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The rise and rise of a new tribalism

The unifying of several unions into one “super-union” (if we are to believe the ruler’s squawkers; the MSM) has come with a new wave of enthusiasm on the part of so many workers and their supporters, but with fear and trepidation … and no doubt the already planning for its demise … by the capitalist class of right-wing government and the business community.

“United we stand … Divided we fall!” …

… Is no accidental slogan of a new age of tribalism. It was written as a centre-piece truism in historical literature; “A house divided cannot stand” , “The People united will never be defeated”. There are many, many others which proclaim the universal truth of tribal loyalty and unity. The many Indigenous peoples of so many lands know too well in this age of commodity exploitation and land stolen, that their one chance of universal survival, both cultural and physical is the continued “holding of hands” across the nation and across the picket-lines.

The unity by the Australian Indigenous peoples in their presentation of the “Uluru Statement” shows their determination for a united treaty and not for a sell-out “Wild Rivers” style of recognition … after all, what and whose is the “Sovereignty” that needs to be recognised that is already so bleedin’ obvious as the nose on ones face?

This need to reform and consolidate the numbers of unionised labour is an imperative for the equality of those workers who are the backbone of any nation, and also for those too vulnerable or afraid to speak out against exploitation by unscrupulous “business people”. For without the unity of purpose and direction, we all are easy picking for the parasites and vultures in the “League of Capital” opportunists. The too easy promotion of “You: the individual” as the means to self-aggrandised “success” belies the awful truth of how easy it is to milk and make destitute those same deluded fools who, many times coming from a class of working trades that have little or no deep knowledge of capital investment speculation, throw their lot in with those smooth talking suits who entrap many working poor into bad or even quasi-criminal investments. Some of which even capitalise on making life even worse for their “tribal cousins” still casually or part-time employed.

The methodology of those middle-class manipulators to divide the tribal unity of whatever group, is to throw the seeds of doubt into those groups … seeking out the weakest minded or the wavering wannabe “effluents” to undermine and disrupt faith and trust. The main catch-cry we hear in these times is the half-truth that; “They’re all the same” or “It can’t be changed because its human nature“ … half-truths that rely on doubt, suspicion and paranoia to push the rest of their argument along; that it is all in vain as you: the small individual will surely be let down as you are deserted by the leadership who is also only in it for the money.

What money!!? The filth of the capital class created many commissions and even royal commissions to try and pin charges of capital corruption against union leaders, political leaders and individuals in these last few years … to little or no avail. Of course, to use the old maxim; “They were thinking about their own behaviour but accusing others.” They will not stop this continued onslaught against the tribes, be they union or ethnic minorities or even the original owners of country, they have a permanent agency in the mainstream media traitors doing the dirty work for them … even the national broadcaster has now joined their ranks and continually feeds the lies and distortions that paint the tribal groups as feral and unreliable … always displaying negatives like fist-waving, shouting and marching unionists … never the smiling faces of relieved families for the returned rightful wages or conditions or time off to be with the family and loved ones. Never the “rights at work” success stories, the “equal pay for equal work” success stories … never the successful communities of indigenous peoples and settled ethnic refugees, struggling against LNP government promoted racism and bigotry … struggling against MSM promoted racism and bigotry. It is that sense and action of a age old tribalism that gives strength to community and holds a barrier against the continued onslaught of capital-based assault.

Now … more than ever, we as communities of like-minded and interested people need to dispense with the divisive rhetoric of “they’re all the same” and unite under one collective form of tribalism and with our separate cultural identities combine in the one voice of trust in the collective numbers to change the ruling class that has stolen our nation and our governance and become one solid majority to force those who represent us to step in line to the demands and wishes of this new, united tribe of “the people” and do the will of the people.

The coming together of the “Me Too” united voices, the unity of the “Uluru Statement” and the joining together of the unions must be built upon, and not allow to be suffocated by a sabotaging MSM or capitalist conspiracy to break and disrupt. The latter day rising of social media has at last given a voice to the multitude … sure and it can be sometimes a cacophony of accusative shouting and abuse … but that is the peripheral of what is most important: The clear, concise voice of the majority calling for a new unity and a new politics to govern this nation …

Its voice will not be stilled any longer … and united in voice we call to all: “JOIN THE TRIBE!”


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  1. Mark Needham

    A quote.
    ” Take care of your thoughts when you are alone.
    Take care of your words, when you are with people.”

    Me Too…..
    I reckon,
    Mark Needham

  2. Joseph Carli

    A quote.
    “Lying to oneself is but a warming-up to lie to others.
    Being a coward to oneself is but a warming-up to cowering to others”.
    You too…..
    I reckon.

  3. Mark Needham

    Nice to be able to work out, when I am telling Lies.
    That which I believe to be True, is most probably, as you say, a lie. I never profess to be “Telling The Truth”.
    I try, to converse, to learn, other thoughts, and possibly correct mine, where required.

    It must be quite a revelation and a source of Contentment, knowing, that what we assume, is in Fact…Truth.
    I reckon,
    Mark Needham
    PS. Freedom of speech, could take a hiding here, again. As before…?…!

    But, I hope not. Peace, Hey! Could we, just talk…?

  4. Diane Larsen

    Another great article and the truth should be broadcast that if you denigrate unions you need to revile all the other organised groups that are unions under the guise of different names ie the minerals council, the AMA the pharmacutical guild. unions, lobyists, business councils they are all groups that fight for their members and what they want so why the overreaching dislike of unions, it can only be fear that they may give the 80% on ordinary wages a voice so if you are part of the bulk of this country doing it tough get out there join a union and raise your voice loud and clear “what about me” we want a fair go.

  5. Joseph Carli

    Diane…we are “the tribe”…we are Union!…it is the future..

  6. Diane Larsen

    Another great article and the truth should be broadcast that if you denigrate unions you need to revile all the other organised groups that are unions under the guise of difference names ie the minerals council, the AMA the pharmacutical guild, unions, lobyists, business councils they are all groups that fight for their members and what they want so why the overreacihing dislike of unions, it can only be fear that they may give the 80% on ordinary wages a voice so if you arr part of the bulk of this country doing it tough get out there join a union and raise your voice loud and clear “what about me” we want a fair go.

  7. Joseph Carli

    ” Diane…we are “the tribe”…we are Union!…it is the future..” …well!..if Diane’s post is worth repeating, so is mine!

  8. ozibody

    Enjoyed your timely article, thank you Joseph.

    The Murdoch dominated msm has spent years actively smearing the Union movement in Australia to the point that the ‘ odium ‘ lurks under the surface in the minds of the general public.

    The neocons have executed a first class Edward Bernays job here : to the point that Murdoch press can simply use particular simple terminology to stir the pot, in a far from obvious fashion !

    Were the Union movement to institute a similar (Bernays style) P.R program thru’ Social Media to raise awareness of the strong and worthwhile aspects of Unionism in Australia – perhaps, starting with stories of Eureka Stockade, and following up with a solid ‘ good Union stories ‘ campaign , leading all the way up to the next Federal Election.

    In my humble opinion, it’s just far too easy for the msm to trot out a series of phrases they’ve established over years of smear and innuendo to downplay the Union movement – which can (& probably will ) be the vehicle to place the World back on it’s feet given half a chance !!

    With appropriate focus,the Australian Union Movement can be a strong pivot point for the Aust. Labor Party – food for thought ?

  9. Joseph Carli

    I moved the comment by : “Sir Scotchmistery” to trash as it did not mean anything at all…If “He” would like to elaborate . . . ?

  10. Sir Scotchmistery

    Apologies people. Distracted by a kangaroo nibbling my foot.

    Recent changes by way of making Getup a political organisation appear to have been missed by a lot of people.

    Unions per se represent a common interest generally at a workplace level. Getup is a grouping of politically like minded folks with a common goal of getting a decent deal for everyone rather than just Rupert Murdoch, Fatva Gina, et al, but there seems no taste for getting the right wing groups like the minerals council and other unions to toe the line.

    As a group, we thinking voters need to be having water cooler and coffee break talks and get over this nonsense about not taking politics or religion when with friends and colleagues.

    Not talking religion has led to thousands of kids being abused by priests because we didn’t talk about religion.

    It’s time we all, individually, undertook to have a conversation every day, not just with like minded people but with those from unions who are so stupid that they vote LNP.

    I can never get out of my mind that bottom feeder from the timber industry standing beside Johnny Howard. A unionist. Not a timber company twat from Gunns. Arse hole.

    The MSM are the biggest joke though. It’s why I have no respect for them. They were unionised offices. One got a contract and there went their strength and their ethics down the gurgler.

    It was unions that got wage equality for them. Now their women are the greatest threat to Australia.

  11. Joseph Carli

    Righto, Sir Scotch’..fair enough..Yes, I remember that arsehole standing next to Howard…it nearly cost me the price of a new TV set!…I hope that wanker got what he deserved.

  12. Sir Scotchmistery

    What he deserved will be managed by karma. I suspect he was too stupid to be around here. He’ll be off voting for relaxed gun laws.

  13. guest

    “Tribalism” is a strange word, Joseph. How are we to understand it when too often it suggests division into opposing cultural groups, war and primitive superstition. But you do not mean that.

    But unions themselves split into separate “tribes” according to their employment, but with a common goal to protect the worker. Nevertheless, there are those who choose not to belong to a union, but enjoy the gains made by the unions without paying dues. Some, such as self-employed tradies, see themselves as small business chaps and therefore lean to the Right in their politics, believing the Right looks after business interests better than belligerent unions.

    There is still the view that society can be divided into Lower Class, Middle Class and Upper Class, based perhaps on birth, money and aspirations.

    I have even seen adolescence divided into “tribes”, such as mods, rockers, skinheads, punks… according to musical taste and accompanying style of dress. They were keenly opposed to each other, even to the extent of fighting.

    Now I see that you, Joseph, are rather suspicious of people who make individual choices which divide. You want more tribalism. Thatcher gets some mention these days because of her idea of no society, only individuals.

    Even Paul Kelly in The Australian is presently lamenting the Coalition and what he sees as a loss of core conservative values, such as religion, family and business. He sees the Right fragments and torn asunder by individualism and a tsunami of different points of view (almost tribal in the way I described above). He claims John Howard was the ideal practical conservative leader, describing his achievements in positive terms, but which other people would describe as being pork-barreling, racist and cruel. It depends which tribe one belongs to.

    Another tribe is those who deny climate change. The business man Maurice Newman from Murdoch land is telling us now, with heavy snow in Europe, that we are approaching a mini ice age. You can see the mentality of it. Vested interests, attacks on the business model, utopian dreams of lifting millions out of poverty, making lots money…by burning coal – because CO2 has no effect on climate and is a plant food, etc, etc. Waffle waffle.

    So, what to do, Joseph? Social media and alternative media, even the ABC, are revealing ideas which abandon the “traditional” ideas attributed to certain political “tribes”. Individuals are making choices according to what they think. Paul Kelly wants a strong conservative leader (even in a changing world). You, Joseph, want a strong demagogue to lead the tradie unions in a changing world.

    I am not sure you have the numbers to take government, but loud voices are needed in order to be heard. Good luck with that. You speak with conviction.

  14. Joseph Carli

    Guest..the one common denominator I see with a certain class is the desire to cut and dice a subject till they can find an excuse NOT to follow an instinct. It is because their training has taught them most of all to doubt…to doubt even their own best instincts…When I call for “tribalism”, I am not (as is pretty obvious, I would think) referring to the ancient idea of a “tribe” as in ethnic or small cultural group…I am calling in a modern sense..a new tribalism…a gathering together of diverse groups, as you rightly assumed, to cohere for the unity of purpose as a new kind of political governance is formed that will be of better use by a greater majority..of the producing classes..United we stand!

  15. Mark Needham

    “to doubt even their own best instincts…”

    Oh, to be so sure, that my best instincts, are always so precisely and absolutely correct.

    God, move over,
    Mark Needham

  16. Joseph Carli

    Needham..Your instincts, I have read, have led you into the arms of the likes of the Larry Pickering Blog..and I don’t doubt also the Sinclair Davidson ; Catallaxy Files Blog perhaps also the Andrew Bolt Blog..where you wear a different name or gravitar…THAT is your decision and trust..MY decision and trust in MY instincts comes not from a hunger for betrayal of my social class, but from a belief in my capacity to do my best for that class.
    I am 67 years old, coming through a long working life in the building trade from the age of 14yrs…I’ve met all the good guys and all the bastards there is…I write about them sometimes right here on this’ve seen them..So when I say I do not doubt my best instincts…I mean exactly that!..I know who my friends are..YOU seem like a person who is so divided that you must be soaked in doubt..

    Go your have little to offer me…and I can never steer you straight.

  17. Roswell

    He’s such a pain isn’t he, Joe?

  18. Joseph Carli

    Yes, Roswell..and the problem is that so many just do not seem to have the strength of their convictions to trust their instincts…and it’s not that one’s instincts are always correct, and indeed one is sometimes let down by circumstances beyond one’s control , but one still has to trust the old instincts regardless and press on…doubt is the greatest enemy.

    Perhaps it is a generational thing…

  19. Mark Needham

    You will only be let down by circumstances beyond your control. That would be because you will never admit to the fact, you were possibly wrong in the first place. Having no doubt, as I said before. Marvellous, all the better for you.
    The main reason, I read, occassionally comment, even donate to this site, is for the verification, or denial of my “instincts”, to establish some modicum of possible correctness.
    Carlis idea for splitting the country up, Tribalism, not inclusiveness, is one of these. Left wing, Right wing, Unionist, allows/provides me the argument, that I am on the correct track.

    Perhaps, I will still have some doubt as to the veracity of my instincts, but to the truth in yours, well, I have no doubts as to their shortcomings, drivel, mediocrity and exclusiveness.

    The world has all sorts, I take extreme pleasure in knowing that I am not one of your sort.

    I Reckon,
    Mark Needham
    PS. I still have a copy of the deleted article, which I take great pleasure in showing friends. I mean, to have a comment deleted, is bad enough. How do you feel when a complete ‘diatribe’ is taken down. Yes, bloody disgusting, at least that is how, I hope you should feel.
    Be interesting to see how long this one lasts, before the street cleaners appear.

  20. Roswell

    Mark Needham, what deleted article?

  21. Joseph Carli

    ” The world has all sorts, I take extreme pleasure in knowing that I am not one of your sort.” …That admission on your part I will take as a compliment and congratulate you on your generosity in sharing such good news and likewise “extreme pleasure” to myself!…I thank you..

  22. Mark Needham

    My Best Friend.
    The article about an alleged diary, that was stolen and destroyed by mongrel Australians. the allegations of …..

    The day when we were attacked and removed by force to another prison camp, they entered my room and abused me both physically and verbally and destroyed my everything.
    My diary, my books, my clothes have been destroyed. I couldn’t protect my diary.
    The moment is such a painful moment. It is the worst moment when everything is going wrong but you are not able protect or fight back for your rights.
    I cried and begged them please not to destroy my diary but their only response was to abuse us as they were trained by the people who are having fun in Australian parliament house and are very happy to torture innocent lives.

    That deleted article.

    Free Speech my arse.,
    Mark Needham

  23. Mark Needham

    Closest I can find….

    Some of my best friends are corrupt
    June 7, 2014 Written by: Kaye Lee 36 Replies

    and nearly apt,
    I Reckon,
    Mark Needham

  24. Roswell

    So the site owners remove an article and your response is “free speech my arse.”

    Let me tell you that you are totally pathetic. If I had my way, you would be blocked from commenting here. Ever. Just your mere presence devalues the site. The only thing you are good at is sniping at people from the sidelines.

    Go back to the right-wing sites you are so fond of, and take your anger and hate with you. You would be welcome there.

    You are clearly not welcome here.

    I am placing you in moderation. If your comment has nothing to do with the subject or is just another snipe at someone, then the comment will be deleted. Continued abuse from you will see me appealing to the site owners to block you.

    I’ll give you “free speech my arse.”

  25. Joseph Carli

    I’m with you, Roswell…I fully remember the liberties some took with their “right” to free speech in the commentaries on that article..

  26. Roswell

    Yes indeed, Joe. Some people believe that their right to free speech includes the right to threaten and abuse people on this site. It’s not on.

  27. jimhaz

    [It is that sense and action of a age old tribalism that gives strength to community and holds a barrier against the continued onslaught of capital-based assault.]

    You would be a bigot if you do not also apply the same principle to high immigration. We the ordinary worker are being assailed by BOTH capital-based propaganda and leftie based mothering.

  28. jimhaz

    [That deleted article]

    Actually I’m not surprised it was removed. I’d say by request. It did not receive the sympathy the writer would have been seeking. I noted he linked to it on the blog it was first written for.

    Bit of a Catch 22 for the writer – too many negative possibilities for him to be open about his history and too little gain in doing so. Being too open could be deadly.

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