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The shameless perfidy of Scott Morrison’s latest claims about emissions reduction

The Liar from the Shire has sunk to new depths – ok, maybe not new – with his ridiculous claim that “Emissions today are 50 million tonnes less on average each year under our government than under the previous government.”

This crap should be used in school maths classes as an example of how data can be manipulated to mislead.

The latest release tracking Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions includes a table of emissions for each financial year.

Emissions to the end of June 2007 were 627.0 Mt CO2-e.  Six years later, they were 537.6, and 533.9 a year after that when the carbon price was repealed in 2014.

In the year ending September 30, 2019, they were 530.8.

To save you doing the sums, under Labor policies, emissions reduced by over 93 Mt CO2-e.  Since the Coalition “axed the tax” almost six years ago, emissions have reduced by about 3 Mt CO2-e.

But hey ScottyFromMarketing, run with that line if you want.  Get Angus to say it too.

Because we ALL know how trustworthy you two are.

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  1. Pingback: The shameless perfidy of Scott Morrison’s latest claims about emissions reduction #auspol - News Oz

  2. whatever

    I am beginning to wonder just what our schoolkids think of these lying, spiteful creeps we have elected.
    Most of the current Frontbench would qualify as the “Stranger Danger” type, untrustworthy at any level.

    Barnaby should be presented as the drunken weirdo you should NEVER be alone with.

  3. ajogrady

    Scotty from marketing is the vile swollen and painful haemorrhoid on the rancid faeces encrusted arse whole of the flatulent L/NP.

  4. Ken

    More smoke and mirrors by ScottyFromMarketing

  5. New England Cocky

    If Smirkie Sacked from Marketing is the best “leader” that the Liarbral Nazianal$ aka “Socialists for the Rich” can find then Australian voters are in desperate straits.

  6. whatever

    I don’t know about the ‘ScottyFromMarketing’ tag, I prefer ‘ScottyWhoShouldBeATraineeAtBunnings’.

    Any predictions about what Fran Kelly can possibly invoke as ‘Good News for the Govt.’ on Monday morning?

  7. 3poodles

    The “honorable member, our prime minister, our leader” i just pewked………..sorry. And i feel helpless to change this, as voters revote him and his toxic colleagues again and again back to canberra. In some cases, ie, dutton,joyce,christenson etc, with INCREASED margins, this just blows my mind. We australians must truly be as dumb as dog shit.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of Barnaby, apparently Llew O’Brien has hired Vikki Campion.

  9. Frank Smith

    A freshly minted Deputy Speaker needs a Public Relations Consultant Kaye Lee. And it just happens that the Nats re-aspiring former Leader and mate has a current wife that fits the bill perfectly. A new wriggle in that it is a “job for the girls” this time.
    Your Liar from the Shire fits the situation perfectly.

  10. Fergy Nell

    My mother used to say ‘God helps those that help themselves!’
    The Coalition takes that pithy saying to heart and it’s members help themselves to everybody else’s wealth.

  11. Harry Lime

    I look forward to a new take on “Death of a Salesman” based on the antics of the current ,treacherous tosspots.There would, of necessity be a lot more characters than the original,probably enough material for several seasons,like “Breaking Bad”.
    Arthur Miller would be dumbfounded.The real life consequences of these incompetent fools is yet to be fully felt.

  12. TuffGuy

    I sit here waiting for SOMEONE (from a press gallery or in parliament or on TV) to wave those figures in front of his smirking face and ask him where he got his number from and to show the evidence.
    There just has to be a point at some time that he or his fellow fascists are publicly called out on their lies with real evidence, if only just to prove to their nazi sympathisers that they are full of shit.

  13. Lambchop Simnel

    Yes, Kaye Lee.

    Keeps it “in the family”, so to speak.

    Like you say Fergy,
    “Whats mine is mine and whats yours, is mine”.

    Thrifty to a fault with their own money, very generous with OP’s. I’ve had neighbours like it and comes the time, they have to be shifted of the front veranda, or you go broke, never rid of them.

    Wonder if they’ll aggravate Bridget too far, fond hope, but could come back to bite them now she’s button holed them for liars. They give her sh-t she might go indie and that would be no good for senate votes, all the nasty legislation they’re so keen to push through.

    Live in hope, die in despair, I suppose.

  14. Fergy Nell

    When it’s all over, and they are voted out, every fucking one of them will settle into sinecures or retire to properties they have acquired by fraud or technical theft of public moneys and assets. When the next federal election is due and they think, again, that they are rooted, they will stash a crony into every conceivable nook, cranny, corporate board or ambassadorial niche; sticky-fingered scumbags, every one.
    Effing Queensland has 23 of them, plus the henna’ed harridan and her lice.

  15. New England Cocky

    @Kaye Lee: Well Barnyard’s bit of fluff has dropped the bastards and can now return to work adding to the payouts from the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme claimed By barnyard. I wonder, will he be doing the baby sitting at home when she is out at work, or, will they employ nanny? My Lord, how the money rolls in, rolls in ….. ahhh … Socialism for the Rich has a fresh meaning here.

  16. Fergy Nell

    I hope her new workplace has a sturdy desk…

  17. John OCallaghan

    This rabble who call themselves a Government are some of the most vile obnoxious corrupt creatures on the planet and i dont say that lightly…..

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