tradies have to wade into the fray and with metaphorical laser and hammer carve and smash away those who would never want change … and it has to be done soon and with extreme prejudice before we all burn in our beds from a destroyed environment!

For things to remain the same … ie; the ‘ruling bodies’ to hold position of power in the parliament with orthodox structures securing their authority … everything must now change … just as Rome had to fall so that Europe could rise, the dinosaurs in our politics must ‘die’.

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  1. Peter F

    Well said.

  2. Phil

    As an aside Joe I worked on a tug called the ‘ Tancred ‘ Port Adelaide in another life. Another excellent read as per usual. I see the Labor party has lost the plot. I will piss on the next twerp that tells me they represent the working class.

  3. Joseph Carli

    Phil…: ” I worked on a tug called the ‘ Tancred ‘..” …That must have been the “Anglicising” of the name!…. 🙂

  4. Phil

    That must have been the “Anglicising” of the name!…. 🙂

    Maybe? She was an old Mine Sweeper WW2 Diesel Electric. Had some grunt. She pulled nearly as hard as that Wanker Morrison 🙂

  5. Michael Taylor

    Port Adelaide! That’s my team. 😀

  6. Phil

    Port Adelaide! I watched them when they were just a state team. Port Adelaide memories of getting pissed up in the Birkenhead. Bridge Pub. Great days. All finished now it’s all out at Outer Harbour. My God where did the time go?

  7. Trish Corry

    This is a really good angle, Joe. I enjoyed it quite a lot.

  8. wam

    The new hands are trained by the institutions of the old hands.
    No conservative wants things to stay the same and he doesn’t need to change to achieve it.
    His women preach and teach the blueprint of the men’s religions to fix the child’s mind into recognising who must stay the same and who must change to achieve it.
    The key at every level is women.
    William Wallace penned a truth::
    Woman, how divine your mission
    Here upon our natal sod!
    Keep, oh, keep the young heart open
    Always to the breath of God!
    All true trophies of the ages
    Are from mother-love impearled;
    For the hand that rocks the cradle
    Is the hand that rules the world.

    Beware of women who teach for they have already learnt and need no more.

    pps I am a woodville high boy and I played cricket with two of port’s greats- johnny cahill and neill hawke for one match when he had left school.
    My darling is a tragic for her porties she listens and runs in to see the goal.

  9. paul walter

    Used to be a Tancredi who played for the Italian national football team a decade or two back.

  10. Joseph Carli

    Thank you Trish…coming from yourself, a lefty academic worthy of the name…I know it is honestly given..I probably could have gone deeper into the theory of the piece, but then we are (mostly) a clever lot here and can figure the picture out without false flattery…..and of course I thank you others for your contributions…and..
    Wam…” ps
    Beware of women who teach for they have already learnt and need no more.”…..”The Secret”..https://freefall852.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/the-secret/

    Paul Walter …and I worked alongside a plasterer whose name was Pericles…there’s a few “descendents” about!

  11. Kaye Lee

    Polling booth data from the federal election shows the Coalition gained swings everywhere except in the wealthiest parts of Australia; and the Coalition gained most of its strongest swings in areas with the lowest education rates.

    Only polling booths in the top-income quintile swung to Labor; the other four income quintiles swung to the Coalition.

    Areas with low levels of tertiary education swung strongly to the Coalition in NSW and Queensland, but less so in Victoria. There were solid swings to Labor in areas with high levels of tertiary education.

    The opinion has been expressed that “the most important reason for the Coalition’s upset victory was that Morrison was both liked and trusted by lower-educated voters, while they neither liked nor trusted Labor leader Bill Shorten.”



    PS wam, your assertion that women who teach “have already learnt and need no more” is utter bullshit. In my experience, teachers thirst for knowledge.

    PPS I would like to yet again voice my objection to the use of the phrase “with extreme prejudice”. This phrase has a specific meaning and should not be bandied about.

  12. Joseph Carli

    ” The opinion has been expressed . . . ” ….and THERE is the crux of the arguement…the sole and central logic of the thesis that the voting public is (as Paul Buongiorno expressed it) “disconnected” with the politics…it is the language of divide and rule…: “Queenslanders are stupid!”…”..the uneducated are gullible and easily swayed..”….”The Conversation has an opinion piece that states quite categorically that . . . ”

    I read on Twitter a couple of days ago a poll that claimed that around 70% of Australians (incl’ Labor voters) thought drug testing of people on welfare was ok…the poll, I later read, conducted by The Daily Telegraph..(Google it)…now here is the mechanism of “Divide and Rule”……you don’t divide the rich from the poor, you divide the poor from other poor…using suspicion, fear, jealousy and cynicism….

    How more easy is it to cynically accept that; “Queenslanders are dumb”, “the tertiary uneducated are easily swayed”..etc…it fulfills those long harboured suspicions and vanity gripes that someone …over there…is screwing it all up for you..”they’re stupid, greedy”…”I thought so all along”…….but wait…what if there is another reason why things are not as they ought to be…for instance..how did the banks and financial advisers get away with screwing us over for so long with out scrutiny?…How did the NBN get wasted away to its current state, How does the ABCC get away with hammering the unions without doing the other parts of their responsibilities of checking on the Builders themselves…why is Kathy Jackson still swanning around in the community like a social butterfly when Craig Thomson was in jail as quick as you could say……”Craig Thomson”?

    What does the Australian National Audit Office report on the 2013/ 2016 Fed’ elections on the AEC’s oversight of those elections? (Google it!)…In short, it says : Here is a manual of “How to fix an election”….Just like the ACCC, ASIC…the AFP, NDIS management, NBN management and a host of other agencies that were supposed to be oversighting their respected areas of authority…they failed…and the reason the current Federal Court is looking into the “Chinese Whisper” signs is because the AEC didn’t want to do so…and now, having the thing come out in a civil court case, it intervenes to have it thrown out!??…..: barn – horse – bolted?

    While I wouldn’t discount a percentage of gormless voter intent, I am not willing to lump the loss of Labor in the election to uneducation and incompetency, because as an old gambler, I can sniff out which is a “two horse race” and what horse is best to avoid in such races…as will the most dumb-arsed uneducated peasant when it comes to voting for their own benefit!

    Ezra Pound once wrote a piece on his theories of what came to be known as “Ezra’s funny money principle”…but it’s not on the money subject that I quote him, but rather on the lay-persons capacity to understand complexity..:

    ” France has had two kinds of money for 15 years and they never confused the most dumb and damnblasted frog-eater . . .”

    And I’d say the same for Labor’s policies…they weren’t complex when you looked at the bottom line, they were good, clear and precise…and they benefitted that demographic that most needed them…the only confusion in my book is how those exit polling number went so dramatically backwards…:

    From the SMH at the elections..: “An exit poll of booths across the nation points to Labor claiming the federal election on the back of a sharp fall in primary support for the Coalition across Victoria and NSW.

    The exclusive YouGov Galaxy poll of more than 3300 voters in 33 separate booths showed Labor ahead of the Coalition 52-48 on a two party preferred basis. It is in line with recent Ipsos, Newspoll and Essential opinion polls which all showed Labor leading the Coalition.”

    There is something rotten in “Denmark”…

  13. Trish Corry

    Thank goodness for you Joe. Someone who truly understands the working class. I wrote a piece not long ago about the left dividing the left. You hit the nail on the head with your comments about dividing the poor from the poor.

    It’s been my entire “warning” over Adani and Climate activism that is met with ridicule from those who think the world is about the “educated and the non-educated”

    The fact that vocational education or lower is clearly working class isn’t about “education equals empathy” the votes clearly show a pattern of the divide between metro (White collar professionals) and urban (blue collar workers) Which is exactly what is happening now.

    When the targets to wear the entire burden of climate change are regional physical workers of the blue collar variety, insisted upon by the “Professional workers in large cities with their choice of 4 or 5 hospitals and 24 hour convenience of everything in life – its a very privileged position and that will be and was met with mass resistance. No one cares about a complex suite of progressive policies if they think the enviros will shut down their workplace and in these regions that is the same as shutting down the town.

    The urban vs metro worker divide is the greatest challenge for Labor. Shorten had to Unite the party. Albo has the extremely tough job of uniting divided workers.

  14. Kaye Lee


    Adani wasn’t, and isn’t, open so no-one was losing a job. If the Galilee Basin is developed, there will be job losses in the Surat and Bowen Basins and the Hunter.

    Jobs are indeed important but new jobs won’t come from coal-mining where new mines will be more automated than current ones.

    We need real jobs, not Adani’s fake ones in an industry in decline.

  15. paul walter

    re Kaye Lee, 8’29, Is there not an elephant in the room on one wants to acknowledge?

    The utter spasticity of large chunks of the Australian public…their myopia, greed for shiny things and utter lack of generosity and lack of foresight and imagination?

    Trish, maybe the urban white collars need to be less self absorbed and a bit more empathic.

    Perhaps they ought to read up a bit learn who peddles the night-terrors about the enviro and realise there wont be an Australia or world if people stay in denial on environment?

    I will say that word again. “Environment”. So much of economics goes with it, so much trashed for a few IPA and offshore carpetbaggers.

  16. paul walter

    Just thought, Labor is supposed to represent precisely the workers thrown out of work by globalisation, visa labor etc?

    So what was Richard Marles on about this week as to giving way to Indonesia on the import of foreign workers to secure an FTA when so many aussie blue collars cant find work and remain terrorised by ROBO debt?

    F…..d if I can work out above comments.

  17. Kaye Lee

    There are currently 1.4 million people with temporary visas with work rights in Australia.

  18. paul walter

    Thanks. I dont think a frustrated drinking bout would have done my head much good.

  19. paul walter

    It is true that we are not only expected to import unemployment but pay for it.

    Gee, that last mushroom trip is lasting a long time.

  20. Trish Corry

    Such a privileged ignorant stance from the Kaye and Paul show. Maybe spend some time understanding the complexity of the areas you are targeting to wear the entire burden of climate change, before your trot out the great big intangible concepts and platitudes about jobs.

    It’s extremely interesting that no one insisting the entire burden of climate change be the responsibility of the regions, has done any in-depth analysis, engaged with these communities, mayors, leaders and businesses to demonstrate how easy this will be or how these “nice” jobs will just appear and no harm done.

    If they did, they would not be able to demonstrate such a thing and we would be forced to talk about the ugly consequences of this.

    If people Cared about jobs like they say when they are pushed on it, they would’ve been reacting in distress and angst trying to force the government to diversify and invest in local regional economies for job competition regardless of climate change as I’ve been saying for years. Because if they truly believe in the decline they truly believe that the market will decide or whether the environmentalist win beforehand. it’s what I’ve been saying all along. Which is conveniently misconstrued by The environmental left as coal loving. These people would not be trotting out intangible concepts and platitudes and excuses and deflections. They would be deeply concerned and distressed about jobs but they are not and that is called privilege.

    The fact is you don’t give a stuff as long as you don’t have to give up a thing.

    And that’s called privilege.

    And don’t even bother with responding with the US new green deal or the greens transition document because they have not engaged with the communities you expect to wear the entire burden of climate change. They are constantly denying the affected communities to have agency as participants of change.

    And that is called privilege.

    And those that advocate that ceasing growth of industry does not matter in regions where unemployment is 6% and youth unemployment is in double figures, with nothing else to replace that, is either an idiot or extremely privileged.

    One thing Joe understands more than most people who comment on this site is the working class. it’s a shame more people don’t. It is disgusting that he is ridiculed for it.

  21. DrakeN

    Paul Walter: “The utter spasticity of large chunks of the Australian public…their myopia, greed for shiny things and utter lack of generosity and lack of foresight and imagination?”

    Something which both Joe and Trish Corry are careful to avoid mentioning.

    But then they are securely anchored in past eras; fighting past “class wars” as if the parameters of wealth and poverty, manual vs. clerical, etc have not shifted dramatically over the last several decades.

    Since the beginnings of my political interest in the 1960s the glaring changes have been in the ability of wealthy people to convince poorer ones that only the processes of unconstrained capitalism can advance the wellbeing of the whole community.
    Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Regan were merely the figureheads of the vessel of avarice which still sails serenely over the mass of the swimmers in the ocean on which they travel.

    Too many of the politically unaware are prepared to cheer the captains of industry for not actually driving them into poverty in the way which they done to other individuals in the same “poor and undeserving” cohort which are demonised and detested by both master and crew of this ship of shame.

    It’s is rightly described as “turkeys voting for Xmas”: Or “Sheeple” happily being fleeced and eventually butchered for the benefits of the “Good Shepherds”; happy to be gifted the crumbs from the tables of their “Elders and Betters” with nary a thought for the future.

    If it were not so, the mendacious issuers of easy Credit would never have succeeded in raising the level of person debt to its current obscene level.

    “Buy now, Pay later” has even become an essential way of life for so many folk whose income never, not ever, matched the realities of their income streams.

  22. DrakeN

    Trish Corry: “The fact is you don’t give a stuff as long as you don’t have to give up a thing.”

    Rather like the guy in the HiVis vest, manual worker on over $200,000.00 a year in the Qld mine.

    A classic case of: “The working class can kiss my arse; I’ve got the foreman’s job at last.”

    I possibly known as much about the “working class” world – I was born into it – a war baby born of a builders’ labourer father and a domestic servant mother – as either Trish or Joe, but I do not have the advantage of their ‘balance’ – chips on both shoulders.

  23. Joseph Carli

    DrakeN…: ” But then they are securely anchored in past eras; fighting past “class wars” as if the parameters of wealth and poverty, manual vs. clerical, etc have not shifted dramatically over the last several decades.”….and yet we see those same middle-class “warriors” wanting and doing the cutting of penalty rates for many workers..so they can raise profit levels…if THAT is not a “class-war” action, then what is?

    ““Buy now, Pay later” has even become an essential way of life for so many folk whose income never, not ever, matched the realities of their income streams.”…….When the cost of food for a family exceeds the budget capability of a low-income worker…perhaps one of those who had their penalty rates cut…then the credit card, pay-day lender or the pawnbroker is the only option…how did you get by, DrakeN?.

    The only people I have met from the working classes who now pour scorn on those struggling with poverty..of whatever circumstance…are those who were/are ashamed of their birth status.

  24. Kaye Lee

    “Such a privileged ignorant stance from the Kaye and Paul show.”

    For heavens sake Trish. Do you EVER discuss a topic without spewing personal bile?

    If YOU actually cared about jobs you would not be pretending that coal-mining is the answer. You would acknowledge the threat to tourism and agriculture jobs posed by climate change. You would, instead of attacking those who see the necessity of moving away from fossil fuels, be making suggestions about employment opportunities.

    An obvious start is the renewable energy industry. The Productivity Commission said 1 in 5 new jobs would come from the NDIS rollout. Mine remediation, perhaps small-scale pumped hydro if the terrain is appropriate. Education and research. Ecotourism. Recycling. Aged care. Child care. Decentralisation of public service. Infrastructure. High speed rail. The arts.

    It is hard to compete in manufacturing industries unless we get innovative.

    We need suggestions, not spite.

  25. Joseph Carli

    ” . . . You would, instead of attacking those who see the necessity of moving away from fossil fuels, be making suggestions about employment opportunities.

    An obvious start is the renewable energy industry. The Productivity Commission said 1 in 5 new jobs would come from the NDIS rollout. Mine remediation, perhaps small-scale pumped hydro if the terrain is appropriate. Education and research. Ecotourism. Recycling. Aged care. Child care. Decentralisation of public service. Infrastructure. High speed rail. The arts.”

    When an entire region is evolved from, supplies to, caters for workers of, lives, breathes and feeds from a specific industry, be it agriculture in a now marginal farming community..and THAT could be from a variety of reasons…be it even a now defunct fettlers settlement or perhaps speciality hand made craft production….to change overnight invites calamity and disaster on personal, social, economic levels that have been seen to result in many and varied policing dramas…

    All I have heard Trish call for is a steady, steady approach to such a shift…sure, she does it in passionate voice..as is her right…but to those who cheer for the end of an era in many regional towns and communities from their ivory towers of scented oils and tantric chanting…I ask..in reference to perhaps YOURSELF being suddenly one day dropped into the deep end of the pool…; “How long can you tread water?”

  26. DrakeN

    ” …are those who are shamed of their birth status?”

    Bollocks by the bucketful, Joe, as bloody usual.

    I am proud of my societal origins, proud of my my parents efforts to raise us with a sense of social and communal responsibility, and proud of the fact that we and our families, are able to continue modestly happy lifestyles on the bases of humble beginnings.
    All that despite serious and chronic illnesses, some of which can be credited to the impoverished lifestyles of those anticedents who suffered greviously during Victorian times, two world wars, the ‘depression’ years and miners’ strikes of the 1930s.

    Indeed, I do not care about ‘jobs’; what I truly care about is people having both a decent income and the wit to use it well.

    That a Class war exists is beyond doubt, but as the multi-billionaire Warren Buffett clearly stated: “It is my Class that is winning.”

    “Jobs” in the main are waged slavery; people’s work and effort being used by those with Capital to further their own interests, and are rarely actually profitable, financially or spiritually, for the individual employee.

    Blinkers off, Joe – it’s time to shed the narrow shell of obsolete dogma and to grow into a more fitting skin of present day reality – a need for greater egalitarianism and a more just distribution of the wealth of the world across the whole of the population – human, animal, avian, piscean, and vegetable.

  27. Kaye Lee

    We could also do well at biotechnology – number 3 on your list Michael.

    “Biotechnology is extremely useful in the modern day as it can be used to generate higher crop yields, which is crucial in a world where the population is rapidly increasing. Moreover, biotechnology can cure genetic diseases by manipulating genes, improving the quality of countless people’s lives. The need for biotechnology is in such high demand that the market is estimated to be worth $727.1bn by 2025 with a growth rate of 7.4 percent.”

  28. DrakeN

    Michael @ 5:08 pm.

    Yes that is absolutely true, but it requires those who have the capacity to change into them to do so, and for them to support those who need extra help during such transition.

    “The Price of Progress is the Pain of Change” is one of my favourite mantras, as is my conviction that far too many people are not prepared to pay that price nor to endure a bit of pain in order to achieve better things.

    “I deserve better than this.” has to be justified by taking the necessary actions to prove it.
    Leaving the proverbial ‘comfort zone’ is often absolutely essential for any progress to be made.

  29. Kaye Lee

    Joseph, we are talking about not opening NEW mines. That is not changing anything at all.

  30. Joseph Carli

    DrakeN..: ” Something which both Joe and Trish Corry are careful to avoid mentioning.

    But then they are securely anchored in past eras; fighting past “class wars” as if the parameters of wealth and poverty, manual vs. clerical, etc have not shifted dramatically over the last several decades.”

    And then there is this but a moment later..: “That a Class war exists is beyond doubt, but as the multi-billionaire Warren Buffett clearly stated: “It is my Class that is winning.”…….”

    Just WHAT is your position, DrakeN…because I’m damned if I can make out where you are coming from or going to!

  31. DrakeN

    Joe, the fact that you are unable to comprehend clearly written text says quite a lot about you.

    There are two classes, the already wealthy and priviledged, and the rest of us.

    “Middle Class” has no meaning in todays context, and “Working Class” is exclusive of what might be referred to as “Poor Class”.
    It’s all out of date, rubbish, irrelevant, bullshit rhetoric for the sake of sounding clever, witty and involved.
    Yours is an inverted snobbery, ignoring those who have no work, those who no longer have work, those who will never be able to work, etc. so on and so forth.

    You have an elevated opinion of yourself and your intellectualising.

    As for my position; I laid it out quite clearly: “– a need for greater egalitarianism and a more just distribution of the wealth of the world across the whole of the population – human, animal, avian, piscean, and vegetable.”
    Which, by definition, includes your imaginary “working class”.
    Everyone who derives an income from being employed by someone else is per se “Working Class”.

    Get over yourself and your imagined intellectualism: Open your eyes to what is actually going on and stop being taken for a fool by those whose intentions are to divide person against person for the sake of personal advantage.
    You are being conned.

  32. Joseph Carli

    DrakeN…do you have a distant cousin named “Corvus Boreus”?…or perhaps..”Kronomex”?….because your “dialect” sounds about the same…

  33. Joseph Carli

    Look..I can see that tempers are flaring somewhat, so let’s just turn the tone down a decible or two an’ I’ll tell you a yarn….why not?…as Bazza Humphries says..it’s a comfort to be in the cheering up business..

    “Static Electricity”.

    I hope I have not given the impression that the only intellectual activity in the front bar of the Seacliff Hotel was “bending the elbow”…and getting inebriated?….I would like to assert that, like many front bars dotted about this great country, a good deal of instructive and philosophical comment was conducted on any given night of the week in that establishment…I would like to assert that..I really would….why, it would not surprise me in the least that the great discovery of the healing mould from which Florey extracted penicillin was not in a Petri-dish in his sterile laboratory, but rather scraped from the underside of a drinks-coaster surreptitiously slipped into his hip pocket by the very same Florey from down the local hostelry.

    The front-bar of “The Cliff” had it’s own level of curious and investigative clientele right there on the spot…amazing revelation was not a stranger to that den of iniquity…there were things….strange things.. For instance, there was the night of Mick’s discovery of anti-gravity. It happened like this..:

    Mick, in the middle of a discussion group debating the case of whether the Morris Minor 850. was the better than the Datsun 120Y. in both acceleration and cornering capability, suddenly felt the urge for “ablution”, excused himself with a polite “gotta have a leak” and made for the men’s toilet there just behind them…taking his pint-glass of beer with him because he was too lazy to place it on the busy bar, he alone, fronted the porcelain…the old ceramic urinal was in the corner, and as every male knows, you have to go to the least exposure risk place while “shaking hands with your first lover”…there, while doing his business, Mick leaned with his pint glass held pressed into the corner of the walls..the plaster there being softened from years of warmth and steamy moisture had become somewhat softer, so when Mick leaned his weight against the pint-glass pressed into the corner the plaster “gave” a tad so that the glass became “wedged” into the corner..at least, that is what a “novice” like myself would have concluded..A curious and investigative mind such as Mick’s concluded differently. When he zipped up and pulled away from the urinal and the wall, the glass stayed there, suspended, unaided by anything visible to the naked eye…almost like anti-gravity!….Now, Mick was already given to occult-like sympathies..”the paranormal” was normal to Mick…to inform that he once gaily announced to his mate ; Mark that when he and Tracey have a child they will call HIM “Andromeda”..well?

    “Have a look at this!” Mick announced loudly from the door of the men’s toilet..indeed, there was hesitation…then as the obvious faded and curiosity took over the crowd surged toward the doorway…there being room only for a small number to enter, the crowding was extreme, the interest also…the general hubbub of opinion on “what was the power?” suspending the pint-glass of beer mid-wall, mid-air as the case may be was discussed…many worthy theories were put forward and rejected with equal intelligence…until, in a moments pause in the hubbub, the high, falsetto voice of Jeff Otto sang above the crowd…

    “Static electricity”….

    There was a gasp of wonder at the obvious simplistic truth of this explanation that solved the puzzle and the crowd, in accepting the obvious resolution quickly drifted back to their previous conversations at the bar.

    And throughout the rest of the night, in those curious hushes that every now and then descend upon crowd chatter, Jeff Otto’s attractive falsetto could be heard to pronounce in a now more confident assertion…

    “Yep!…that’s what it was…static electricity..simple, when you think on it !”

  34. Joseph Carli

    There seems to be a consistent cabal around the intent of a “get Trish” campaign…or a “get Joe” campaign…because somehow, it has been deemed that either Trish or myself are responsible for framing and instituting social policy and laws that restrict freedom of expression….I think there needs to be some stepping back and reflection on some people’s intent and direction…or to put it bluntly..get a life!

  35. paul walter

    Really? Isnt that a little paranoiac?

    Break the psychosis and engage rather than isolate or blank out others, as Trish does in her perpetual avoidance of communication with the rest in perversely propagandising. for whatever good or ignoble reason, the unnacceptble.
    who knows, may be you, too, will learn something new that liberates from a straight-jacketed weltanschauung. “ALP right or wrong” is so lazy. so limiting.

    It needs salvaging, not reinforcing of denial until it collapses under the weight of its own illusions.

    Realise what has happened to Labor and work with the rest of us to get it out of psychosis and back on track.

    The likes of Palazczuk, Marles, Sussex St right wing types etc are captured and brainwashed components of the repressive hegemonic apparatus and eye-covering with hands does not prevent or obviate action as to the mistakes of recent times and the need for urgent responses to them.

  36. Kaye Lee

    That is the problem Paul – making any suggestions on how Labor could improve is seen as some sort of treason.

    On the AIMN facebook page, in response to my article about Labor losing their nerve, Trish wrote “Kaye is a Labor hating shill who only writes to appeal to the “Liberal and Labor are both the same and never question anything, as long as it’s bashing Labor, fan base” Anything I write positive about Labor she absolutely hammers to try to discredit. People like her want anyone in but Labor. ”


  37. paul walter

    They know there is a problem..why else do they keep to certain points and pointedly avoid engagement.

    They are not trying to convince through facts and reason so much as the employ of tabloid technique to hassle, trick and impose conformity.

    But is the question that keeps following me like a shadow, is why. Why flog something at odds with the facts when it would be so much better to face up, accept the truth and move from that point.

    Surely their task is not that of the paid tabloid shill, the modern Eichmann, or is it that Denial is too wide a river for some to cross? Wouldn’t want them for negotiators to prevent a world war.

    Is there something I’ve missed, they are tabloid persuader charlatans or just shit (un) communicators?

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