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  1. Billy moir

    It was very sad, when the rabbott and his joey continually lied about Swan’s and Labor’s management of the economy and neither news corp or ABC journalists nor the lemon (rudd) challenged their lies. Now that negative tactic, plus the white-anting of the lemon et al, has left the rabbott in a position to reap the social and economic benefits left by a Labor team, led by Gillard and Swan, plus the outstanding contribution of Windsor and Oakeschott, over last three years. The most blatant serve of bulldust rupert and the rabbott threw into our eyes was ‘debt’ where, those too frightened to risk their beliefs or too un-educated to check whenever joey compared us with other economies, were tricked into ‘truth’. We were given a constant barrage of the disingenuous ravings of the shadow treasurer quoting, at best figures out of context, but usually deliberate, nasty misinformation. Now, recognising there is no crisis of debt, mealy mouthed joey is going to borrow and sell. a good bet is, he is going to lower the hecs collecting wage. Perhaps he can sell the debt to a big business like a fast food chain or supermarket chain, where many workers have to get a top up from centre link to make ends meet. How about this scheme, joey? Sell the hecs debt and let investors take 10% from any earnings, no matter how small, of those with debts and subsidise their wages from the extra taxes you charge those workers who were conned by your rhetoric and rupert’s headlines. It would be perfect justice if you could allow the rabbott to overtake little johnny howard, as the greatest tax collector, the greatest deficit treasurer and most profligate politician in Australian history. I can hardly wait. So, please tony don’t cock it up by talking to the media. Just wave your hands and quote bjelkie ‘don’t you chooks worry about that!’ ‘Youyouyou’ll just you wait and see’.

  2. Dagney J. Taggart

    Any rise in government secrecy is to be decried. We are entitled to know what things the government does in our name. Indeed, we must know, for history doesn’t accept the “but we didn’t know excuse.

    Bill beat Tony? Well, Bill is nearly ten years younger……

    I like the 14 signs of Fascism graphic in the link – remove No. 9 and it equally applies to Socialist states.

  3. Heather

    They reckon the great god of the underworld. Pluto, wore an invisible helmet.

    It is curious that people like secrecy in order to retain what they perceive as their power. Perhaps it is delusional, perhaps it is for real. Power broker types definitely tend to prefer it. The truth turns the light on to much that people may not want to see, and has a canny way of drawing out more information, which some people may not feel comfortable with. Sad for the curious kids who are growing up in a family full of secrets for generations back. for In the end nobody talks or communicates with each other. It kind of locks everyone in to the tribe too. This is what Abbott is probably on about.

    Thus we need to keep up the good work of busting out all the truths, and turn on all the lights.

  4. johnlord2013

    The secret boys club. What is it with conservatives and the word invisible.

  5. cornlegend

    Bill beat Tony?Bill is nearly ten years younger…

    Yeah but the taxpayer funded the Lycra Loonies training in marathons, fun runs bike rides etc, the length and breadth of Australia spending over $93,000 of tax payers funds in the process.
    That in my books makes him a professional rorter in training.
    If I spent $93000 on training, I’d hope to outrun an amateur in a bloody fun run.
    maybe he stopped, to calculate how much he could claim in travel accommodation etc
    I reckon, he needs to train more.
    He will be doing a lot of running and ducking once question time resumes.

  6. David

    The Cone of Silence didn’t ever work well. All will be revealed.

  7. whatismore

    Thanks Barry for the most comprehensive summary of the first 6 weeks of the coalition Government and what preceded it. There’s almost no point in appealing to the msm or the police for a fair go. Progressives must, instead, mobilise quickly for the next election with a grass roots campaign using the Indi/ Obama models.

  8. Terry2

    We need to keep the pressure up on Abbott to ensure there is some action to get this “entitlements” business sorted out. The DLP fellow on Insiders this morning made it patently clear that there were no grey areas and no ambiguities in the determining what is an allowable expense and what is not; as he said, if in doubt don’t claim it.

    Whilst I don’t doubt that Labor are a bit worried about pushing too hard as they may have some rorters in their own ranks, it is interesting that the bulk of the rorting was coming from the Liberal party, in opposition.

    With the vindictive nature of conservative politics it is understandable that public servants in Finance are reluctant to pull up politicians on dodgy claims so clearly we need independent oversight free from political pressure.

  9. Terry2

    By the way, the “Mission Volunteer Aurukun: $9870” in August 2012 should read “fishing trip with Noel Pearson”

  10. ydarcy

    They are treating us like mushrooms Keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit

  11. Ann

    I refuse to call him that as well as not use his correct name or even bother using capital letters. I call him the rabbott. His day of reckoning is coming. I’d be happy if it was next week but really want to see the shit slinging in Question Time. I’m hoping that it is the rabbott’s mob to the slaughter. Lets hope Labor is sharp
    I want to punch something when I look at him and his family.

  12. Heather

    Anne, I am the same around this guy.

    Never have I felt such an aversion to another human being, and I’ve met some crazy types along the way. There is something really weird and destructive about him. A bully and a brute to all those who wont play his game I think. A wrecking ball for the sake of grabbing power. Perhaps a typical boxer mentality, Who knows? Not a good example to the aussie male who is open to being disturbed, making them even more angry and attacking.

    Sure, the shock jocks have a lot to answer for too. And guess who is buddies with them!

  13. cassilva48

    So I wonder how liberal voters feel about that mandate!

  14. Dan Rowden

    I’d like to point out that all those who refuse to name Tony Abbott as Prime Minister or call him by his actual name are totally justifying the same treatment the conservative supporters gave to Julia Gillard. Never again do we have any basis for criticising them on that count if we engage in the same behaviour. Their disregard for Gillard was equivalent – for them – to ours for Tony Abbott. It’s irrelevant that we might think ours is justifiable and theirs was not.

  15. VoterBentleigh

    The tweeted image of the Prime Minister fire-fighting at least is proof that he is alive. Glad to see that he is doing something useful at last, because he doesn’t appear to be doing anything else of much use.

  16. cassilva48

    If he was truly genuine, he would not have broadcasted his efforts for public acclaim.

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