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The Parable of the Patsy

Every day I care for three big warmblood horses. Every day I take them out to the paddock or groom them and change their rugs and feed them…I know them well after around twenty years of attending those horses. They can be dangerous things, horses… if you move too sudden around them, if you do something on their “blind-side” or if you treat them harshly…they will remember and they will repay you when you least expect it! And when just one rear leg is as big as a person and is all muscle… they can be deadly. Best to know what you are dealing with and act accordingly.

Take the mare, for instance, she was my horse when I used to ride…I don’t ride anymore, but she was originally broken in by a man who trained racehorses and he broke the horses in with a method of harsh discipline instead of the more favoured to me of; “conciliatory persuasion”…so she became a handful when I had to take her out after I stopped regular riding.

I believe she developed a hatred toward males due to that person’s methodology of horse breaking. I would go to the gate and she’d be there looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. I’d hook the lead-rope on the halter and then open the gate, and she’d come barrelling out like it was the Marrabel Rodeo, all bucking and double-barrelling trying to get away…and I’ll give any budding horse handler out there a bit of sage advice for when you get such a horse acting like that. Two things: Hang in there as close to its front forequarter/front leg as possible and whatever you do; DON’T LET GO OF THAT LEAD-ROPE!!

I got to thinking about the above analogy when I was responding to someone on twitter who complained about me saying that the best use for old LNP ministers was not to give them soft postings in ambassadorships, but to just get rid of the bastards…and as for Howard, we could indeed use HIM by filling his pockets full of sand and use him for a bit of sand-bagging come the next flood! There were those “forgiving” types that saw my lack of sympathy as a cruelty, rather than a condemnation, hence this article.

Let’s get this straight…Many of these old LNP “warhorses” were killers…killers in the exact meaning of the word. Howard was a killer in both a domestic sense with the policies he put in place concerning the indigenous peoples and with the plight of the refugees he abandoned to their fate, and in the illegal war, he conducted in collusion with some allies in the Middle East…and so were some other LNP ministers. Those robo-debt collections have resulted in many suicides and death by abandonment, as has the de-funded health system. You can dig around the internet to find statistics and “kill-rates” on the separate insidious actions by these killers: just Google “Democide” for a quick overview of domestic policy deaths.

So now we get many people in this nation so easily willing to “forgive and forget” those guilty parties and even to consider using the “experience gained” by those persons in positions of influence…AGAIN!  No, no…no forgiving and no forgetting…we don’t need a bunch of comfortably well-off patsies telling us what ought to be done with these killers… they need to be investigated and brought to trial.

It happened under Rudd with his lousy “Church Gate” interviews, his “piety vanity” where he left in place so many LNP appointed sleepers and they screwed him and Gillard AND the rest of us over, and then there were the Murdoch/BCA “moles”;… the “Cardinals” that white-anted both administrations and left after the damage done to take up juicy positions in the private sector. We know who were the rats, and we don’t need telling who needs condemnation or contrition.

Malcolm X explained these patsy “killer apologists” well:

The same is happening today, where we have the patsy placators coming along after the bastards have been voted out pleading the case for their “consciousness of kind” equals. ”Don’t be too hard on them” they complain or “that’s just trolling abuse”, and the best one: “We got to be better than this.” The bastards are killers…KILLERS! and the patsies say we gotta be better than this… ”Show example” is another, yeah! I’ll show an example: give me a horse-whip and ten minutes alone and I’LL show example!

Because there IS a class war going on. It has been going on for many, many decades. Look around you and you can see the damage done with the poor, the sick, the vulnerable, the rapine and plunder of our country’s resources and environment. Closer to home; the homeless, the long term unemployed, either too old or too unskilled or damaged. THEY are the “political prisoners” of a capitalist agenda.

Look to the mortgage belt homeowners and the aged, struggling to stay in their homes, working two or three jobs just to make ends meet while the bankers and so many LNP pollies swan around with bulging property portfolios in ostentatious luxury. These mortgagees are the “hostages” that capital trades with to gain political advantage in times of democratic elections. Oh, there is a class war going on all right, and it is being fought out right under our noses. If any think it is going to be won without a hard fight, a long fight played out in the political arena, on the streets and here on social media .. then they are either too blind or too naive to be aware … or they too are just another patsy.

So, no, I don’t want those “House Negroes” coming behind any radical call for investigation and enquiry into the actions of those many traitors in the conservative echelons of our State, after all, if I was to run an enterprise that drove many to suicide or harm because of the actions of my management principles in that enterprise, I’d have to answer for my failure of duty of care … so why do those ministers not also have to take responsibility?

Let the law do the required action and let the laws punish the guilty parties… Yes, let the law be done AND be SEEEEN to be done and let the citizen body look to oversee just how efficient the law goes about its required job.


“Look not to the foe’s eyes for a hint of remorse, but rather look to disarm the weapons from his hands…then, he is yours.”

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  1. Joseph Carli

    This article also was posted for editing before the election…a tragedy we cannot now expect such investigations to be carried out….and judgement to be done……..with extreme prejudice.

  2. paul walter

    Joe, just reading the papers, it’s now obvious that the election was really about an instance of criminality far beyond the imaginings of the people who put Morrison’s Mafia and exposed in the the rude effort to rush through tax cuts for the rich, with incompetent, unable to join the dots for voters, Shorten, patsied for changes to super and franking that so confused old people.

    The amount of money handed to the wealthy is already a sore example of class warfare when the people at the bottom of the heap continue to be persecuted through cuts to pension and allowances and loss of social infrastructure due to spending cuts to fund tax cuts.

    Ok, you will say even the village idiot should have understood what the Governments objectives would be, but you have to ask at how Labor failed so miserably to inform the public of the real threat.

    To shove through corporate tax cuts, how many $billions will be lost to the nation through such an upcoming act of criminal insanity?

  3. Judith

    Billions lost to the nation fighting the impact of no action on climate change.
    Billions lot to the nation in tourism, R&D on renewables, overdue dental treatments, lost productivity because of Childcare expenses, mental illness and domestic violence, multinational tax havens, homelessness as air BnBs replace long term housing…
    Don’t despair – join up! Extinction rebellion, Getup, a political party, a union…
    Join up with like minded people and keep swimming else you’ll sink along with Australia’s happiness index that hasn’t recovered since it plummeted in 2013!

  4. paul walter

    Said it all, Judith. You could add media and education dumbing down.

    Good bye democracy.


  5. New England Cocky

    Joseph, you have excelled yourself.

    @Judith: I started yesterday, one conversation at a time.

  6. Keitha Granville

    Solidarity forever people, keep on fighting. We may have lost this battle but the war goes on. Many of the criminals will never see justice, we know that. It is always the same for MPs , they never have to answer for the results of their laws and decisions. We know they will live happily ever after on their generous defined benefits at the same time as they are cutting pensions and imposing draconian restrictions and requirements on anyone daring to need help from their country.
    How have we become such a mean and nasty place?

    I won’t even start on the future of the planet. Better get moving on working out if we can live on Mars.

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