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The Poor Women Has A Right To A Private Life!

The media can be quite invasive. What right did they have to splash this poor woman’s personal life across their front pages and to lead with stories about her poor judgement? Ok, there may have been criminal activity involved, but is it her fault if she happens to be involved with the wrong guy.

Or guys, actually. I mean, there were several of them and not all of them were criminals. And she did reveal details about their criminal activity even though it was probably a breach of lawyer/client privilege.

I speak, of course, of Nicola Gobbo, the lawyer whose activity has possibly meant that a number of convicted criminals will have their case thrown out on appeal which means, as any George Pell supporter will tell you, that they’re innocent, so logically Gobbo hasn’t been associating with criminals at all.

Anyway, she’s not the only woman who’s been in he media spotlight for her relationships. Lately we’ve had many people arguing much the same thing about Gladys Berejiklian. After all, we’re told, she’s not responsible for what her partner does and just because people share airspace and germs, it doesn’t mean that they’ll necessarily share secrets…Particularly if one partner says that he or she doesn’t need to know about that. I mean, who among hasn’t – at some time or other – hasn’t put up their hand to stop their partner revealing the method by which they’re going to make a heap of money because it’s sometimes better just not to know.

So I think we should all just accept that a person’s sex life is their own affair and just get on with our lives and not worry about things like whether a political leader is in bed with someone guilty of corrupt behaviour. Just for clarification, I mean that literally. Obviously if they’re in bed in a metaphorical sense that would constitute corrupt behaviour on their part and nobody would be defending that.

Yes, no less a person than Scott Morrison has endorsed Gladys and said that she’s a fine person who would have had nothing to do with any of Daryl Maguire’s dodgy dealings such as his immigration scam. Just for clarification, that’s Maguire’s dodgy immigration dealings; I’m not suggesting that Morrison had any dodgy dealings while he was Immigration Minister. As we all know Morrison wouldn’t have known anything about Maguire’s dodgy dealings at the time he was Minister because at that time he was too busy stopping boats to notice anything else.

Speaking of dodgy dealings, it’s a great relief to find that once again, Liberals accused of misconduct have been cleared. Michael Sukkhar and Kevin Andrews have both been cleared of wrongdoing after the Department of Finance asked them if they’d done anything wrong and they said that they hadn’t and that there was no need to ask any of their staff because their staff would give much the same answer unless they were a disgruntled employee who was likely to lie. After such an exhaustive inquiry into branch stacking and illegal use of staff, we can forget all about this and get back to attacking Dan Andrews for a) not using police in hotel quarantine b) using police in the social housing lockdown c) not locking down soon enough to stop the second wave and d) not opening up and allowing a third wave to give the Liberals plenty of ammunition.

Anyway, I think that it’s time we just accepted that who people see in their personal life is just that and we shouldn’t be worried about whether Prince Andrew knew Geoffrey Epstein or teenage girls or whether a politician sits down to lunch with a crime figure or even if property developers have intimate Christmas dinners with politicians where they exchange gifts like paper bags and planning approvals. Let’s all agree that a person’s private life is just that and we should butt out at all times and the fact that said person happens to be in a position of power shouldn’t mean that they need to declare their relationship in case of a conflict of interest because that’s an offensive intrusion. We can surely trust people to do the right thing!

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  1. Jack Cade

    She DOES have the right to a private life. Only Labor leaders lives are allowed to be trolled, trawled and lampooned. Dunstan was pursued mercilessly by the SA media, and Rudd and Gillard were never left alone.
    I’d never vote for Berejiklian, but I think she’s been quite a good premier, in trying circumstances. But if she expects us to believe that a scumbag like her ‘numero uno’ wouldn’t try to extract useful information during pillow talk, tell her she’s dreamin’.

  2. Jack Cade

    On an old I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, they said that one of Al Capones enforcers was a Welsh man called Morgan. Morgan died in 1934, of herpes. You may say that herpes doesn’t kill you, but it does if you give it to Al Capone’s wife.
    I hope Maguire has a clean bill of health..,

  3. Caz

    I’m left wondering if Gladys has any good judgement at all. She has trashed NSW AND Sydney in particular with her insistence on passing legislation that the people do not like or want. Why would you do that? Those trees you cut down to aid the racing community. The stadium you tore down. The Land Titles Office sell off. The fiasco of Powerhouse, willow grove etc. Was Darryl whispering in your little pink ear about any of these? Your relationship with your numero uno should be the least of your troubles. The heritage houses you have destroyed, the dodgy tunnels and trains, and the list goes on. Just because you handled the bushfire and virus crisis well, does not relieve you of the responsibility of the rest of the decisions you made. I think you succeeded on those two fronts because you were only beholden to the people of NSW, not to vested interests.

  4. New England Cocky

    Now Rossleigh, you are being very generous in your understanding of the loneliness of the long term single politician but as the French Resistance discovered during WWII, the Gestapo officers gave up considerable strategic information during the post-coital period, and this seems to be the case with Aunty Gladys.

    However, the Main Stream Media-ocrity appear to have missed the significance of Gladys ”not knowing” the Leeton-based Chinese corporation UWE Hay that was purchasing and exporting oaten hay during the 2019 drought. Did she know which corporation paid airfares, accommodation & perks to an MP from outside their electorate?

    Part of the difficulty is that metropolitan journalists think Leeton is just around the corner from Wagga.

  5. wam

    hha great summary jack remember the screams by joyce for privacy.
    The fact that glad has been pilloried is pretty obvious she is a woman and a leader.
    Ithought the play of the day was about women. Just about the first thing scummo did, in 2018, was to make a big play for women’s vote by allocating cash for women that and michaelia cash announce how much has been allocated. No prise for guessing fuckall but we all knew that from torpid tanya at last year’s election

  6. Phil Pryor

    Plenty of informative comments here and something to go on, but there are mixed feelings about old Glad Legz-Apart, a normal, vulnerable, exploitable, fragile woman in a ceiling fixated panic. She cannot be trusted, (a proven koala killer and developers moll) and pretends not to have heard or known “details”. Five years of this shit and many of them after the outing and disgrace in the first round of her chap, a f——g Aussie country party dud, and have we seen a few of those arseholes. More will leak and leach as the correct christian fascist right wing gets into gear slowly to retire the broken down hack (she soon will be) and replace her with…WHO? Surely not a fascist christian right wing crook like Perrotet, a superstition drenched idiot? O’Farrell, Baird, Berejiklian, Turd (fill in name soon) is a run of rubbish, criminality, bent behaviour, people defeating dishonesty…But 2 G B, where romanist church and mafia types meet, likes that, as it’s good for business. Never mind honesty, decency, ethics, morals, that’s for suckers and ordinary voters.

  7. Florence Howarth

    Methinks the belief in Gladys credibility might have been misplaced.

  8. Jack Cade

    Meanwhile, SA’s new ICAC commissioner, Ann Vanstone (do you recognise the name?), fresh from organising the re-distribution that turned 4 marginal seats into Liberal seats at the last state election, has decided to discontinue investigation into all the Liberal country MPs plundering the ‘expenses’ coffers to the tune of many thousands of $$. Her first fucking decision after taking over the job!
    Thank heaven we don’t live in a banana republic…

  9. Jack Cade


    In Glad’s case, if the writing was not on the wall, maybe it was on the ceiling…

  10. Henry Rodrigues

    Jack C…… Oversize Mandy is the sort of former LNP apparatchik that could reliably be used to wash away the misdeeds and crook deals of the LNP. She’s Howard’s old stablemate and there’s always a overpowering stench of coalition coverup when she around. Just wish I don’t have to see her mug or hear her goddamned voice ever again.

  11. Jack Cade

    Henry Rodrigues

    I’m not sure if Ann Vanstone is Mandy’s sister or in-law. And she may be ‘Independent’, but her independence is abundantly independent Liberal.
    The entire fucking infrastructure of this country is infested with the privileged arseholes who got a free university education courtesy of the last REAL people’s government this country had before Betty B and Uncle Sam had their evil way with us.

  12. Jack sprat

    Gladys whilst treasurer under Baird’s government sold Liddell power station for one dollar to AGL and Vales Pt power station to a Tory hack for one million dollars ,which two years later was valued at 730 million dollars. Now Scummo’s govt is going to give not loan owners of Vales Pt millions to upgrade its turbines on the pretence it will reduce co2 emissions .Daryl Maquire a liberal was people smuggling citizens out of communist china for profit,how ironic. He also sought commissions for sourcing real estate deals for clients from communist china . With all this international intrigue going on and Gladys knew nothing ,they must of had pretty boring pillow talk .It will be interesting to see if Gladys’s Sgt Schultz defence holds up and she remains premier or she has a career change and becomes one of our newer ambassadors.

  13. Henry Rodrigues

    Jack C……I think I might have gotten this Ann Vanstone mixed up with other well known scounger. But a Vanstone by any other name is just as obnoxious.

  14. Jack Cade


    Whatever her status in the Vanstone nest, she has made decisions that the former politician and regular guest on ‘THEIR ABC’ would surely have made.

  15. New England Cocky

    @Jack Sprat: An astute observation.

  16. Pollietragic

    But it was touching to see the Conservative spin, a woman who’d made a dud romantic choice, no better exemplified by one Malcolm Turnbull -“she craved love”, followed by comments of what sound, competent Govt she led.

    Apparently sound competent Govt entitles you to disperse a Stronger Community Fund of $252Mill without any criteria/ process/ approval signatures, 95% to Councils in LNP electorates, timed nicely to coincide with your next election. Poor Glad herself directly approved $100Mill of this but only by eml to her policy advisor. Very sound.

    As for poor Glad’s ICAC taped comment “I don’t need to know that”, the standard you walk past is the standard you accept. If it was an ALP premier, the Murdoch media’s fever, fury and screams for resignation would be heard in Fiji.

  17. Florence Howarth

    As a public servant does she have a right to do all in secret as premier. Last threading all documents, deleting files relating the money given to councils, to help them cope with them merging.

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