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The sooner Tony Abbott goes the better

boy2 Abbott’s decision to simply change the mix of asylum seekers we take rather than increase the overall total again places him on the wrong side of public opinion. It is an unsympathetic, lukewarm response to a problem of enormous humane proportion and as such required a response that in another time have might have been filled with the Australian compassion I grew up with.

But of course had he agreed to take Syrians who had escaped by boat would have placed him in an invidious position. Australia deserves better than Tony Abbott. He is a combative PM who uses language with an inference that leadership is about being tough above all else. There are those on the left who want him around for the next election. I want him to go without delay.



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  1. James Mason

    Totally agree John … I want him and his cohorts gone .. Yesterday.

  2. stephentardrew

    Lets face it he is devious lying egotist and if he thinks that people will support immortality he will take that position and do everything he can to magnify those unethical drives and attitudes to maintain his perceived advantage with this cohort. He is the most cynical exploiter of suffering this country has ever seen.

    He does not know what it means to take a moral stand in the face of goodness rather than political expediency. Furthermore he does not care one iota.

    That people can support a compulsive liar is beyond belief.

    Greed is good and ethics something to exploit for your own means.

  3. mars08


    He does not know what it means to take a moral stand in the face of goodness rather than political expediency…

    But hey…. did you hear the opposition leader, Blink Shrunken, give a powerful, moving, passionate speech outside parliament house this morning?

    No? oh…. what a surprise!!!!

    F*&k the lot of ’em!

  4. stephentardrew

    Agreed Mars08 however that is another issue of monumental importance to progressives.

  5. mars08

    @stephentardrew…. unfortunately, it’s pretty much part of the SAME problem… The ALP has loudly and publicly shackled itself to Abbott’s policies on national security and asylum seekers.

  6. Loz

    But who would replace him? Not asbestos Julie surely whose vice captain’s pick is Andrew Hastie the ex soldier. As for Scott Morrison, oh no no no! Then again there is Turnbull who (in my opinion) stands for nothing at the moment. So if there is any possible chance that the LNP will win the election with any of these three, then let Abbott stay.

  7. Clean livin

    Join the club. The guy is an arsehole, and that is being nice!

    As he once said, “shit happens”, but it doesn’t, it’s caused by arseholes, and he is the proof!!!

  8. jim

    Well before this dreadful episode of deaths of baby asylum seekers etc… BEFORE Abbott begged America to let him bomb Syria, Bill Shorten said this at the 47th ALP meeting, Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten kicked off the day with a speech outlining his position on asylum seekers. Amongst other things, he spoke about doubling Australia’s annual humanitarian refugee intake to 27,000 by 2025. , The same Bill who is married to Chloe Bryce you know the daughter of the last Governor General Quentin Bryce gosh he must be a riff raffe don’t you think?

  9. John Kelly

    Yes, get rid of him. I would rather he go now, than wait for an election.

  10. Shevill

    I would very much like to see him (Abbott) go in the same way his mentor (Johnny Howard) went, lose the election and his seat, gone for good However, who replaces him?? Look at the tonnage of bombs dropped on Germany WWII, it did not end the war.

  11. Linda

    He is an appalling person and leader for sure, but he is just the figurehead of a whole bunch of equally morally bankrupt, opportunistic narcissistic Murdoch serving neocons with hardly a heart cell between them …..we would just get another appalling excuse for humanity and the country would breathe a sigh of relief, the media would say. ” we need to give them a chance to prove etc etc ” and nothing would change ……we would bomb Syria and anywhere else that suited us, they would distract the masses with flags and jingos, beat up on refugees, especially those on Manus and Nauru and continue to manipulate and lie , destroy the environment, pander to Uncle Rupert, and continue signing various trade deals that would benefit big corporations and NOTHING WOULD CHANGE . Bill Shorten and his band of Shadows, including the Scott Morrison / Dutton light variety of Immigration Spokesperson Marles, will, apart from some illusory window dressing like appointing a Childrens Commisioner too oversee the lives of the poor little wretches stilll imprisoned offshore, and an increase in refugee numbers to be reached AFTER 10 YEARS ( big deal ), will provide a marginally better form of government and will continue in much he same vein along with the business of lining their own priveledged nests .The whole lot of them with a few exceptions need to be turfed out of their cosy , costly seats in Canberra . .

  12. randalstella

    Abbott is only one of the shocking mob in power. He might be the worst, but that also is debatable. For example Turnbull smirked his way through the sabotage of the NBN – with lies and bluster. And he was a sneaky liar when last their Leader.
    If Abbott goes now or soon – say, post-Canning – the gangsters’ electoral chances will greatly improve. I don’t want the gangsters anywhere near Government again for as long as possible. They need to lose the next election badly; against a very pale Opposition. For this, having put up with this repellent fellow for so long, I would like him to hang on ’til the next election. It is not a hard point to understand.
    Then, we might start improving the Labor Party – who are afraid of the very voters who support him. If there is a close election result for Labor, things will be too muddied,and they will not improve.
    If the Libs win again, unmitigated disaster – whether the PM is the present oaf or one of the other lying crooks. They are all repellent and dangerous louses.

  13. Matters Not

    I would like him to hang on ’til the next election

    Can only agree! While Abbott may be the ‘ugly face’ that can’t ‘present’, ‘sell’ or whatever, it’s the underlying ideology that’s the real problem. It’s the ‘ideology’ that’s the deep and significant issue. Let’s not tilt at the windmills.

    Abbott is the best friend any alternative view of the world will ever have. Leave him right where he is and ‘let him be done slowly’, as Keating would aver.

  14. kerri

    Well said John! When Abbott announced the “increase” in Syrian refugees I was momentarily enthused to hear a journo pick up on the lie that it would be a shift of intake not an increase! The man is a born deceiver.
    My second thought was how long will it take for riots to break out on Nauru and Manus and rightfully so!
    The refugees being denied entey so that they can act as an object lesson have just been shoved back in the queue and it will not be pretty!!!
    Also read this in yesterday’s Saturday Paper” regarding accepted asylum seekers who have been contacted and told their citizenship ceremony has been cancelled in spite of their successful application for citizenship.

    “The common thread between these people is that the vast majority of them arrived seeking protection in Australia by boat,” the council’s chief executive, Paul Power, says. “The evidence we have collated suggests this denial of citizenship for those who arrived by boat appears to have started around the time the present government was elected. We have contacted the minister for immigration to clarify if there has been a change of policy, because nothing on this front has been made public. He has not responded as yet.

  15. eli nes

    it was so awful to see the man openly display how he considers himself a caring australian with empathy.
    he makes me so sad that such an amoral indoctrinated fool could lie so openly believing his words were true.
    labor needs to investigate ‘amorality’ to trash the man and forget niceities to go for robb’s fta tariff agenda and list the jobs that chinese workers will not need competency tests.
    ps matters not if there was any chance of ‘done slowly’ the rabbott would be a crisp but he isn’t and the media wont do labor’s work for him. If you heard karl on hockey or nikki on onsiders the antipathy is there but needs an active push every day chip by chip

  16. OzFenric

    Abbott (and Shorten) are appealing to particular groups of voters in the cynical certainty that their respective constituents will vote for them, no matter what. The fact is that inhumanity wins Australian votes. I wish it were not so, but there is no other explanation for the policy positions of the Coalition and, to a lesser extent, Labor. Gay marriage, asylum seekers, trade agreements and support for coal: while a majority of Australians might wish with their hearts, they’ll continue to vote with their genes.
    And if Abbott were to go now, it would be probably the worst outcome. Whoever the new leader was could get away with close to murder and continue to promote themselves as “not as bad as Abbott”. By the time the public woke up to the fact that yes, they were indeed as bad as Abbott in a policy sense, it would be well after the next election and into another Coalition term of government. I don’t think any of us want that.

  17. Liz thornton

    Look…This minister sat in front of Kerry O,Brian and stated that without him having sworn on the bible,nothing he said could be taken as “Gospel”
    Why on earth are people surprised He lies.He lies,He lies.Lying is his art form and Howard a wonderful mentor but more clever and devious.
    Turnbull is smart enough to turn the boat around but he sells his soul too readily to any opportunity

  18. Ruth L

    Hear! Hear!
    What have we done to deserve this shocking excuse for a PM ?

  19. corvus boreus

    We have allowed our fellow country-folk to harbour and spread the kind of moral turpitude that the greedy, lying, sledging, cheating, sexist, bigoted and ignorant creep in the blue tie represents.
    I, for one, am guilty of walking past such low standard without giving censure.
    You did ask.

  20. Peter F

    @Loz: Turnbull is playing the same low key game as Shorten because he knows how Abbott will do whatever it takes to destroy anyone ANYONE who speaks up

  21. M-R

    I think Mars08 says it all – for me, anyway.

  22. Paddy Forsayeth

    I am reminded of the science/ biology observation that the first organ in the body to form is the arsehole. We can assume that Abbott never did properly develop past that ! Howard was an insidious and persuasive liar but his protege is a Rhodes scholar in the art of deceit, dissembling, distortion, lies, obfuscation, etc. The scary bit is that Abbott really believes he is truthful ! When we experience being raised as a Catholics (or any other religion) and escape from it, we are not surprised that there is entrenched ability to promote faith as fact, ideology as agenda and illusion as vision.
    Could someone shove a catheter up Shorten to stiffen his backbone…a sort of spinal viagra, to at least bring about a long enough erection to last past the next election ! Time to bang the table folks !

  23. David Bruce

    As the Prime Minister in charge of war preparations, he seems ideally suited to lead us from the front line? Hope he won’t become the first victim of fracticide in the fog of war? 😉

  24. Bronte ALLAN


  25. Christine Farmer

    I am convinced that Abbott is only saying Australia will take 12,000 Syrian asylum seekers as a screen for what he really wants to do, viz., bomb Syria. And while the bombers are apparently already at work, we haven’t been told when any asylum seekers will arrive, nor do we know over what length of time this will happen. Will any be here by Christmas? I n a year’s time? Or will so many hurdles be put in their way that the whole idea disappears into the general morass of things which have been promised, but have ended up on the back burner? On past experience I know what my money would be on.

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