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The Parliamentary Process

By Sir ScotchMistery

One of the disappointing side-effects of being underemployed through semi-retirement is the ability to forget things.

A case in point was when I got back in from taking my kangaroo for a run to find that the Parliament was being covered on ABC24, and one of the COALition tarts was throwing a Dorothy Dixer out at the member for morons; Peter Dutton MP.

Essentially the woman’s question revolved around a request for the Minister to update the house on the current state of Australia’s second genocide – against “illegal maritime arrivals” – via the good offices of “Operation Border-Farce”.

In answer to this request, the aforementioned Minister for morons began his blather with the following: “Australia’s workers have never had such a good friend as they do in the Turnbull government”.

Approximately 5 minutes later, after getting up off my knees, changing my trousers where I’d collapsed in a heap in a puddle of vomit and recovering my composure, I wondered what sort of “thought” goes through Dutton’s mind when he reads something like that which has been written for him?

I understand that members of the COALition don’t believe that members of the Australian public either a) listen to the Parliamentary broadcasts or b) watch the Parliament on the television, but I find having the television on tends to quieten the kangaroo a little bit, so I can get on with the important business of reading the Australian Independent Media Network, and working myself into a lather over my responses. But even a kangaroo can only take so much. So while she was shaking her head in disbelief, I had collapsed, thrown up and then recovered (sort of).

What sort of insane mind actually says something like that and thinks people will believe it? Why is it that nobody has identified that Dutton is as mad as a meat axe? Why is it that over the last couple of months we have frequently heard threats of Dutton becoming the next prime minister? What has Malcolm Turnbull done to upset Rupert Murdoch?

The answer is most likely “none of the above”. Even the lower intellect of the Liberal/National COALition would understand that Australia, or at least those who think, would never stand for it.

Or would we …?



  1. Andreas Bimba

    How to be PM? Promise Rupert the latest thing he wants and of course be a lier and a cheat like the rest. Prime Minister Dutton is not that much worse than Prime Minister Abbott or Trumble.

  2. Vikingduk

    Does this shit stain, this revolting slime trail, this stinking, putrid excuse for a human, have a dirt file on the LNP power brokers? Does he know where the bodies are buried? What gives this thing called dutton the power when it is widely recognised his incompetence is a polished turd winning performance, even by this government’s standards?

    Doesn’t say much, then, for those that voted this projectile vomit disguised as a man in to parliament. Says even less for the rest of us that condone our far flung gulags and the ethnic cleansing perpetrated on the victims.

    Dutton, a thing that would most definitely be improved by a baseball bat to the head.

  3. helvityni

    Who needs enemies when you have a friend like the Turnbull Government .

    I don’t know if Dutton is mad, but he certainly is BAD, the worst of all the Liberal baddies.

    If anyone ought to be put in detention, it’s the mad baddies, not naughty Aboriginal boys or innocent asylum seekers.

    Queensland is a foreign ‘country’ to me, so far I have only dared to visit Brisbane, which I quite liked.

  4. etnorb

    Sadly ALL the inept, incompetent, obscenely over-paid so-called “politicians”–of the Liberal, National, One Nation etc–are tarred with the same brush! NONE of them could lie straight in bed, have any real “knowledge” about how to run our Country, have ANY compassion for persons unemployed, low paid or on any form of Pension etc, & have already proven in the last few years that NONE of them can manage the economy properly–just think that since this effing mob came to power the so-called Labor “bad debt” has more than doubled! So much for Liberal money management! And as for who (if anyone) could ever be the next Liberal leader, I shudder to think!

  5. Sir ScotchMistery

    @VikingDuk mate… tell us what you really think..


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