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The National Party has no environmental credibility whatsoever

The National Party has no environmental credibility whatsoever, so why do they act like they are the sole arbitrator of the process?

“For us to succeed as a party in the future, we need a credible policy on emissions reduction and broader environmental issues to engage with younger voters,” Darren Chester told Guardian Australia.

You might recall that Barnaby Joyce sacked Darren Chester when he recaptured the Leadership of the National Party. Chester is known throughout his seat of Gippsland for being a stoic sensible man who has won a Ministry portfolio a couple of times only to lose it as quickly on principle.

It seems sensible, and the National Party don’t mix. Why did Joyce sack him? Well, the Victorian National told Guardian Australia he supported the commitment by the National Farmers Federation to an economy-wide target of net carbon zero by 2050.

He characterised the NFF’s position as eminently sensible, as well as:

“… madness for regional communities and the agricultural sector to rule itself out of a [net zero] conversation prematurely when there could be opportunities for increasing sustainability by being part of the solution.”

With an equal dose of fault-finding, the former leader and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack warned that a flat “no” to net-zero could threaten Australia’s trade relationships and export income.

The reader might recall that after spending some time in the sin bin of failed leaders for misconduct, Barnaby Joyce again agitated for his party’s leadership. Having attained authority over the party, he warned followers of the Nat’s that he was “unlikely to sign onto a net-zero commitment ahead of Glasgow.”

The mad hatters of the party were now satisfied that Joyce wouldn’t go against them. After all, he was one of them. And some of his most potent internal supporters oppose a net-zero commitment.

Is his position softening?

However, on Friday, 24 September, the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, in a speech to a peak industry group, warned that Australia would pay an economic cost if it does not match other significant nations in reducing emissions to net-zero by 2050.

“Australia has a lot at stake. We cannot run the risk that markets falsely assume we are not transitioning in line with the rest of the world.”

He argues that we greatly rely on imported capital to fuel the economy. So there lays the answer to why the conservatives might yet agree to a net-zero target by 2050, and they have suddenly realised it’s about money – capitalism, in other words.

“Reduced access to these capital markets would increase borrowing costs impacting everything from interest rates on home loans and small business loans, to the financial viability of large-scale infrastructure projects.”

So, there we have it, folks. Australia will probably join the rest of the sane world, who are committing to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050.

The problem with reaching this decision is that we are yet to meet our Kyoto Protocol agreement (despite what Morrison says about reaching our targets in a canter) and deciding what to do about 2030. So, where is the credibility with any decision we arrive at the COP26 summit in Glasgow?

What Frydenberg’s speech does disclose is a truth hitherto unmentioned but well known. The Conservative’s reason for reducing our carbon emissions is that it might harm our economy and has nothing to do with saving the planet.

Think about this. All over the world, Mother Nature is venting her anger at our human stupidity. But those we have elected in Australia to respond to her call do so with all the self-interest of inept politicians.

What fools the Australian electorate has been that they would so consistently re-elect these moronic people of such little intelligence.

Some of the Deputy Prime Minister’s most fervent supporters are climate change deniers, and they have told him that any decision on a net-zero future was a National Party one and not a captain’s call. Fancy leaving a decision such as this to the likes of Christensen and Cavanagh.

Even the hapless former leader Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack warned last week that a flat “no” to net-zero could threaten Australia’s trade relationships and export income.

With the so-called Liberal Party becoming more frequently dictated to by the National Party, Morrison should remind them that they are the junior party in the alliance.

The Nats should also realise that they get roughly half the votes as the Greens in a national election. If there is a surprise in the forthcoming one, they will suffer most so they should think carefully about it.

In a survey by the ABC before the last election more than 60% of Australians agreed that:

“Global warming is a serious and pressing problem. They also believed that we should begin taking steps now even if this involves significant cost.”

And while a self-selecting sample, those filling out the ABC’s Vote Compass survey consistently emphasised climate change as a crucial issue also realise that they get roughly half the votes as the Greens.

The issue had escalated in terms of importance from 9% in 2016 to 29% in 2019. We all thought that 2019 would be the breakout year for the subject, and it is fair to hope that next year will be the one based on public opinion.

With as much knowledge as Tony Abbott in 2013, I began to write about this subject in earnest. I have quoted myself from it a few times since in my anger. Here are a few paragraphs from it. In all fairness, I have endured the lies and beliefs of people with crazed minds, sick thoughts and capitalistic yearnings. My trust is with science, and that’s precisely where it should be.

For my life, I cannot understand people who accept science in fact and use it every day (even for vaccines) somehow become brain-dead when it comes to climate science. However, laypeople like me who believe in climate change cannot honestly claim to know the integrity of the science for ourselves but are happy to delegate this task to climate scientists. Laypeople do not have the knowledge to adjudicate on the issue.

On the other hand, those who deny the overwhelming scientific consensus seek to justify their belief by attaching themselves to a minority of science sceptics with obscure qualifications or, worse, right-wing shock jocks and journalists with no scientific training whatsoever.

These people (like you and me) have no way of evaluating the volume of data produced by the various scientific institutions. One of the most outspoken sceptics (Andrew Bolt) has been found guilty of deceptive lying in that he defamed some white-skinned aboriginals. One has to wonder how many he has told when writing about his favourite topic, climate change.

If I do not support the 95% of scientists, every major scientific institution, and the constant peer evaluation

I am obliged to accept the alternative.

That is that I should take seriously the likes of Andrew Bolt (A journalist) Alan Jones, (I’m not sure how you would describe his contribution to society), Lord Monckton (A discredited something who was once a lobbyist for the tobacco companies) Nick Minchin, and Tony Abbott. (Both politicians).

Minchin is on the record as saying that climate change is a left-wing conspiracy to replace communism. None of these people has a background or expertise in climate science.

Now that’s not to say that they should not have a view, and that view should be respected, as should any laypersons if they are of that ilk.

But surely, we must respect the science otherwise; you put into question all science.

My thought for the day

All over the world, Mother Nature is venting her anger at our human stupidity. But those we have elected to respond to her call do so with all the self-interest of inept politicians.

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  1. New England Cocky

    The solution to the Nazional$ is in the hands of Australian voters and is as simple as:
    and Australian voters will have the best chance of wresting their country back from the Canberra crooks.

    In NSW west of the great Div9iding Range, 4/8 NSW electorates remain with representatives of the Nazional$. There are three (3) electorates liberated by the SFF who are representing the best interests of Australian voters with great distinction and one Independent.

    In N NSW there are two parts to the problem; the N MDB around Moree Plains Shire Council and the populated NSW electorates of Tamworth and New England, the latter pair both part of the New England feral electorate. Considerable ”political donations” aka ”political bribes” are received from the N MDB to guarantee unlimited access to MDB water regardless of regulations.

    The disappointing political trend is the acceptance by women voters of the unprofessional behaviour of the self confessed adulterer and practising alcoholic Nazional$ feral representative. Indeed, local political sceptics say the ”Women supporting adultery support Nazional$”.

    Now what does that tell you about ancient social norms in New England?

  2. Graham Parton

    Just to correct one point, the Nationals did not get “roughly the same vote as the Greens” they got less than half of it. Greens got 1,482,923 popular votes, Nationals got 642,233. For this the Greens got one seat and the Nationals got 10. Hardly fair or representative in anyone’s book.

  3. pierre wilkinson

    oh well, stand by for the prime marketeer to announce zero emissions by 2050, with a nod and a wink to the nats, after all, there will be no intention of actually doing anything other than announcing a PLAN, no details, no intent, just another announcement followed by several more announcements that the PLAN is working well and that the government will, indeed has already, met with all the KPIs announced in the PLAN
    how much clearer can they be?

  4. Terence Mills

    Keith Pitt Minister fir Resources & Water made it quite clear this morning on the National Party attitude to coal.

    He says coal will remain a significant contributor to the Australian economy well beyond 2030 as global demand continues to grow.

    He noted the latest export figures show the reports of coal’s impending death are greatly exaggerated and its future is assured well beyond 2030.

    “The future of this crucial industry will be decided by the Australian Government, not a foreign body that wants to shut it down costing thousands of jobs and billions of export dollars for our economy,” Minister Pitt said.

    “In the three months to July this year, coal exports soared to $12.5 billion, which is a 26 per cent increase on the previous quarter,” Minister Pitt said.

    “While coal remains Australia’s second largest export, Australia accounts for six per cent of the world’s total annual production behind China (50%), India (10%) and Indonesia (7%). Coal prices are extremely strong which reflects the strong global demand for our high quality thermal and metallurgical coal.

    ‘In January last the NAIF Board approved loan funding of $280 million for the Kaban Green Energy Hub a renewable energy project located in the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland. The project consists of a 157 MW wind farm with approval for a 100 MW battery backup and a network upgrade. It came as no surprise that this minister, responsible for the NAIF, decided to use his discretion under the act and stop the loan. He said at the time that the funding was ‘inconsistent with the objectives and policies of the commonwealth’.

    No such discretion when the NAIF recently announced a $175 million loan to develop a new coalmine in central Queensland.

    The Nationals will not be budging !

  5. Phil Pryor

    It’s a lovely photo of old Bonkersby Choice, the Hungover Ratbag with an expression of violent diarrhoea forthcoming. How a deficient, obtuse, lying, opportunity hogging mental midget got in and up is horrifying, but it has happened over and over with the old putrid country party, whereby a new name in Doug dithering Anthony’s day to “Nationals”, an abrasive lie anyway, did nothing to educate, inform, enlighten or brighten the clods. We had Blunt and Sharp, we’ve had Anderson, Mc waggawanker, now Joyce the Jolly Joke and Little-to-be-proudof. Some of them sold out this nation to foreign interests as corruption and bribery lobbying candidates, whose trustworthiness in non-existent. Joyce clearly is looking to future incomes, sinecures, positions, investments and holdings by any means fair or foul. Now, everyone sensible (who, me? ) knows that a consensus to actually plan a path to zero emissions will involve endless rises and falls in incomes, directions, whole communities, and that, much compensatory activity is fair and sensible, where and when possible. No-one need be or should be left behind, though this brainless, gutless, heartless government knows little of that philosophy. And, we might give more thought to coking coal for essential world needs in steel production, until the whole industry can be reassessed. Australia has gone on for two centuries in rural activities and practices whereby weaknesses are clear, problems for a better future position must be solved. The old country party orthodoxy and tradition allowed for too much wrong and error as “normal”, with diseases, land abuse, clearances, defoliation, monoculture, erosion, pests, plagues, pestilences, water theft, environmental vandalism and cynical disregard for fair comment and criticism. It’s TIME for all of us to contribute to a better future, a cleaner safer planet, and not to let a crapcranium Canavan or a rotting, rorting, robbing, raving rubbish peddler like Joyce to Hog (oink, oink) the public discourse. As for Morrison, may he fall down through his throat and break his effing neck…(thanks, Henry Lawson)

  6. Michael Taylor

    Thanks for that, Graham. It has been corrected.


    I just heard on the ABC that Scummo has decided NOT to attend the Glasgow Climate conference citing he has important work here in fighting the pandemic and besides he says he’s been away from the country too many times this year already and the mandatory return quarantine is very irksome.

    Well well well !!!!! The scumbag has finally thrown in the towel to his irksome coalition partners who were threatening to light a fire under his arse if he did anything or promised anything, on the question of carbon emissions, so the coward does the only thing he can do, that is, to scurry away with his furry tail firmly fixed between his arse. He was all gung ho last week in Washington basking in the reflected glow of Biden and the comfort of like minded leaders, stressing the need to conclude a defense pact against ‘no one in particular’ just as insurance, but can’t face up to questioning of all the world’s leaders on the need for reducing carbon emissions.

    Scummo you arse licking coward, go back to where you came from, your mother’s womb. You’re a fucking disgrace.

  8. Harry Lime

    Captain Coward beats another heroic retreat to his hideaway, where he will sulk and brood, before returning triumphant with a litany of new deceits to dazzle the populace.We shall all await in nervous anticipation of another tsunami of utter bullshit ,faithfully trumpeted by the garbage media.

  9. Jack sprat

    Ever wonder why Matt canavan resigned his ministership when Barnyard was first deposed of his leadership and why it was Canavan who called the spill to get barnyard re elected to his old position as leader even though others in the party who change their vote to Barnyard where rewarded with a ministership but not Canavan who was responsible for spill in the first place . What commands such loyalty without reward in a profession notorious for having little . Cast your mind back to when Barnyard claimed that that there was a grey area of him being the father of the child to the women he was having a affair with as he was overseas at the time of probable conception .Guess who this women was working for when Barnyard was overseas ?


    Jack Sprat….. looks like a bit of interbreeding going on in the Nationals. But the women of their electorates just can’t get enough of these upstanding gentlemen, that’s why they keep voting for them. Rock solidly, behind the barnyard fornicator and Matt piggy eyes.

  11. New England Cocky

    @Phil Pryor: Beetrooter has always looked after Number One first second and every other place. He was elected the representative of the Nazional$ in New England because Tony Windsor (Independent) was withdrawn from the election by his family who were concerned about his health.

    Beetrooter scuttled home to New England from being a Queensland Senator and many of the unelected Nazional$ political hacks hoped that defeat by Windsor would end Beetrooter’s political career.

    New England locals generally are NOT known for their imagination or progressive thinking, so add John Anderson, former Nazional$ leader as Beetrooter’s Campaign Manager, and all the ducks waddle into line.

    Even the Kiwi bye-election was NOT disrupted by Beetrooter’s confessions of adultery and widely practised alcoholism. Some locals now comment that “”Tamworth women supporting adultery support Nazional$”.

    @Jack Spratt: Perhaps the reason that Canavan broached the leadership question was his link to Beetrooter’s bit of fluff during the adultery scandal when Canavan was reported as being another beneficiary of her amorous charms.

  12. Terence Mills


    According to news reports this morning Morrison still hasn’t made a decision on whether he will go to Glasgow COP26 in November or not.

    Over one hundred world leaders, prime ministers and presidents including Biden will attend and for Scomo to opt out would be very strange.

    If he doesn’t go perhaps the Deputy PM will take his place – can you imagine !


    Terence Hills…..
    The monolithic Foreign minister Marise Payne was already preparing the country for the ‘shock’ news that Scummo might not be attending, by asserting that anyone can represent Australia. She got that right, anyone would be as useless if not more. A useless gormless bunch of dorks.

    She might try it herself, but probably too worried about her sullying reputation by being seen as stupid as Scummo.

    The barnyard fornicator on the other hand might relish the idea of a trip to Glasgow, think of all that of duty free booze, the best that Scotland can offer.

  14. wam

    I find it sad, lord, that you consider Aboriginal people not worthy of the respect of a proper noun but victorians, despite “Johnny Mullagh (Unaarrimin) was an all-rounder of genuine talent, while Johnny Cuzens was a fearsome fast bowler”. are used to not noticing our Aborigines. Is it so easy to ignore the fact science knows climate change is natural and ongoing or are you unaware of this scientific fact? The real danger is green house gases and greenhouse effect. Accordingly I love your ““Global warming is a serious and pressing problem” and giggle at your mention of the ‘greens’ who, in this context, are the cause of 12 years of Australia’s inaction. Even funnier is Graham(proper noun, lord??), echoing many an AIMN comment with the spurious suggestion that the greens and nationals deserve a straight comparison (are there no national votes in queensland, Michael??) There are 10% extremists most of whom believe in the long gone idealism of 50 years ago. Arguably, they are over represented in the senate, and, sadly, these left extremists lost any senate control, in the bandit’s successful search for money, giving the balance to the right extremists PHON.
    The political deniers revel in the confusion caused by the interchangeable use of global warming and climate change.
    It so sad that many Australians have died alone from a disease that every outbreak can be traced back to Gladys and NSW. Yet tlob still give her the gold and the labor people just bleating criticism.
    Like me, John(capital denoting respect) keep strong and away from delta(lower case no respect).

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